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That awkward family dinner. Pure gold. [11.12]

idk if anyone else finds this neat but i was rewatching 11x12 and i spied something familiar about some art in the high school Sam and Dean visit:

i thought, hey that’s from Yu Yu Hakusho! it was a manga from the 90′s that got made into an anime and was popular in the US in the early 2000′s. so i did some googling and found the full thing:

from this tumblr post. the description just says “some old locker art I found on a recent visit to another Canadian high school.” and idk i just thought that was rad.

i LOVE when coldplay does something in the media and everyone starts bagging them and calling them boring, because i’ve loved them for years and they helped me through one of the hardest parts of my childhood. so the popular reaction always highlights something that i feel is so, SO important:

friends. like what you like, regardless of what people say about it.

don’t let other people’s negativity make you feel embarrassed or ashamed or any of that. if they’ve got nothing better to do with their time than drag something down, that’s on them. don’t let it get to you.

your passion, your love?? it’s valid. it’s IMPORTANT. never feel ashamed of it.

anonymous asked:

I really love your writing!! <33 I was just wondering, what are some of your favourite fics / authors?? Do you have any fic recs (perhaps iwaoi or tsukkiyama)??

ahhh thank you!! <3 I’m glad you like my stuff!! i have lots of favorite authors!!

there’s lagatos on AO3 and everything she writes is really warm and sweet!! sometimes i just reread her stuff when i’m sad and it never fails to make me feel better!! she has amazing bokuakas especially but also a great iwaoi here ((she’s also on tumblr as @korramynaga!!))

and she hasn’t written a lot of haikyuu!! but @theroyalsavage is just INCREDIBLY TALENTED and deticated and kind and her works can be found here

if you’re looking for really high quality iwaois and really high quality everything honestly @companions here on tumblr is just?? really creative and wonderful, and you can just tell all the love she puts into her writing it’s beautiful. she’s tothemoon on AO3 and I just admire the heck outta her!

and you probably know @mysecretfanmoments because she’s pretty popular, but she deserves every little bit of it because she’s WONDERFULLY talented and just everything she writes is done with care and grace and i just cant get enough of it. she’s also mysecretfanmoments on AO3

and then amna is just amazing in general?? like everything about her is amazing including her writing which is STELLAR and you can find her at @akaashiikeiijis on tumblr or at kirsi on AO3

ahhhh i hope that helped?? i’m planning on maybe doing a fic rec list later so hopefully reading their stuff will help until that comes out i guess haha