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Can you believe malec, our healthy lgbt interracial ship lost to the whitest and most basic ship ever









You should really stop whatever you’re doing and watch this video.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 295
warning : smut 
summary : Kai is on the phone and Reader is suuupppeeer horny , but he wont pay attention to her and she decides to take matters in her hands.
* gif by christophwood
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An afternoon at home. It was what Y/N and Kai loved most - just the two of them and no one around to interrupt them or butt in. They sat on the couch , his arm around her shoulders while the low noise from the TV disturbed the silence. Kai could feel her heart beat racing when he brushed his palm against her cheek making her turn around towards him. Their lips met in a deep kiss and just as he was about to back her against the couch , his phone rang. Kai closed his eyes and sighed , reaching for the phone on the coffee table. Y/N couldn’t see the caller ID but whoever it was , Kai decided he had to take the call.
“Hello ?”
Y/N got off him , sitting on the other end of the couch , not taking her eyes off him. Getting interrupted was the last thing she wanted in that moment. Ever since she had woken up that morning her skin had felt on fire and it had nothing to do with the heat outside. It had everything to do with Kai. They had been together for almost a whole year now but every single day with him felt like the first , every touch , every kiss felt as if it was happening for the first time. It was enough for him just to look at her , brush his fingertips lightly against her skin and she’d melt completely. Y/N got up , running her fingers through her hair and went to get a snack from the kitchen feeling Kai’s gaze following her.
That call seemed to be taking forever because when she walked back to the living room he was still talking with whoever it was on the other end of the line. Y/N tossed herself on the couch , resting one of her legs on Kai’s lap and sitting on her other leg. Every time she tried to get his attention things didn’t work out in her favour. No matter what she tried , he just shut her down.
Y/N felt on fire just starring at him , watching his lips move and listening to his sexy voice. Not to mention his eyes - they drove her completely crazy. Kai was looking hotter than ever , wearing a black t-shirt and boxers , his hair was a bit longer and he had a slight beard which she loved so much to play with. Her panties were pooling and the longer he ignored her the worse things seemed to get. Kai brushed his fingertips innocently across her leg sending shivers all over her body and pushed it off his lap.
“Yeah , no , of course not -”
“Kai ?”
Kai motioned with his finger for her to wait a moment and continued talking to whoever it was on the other end of the line. A groan of frustration left her lips and she moved closer to him , placing her hand on his chest not taking her eyes off him. Slowly she moved her hand down towards his hip and leaned in placing a soft kiss on his cheek , leaving another and another on her way to his neck pulling herself closer to him.
‘I am so wet because of you.’ she whispered in his ear , swinging her leg over him and sitting on his lap. Y/N straddled him slowly tryng to find any relief for the pressure , looking him in the eyes while biting her lip. Kai glanced at her and pushed her away without saying a word. She tried hard not to groan in frustration again and sat on his thigh not willing to give up just yet. Whoever it was on the other end of the line could probably wait a few minutes , a half hour or longer.
Get off the phone , please.’ she mouthed but he only shook his head slightly.
It was hot as hell outside and she was barely wearing a t-shirt which made it so much easier for her to get what she wanted. If Kai wasn’t planing on hanging up any time soon , then she’d have to take care of it herself and since he didn’t like it when she had fun by herself there was only one other option left. He looked at her with curious eyes as her fingers brushed through his soft hair gripping on it lightly.
So hot. How can you be so hot?’ she mouthed trailing her finger on his jawline and down his chest all the way down to the slight bulge in his boxers.
Kai slapped her hand away but Y/N didn’t give up. She straddled his thigh slowly at first , looking innocently at Kai seeing his eyes darkening and starting to burn with fire. He gave her a warning look which she completely ignored , finding a way to snake her hands under his shirt and up his bare chest. A low growl came from deep inside his throat and he pushed both her hands away. Y/N pouted and continued swaying her hips on his thigh a little faster.
You can have me any way you want-’ she mouthed.
Kai’s eyes widened a little and she could swear his smirk was hiding at the corners of his mouth. His eyes were darkening with lust more and more as she picked up the pace.
“What ?” she wondered out loud.
Her hands squeezed her breasts and she held her lip between her teeth. Soft moans tumbled off her lips and she started moving her hips a even faster , picking up the pace more and more each movement. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she could see the slight bulge in Kai’s boxers become more visible. Y/N tried to suppress a smile - perhaps she would get what she wanted after all. There was no way he’d let her walk away after this.
‘Fuck me Ma -’ she whispered.
