and don't even get me started on their chemistry

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are you a ziam too? Because I don't really know where I stand in the Ziam thing. I can see the chemistry and the sexual tension, I feel that Zayn had feelings, but I'm never sure about Liam. And I read many "zerie is fake" masterposts but yet I think it was real, very problematic, used for promotion and on and off, but real.

I honestly have no idea what the truth is behind Ziam. I would not be surprised in the slightest if both of them weren’t totally straight (despite Liam’s very odd need to declare that he is on Twitter…don’t even get me started on what comes out of their Twitter accounts. I basically go solely off of live interactions with these kinds of things).

While no one can say that they know with absolute certainty what’s going on with Larry either, in both cases I think it’s important to really take ‘actions speak louder than words’ to heart. Honestly, who the hell tattoos the first words they ever said to each other on themselves? And then goes on to get 738 more matching tattoos? (Actual figure - FACT.) Larry is real. That’s it. It’s like an element at this point. Earth, wind and Larry. It’s a fact of life. Ziam, on the other hand, has fallen through the cracks which is either because it isn’t real or because they were much smarter about their relationship after watching what happened to Louis and Harry. I mean, those kids were one interview away from making out with each other on film. 




Ziam could have been a slow burn with the foresight of what happened to Larry guiding them or it could all just be one massive coincidence. I mean, what are the chances of randomly putting five boys into a band together and having four of the five of them turn out to be not completely heterosexual? And not only that, but to have them couple off together? Highly unlikely, but not entirely impossible. 

You ever notice how when a student has trouble with math or science we tutor them and give them extra work outside of class until they’re more comfortable with the subject but when male students have trouble empathizing with books by/about women we just strike those texts from the syllabus on the basis that they’re just ‘too difficult’ for boys to relate to?

It’s like schools are going, 'Latin? Advanced chemistry? Everyone needs those skills to function in society! The ability to empathize with half the human race? Eh, if it doesn’t happen on its own, why insist?’