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did antisemitism become a serious problem in the USSR only after stalin's death then? sorry i don't know anything it's just what that stat seems to imply. what changed?

i’d date the emergence of serious antisemitism in the soviet union to maybe 1941 or 1945. the twenties and, to a lesser extent, thirties soviet union was arguably the best country for jewish life in modern history (maybe tied with modern US, but that depends on what you value). jews were disproportionately representated in most things—university students, scientists, writers, party members, state apparatchiks, etc—and stricter laws against antisemitism were in place than probably in anywhere in history (one case that comes to mind was a trial in march 1925 of seven russian nationalists who had called for all soviet jews to be deported to palestine. all were shot.) the state funded an extensive network of yiddish-language schools (up to and including universities), newspapers, theaters, publishers, cultural institutions, etc. jewish settlement was financed in crimea, southern ukraine, and, less successfully, the far east, in birobidzhan. there were jewish organs in the party (evsektsiia) and state (evkom). you get the idea

during 1939-41, the state and party (and soviet jews themselves) came to see jews through an ethnic lens. the molotov-ribbentrop pact in ‘39 involved purging jews from some state organs, most notably maxim litvinov. when news of the nazi treatment of jews specifically got to soviet civilians, many prominent soviet jews—solomon mikhoels, ilya ehrenburg, vassily grossman, and so on—spoke out specifically as jews. the party meanwhile tried to quiet news of the holocaust, and once it was known, denied its separateness and uniqueness from the broader oppression of soviets

after the war, popular antisemitism was strong, partially from wildly successful propaganda in the nazi occupation zone, and several pogroms took place, most notably in kiev. antisemitism infected the party and state as well, unleashing purges of jews from many institutions, and after the founding of the state of israel in 1948, jews lost their status as one of the most trusted loyal minorities and gained that of a fifth column. the purges ramped up with a campaign against the ~cosmpolitans~, a dozen prominent soviet jews were executed in what is known as the night of the murdered poets, stalin tried to frame a few jewish physicians for assassination attempts in what is known as the doctors plot, and rumors were spreading that jews were to be deported to the far east, although there’s not much proof and stalin died before it could happen anyways

after the so-called black years of 1945-53, the antisemitism simmered down, but khrushchev institutionalized it, and you can see all of those statistics i quoted in the other post

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for a bellarke halloween prompt how about an au friends-to-lovers where they enter a halloween couples costume contest because of a cash grand prize despite that they're just friends and not a couple but something happens to make them realize their feelings (i don't really have any ideas on that catalyst) but ya!

A|N: Combined this with another prompt I received, ‘well one of us is going to have to change and it’s not going to be me.’ + a little fake dating. Hope y’all like this!
The first time it happens, she’s fourteen, and she’s Princess Leia.

“No,” Bellamy snarls, plastic pistol in hand and a belt three sizes too big dangling off his hips, “no way, Princess. You need to change.”

Octavia makes a helpless noise at that— half snort, half giggle— before clapping her hand over her mouth to muffle it. “Oh, c’mon,” she grins, reaching over to kick at his shin, “I think it’s cute! People will think you guys planned it.”

Exactly,” he says, shooting her a venomous look, as if it’s somehow Clarke’s fault that they showed up in matching costumes. “I don’t want anyone associating me with the Princess.”

“Likewise,” she sneers back, crossing her arms over her chest. “I don’t know about Bellamy, but I know that I have a reputation to maintain. One that doesn’t involve being in cahoots with the school’s resident asshole.”

That pulls a snort out of him, the sound distinctly disbelieving. “Please,” he says, dismissive. “As if anything could knock that shiny little crown of entitlement off your head.”

“Hopefully it’s the same thing that knocks the asshole out of you.”

