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Alright, look… How about I get off early tonight and I buy us a bunch of candy and we can sit around and get fat and we can watch a scary movie together? How’s that for a compromise?
C-O-M-promise. Compromise. How about that’s your word for the day, yeah? It’s something that’s kinda in-between. It’s like halfway happy.
By 5-1-5?
5:15. Yeah, sure.


A glimpse, albeit small and static-y, but a glimpse nonetheless.

Chapter 3: Encounters
>Pages 171 - 173<

>Next (Saturday!)


Recently, I’ve been trying out a more different style to the one I have right now. It’s probably because I want to experiment with a coloring style that’s more like you’re painting. Though most times I just sketch out things out in my sketchpad, which even then is rather rare these days - gotta listen to the teacher after all.

I’m glad I got a chance to at least try out the style digitally. Proportioning is rather difficult, and I’m still practicing this style.

And I got back into D-Gray Man and wow am I glad because I found another artist I admire and their art style is beautiful <3

But anyways, still experimenting with this style, I want to change the eyes a little to something a little more semi-realistic. Or change the nose but I’m still pretty new to this style. And still not completely back! Though somewhere in December I’ll have more free time ^^/


Simself Tag

Tagged by @simmeronnie! I can’t remember what traits I gave my simself, so let’s make em up:

Clumsy / Brooding / Socially Awkward / Loner / Grumpy

Favourite season: Spring! Just the right weather to wear my favourite jacket.

Favourite book/author: I don’t actually have one! I’m currently reading a biography on Katherine Howard by Josephine Wilkinson, but I loved Alison Weir’s book on the Princes in the Tower so may find more of her works to read. if any fellow history geeks wanna squeal about theories and stuff i’d gladly invite you to my inbox 

Favourite song: Nooo! Well, I currently enjoy Friends by Justin Bieber, but I couldn’t possibly choose an all-time favourite.

Favourite food and drink: You can’t say no to a good burger. I might stop by McDonald’s on the way home from work tomorrow and get one, lmao. I’m always drinking water, but you can’t go wrong with a nice glass of cider every so often.

Dogs or cats: DOGS DOGS DOGS! I’ve had several in my lifetime and they complete me, I love my dog Paddy to pieces, he’s my best friend. I’m also going to be getting a new puppy in the next few months if all goes to plan and my dad’s also getting a dog soon, so hooray for more doggos!

anonymous asked:

I finally tried reading perfect match, because I'd been hearing so much about it, and I have to say, I don't get the hype. I couldn't get into it.

I don’t know what you were hoping to achieve with this message, but if it was to squash my confidence and motivation, bravo. A job well done. Now kindly (or unkindly, I don’t care) fuck off.

I bought a freaking grow light for my plants and moved them all into my room away from the window and so none of the animals can get at them. I put them in my rat cage lol. I had nowhere else to hang the grow light from so I was like hmmm…. I can hang the grow light in there AND keep them away from the animals… win win. Plus it gives my rat cage a use.

So all my plants are in a freaking cage right now.


was a fucking day. Jesus. 

Saturdays are my long days because I always open and close the store. It’s 9:30 to 7:30 which doesn’t sound too bad, but it always ends up being a hectic day. 

Today one of my employees comes in with a letter of resignation. Instead of giving us two weeks, it was effective today and she basically just dipped and didn’t give any word to the owners or manager. So now we have to scramble to get her shifts covered. 

I knew it was gonna be a hard day because one of our strong buyers took the weekend off for the second time this month (gee, what’s that like, I haven’t had a weekend off since summer, must be nice but anyway), and there was only two of us. We get the most buys on Saturdays because everyone comes in all the same time with huge garbage bags and storage containers, and most of them are new so we have to stop and explain the buy process. We were already short two workers, and none of the part timers could stay late so one of the owners (I’ll call her J from now on) comes in and helps us out. We magically finish most of the buys, but I wasn’t done with the buy counter until 6:30 or so and didn’t start closing the registers until 6:55, and I like to do that at 6:30. Plus our new part timers (mostly the girl who quit) weren’t pulling their weight and leaving most of the work on everyone else. 

I miss the old atmosphere that work used to have. People had a good attitude, they worked hard, we had each others backs for covering shifts. But lately we’ve had attitude problems, shifts going uncovered, people not giving their all; I don’t know if it’s because they are younger than the people we used to have who were more my age, but I’m getting so tired of managing all of it. We need more buyers, we need better staff, and us full time people need a break. 

Random Thought

I was thinking about my PK DT17 AU again, and I had a thought.

After meeting Darkwing Duck and Paperinik, Dewey decides one day he’s going to be a superhero.

Donald’s immediate response is a resounding no way. Because Donald is a superhero, and he definitely doesn’t want that life for Dewey or any of his kids. Those who know who Donald is (at this point, just Drake, Uno and Gladstone (though Donald doesn’t know the latter knows)) think he’s a massive hypocrite for this, but Drake understands completely since he has Gosalyn and he definitely does not want her putting herself in harm’s way like that, either.

Side note: Donald first became Paperinik when he was 17, in his senior year of high school after a trip to Italy. Della was the only person who knew, though Scrooge had his suspicions after a while, noticing the police were the main ones arresting people when the three of them were gone (aka Paperinik was absent whenever Donald & them were out of Duckburg).
He stopped being Paperinik after he got custody of the kids (~ age 24/25), but soon after an adventure in St. Canard where he (as Paperinik) had to team up with Darkwing Duck he decided to don the cape again, since the kids now had more than just him to rely on and the world was in sore need of heroes. He deals more with bigger threats, though, than petty criminals…