and don't want to keep taking selfies for people

  • (At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park)
  • Ranger: Sir, I'm sorry, but you can't get that close to the active lava.
  • Visitor: You don't understand, this is my only chance!
  • Ranger: Look, I know people think it's cool to take selfies while melting stuff-
  • Visitor: No there is a Magmar AND a Moltres RIGHT OVER THERE and-
  • Ranger: *yanks out iPhone and fireproof boots* STAY BEHIND ME AND KEEP CLOSE
The signs based on people I personally know
  • aries: friendly and loving. you probably talk to them about anything because you feel like they're warm and understanding. when riled up and excited, they will not hesitate to voice their opinions.
  • taurus: creative. they will probably stay up late doing a project just because it needs to suit their aesthetic. it's never a dull moment with them. they will also probably bring out your inner kid.
  • gemini: smart and analytical. they're aware of social justice issues going on. although they seem so smart to the point that you might feel stupid just talking to them, they're actually really affectionate. loves hugs and they're intimate lovers.
  • cancer: a people pleaser. they're probably willing to lend you money freely. they're kind of awkward and a bit confused but they're well meaning enough people. they probably also have little niches they're obsessed about.
  • leo: has interesting stories to tell. they like to mess around with their friends in a joking manner. they probably will do that stunt that people were just kidding about doing. also likes headwear.
  • virgo: they often believe the world is crashing down before them but in reality everything will be okay. friendly when unprovoked, a piranha when provoked. jokes are often pop culture references or inside jokes between them and you. very determined. takes care of people.
  • libra: are academically strong and plays the nice person when dealing with authority figures. however they have a wild side in them and goes out to all-nighters and after parties. when they're old and are grandpas/grandmas, they'll probably tell them of their wild adventures.
  • scorpio: selective in friends. often finds a group and sticks with them, they are very defensive of their friends. they have a soft exterior however hit the wrong note and they will turn away quick. they're also smart, being in a class that's suppose to be for students a year ahead of them.
  • sagittarius: quiet around people they don't know, making weird noises with people they do know. will go along with your joke making you feel closer to them. keeps up with pop culture and spends more time on netflix than probably recommended.
  • capricorn: can't really tell if they're being ill-willed or joking around. kind of hard to read but moments where they clearly show they love you will leave you feeling warm inside. makes jokes not everyone gets or takes a bit of time to get. also takes weird selfies?
  • aquarius: incredibly affirmative. will not agree with you unless it aligns with their ideas. knows what they want for the most part. will deal with your shit but if too much shit if placed upon them they will just reject everyone until their tensions have passed. also refuses to be the designated driver.
  • pisces: talkative. they probably will talk more than needed leading other people to just stop listening because they et the point or just interrupt. quick to label things and probably likes whatever the majority likes. they're pretty nice you question whether it's because they wants something or if it's genuine.

honestly though scrolling through the homestuck tag and seeing everyone with their own selfies is making me really happy. You go fandom you take those pictures of furry sprites and keep looking awesome I don’t think anyone’s been this hyped about an upd8 in ages.

Some things I've learned over this process

1. Don’t wait till you get to where you want to be to enjoy life.
2. Wear what you want. Don’t make yourself wear crap because you aren’t where you want to be.
3. It’s ok to quit. But don’t let that be the end.
4. It’s ok to make goals and then not meet them. Just keep going.
5. Don’t get in your own way.
6. Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself.
7. Take selfies. When. Ever. You. Want.
8. Share with others. They know what you’re going through and can help.
9. Make new friends. Be nice to people and they’ll like you. 😉
10. Most importantly LOVE YOURSELF WHERE YOU ARE. 💕