Kai glanced at her and pressed his hand over her mouth until Y/N pushed it away. Her eyes pleaded with him but he only pushed her hands away again. He was trying hard to focus on what Damon was saying in his attempt to convince Kai to help him with something but it was getting harder and harder for him to think clearly. His girl just didn’t give up and it appeared the more he pushed her away the more determined she got. Kai could feel his boxers tighten around him and it was more than clear how eager Y/N was. Her teasing was driving him completely mad , making his skin feel like it was on fire. He was pretty sure Damon could hear everything from the other end of the line if he listened carefully. Y/N looked at him with innocent eyes and grabbed his free hand placing it on her breasts.
‘Hang up -’ she mouthed.“- please.”
Kai shook his head , mouthing ‘No.’
A smile spread across her face. For someone who kept saying no and pushing her away , Kai surely seemed to enjoy a lot what she was doing. His hand massaged her breasts through her (well , his) shirt while her hand massaged his member through his boxers. Her boyfriend closed his eyes for a moment and pushed her hand away. Y/N knew he was this close to getting him to hang up , she only had to take it up a notch. She pushed aside her panties letting her clit touch his bare skin and started moving faster , her moans getting a little louder the closer to her release she got. His thigh was starting to get wet and to add more to it she reached her hand down to her core rubbing her clit.
Kai’s eyes widened a little , drifting between her parted lips and what she was doing with her fingers and he forgot completely what the call was about. He cleared his throat , trying to return his attention to the phone call but it was too late. Y/N had his complete attention. His girl was starting to move ever faster on his thigh , her moans getting louder each time and Kai pressed his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet while he finishes his phone call.
“Yeah.” he said not taking his eyes off Y/N , seeing her eyelids fluttering closed as she was getting closer to her release. “I’ll call you later. There is something that requires my immidiate attention. No. I don’t care you are under a time crunch.”
Kai ended his phone call and left his phone near the reading lamp. He watched her continuing to ride his thigh faster now. Y/N looked so hot in that moment he felt his boxers tighten around him even more , watching her run her fingers through her hair before placing her hands on his shoulders for support. She threw her head back a bit feeling her walls tighten more and more as she neared her release. A louder moan came from her lips as her fingers found their way in his hair gripping on it lightly as her orgasm tore through her body. It didn’t even seem like she had noticed he had hung up until his voice returned her to reality.
“Having fun?” asked Kai with a devilish smirk on his face. Y/N met his eyes and hummed in response. He furrowed his brows. “Without me ?”
Trick question. she thought , biting the inside of her cheek.
Kai’s eyes were flashing with a warning. Technically she hadn’t broken his rule , she was riding him but - part of her doubted that would count. Whatever he had planned to get back at her made her horny all over again.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
Kai laughed under his breath for a moment , contemplating what was to come. Y/N had droven him mad and now it was his time. He couldn’t decide what to do first.
“You are such a naughty girl.” he said in a low seductive voice , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear. “Were you really that horny you couldn’t wait 5 more minutes?”
Y/N placed her hand on the bulge in his boxers massaging it slightly for a moment before sliding her hands up his chest and towards the back of his head. Her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips the entire time.
“I’ve been waiting exactly -” she glanced at the clock for a second “- 43 minutes and 19 seconds for you to stop talking and even look at me. Was that phone call really more important than doing me me ?”
“Nothing is more important than doing you , sweetheart.” he smiled.
Kai’s lips crashed against hers , more hungry and demanding than ever. His hands moved up her back , pulling her towards him while her hips moved faster against him. His fingers tangled in her hair , both of them moaning into the kiss when he grabbed a fist full of her hair pulling her head back an away from him.
“You want me to pay attention to you baby ?”
“Yes.” she answered , knowing fully well he knows the answer already.
Kai smirked devilishly at her and the next second she was pinned to the couch with her wrists held over her head. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. He brushed his fingers against her cheek , lightly touching her lips with his fingertips.
“Well – you got my undivided attention now.”
Kai’s lips crashed against hers again , demanding and hungrier than ever kissing her as if he was trying to swallow her whole, his crotch pushing against hers the entire time. Y/N struggled to free her wrists with no luck , wishing she could pull him even closer to her even though there was nowhere to go. His hand slid up her shirt massaging her breasts for a second before his fingers gripped on her shirt - his shirt - tearing it off her in a split second , tossing it somewhere on the floor. Kai left wet sloppy kisses on his way down to her core , his eyes never leaving hers. He pulled the front of her panties up so hard the fabric dug into her core cutting through it making her moan out a little louder.
“You were so distracting – teasing me like that with your wondering hands. You just can’t keep them off me , can you ? ” cooed Kai , brushing his nose against her sensitive clit making her moan out softly.

