and don't even get me started on the last one!

twenty years from now my kid will come running into the room crying and screaming and throwing things onto the floor and I’ll stand by all horrified and ask over and over “what happened” and they’ll just look at me with betrayal in their eyes, throw the complete box set of avatar the last airbender at me and whisper, “you liar…zutara wasn’t endgame. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN, HOW COULD SHE END UP WITH AANG what about all their chemistry” and I’ll get down real slow and hug them and stroke their hair as they sob. And then I’ll say emotionally, “But they’ll always be together…” Pause as I take a deep breath and place my hand over my heart, “in HERE”

pet peeve

I’m…. just tired of improper singulars and plurals. I know that’s a tiny and arbitrary thing to be irritated by. But like. You’re not a seraphim, you’re a seraph. There aren’t faes, there are fae. Djinni is singular and djinn is plural.

Obviously I’m not mad at anyone because that would be ridiculous. I just. I want things to be correct and it feels a little offensive when people don’t use the right words for what they’re talking about.

In Plain Sight

*kicks the door down* MariChat Week Day 2: Cat Costume


It was Chat Noir’s second time attending Japan Expo. 

He couldn’t believe he’d gotten away with it last year, but with all the Chat Noir cosplayers walking around, what was one more in the grand scheme of things? This year, there were even more of them. He felt so cheeky that he stopped to pose in a Ladybug and Chat Noir group photo.

His confidence swelled the longer he walked around the convention space unrecognized, until he all but swaggered about, drunk on the thrill of his innocent little deception.

And then someone yanked on his tail.

Chat flailed his arms to regain his balance and turned, ready to politely ask whichever enthusiastic fan girl had a hold on his belt to let go…

…and came face to face with Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

She wore a simple dress with comfortable sandals, her pink bag slung over her shoulder, a convention pass hanging from her neck. She leveled a no-nonsense glare at him, lips pursed, eyebrows raised. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Chat panicked. “What do you mean, person-I’ve-never-met-before?”


The jig was up. His confidence abandoned him, but a new emotion occupied its space. He approached his princess with a growing smile. “How’d you know it was me?”

“Silly kitty,” Marinette said, wrapping his tail around her wrist. He leaned in towards her and she brushed her lips against his. “I’d know you anywhere.”

Why does CBS hate women? Why did Paulie get a redemption edit on his last episodes while Natalie, who hasn’t done anything wrong, got a villain edit? Why are women players the only one who get vicious exit interviews, while people who make numerous derogatory and sexist comments in the house don’t? Why did Corey get so many useless segments the first few weeks while Z and Michelle could barely get a DR, despite them both being in the two most powerful alliances in the house? Why did Meech have to resort to calling Paulie out during her live show speech to get the show to air what happened between him and Natalie? Why did the show edit try to make James seem integral in flipping the house when he literally had to be convinced to help multiple times? Why did the show edit Paulie’s emotional abuse towards Zakiyah as her being paranoid and obsessive?

I just think it’s funny that on a season with so many women players who identify as feminists and that started with two major all-girl alliances, this is the shit we got.