and don't you dare deny it

WAKE UP EVERYONE: Wings is actually about periods.
  • boy girl meets evil - when you get your period for the first time (“it’s too evil”)
  • blood sweat & tears - no explanation needed
  • begin - how your period starts (also it made you begin because it made you become a woman so it’s basically how shit real life began)
  • lie - when you’re in denial about it because you don’t want to suffer (”get away from me”, “it keeps happening even though I run away”)
  • first love - your bed, who knew you and accepted you as you are and comforted you before anyone else did and where you can lie peacefully while you’re bleeding out dying
  • reflection - the thing you don’t wanna look at in the mirror because you just know you’re looking like shit
  • mama - she’s the woman who told you about this shit and probably helped you through it the first time by explaining stuff etc BLESS
  • awake - when you can’t sleep because of cramps (”wide awake wide awake wide awake don’t cry cause it freaking hurts still)
  • lost - what you feel like after a nap that lasted way too long because you’re tired and weak af
  • cypher 4 - well you know you have mood swings so at some point you feel like a damn boss (also you could still cut a bitch if somebody dares bothering you)
  • am I wrong - really am I wrong cause this theory looks pretty on point doesn’t it
  • 21st century girls - well brace your fucking selves cause y’all gon suffer too
  • two! three! (hoping for more good days) - when your period’s over and so is the suffering.. hopefully
  • interlude: wings - WELL PADS HAVE WINGS DON’T THEY

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how would the boyband defend s/o from other assholes who comments on their weight, appearance, etc. Making fun of s/o in distance, but loud enough for them to hear. (it happend to me and i don't understand why are people like that)

Noctis will completely lose it. Sure, Noctis is an all around quiet guy; an introvert. One thing you should know about Noctis though; that all changes when it comes to his s/o. He can’t stand hearing someone talk about his s/o. Rather it be positive or negative. Yeah, this guys is the definition of possessive and jealous. Gods help who ever dares to mutter an unkind word about his s/o though. Noctis suddenly becomes daring. He will stomp forward, stopping at those who spewed the insults. He won’t even question if they were in fact the people that were guilty of their crime. He will start shouting like no tomorrow. “How dare you?!” He shouts. His s/o is in complete and utter shock. Noctis never gets mad to the point of audibly yelling. Usually, the Prince locks his emotions away, only to talk about his frustrations in private with those he trusts, Drag his s/o into things, however…. you have unleashed the true fury of the True King of Lucis. Let’s hope he doesn’t accidentally summon Ramuh. Yikes.

Prompto will be very maddened by the comments he hears from the sidelines as he walks down the sidewalk hand in hand with his s/o. He’ll stop in his tracks, urging himself to step up and scold the very people who threw insults at his beloved. “It’s okay, Prom. Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it,” his s/o will assure, a sad smile on their lips. This strikes Prompto to his core. He was bullied in his childhood for his appearance. It completely broke him. It still haunts him this very day. It’s part of the reason he is still very self conscious. He forces himself forward with trembling hands. “Keep your comments to yourself,”  he’ll scold coldly. “Or you’ll be sorry.” Of course, the insult spewers laugh. “Oh yeah, little man?” They’ll challenge. “Yeah,” Prompto returns. Soon, a swift punch collides with the blonde’s face… his attacker runs off seconds after dealing such a blow. “Prompto!” His s/o will run to his side. They discover a black bruise over his left eye and gasp out. “Prompto why did you do that?” “Because I can’t stand hearing such things being said about you. I love you.”

Gladiolus would come close to killing someone, truth be told. No one should ever dare to even look at his s/o the wrong way. When he audibly hears someone teasing and making fun of his s/o… oh, man. No one in safe. Gladiolus will have no issue approaching the agitators in question with an intimidating stance and threatening glare. “Were you talking about them?” Gladio will growl, gesturing to his s/o. More than usually, the rude people would deny the claims and move along with their heads hung low. Occasionally, however, a more daring someone will accept the accusation. “Yeah. What are you gonna do about it?” They will test Gladio further. As you can only expect from the big guy, a fist fight ensues. The person who tried to pick fun at his s/o soon learns their lesson. 