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: okay but THEO WAS SUPPOSED TO TAKE LIAM'S PAIN NOT GABE'S so mason would see that theo actually cared about someone SO MUCH that he was able to take their pain and THAT CERTAIN SOMEONE WAS LIAM and then mason would give him THAT LOOK that would imply that theo IS IN LOVE and then liam would realize just how much theo has changed and that he wants to become a better person and then they would hug it out and hopefully someday make out and date and LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER while being members of scott's pack and don't even get me started on all this wasted potential that jeff davis threw away like A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT cause he truly hates us all I FEEL ROBBED

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Can I request a scenario with bakugo, when they are like out on a walk and they run into a child hood friend of his super sweet fem s/o, despite bakugo wanting to go his s/o stays and talks for a bit and her friend suddenly goes "wow, you've changed so much, I remember when we were little you used to be so angry!! We all were terrified of you" (if your uncomfortable with this then you don't have to answer!)

Of course I can! I hope I’ve answered this in a way you like ~ 

Bakugou and his partner were on the way back for a simple coffee date the two had gone on that morning. Her hand held his, warm and safe in his grip. The warm autumn sunlight felt pleasantly hot on his back, and he enjoyed pleasant and easy conversation as they headed back to her house. It was then that his s/o released his hand to wave over at a person on the other side of the road. 

She turned towards him, saying simply; “They’re my friend from elementary school! Come on, it’s polite to go and say hi.” She grabbed his hand again before he could protest and crossed the road, still smiling at this shitty elementary school friend. 

“(y/n)! It’s been a while, hasn’t it! So good to see you again.” The friend was equally smiley, though he noticed how they eyed him with slight disdain. It was because he was scowling. “This your boyfriend?” They assumed, tone slightly clipped. 

“Yes! This is my boyfriend, Katsuki. We met in high school.” She explained, squeezing his hadn’t gently. “You look well.” His partner continued, her gaze still gentle and friendly. 

The elementary school friend laughed. “Gosh, you’ve changed a lot, (y/n). Back in elementary school, you were so angry! Everyone was so scared of you.” Bakugou felt his partners grip tighten and his mouth curved into a smirk. He knew she wasn’t all sweet and kind. 

“Oh, I was way younger back then.” She explained a little awkwardly, then tugged on his arm. “Anyway, we have to go! See you soon!” Waving frantically at the old friend, she pulled Bakugou and herself out of the conversation swiftly. 

“I fucking knew it.” He laughed once the other was out of earshot. “I knew you weren’t just a sweetheart.” 

“Oh, shut it Katsuki.” She elbowed him playfully in the side, smiling widely at him. 

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Honestly the worst part about being heteroromantic asexual is the fact both straight people and LGBT people treat you like shit and says "you don't matter"

When I was an undergraduate, my professor in teaching for social justice presented us with the following diagram to show systems of oppression:

It demonstrates different axes of power and oppression. Some of the terms may be out-dated or not as inclusive, and my professor addressed this fact. For example, this doesn’t address the dynamic between cisgender and transgender, binary and non-binary, and they use “celibate” instead of asexual.

…but the overall model doesn’t change – only updated according to academic discourse and social changes. Though, it is important to remember that this model is Western/American-centric. The way systems of power and oppression work in other countries may look different to some degree. 

Anyways, I mention this because an important conversation emerged in that class where we considered identities within the “buffer” zones. That is, those who do not neatly fit into the dominant group nor the oppressed group. We find that people in these zones often receive antagonism from both sides.

This may create a unique conflict, in that one might try to fit into the dominant ideology and dominant group, but they will never receive the same level of privilege and acceptance. Or, they can try to find solidarity with marginalized groups but may feel inauthentic and not fully accepted. 

While it’s vitally important to understand that straddling the line between groups means that you may have some access to privileges that others may not and that this doesn’t exempt you from having the power to act oppressively, the antagonism experienced from both sides can create challenges…

…and that, on some of these axes, it’s not possible to move completely into the dominant group. In terms of class or age, maybe, but nothing is going to change the fact that heteroromantic asexuals (and heterosexual aromantics) do not have full access to the dominant group because of one’s asexuality or aromanticism. 

