and don't know what hitler looks like

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Hello~ I am a sj blog that is trying to be jewish inclusive, but I'm having trouble understanding a lot of the vocabulary used by the Jewish blogs I follow. Do you have a link/post with words I should know/look up to become better acquainted with the trials/culture? I'm an atheist who was only taught "Hitler was bad America good" by my school. I don't even know what I don't know! I'm ignorant and don't want to be. Thanks for considering. :)

Well, first of all, If you want more information on becoming a jewish friendly social justice blog, it would be better to speak to jewish blogs already involved in social justice, like @tikkunolamorgtfo, @jewish-privilege, @antisemitism-eu, and many others. I’m not involved in it for the most part - This is mostly a Torah Judaism blog. If you have questions about judaism and Torah, however, I would love to answer - that’s my line of work!

As far as words - I don’t really have a list, because the words could be coming from any jewish language, depending on whose blog it’s coming from. Could be hebrew, Ladino, yiddish, aramaic, judeo-arabic, judeo-farsi, or more than half a dozen others. The best way to get it is to ask the blogger who used it.

To comment on your “what they taught me in school”, I’ll just mention:
“America =Good, Hitler = Bad” isn’t entirely accurate. A better way of putting it is as follows “America is bad. America is horrible. But they’ve done some things that can be seen as good. On the other hand, Hitler is objectively, inhumanly evil and any portrayal of him as anything but a horrible monster is literally white supremacist propaganda.”

As for being jewish friendly, I can give you a few tips.

1. Wikipedia is NOT a source on judaism. Do not just search the Web if you don’t know something. Ask. We will gladly educate you, or at the very least direct you to a place where you can find information yourself about it. Judaism is all about looking for answers and learning and asking questions - the theology of judaism cannot be divorced from the logical debate that has accompanied it for 3000 years. We prefer you ask us rather than making assumptions or conclusions yourself.
2. Goy (goyim is the plural form) is the hebrew word for a non-jew. It means “nation”, and is not derogatory.
3. Do not reblog posts of intra-jewish issues. Non-Jewish tumblr LOVES to paint jews as 1 big monolith, and so issues of politics and racism within the jews (which, sadly do exist) get painted over the entire jewish people, those who are the problem, and also those who are affected by the problem. We aren’t perfect, and things happen between us. There’s politics between jews, and nasty things can happen. But the moment non-jews hear of these things, they jump on them and try to fit them into their social justice narrative - to the detriment of the entire jewish community, hurting even the people who they think they’re helping. This can apply to feminism, it can apply to racism, it can apply to half a dozen others categories. Non-Jewish feminists who jump on articles about certain isolated orthodox communities end up demonizing judaism and hurting jewish women in the process. Non-Jewish sj bloggers who reblog things about racism between sects of jews hurt all jews, not just those. Jewish identity posts and jewish identity debate is not for non-jews to have an opinion on. We determine what jewish identity is. You don’t, and you don’t get to police what jewish identity means. It’s funny how so many non-Jewish social justice blogs will call out identity policing on LGBT+ or race issues, but as soon as it comes to jewish identity, they’re the strongest (and most hypocritical) identity police ever - the first to have an opinion of what we should be as jews.
4. Check yourself for antisemitism. If any jewish blog calls you out on antisemitism, DON’T try to defend what you said. Apologize immediately and ask them how you can avoid it in the future. Publicize antisemitism posts. Not just if they show up on your dash, but from time to time take a look at the antisemitism tags (or take a look at some of the blogs that deal with antisemitism) and spread stuff. Antisemitism and antisemitic hare crimes are a very real threat to us today which affects - and even endangers - jews around the world. Antisemitic attacks can range from vandalism, to arson, to beatings, and even murder - all around the world, even in the United States, where so many think of jews as a privileged group (however, it should be noted that a majority of religious hate crimes in the United States are against jews). As a non-jew, one of the biggest favors you can do for us is be an ally against antisemitism. if you aren’t, then you aren’t jewish friendly at all, and - on the contrary - will drive us away from your blog. Because in social justice against antisemitism, silence is consent. if you’re silent, you effectively ally yourself with nazis and white supremacists, because every person who isn’t actively fighting them is automatically helping them - the presence of white supremacists and antisemites on the Web FAR outnumbers the number of jews on the Web, so they do things such as make up fake religious text quotes in order to incite antisemitism… And there are few enough of us and many enough of them that their posts get spread through thousands of notes before it even gets to us so we can debunk it and prove it false. On that note, if you see posts sporting “talmud quotes” or the like that demonize judaism or the jews, forward them to blogs like @jewish-privilege @antisemitism-eu immediately, so that they can help you debunk them and prevent the spread of harmful lies on the internet. If any of my followers have anything to add to these tips, please reblog them and add them. Or for that matter, just reblog so your non-Jewish followers can see.

What it feels like talking to my brother
  • Him: I know you're a feminist and all
  • Him: but look at all these dumb feminazis on instagram and also I got in a fight with 6 feminazis in the last week
  • Him: I'm an egalitarian
  • Him: *laughs at transphobic 'joke'*
  • Him: *makes racists 'joke'*
  • Him: don't generalize men while I generalize feminists
  • Him: *makes hitler 'joke'*
  • Him: *makes other offensive 'jokes'*
  • Him: btw I'm not racist I hate all races equally