Ignis hears the insults and is utterly appalled. To be perfectly honest with you, he starts to lose faith in humanity. How could another human being be so cruel to another? Being involved in politics, you would think he would get used to such vocabulary and characteristics. Not when it comes to his s/o, however. Ignis cannot fathom his s/o having a single flaw. When a random strange begins to announce their supposed flaws publicly, Ignis tenses up. He shouldn’t get involved. Ignoring such comments would be the right thing to do…. right?  He is a man of honor. He can’t be seen starting a squabble with a random stranger. Another insult aimed toward his s/o runs past his ears. He can’t resist putting an to such savagery much longer. “Were you not taught proper manners?” Ignis will retort back, standing a distance away. He elicits a cold chuckle from the stranger, “You too scared to say that too my face?” Ignis’s gloved hands ball into a fist. He takes a step forward, feeling his temper raise, which is a rarity in itself. His s/o will grab hold of his wrist. “Ignis, it’s okay. Just ignore them,’ they assure. “The only person that matters to me is you. I promise you I’m not phased by their words at all.” Ignis drops his shoulders and shoots a cold look to the stranger before walking away, slipping his hand inside his s/o’s. 

  • kpop fans: daddy i love you!! be my daddy!!
  • kpop fans: is xyz ship real hehehehehehe
  • kpop fans: i wanna ride your thigh all night long
  • kpop fans: literally gets wet bc of sexy dance
  • kpop fans: TAKE OFF UR SHIRT
  • kpop fans: counts down the days until their underage bias is of age so they can verbally express the dirty thoughts they've been having for ages
  • kpop fans: you could do xyz to me/i'd do xyz to you
  • idol: curses
  • Friend: Are you okay?
  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Do you know how fucking angry I still am about the immortality issue between Alec and Magnus. Like how fucking shitty is it that Casserole Clam can fix issues between every other fucking character (and I mean every.other.character.) yet can't for malec. She can take her "well that's life" excuse and shove it up her homophobic, incest loving ass. All my babies wanted was to be together whether that meant Alec became immortal or Magnus became mortal. Don't you dare fucking tell me that Magnus wouldn't become mortal. You think that after living for centuries at the age of 19 and losing everyone he loved, he wouldn't give up his immortality so he could grow old with Alec, his one true love? YOU'RE FUCKING KIDDING YOURSELF. if you think that Alec wouldn't become immortal so he could spend forever with Magnus and his kids then YOU'RE 100% FUCKING WRONG. Oh but if it wasn't bad enough that cassette tape decided to deny them of their happy ending, she made it even more difficult by giving them 2 kids where one was immortal and one was mortal. That means that no matter what Alec and Magnus do, they'd still lose a member of the family. HOW FUCKING HEARTLESS CAN CATASTROPHE CLARE BE? They'd have to turn Max mortal or Rafael immortal to fix the problem she created. WHO GAVE HER THE FUCKING RIGHT? 'I LOVE MALEC' MY ASS. I'M NOT BUYING HER BULLSHIT. Where is the justice? What kind of disrespect is this? LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT FUCKING NOW THAT THE LIGHTWOOD-BANE FAMILY DO NOT DESERVE THIS. THEY HAVE BEEN TO HELL AND BACK, LITERALLY AND STILL THEY GET TREATED LIKE TRASH. I AM SO ANGRY I AM NOT FUCKING OKAY. SOMEONE HOLD ME BACK BECAUSE IM ABOUT TO LAUNCH CATASTROPHIC CRAPFACE INTO THE SUN.
I am only a teenager and I have already felt my mind turn bitter and cynical. I am only a teenager and I have also realized the flaws in that way of life and know that there is a phase beyond. I am only a teenager and I have tried stopping feeling anything to make the pain go away. I am only a teenager and I now understand that the good is worth the bad, and that numbness is the only feasible hell on earth. I am only a teenager and I have been a prejudiced person. I am only a teenager and I know that what I thought, said, and did in the past is wrong. I am only a teenager and I used to blurt out any opinion that I had without caring if it was educated or not. I am only a teenager and I now understand that many of my opinions are unfair, a result of my own bias, and should not be voiced until I actually know what I’m talking about. I am only a teenager and I see people destroying themselves every day. I am only a teenager and I know how to and have to talk to people about trauma they’ve endured without being overbearing. I am only a teenager and I regularly witness the horrors that are the lives of people I love. I am only a teenager and I have matured far beyond my years. I am only a teenager, and I am much much older than most adults.
—  So do not EVER tell me teenagers have no life experience

