and don't try to tell me any different

Since we’re telling jokes

I thought I’d share a story from a time a few months back when I was talking to some friends about Undertale AU’s.  

We were trying to find the silliest AU (which Underswamp still has my vote for favorite crack AU), and one of my friends brought up Undertoast–where Sans and Papyrus are pieces of toast.  And I think Mettaton is a toaster?  I can’t remember if that was a thing or if I said it as a joke.  

Anyway, my friend said, “How is Mett being a toaster any different from how he really is?”

And I said, “Well now he can fit both skelebros inside him at the same time.”

P.S.— Don’t look up Undertoast Sans at work.  It defaults to Underlust Sans.  FML.

…..Maybe it was called Underbread?  I don’t even know anymore.

on that problematic artists call out post

that fucking thing. It basically ruined the latter half of my day, because a friend was upset b/c of being on it - not JUST for being on it, but because somebody INSTANTLY thought my friend was trash and started spreading rumors because of it!! and due to that i have spent WAY more mental effort than i should have on the post and situations around it, and here we go.

that post is beyond fucking worthless first of all. It has people who are CONVICTED sex criminals next to people who were like… maybe rude to somebody on their blog?? what the FUCK was the person thinking who put that together? Do they see those as all the same thing?

and then i realized. yes. Yes they do. Because that is what has happened on this website. All ‘crimes’ are the same. ‘crimes’. look over people you claim to fucking love with a fine tooth comb and find a crime they have done and toss them out. Its bad enough when its fictional characters (hello Su fandom) but REAL PEOPLE? 

thats not to say i think everybody on that list is being called out falsey. Far from it, some of those people are even worse than what is on that list. Others are people who  have screwed up in various ways and in some cases apologized -but is that on the list? of course not. .. and yet others are nice people just being fucking SMEARED. Can you tell the differences? No. I know them, I know this fucking scene, so i actually KNOW things - and don't’ relay on just one post trying to go viral to inform me. And that post is worthless for the people I do not know because… I do not know them! If some of the information is fucking faulty how do I know any of it is reliable? 

and thats the source of my fucking anger over this, that people are seeing that HUGE list and not even expending one iota of critical thinking to wonder why the hell are SEX CRIMINALS on a list with people who are RUDE? and even more you have people who go down the list to go OH OH I KNOW THAT ONE… and even though they know the person? do they contact them? do they contact mutual friends? no. they start smearing that person in public, by name, spreading the information even more. when they have NO IDEA if its true or not. 

because that is what this place is now, its a fucking contest to call out people as fast as possible. who cares if shit is true or not. who cares if you can personally talk to that person to clear it up! Its just time to toss another person into the trash can of ‘problematic’ a label that now means just as little as anything else. 

Unpopular opinion ahead; if you don’t want to read anything critical of Emma/Regina, please, just scroll on by.

I’m sorry but I can’t buy the whole “best friends forever” thing when Emma literally says that she still doesn’t trust Regina not to kill her. And it’s not because I’m anti. I like their dynamic a lot. But everything I see on the show paints that dynamic as former-enemies-turned-allies, who found a common purpose and now work together. They’ll support each other and help each other, and they care about each other to a degree, but there’s also a lot of lingering resentment and mistrust and suspicion.

Which makes sense. It makes sense that Emma doesn’t quite trust Regina, given the amount of things she’s witnessed and heard about, and given Regina’s frequent missteps and backslides and admissions like “I hate being good”. It makes sense that Regina still harbours some resentment and jealousy of the woman who, from her point of view, gets handed everything that Regina herself has to work so hard for and often ends up losing anyway. (Not saying these are objectively true; I’m talking from their respective points of view.) And all of that makes for a complex, believable, and interesting dynamic. But it’s not a best-friends dynamic. It’s almost more like a professional relationship.

Especially since we’ve seen those on the show. Emma/Snow, Emma/Elsa, Snow/Ruby - all alike, all very different to what we get with Emma and Regina. None of them ever voiced doubts or fears that the other might hurt them, never mind kill them.

And I’m not saying it should be written differently. What I see on the show makes sense for the characters. It even makes sense for Emma to occasionally just “take it” when Regina gets snappy, because better that than provoking her into turning dark again, which would endanger everyone and hurt Henry and so on. I don’t think it’s terrible, or abusive, or anything of the sort. I like watching it play out, I like watching them try to work things out and work together despite all their differences. Just… stop trying to tell me it’s this amazing, deep, genuine friendship when that’s not what I’m being shown.

anonymous asked:

Hey not trying to be rude but I saw your explaination about the "not all..." And was wondering if you could tell me the difference between "not all men" (which people don't like) and "not all Muslims" (like in response to racism, and which people say a lot) in just confused why one is accepted and the other isn't because shouldn't they mean the same thing?

“not all men” usually comes from a man trying to say that theyre not as bad as other men, its kind of like what i said before it obviously not being all people in a group but enough, usually it has nothing to do with solving any problem stemming from the original comment, but only proving that they themselves are perfect

people who say things like “not all muslims” are normally fighting racist stereotypes

  • me: *about to start being productive*
  • brain: You should watch all 13 episodes of Miraculous Ladybug back to back in two different languages that you don't understand and one full episode without any subtitles so that you can torture yourself by trying to guess every sentence in a language in which you only know one word.
  • me: No, but I have so much wo-
  • brain: Too late.

abigaile-amar  asked:

Plants are alive the same way that animals are. They don't build families, but still you interfere with the course of their life when you grow them up as you like and then cut away and cook them. So why do you feel different? What about their pain?

If you are worried about plants, go vegan. A non-vegan diet “kills” more plants than a vegan diet.

But here’s something you should try - watch 10 minutes of slaughterhouse footage, then 10 minutes of strawberry harvest, and tell me if it feels any different.