and don't bother sending me anon hate

To the anon who thought it was funny to send me hate about fairy tail and my choices. (Both starting with “lol”)
Consider yourself blocked.
And if for some reason you were two people, then you’re both blocked.
I don’t tolerate hate and don’t have time for it. Bye. Have a decent life I guess?

iamalostcause1994  asked:

I bet haters aren't sending you hate anymore. Those kinda people don't have the nerve to go off anon.

Yeah they’re not, lol. I don’t care anyway. They don’t bother me at all. They’re mostly just sad souls who have yet to learn a few life lessons, to respect everybody even if you don’t like them. If you don’t like them, don’t talk to them. If you like them, send them something nice to make them smile.

it really just makes me so uncomfortable when ppl blame snow for regina’s marriage to king leopold

and say snow wanted regina as some kind of property?

like some toy????

like, did you watch stable boy?

at all?

any of it?

snow thought regina was going to marry daniel when she was getting fitted for that wedding dress

regina told her that daniel left and that she was going to marry her father

she only. ever. wanted. regina. to. be. happy.

she told cora about daniel so that regina wouldn’t lose her mother

like snow lost hers.

because a ten year old wouldn’t know

that cora was a murderer

i get ppl who hate on snow, i get that she’s portrayed as annoying and dumb at times, and i support people not liking her.

but blaming a child for something that cora had purposely made happen 

by her own hand 

from step one.

and this idea that it only happened because snow wanted a toy.

that’s kinda fucked.

anonymous asked:

unfollowing right now, this is so unfair! Someone sends you that you don't deserve hate, well guess what? Actualharryhart is receiving hate too, but you don't seem to bothered by that, do you? They just said "hartwin suxx ass" so what? If you don't like that, ignore it! And that's not only meant for you, it's meant for fricking everyone. It's their opinion.

A) You don’t know me. If you would have bothered to check I have said multiple times that I DISAGREE with fandom hate NO MATTER THE REASON. I have stated multiple times that even when you see hate, you shouldn’t send them hateful messages. I also asked people NOT to send hate messages to any hartwin haters, and NEVER mentioned names. The ONE ask that mentioned a name was on anon, otherwise I would have responded privately. 

B) I have NEVER in my life sent someone hate. In fact, there have been instances where I have APOLOGIZED in behave of the hartwin fandom when people that hate on hartwin get hateful messages. Because, as I said, I DISAGREE ON A FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL with fandom hate. 

I HAVE replied to hateful posts several times asking them TO STOP or to at least not write down the actual word, mostly because I KNOW people in the fandom that can be triggered by certain things said in those posts, or because of the avalanche of hate posts flooding the tag, and that is NOT something I will apologize for. I have EVERY RIGHT to respond when there is hate directed to my ship, and when I know these hateful messages are affecting MY friends and MY followers. I will ALWAYS stand up and argue if I feel someone is being hurt. In many instances, followers of mine have come to me personally and asked me to respond, and I have complied. 

C)I DO NOT REPRESENT NOR STAND FOR THOSE SENDING HATE TO THAT PARTICUALR USER. As I said, I have urged people not to send him hate, but - at the end of the day - I have no control over what people do or don’t do, and by writing down the word he is exposing himself to angry shippers that have had to deal with hate for a while now. Does this excuse hate? No, but it also means that it is NOT my problem to deal with given that I did NOT cause it. 

D)This is NOT the first time this user has posted hate, and it is not the first time they have ridiculed both hartwin shippers or the ship itself. It is not just saying “hartwin suxx ass” that is NOT the problem here. The problem is the CONSTANT hate we shippers are forced to see on the mobile tag, because this user simply does not bother to change a letter in the spelling of hartwin so that WE don’t have to see it. Frankly, I don’t care if you think my answering is right or not. I did it in defense of my fandom, and because someone sent me a message - clearly upset - because of the hate they were seeing. 

E) There is no need to tell me you’re unfollowing. I will notice, and I will respect that decision and move on with my life. I don’t understand the need to state that. 

F) You can hate on me all you want, I can take it, but don’t you DARE tell my followers what they can or cannot do or feel. You are not judge and executioner. You don’t know what triggers people. I have had people come to me telling me that because of the hate on something they love their depression had sort of kicked back in, and they were freaking out in my inbox while I was doing my best to help. 

You DO NOT get to tell me or my followers to just “ignore it” until you have talked to each one of the 4.3k following this blog, and know EXACTLY how they feel every time they see hate. 

Lastly, don’t talk to me about hate when you yourself are sending it, and - to top it all of - on anonymous. 

so funny story

i get this in my inbox alll at once (referring to this answer)

first of all, let me say in response to the first one: in my perception you are a cockroach not a person, though unfortunately that doesn’t change your status as a living breathing transphobic asshole

i kept the first one instead of anwering it because i wanted to try something- and surprise, turns out that when i hit block? every single negative message disappeared from my inbox. all of them.

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