Finally, regardless of one’s position, everyone is capable of perpetuating the dominant ideology, even if they don’t benefit from it. That is because we are all raised into it. We can take actions to subvert it and we can build solidarity with marginalized groups all we want, but it takes a lot of effort to unlearn.

So, it’s not solely your responsibility to unlearn these things, though it is a responsibility we must all take on. It’s important for you to be cognizant, especially, of how heterosexuality and heteroromanticism are valued in society. However, excluding and antagonizing you isn’t fair. You do matter. 

  • random stranger: hey, han sung! i'm so sorry i'm late. did you have to wait?
  • han sung: not really; i just arrived. shall we begin this date? haha...
  • yeo wool: *hiding behind a bush* that bastard doesn't deserve han sung! han sung was actually waiting for over an hour! i'm gonna rip him into tiny little pieces.
  • ji dwi: *sitting beside yeo wool* i don't know, yeo wool... maybe we should just scare him off and hope that he'll run away from us and never come back.
  • soo ho: *holding binoculars while munching on a straw* yeah... not gonna happen. that guy looks like if prince chang and master young shil had a child. we need to kill him with fire.
  • dan se: *adjusting his sword* using your hands can be dirty. we don't even know if that guy has a disease.
  • ah ro: *handing out kleenguard gloves* just to be sure, every body wear these.
  • sun woo: *looking at camera like it's the office* we're not normal. i know that.

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I've been waiting forever for them to use "I get to love you" for Malec but I bet we'll never even get that. I feel like the perfect opportunities where they could have used it have already passed (first date, first time, first "I love you") If they ever did use that song, they'd probably use it for Clary & Jace as well.

“I Get To Love You” will be played at Malec’s wedding when they have their first dance as husband and husband. Don’t @ me, those are facts.

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hey, was looking @ ur characters page and i rlly like the eyes the majority of ur characters have. checked ur resources and ur wcif which said abt marley and her eyes nd how u use the same eyes on all ur sims but i've tested ur resource eyes in game nd they don't look anything like ur characters eyes? im sorry if im wrong and annoying, i just rlly like the look of the eyes nd would like to know if mb u did change ur characters eyes since then or ur using contacts or non defaults or anything


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I've never seen this much articles trying to explain a simple picture of two-costars. It's spread everywhere like it's "Breaking news" with sensational headlines (50% of people don't read the articles). We had click-bait and mainstream ones. Popsugar, People, ET, US weekly, Ellecanada, NY magazine. Some talk about MM, some just cute Sam/Cait, some regurgitate old denials interviews, some about "cuddle up" or "BFF date". What it's all about? It's really weird and quite ridiculous at this stage.

RIGHT?? Seriously so so weird. Something is changing…

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If you don't mind me asking, how did you end up sucking a dick at that age?

I tripped and fell mouth-first onto a penis. Kidding.

There’s no real story here. I was simply ready to do it. I’d been thinking about it for a long time, watched enough porn to have the basics down (back when the porn channels would sometimes unscramble for minutes at a time and when Cinemax still had Skinemax on after hours), and was dating a decent boy who was all for it (natch).

It didn’t change me fundamentally, let alone traumatize me. I was awkward: I used too much teeth, I didn’t know where to put my hands, and I kept trying to take too much so I spent like 40% of the time gagging; but he was awkward too: he kneed me in the shoulder accidentally and came really fast. But it made him feel good, which made *me* feel good. And then afterwards he fingered me (clumsily but earnestly!) until I came, so I felt extra good. A somewhat decent time was had by all. We then awkwardly watched an episode of The Angry Beavers and ate rice krispy treats in his room, all the while dreading that his mom was going to come home, take one look at us, and *know*.

(She had no friggin’ clue.)

I’ve said it before (most memorably to a 12-year old in the Square One Mall food court bathroom) and I’ll say it again: only YOU can determine when you’re ready to do something sexual. Your parents can’t tell you, your friends can’t tell you, your SO can’t tell you–only you can tell you.

