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Why do you choose to stan Latinas who are not as Latinas and are more American than anything? Neither Sara or Lana speak Spanish and they both grew up in America. I don't think they're good enough representation for Latinos, especially considering Lana looks pretty white and privileges from that.

I’m choosing to answer this because it’s a pretty interesting (albeit racist and gross) ask. Like, where do you even get the idea that you get to decide if they’re good enough representation for other people? And the fact that they don’t speak Spanish fluenty doesn’t make them any less Latinas than if they spoke perfectly? (Sara does speak fluently, but whatever). It’s a pretty common thing for second generation kids to not speak Spanish, especially when you take into consideration how often our accent is mocked or looked down on. Hell, both my parents are Japanese and I don’t speak Japanese as fluently as they’d like, but that doesn’t mean I’m not Japanese? It’s hard when you grow up in a different country where you don’t get to practice or when you have to work on your accent. And yes, they both grew in the USA, but that doesn’t mean they’re less Latinx. 

As for Lana looking white? You do know that not all Latinx look alike right? There’s no cutout model of what a Latinx person looks like, that’s not how it works. Hollywood gives you a stereotype, but that’s not accurate. There’s no one look, there’s white and black and asian and brown Latinx people. And Lana has talked about how difficult it was for her at first to get roles because she didn’t look Latina enough, because Hollywood searches for people who look and sound a certain way, because she didn’t fit into that stereotypical image. 

The fact is that they have both been targets to racist shit said by fandom and held to a higher standard than their white co-stars.  They identify as Latinx, proudly so, and you should respect that. There’s no such thing as not being Latina enough.

If Lucy is ever lost
  • Night Watch: She’s missing? We’ll keep an eye out for her, what does she look like?
  • Lockwood: Well, Lucy’s got the most beautiful hazel eyes--you can see flecks of gold in them when there’s light--she also has this milky brown hair that flows in the wind when she runs beside me, and oh! She smells of soothing honey tea on a cold day. And god, don't even get me started on her smile, it’s the sweetest--makes you feel all safe and warm inside--
  • George: Ok I'm sure that's quite enough information on her Lockwood
  • Aries: (Ultra Arrogant Bitch) Better yet call this sign the Ultra Bitchy Bitch cos this sign can be damn overbearing
  • Taurus: (Ultra Possessive Bitch) Oh man this sign tends to be damn possessive even to things that they don't even own
  • Gemini: (Ultra Lying Bitch) Lying is intrinsic to this sign, no wonder they do it without much guilt
  • Cancer: (Ultra Pessimistic Bitch) Their defeatism strikes at anytime anyplace and you can't do anything about it
  • Leo: (Ultra Demanding Bitch) This sign look demure but they have so many diva moments (And they're proud of them)
  • Virgo: (Ultra Critical Bitch) Their perfectionism is their disease and they won't approve of anything unless it's perf
  • Libra: (Ultra Flirtatious Bitch) Aphrodite + Zeus = This sign being so much of a flirt if they feel like being one
  • Scorpio: (Ultra Resentful Bitch) HAHAHA HAHA HA don't even get me started with how much unforgiving this sign can be
  • Sagittarius: (Ultra Tactless Bitch) They can be so goddamn inconsiderate and heavily self-absorbed, it can kill a life
  • Capricorn: (Ultra Condescending Bitch) Who's the sign who can be a judgemental elitist and proud snob? This one!
  • Aquarius: (Ultra Hostile Bitch) Weather's too hot? Stay next to this sign cos its heart is a frozen wasteland
  • Pisces: (Ultra Sensitive Bitch) Ayayay, even the tiniest negative remark can make this sign face a corner and sulk
  • Lily: I'm sorry. I just... I don't like Peter...
  • James: What? Why?
  • Lily: Peter stares at my boobs when we talk. He starts at my face, but then somewhere along the way, he gets distracted and ends up on my boobs. I love guys - I love them. But I've tried my whole life to avoid the boob-staring guy. Biology even helped me by making me scary to most men. But now, one of my boyfriend's best friend is that guy. And I don't think that I need to apologize for the fact that the only person I want staring at my boobs is you.
  • James: Boobs... really, you're making this about boobs?
  • Lily: He stares at them.
  • James: 'Cos they're good boobs!