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I don't suppose you could go into further detail on the other two sexual roleplays or give a small example?

For Erik and James??

This was beyond erotic. I found myself tied with my hands behind my back and my legs spread apart, each ankle chained to a chair leg. What made the air around me feel more heavy was the blindfold that denied me my sense of sight. One word would make this game stop, but I didn’t dare say it. I didn’t want this play to end.

As James ran a very sly finger over my folds, I mewled. I wanted him to insert that finger into me. He had been teasing me this entire time and he was enjoying my struggle. In a masochistic way, I was enjoying it too.

Erik wrapped his arms around me, chuckling gently against my ear. He swore to capture my heart, to steal it like the rogue he was. Of course, this was a game between me and him. He was a thief stealing from me, a princess, and I was his next heist.

“You roguish fiend!” I rebelled, lightly pushing him away. Erik gathered me back into his arms and barely let a satisfied sigh run from his lips over mine. I stared up at him, feeling  heated pool warm in my core at the playful look in his eyes.

  • Keith: We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!
  • Lance: Nope, don't remember, didn't happen.
  • Keith: You. You. I Tried To Extend The Hand Of Kindness. To Lend You Help When You Were Down. You Lost Something. I Tried To Replace What You Had Lost. What Do You Do To Me? You Spit In My Face-No, You Throw The Metaphorical Dirt Of Rejection Into My Face. You Are Mean To Me. You Insult Me. You Don't Appreciate Anything I
  • Lance: You offer me this bonding moment, this putrid mangled impure bonding moment tjat I NEVER asked for, and when I say no, when I deny you, you throw this... fit!!! Never have I been more embarrassed of my felow man youc omplete and absolutlle fool. you utter child.
Zodiac signs colors and why
  • Aries : Red - Not this aggressive brightful kind of red. It's the wine one, the richest of them all that wraps you with wramth and confidence. You are the fire at his beggining, the hope, the impulsion. Your enthousiasm is contagious. When you have an idea you have to do it NOW. You may sometimes not finish everything, but you're too busy to give a damn !
  • Tarurus : Honey - You thought it would be green ? Que nenni ! Sensual, grounded, epicurian, so many words to describe the joy of being alive and seeks all the pleasure of the earth. Your smile is something simple but pure and sincere. You can't be angered easily cause you prefer saving your energy for something that will require pleasure. But you can be as stubborn as bee trying to protect her queen and when someone finally got on your bad side, like the bull, you won't let him get away alive.
  • Gemini : Pink - Forget the palest shade of this colour ! You're the taffy, hot pink, magenta one ! When you go somewhere it's impossible for you to be unoticed. Not because you seek attention, but because you seem from another planet. You're like a child ready to cause mischiefs and bring smile to our faces at any moment !
  • Cancer : Blue - This colour describe your all being perfectly. Pale, dark, all shades show a facet of your personnality, how you can be the sweetest thing on earth or how you can be the worst tsunami if someone wants to fight you. Melancolic, you have built high walls to hide your heart from this ruthless world. You hide yourself behind a mask of mockery, making people believe you don't feel anything or you don't care. Many people don't try to see behind the mask, but those who dare won't ever regret it. Cause you have the power to soothe any wounds.
  • Leo : Tawny - Untamed, you rule the place as you show up ! It's in your nature. Whenever you go, there is this aura around you who commands respect. Proud and wild, people don't want to mess with you cause you're the definition of being courageous. Even if people don't like you, they can't deny or look down on you. But you know damn well how to get on their nerves ! Still not many will be willing to fight you because of that vibe full of pride and power. Even when you're not, you always give the feeling of being self-confident. For you, there is no such thing as being afraid. Either you fight, either you die.