And when I was 15 (ironically attending a Catholic school that year), I was ready to suck a dick. I *wanted* to suck a dick. So I did.

Le fin.

this is a rather Straight thing for me to say but I am in love with a boy 

Also pathfinders just an extra little reminder that this new patch isn’t out yet (release date is currently TBA), don’t want you running off to start a new game for the new fun when there’s no change at the moment!

ETA as of 6/8: Patch is out!

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My prom date's parents are lending me a dress to wear for my mum, and then picking us up and letting me change into my tux at their place so my mum won't know. They're the best. I wish everyone had people who are supportive like I do. It doesn't always have to be family, sometimes chosen family is more important than blood. If they don't respect you, then they don't really love you unconditionally. It's a sad truth, but you can make your own fam.

Honestly I needed to hear something like that after what I experienced this weekend.
Thank you 💙

And have fun at Prom!

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Nope.. I've actually been a fan for almost 3 years now but I've been away from the updates and stuff about steaming and voting because of real life so I'm not sure if the info I have is actually up to date?? Like.. youtube changes the way they count views and some methods don't work anymore so I'm??? Yup a fan posted a photo from inkikayo and it said only their names next to mic drop and the comments said so, so I'm assuming it's like that. I'm always ready to be proved wrong by bighit though 😂


I’m not sure how much it has changed… I started a few years back but have used the same stuff since WINGS... before that… I just helped through Youtube. :) Biggest change… they suddenly decided that songs dropped at 00:00 KST… won’t be counted for the day… hence the time change for the MV drop. 

But Digital streaming is still prety important:

They represent:

  •      55% for SBS Inkigayo.
  •      50 % for MBC Show Music Core.
  •      65% for KBS Music Bank.
  •      50% for Mnet Mcoundown.
  •      50% for Show Champion .

MELON and NAVER are still our go to apps for Music streaming to count on charts… but you would need passes and accounts for that. The link up top has a mini tutorial on how to get Naver :) I use MELON, but I had to change my whole Apple location set up for that to waork.

People usually give out passes to stream. So once you have an account try searching this #내_가수1위만들기 hashtag on twitter. Best do it at 10pm KST since that is when passes are released. ALSO, you need to have quick fingers coz those are limited.


Youtube streaming is still substantial… it interferes in Music shows ranking system…

  • Social media score (Views on official MV on YouTube) represent 15%  on Mnet Mcountdown
  • Video points are 10% for MBC Show ! Music Core 
  • SNS points (Offical MV views ONLY ) are 35% on SBS Inkigayo

Plus it give Bangtan the international recognition and breaking those records are pretty fun!

Make sure that…

  • You watch the entire Video
  • You DON’T skip or pose the MV
  • You DON’T skip the adds
  • The auto-player is off
  • The volume on YT is +50%
  • The quality is +480p
  • You DON’T put the songs on a playlist
  • You search for the MV not clicking on the suggestions

If you want each of your views to count… safest way…

√ open Youtube , search the MV , watch it , open another MV , delete your history, and REPEAT!


  • The official MV has Eng Subs. If you want to translate in your language, link the video or embed it and post the trans.
  • Your reactions to the videos is not as important as increasing the MV views! I personally don’t care how you cried. I probably would cry too… but I won’t share it. Force the other fandoms to watch the official MV if they are curious, not through reactions.
  • Remixes, subs, etc… just don’t


Youtube: (boy this is crazy!)

  • 20M in 24 hours (some said 25M… I say let’s just keep going lol)
  • 30M in 2 days
  • 50M in a week
  • 80M in 2 weeks
  • 100M in less than a month

Music Shows: (each freakin show has a voting app 😅 i think… i have the app for mcountdown)

**Triple crown  = winning No.1 in THE SAME music show three weeks in a row

  • Triple crown on Music Bank (includes physical sales, so we good)
  • Triple crown on MCountdown (VOTING IS IMPORTANT)
  • Triple crown on Inkigayo (Digital Streaming is VITAL!)
  • MORE THAN 6 MUSIC SHOW WINS… which is the most Bangtan has gotten so far… which is crazy by the way T_T (we need to be stronger longer!)


