and don't even get me started on cos

If Lucy is ever lost
  • Night Watch: She’s missing? We’ll keep an eye out for her, what does she look like?
  • Lockwood: Well, Lucy’s got the most beautiful hazel eyes--you can see flecks of gold in them when there’s light--she also has this milky brown hair that flows in the wind when she runs beside me, and oh! She smells of soothing honey tea on a cold day. And god, don't even get me started on her smile, it’s the sweetest--makes you feel all safe and warm inside--
  • George: Ok I'm sure that's quite enough information on her Lockwood
  • Aries: (Ultra Arrogant Bitch) Better yet call this sign the Ultra Bitchy Bitch cos this sign can be damn overbearing
  • Taurus: (Ultra Possessive Bitch) Oh man this sign tends to be damn possessive even to things that they don't even own
  • Gemini: (Ultra Lying Bitch) Lying is intrinsic to this sign, no wonder they do it without much guilt
  • Cancer: (Ultra Pessimistic Bitch) Their defeatism strikes at anytime anyplace and you can't do anything about it
  • Leo: (Ultra Demanding Bitch) This sign look demure but they have so many diva moments (And they're proud of them)
  • Virgo: (Ultra Critical Bitch) Their perfectionism is their disease and they won't approve of anything unless it's perf
  • Libra: (Ultra Flirtatious Bitch) Aphrodite + Zeus = This sign being so much of a flirt if they feel like being one
  • Scorpio: (Ultra Resentful Bitch) HAHAHA HAHA HA don't even get me started with how much unforgiving this sign can be
  • Sagittarius: (Ultra Tactless Bitch) They can be so goddamn inconsiderate and heavily self-absorbed, it can kill a life
  • Capricorn: (Ultra Condescending Bitch) Who's the sign who can be a judgemental elitist and proud snob? This one!
  • Aquarius: (Ultra Hostile Bitch) Weather's too hot? Stay next to this sign cos its heart is a frozen wasteland
  • Pisces: (Ultra Sensitive Bitch) Ayayay, even the tiniest negative remark can make this sign face a corner and sulk
  • Lily: I'm sorry. I just... I don't like Peter...
  • James: What? Why?
  • Lily: Peter stares at my boobs when we talk. He starts at my face, but then somewhere along the way, he gets distracted and ends up on my boobs. I love guys - I love them. But I've tried my whole life to avoid the boob-staring guy. Biology even helped me by making me scary to most men. But now, one of my boyfriend's best friend is that guy. And I don't think that I need to apologize for the fact that the only person I want staring at my boobs is you.
  • James: Boobs... really, you're making this about boobs?
  • Lily: He stares at them.
  • James: 'Cos they're good boobs!