  • Virgo : Mint - Independent, you rely on your damn self to do things. When you do something, you want it to be perfect and that's why you have a tendency to be easily stressed. Talented, people may have also high expectation on you and that doesn't help cause it makes you fear of doing mistakes (which is perfectely fine!) You like people who are true and honest, like you ! You know how words can be powerful that's why you choose your words wisely. But if you have to tell the truth, damn I hope the person got an ego insurrance cause you will be as sharp as a katana.
  • Libra : Coral - Nor aggressive, nor too pale, isn't it the perfect colour to describe a person who seeks the right middle between things ? Also some people may dislike your tendancy to not want to take a side in an argument or taking your time when it comes of taking the right decision, many like the fact you can stay impartial or simply don't want to bother being involved in a situation that doesn't concern you ! You don't like fighting, not because you can't but because it tires you. You'd rather say nothing and be at peace.
  • Scorpio : Black - You are the death and the rebirth. From you, we can get all or nothing ! Fine watcher of your surroundings, your magnetism is why people are attracted to you. That untouchable, dangerous vibe you give may either wants people to seek you or rejects you. Secretive you do not open up easily but once you do your passion may burn your partner.
  • Sagittarius : Purple - Cause you're the "quietest" of the sun signs. This color is made of red and blue which means you're carefree, living as you please without wanting to bother others (blue). You may be extravangant, but you surely are original by the way you experiment your life. You are full of funny experiences. But you are a sleeping fire, like the ash you can burn if someone wants to mess with you ! And they won't see it coming (red).
  • Capricorn : Bronze - The one who says " The sucess lies in your hand" was certainely talking about a capricorn native. Composed, you are a hard-worker when something motivates you. But you love to slack-off, chilling and above all, be with your closest friends that you chose wisely. Sarcastic, you have that spicy humor that makes your charm, and I don't talk about that smirk of yours that can infuriate or charm the people around you. Your head is your best ally, your rationality your best weapon.
  • Aquarius : White - If your sign was a word it will be wisdom. Your are the precursor of progress, the one who see through the heart and the soul of the people around you. You seek fairness, deep conversation and yearn for inner peace. Your wolrd doesn't stick to what you see. You feel this "other" invisible world all around you and want to connect with it.
  • Pisces : Turquoise - For me it's THE colour that describes perfectly the word creativity. Your head is a mess of sketches, ideas, paintings. You want to realise everything and knowing that you can't angers you. Socially awkward, the world you were born in is far too harsh and boring for you to try to make an effort and sympathize. Either people understand and attempt to enter this world of your own or they can go fuck themselves with your best regards. You won't change for them.

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I'm asexual but... I actively don't like cake aM I REALLY ASEXUAL? pls reply aspa I'm so concerned

*rips black ring off your finger* How DARE you call yourself asexual and deny our sacred food???!!!!! LEAVE. LEAVE AND DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK.

lol jk of course you can not like cake and still be asexual…we do get carried away with the whole cake thing sometimes, but after years of arduous research, scientists have concluded that sexual orientation is in fact independent from one’s affinity for cake. :P

But uh…*squints at you*…do you at least like pie though?