  • Stream as soon as it drops to make it PEAK immediately
  • Keep BTS in Top 3 for at least a week in Melon (some say just Top 10… but let’s aim for the moon!)


  • Good job ARMYs on album preorders… Album sales are pretty freakin important for MAMA Daesang and other awards.
  • For Gaon, they award best per quarter and best per month… let’s hope we win for both YNWA and HER… yes?


anyway… creds to The Red GARNET from ARMY AMINO. I told her I’ll share her stuff here.


AND OMYGOD! AN ALL RAP LINE PERFORMANCE IN A MUSIC SHOW!!?!?!?! THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED SINCE… ever… I think… WOW! (correct me if I’m wrong but even for Satoori Rap, all of Bangtan was there and none of the cyphers are allowed to air LOL)


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hey there! i'm new to your blog so i'm sorry if you get this question a bunch but do you have any tips on how to help people who are larries see the truth? i know there's no easy answer for this but since you're someone who use to be a larrie (and if you don't mind sharing) what helped persuade you to change your mind? thanks for running this blog and fighting the good fight.

I guess, maybe just ask them why?

Why are they so fervently obsessed with two men’s relationship? Do they think it’s normal or healthy to be this invested in two other people’s relationship as almost all relationships end and it truly has nothing to do with them? If they had two friends who were dating would they be this invested in that relationship or would actually knowing these people make that seem creepy and weird? Would they enjoy a group of people online behaving the way they do about their own relationships? With spreadsheets and masterposts about their sexual positions? Do they think gay men actually really enjoy a predominantly teenage fanbase to be rabidly obsessed with their sex lives to the point of harassing everyone in their family with mentions of their sex life to them? Or that they wouldn’t find that mortifying?

If they stopped being this invested in Larrie for a week or a month and just accepted Freddie, what would happen? If they decided just for a week they would think only positive things about Briana and Eleanor and Danielle and Freddie and not to reblog tinhat posts, what do they think would be the negative outcome of that? What would the world be losing if they thought like this? Do they think it would make it harder for Harry and Louis to come out if they behaved this way, why? Do they believe it’s necessary to sit there and wail “so organic! so fake! ugh that bitch! Freddie really looks like XYZ’s child! Freddie is being abused because he has no socks!” everytime something happens? Do they think Louis and Harry are punished if they don’t? Then what’s the purpose of it? To keep themselves feeling motivated? Why do they need to feel motivated about two other people dating?

Why is Cowell forcing this to happen? Nobody else in Hollywood history has been forced to fake a child, so why is Cowell doing that to Louis? What is Cowell getting out of it that he couldn’t through far easier means? If he can force Louis to look like a homophobe then why not make him look like a homophobe - for example, get him to tweet homophobic crap every day for a month. If he’s capable of that, why isn’t he doing that? Wouldn’t it be easier? If he’s capable of forcing Louis to fake a baby, why not force him to sing a homophobic song or get caught being homophobic on camera? 

Why is Louis going along with this? He wouldn’t need to worry about a lawsuit as Cowell’s contract would have violated so many laws he would easily be capable of suing for millions of dollars in damages, so why doesn’t he? Why is he capable of rebelling and sending messages and refusing to play along with the stunt in some ways, but incapable of just calling a lawyer and getting out of it in other ways? Why won’t he just wear a tee shirt with a blatant explanation or sign of what’s going on? Why doesn’t he get some random person to accidentally see him and Harry kissing in public and take photos and leak them? Why doesn’t he set up an email full of Larrie photos for someone to hack and release? If they think he’s capable of rebelling, why not go all out? If the bears can give them signs, why haven’t the bears been able to accurately predict anything for them? Why do their insiders never know about the big things that have happened in their lives? Like Zayn leaving, or Briana getting pregnant, or Cheryl getting pregnant, or Harry’s 80 million deal, or Dunkirk, or Eleanor getting back together with Louis? They claim all these things are planned months in advance, so why are they always the last to know?