  • Luke: "(Y/N!)," Calum smiled mischievously at you, "Truth or dare?". You sighed, looking around at everyone sat in the circle; wondering what Calum could ask you, or make you do, that would embarrass you. "Hm... Dare," you said unsure of your answer. "I dare you to", he stopped for awhile to think. Michael leaned over to whisper in his ear and he nodded, grinning while looking from you to Luke. "Okay, I dare you to give Luke a boner". "What?!", your question was followed by Luke's - same intonation on your voices. "You heard him," Michael said, "(Y/N), give Luke a boner right here and right now". "Oh, God", you muttered embarrassed, standing up and walking over to where Luke was. "Uh, hi", you mumbled awkwardly. "Hi", he replied, just as embarrassed as you - both of your cheeks turning red. Slowly, you sat down on his lap - straddling him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned in, pressing your lips to his. He quickly wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed you back, getting into it just as much as you. You started to grind yourself on him, biting his lower lip to break the kiss and starting to press kisses to his neck. "Woah! Woah! Woah!", Calum interrupted, "I think this dare has already been concluded". You bit your lip shyly, trying to ignore that you had already felt Luke's boner, but kept making out with him because... Well, because you had waited for it for too long. You moved to stand up, but Luke pushed you back to his lap - where you sat for the rest of the game.
  • Ashton: "Let's make this party interesting", Michael slurred to the group of people he was talking to, "We're going to play truth or dare". "Oh", you said, "I think I'm going to skip that". "Nope, (Y/N)", Luke said, "Everyone here is going to play. It'll be fun!". "You can't force me!", you argued. "C'mon, (Y/N)! Please?", Calum pouted. "Fine", you gave up, knowing it would be easier to just play the game and ask for truths. The game started and, for awhile, no one bothered to mention your name. Just as you were starting to cool off, it was Michael's turn to ask the infamous question: "(Y/N), truth or dare?". "Truth", you answered calmly. "Lame", Ashton giggled and you rolled your eyes, waiting for your question. "(Y/N), who is - and don't try to deny it - your crush at the moment?". You gulped, eyes looking everywhere but to Ashton. "M-my crush?", you repeated the question, a blush creeping up to your cheeks. "Exactly", he confirmed. "Uh, Ashton", you mumbled. "Wait, what?", you heard Ashton speak up, "You have a crush on me?!". "Well, yeah", you mumbled, red as a tomato. "You said I had no chance!", he hit Calum's shoulder. It was your turn to question: "Wait, what?!". "I've had this massive crush on you for awhile now, but the boys told me you were way out of my league", he explained. "Oh", you giggled. "Well, excuse me then", he stood up, walking over to you and offering you a hand, "I'm taking you on a date".
  • Michael: "Really, this was the most brilliant thing we could come up with?", you ask, sitting on the floor. "Well, we are five teenagers alone. It was either this or an orgy", Ashton grinned. "Okay, I'm fine with this", you gave up. "Great!", Calum said, "We can start with you, then. (Y/N), truth or dare?". "Truth", you said, expecting an question among the lines of 'how far have you gone'. Luke leaned over to Calum, whispering something in his ear, "Okay," he grinned, "Which one of us would you rather snog?". "Oh," you blushed a little, "To be honest, I'd snog all of you". "Okay," he said, unsatisfied with your answer, "But if you could only chose one". "Well," you blushed even harder, "Then I guess it'd be Michael". "Really?", Calum asked. "Yeah," you mumbled embarrassedly. "Okay", he went on, "Michael, truth or dare?". "Wait, aren't I supposed to do that now?", you asked, but were ignored. "Uh, dare", he said, feeling his cheek heat up - he knew what was coming. "I dare you to kiss (Y/N)". "This is so third grade", he rolled his eyes, walking over and sitting down next to you. "I guess I have to kiss you now," he told you, eyes on your lips. "Yeah, I guess", you mumbled, leaning in before he could say anything else.