Why did he agree to put his under age sisters through this? Why not put his foot down for them? Refuse to let them interact with the evil girlfriends, refuse to let them interact with Freddie? And who is Freddie? Do they think Tammi and Brett brought him into the world to perform as a stunt child and Louis went along with this disgusting idea? That he only exists because Louis agreed to fake a baby? If not, who is he? How did Briana get the government to fake a birth certificate? Why use her and not anyone else? Where will Freddie go when this is over? Where is his real birth certificate?

And if Cowell is capable of doing all this and to constantly keep delaying the End Date over and over, then why does it ever have to end? Why can’t Cowell continue dragging it out until forever? If the contract means nothing and Cowell can change it whenever he wants, then why do they believe it will ever have to end?

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To go along with the other anon about lines in Two Ghosts that are Fucked Up™ I just wanted to say that you don't say, "we're not who we used to be," about someone you've dated for like 6 weeks. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? "Oh it's only January but we have both changed SO MUCH since November nothing can be the same my heart doesn't feel like it used to." Haha.

the never-ending babushka doll of change

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What that person is saying, they're being ugly about it, but it's true. You wouldn't refer to Marsha P. Johnson or Sylvia Rivera as straight, they were proudly gay. Maybe don't use a word as specific as homosexual if you're not actually homosexual in your attraction (unless you only date other trans men, that's different). But they're right to say being trans doesn't change someone's sexual orientation, and a homosexual is a homosexual whether they're cis or trans or nb.

Mood. Anyway I love being a big raging homosexual trans man

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Lesbian here.I respect that transwomen are women and I use their name and pronouns. But I would not date or have sex with a transwoman. That does not make me transphobic. I just don't feel comfortable being with someone who is biologically male and if they have male sex characteristics I am sexually repulsed by them. That is something I can't change. Saying that lesbians should "unlearn their biases" and force themselves to be with biologically male people is extremely homophobic.

I’m assuming you’re cis. That said, you don’t get to decide what is and isn’t transphobic. If trans people tell you something’s transphobic, it is. Just like a straight person telling you they aren’t lesbophobic, but continually say lesbophobic things.

Saying “someone who is biologically male” is wrong. Trans women are women, they have women’s bodies, they’re female. Saying they’re anything but means you just don’t see them as women.

To assume that you know if someone is trans on sight, is also transphobic. Just like gays don’t have a certain “look”, neither do trans people.

I also think you’re misinterpreting what I’m saying, anyways. I’m not saying go outside right now and fuck a trans woman– I’m saying that if you won’t date someone purely because they’re trans, that’s transphobic. That’s like. If you wouldn’t date someone purely because they’re bi– it has nothing to do with either person or their genitals. It’s about prejudice.

You need to unlearn your prejudice, not your sexuality.

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Hi! I'm this "bad" friend who will always forget to call/send a message and I always have a small internal meltdow everytime I have to force myself to do it, probably because of anxiety as well. I can spend weeks, month without talking to someone and I'll still think of them as friends and will act as if we talked to each other yesterday when I see them again, but often, people think I just don't care about them and don't want me anymore. Iiaat? What can I do to change this mindset?

This falls under difficulties maintaining relationships.

What works for me is that I’ve explained to my friends that I’m shit at keeping up to date with them and keeping them up to date on what’s  happening in my life, so I’ve asked them to message me. This way the pressure of staying in touch is away from me and so it’s easier to reply when I get messaged.

What also might work is to use your phone or day planner to make a note of when you last talked to which friend and then make a note for, say, a week later, to get in touch with them again. If you work this into your routine it should be fairly easy to maintain.