  • Calum: "(Y/N), truth or dare?", Calum randomly said. "Uh, truth?", you more asked than answered. "Do you love me?". You giggled, wondering whether he was serious or not. "Answer me!", he pouted. "Couldn't you ask me that without playing, literally, a game?", you giggled again. "No", he replied, "Now tell me: do you love me or not?". "Yes, I love you, Calum", you pecked his lips. "Good", he mumbled. "Truth or dare?", you asked him. "Huh? Dare", he said. "I dare you to", you paused to think, "kiss me". "Much to both of our likings", he giggled, leaning in and kissing you. "(Y/N)", he said after a moment of silence. "Yeah?", you asked. "Truth or dare?". "'Till when are going to do this?", you laughed, "But dare". "Kiss me", he said. "Fine with me", you mumbled, kissing his lips. "(Y/N)?", he mumbled against your lips. "Yeah?", you giggled again. "I love you too".
In relation to my other post; If Kureto was a nicer brother...
  • Feeding problems
  • Shinya: *eating toast*
  • Kureto: shinya. Stop eating toast.
  • Shinya: eh? Why?
  • Kureto: eat more nutritious food! You'll starve yourself.
  • Shinya: lol nope!
  • Kureto: you only eat toast. Eat something else.
  • Shinya: ahaha no.
  • Kureto: as the older brother, you have to follow my orders. Stop eating toast.
  • Shinya: ahahaha nope, toast is my life.
  • Kureto: shinya!!!!
  • Little Sister(s) boyfriend
  • Mahiru: okay! So I have a date with Guren~ toodles~
  • Kureto: Mahiru! What did I say about dating Ichinose!?
  • Mahiru: He's my boyfriend.
  • Kureto: I don't approve.
  • Mahiru: But, He's my boyfriend.
  • Kureto: You're engaged to Shinya.
  • Mahiru: lol yeah but he's my rival for Guren's love
  • Kureto: but--
  • Kureto: ...
  • Kureto: Wait!? What?
  • Mahiru: whoops--
  • Kureto: Shinya!!!!
  • Shinya: *casually just sneaks away* don't drag me into this
  • Shinoa: lol? You didn't know?
  • Kureto: I don't approve of this!
  • Shinoa: good luck with that! Imma just hang with Yuu-san
  • Kureto: you're spending too much with your boyfriend
  • Shinoa: he's not my boyfriend
  • Kureto: don't deny it.
  • Shinoa: you and Guren say the same thing! I'm pretty sure Yuu has the hots for Mika anyway
  • Kureto: he's cheating on you? I'll beat him up *draws sword in a dramatic manner*
  • Shinoa: Kureto-niisan, No.
  • Little brother's violent streak
  • Kureto: Seishiro, I have been called to the principal's office because you picked a fight
  • Seishiro: *grumbles*
  • Kureto: this behaviour is intolerable. Cease this uncultured barbarianism at once.
  • Seishiro: you're not the boss of me.
  • Kureto: Seishiro.
  • Seishiro: I ain't listening to you!
  • Kureto: *pulls our sword in a threatening manner* Do you dare defy me Seishiro?
  • Seishiro: uhhh *gulp* ahahahaha I'll be good... (Please don't kill me)
  • A week later:
  • Kureto: SEISHIRO!!!!!
  • Babysitting in General
  • Kureto: No. Shinya, eat your food.
  • Kureto: Mahiru, you are not allowed to experiment with swords. You will get possessed
  • Kureto: Shinoa,stop trolling people and act like a mature woman.
  • Kureto: Seishiro. No.
  • Bonus; meeting the boyfriend(s)
  • Kureto at Guren: No. I disapprove.
  • Guren: ha? What was that you useless virgin?
  • Kureto: Trash. Do not speak to me that way.
  • Kureto and Guren: *fights each other*
  • Shinya and Mahiru: GO GUREN!!!!
  • Kureto at Yuu: He's an idiot.
  • Yuu: what did you say!!?
  • Kureto: you're and idiot. I disapprove.
  • Shinoa: he is not my boyfriend
  • Kimizuki to Mistuba: so who bets on who?
  • Yoichi: ahaha (laughs nervously)

Dear feminists,

Please put the dictionary down. We all know what Webster’s definition of feminism is. Please consider this before spouting the overused phrase, “You clearly don’t understand what feminism is!”

1. How often do we use words differently than they are used in the dictionary? Take the word ‘fag’, for instance; in the dictionary, it is a stick used for poking the fire, but is that how the word is actually used? You have to consider how the meanings of words change in a society.

2. How about instead of reciting Webster’s definition to those that dare to disagree with you, why not recite it to those that are ruining the movement? THEY’RE the ones who don’t understand what feminism is. THEY are the ones making you all look bad and they are the reason why so many women nowadays are turning away from the movement. Why not try to fix this movement instead of denying the problem?

So please, put your dictionary away and try to think of what the real problem is.