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Revenge // Negan

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Request: Hello. I was wondering can I request an imagine where Negan overhears one of his men slut shaming his wife and how he would react to that. Would you be able to tag me in it?

Warning: Slut-shaming, Negan’s language (aka mine whoops)

A/N: My profile picture is my reaction when I got the request because I love to write about my devil bean. Also guys please, do not slut shame anyone.

There had been a rumor around the sanctuary since a few days now, one of Negan’s men was slut-shaming Negan’s wife. And it was you, you were Negan’s wife. The only one wife he had. You were different from the other women, at least it was what Negan usually told you. When you arrived to the sanctuary, Negan had plenty wives, you didn’t understand why and you never asked him. But when he saw you, he didn’t want his wives anymore, he only wanted you to be his only wife, it didn’t take a lot of time for you to accept. It was the reason why one of your husband’s men was slut shaming you. You never told Negan about this, you knew how he would react if he knew that. He wouldn’t let his man tries to explain himself, he would just kill him.

You knew that soon or later, Negan would hear the rumor or even the guy slut shame you, so you tried to not be around a lot, you stayed in your and Negan’s room as much as you could but this didn’t stop the rumor, it even became worse. And one day, Negan heard it.

Negan was coming to see you and he heard one of his men talking about who, saying that you were a slut for being with Negan, he said that you only were sleeping with him to have more comfort, to be protected. Negan didn’t think twice, he angrily walked to his man and grabbed him violently by his jacked, he forced him to follow him. When they finally were alone in a room, he threw his man on the floor, looking at him with a dead stare.

“ Who do you fucking think you are to talk about my wife like this?! ” he said angrily

“ I-I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean to - ”

“ Oh yes you meant every fucking word you said. And for that, you are going to pay! No one, I said no one can talk about my wife like that! Actually, a piece of shit like you shouldn’t even be allowed to lay his eyes on her! ”

Negan didn’t let the savior say anything else, he started to beat him to death with Lucille. He continued to bash his head until there was nothing that still could look like a head. That man deserved what had just happened to him. How someone could even think this? You were with Negan because you fell in love with him, otherwise you wouldn’t have marry him.

Negan went to clean himself up before going to see you. You still were on your room, you were reading a book to keep your mind occupied. You didn’t want to think about this man’s words that were hurting you. Then you heard the door being open. You raised your head from the book and saw your husband. You smiled at him a bit, watching him walking until being right in front of you. He sat on the couch that was in front of you and looked at you straight in the eyes. You knew something was up. You closed your book and put him on the couch.

“ Why didn’t you tell me one of my men was slut shaming you? ” he asked softly, he wasn’t the kind of men to talk like this, but he knew you and knew that these words had hurt you a lot

“ How do you know? I-I thought it was nothing… It’s nothing really important and I didn’t want to annoy you with that ” you replied, you tried your best to not cry but it was hard

“ No, nothing annoys me when it comes to you, love. You should have tell me. This dude shouldn’t have mess with my lovely wife ”

At this moment, you knew for sure that the guy who slut shamed you was dead. It was an extreme treatment but he should have know better that no one can mess with Negan’s wife without consequences.

I’ve seen there was some discourse regarding wether we would love Rika if she was a man and I’m here to clarify it.

No we wouldn’t

And do you want to know why?

Because our dislike towards Rika doesn’t go wether she is attractive/datable or not its because of what she fucking did.

Mentally ill or not, what she did was pretty fucked up in many different levels, it was cruel and try to justify it by saying she is mentally ill (I want to clarify I’m not a mentally ill person) its insulting for people who genuinely suffer from whatever illness Rika suffers and struggles to live their lives normally.

Some people use Saeran as an excuse to show that if she was a boy, we would all be loving Rika.

Although I’m not into Saeran as a datable character his circumstances were different to Rika’s.

He believed in a brother who left him behind (for him trying to do something to warranty him a better life but he didn’t know it at the moment).

He lived in constant fear that his father would come and kill him or take him away in the best of cases.

He was an child that got sick easily.

He despite everything believed in his brother who defended him against their mother.

He admired his brother so much and even after he left he had absolute fate he would eventually come back for him and they would live happy away from their mother.

What did Rika do with all this information about him?

Oh nothing really important just kidnap him, brainwash him and giving him a powerful drug until he became her servant.

She did this knowing how it would fuck him up and she never gave a care on how it would affect him

Rika had V to deal with whatever bothered her. Saeran only had Saeyoung who now couldn’t be near him in fear he would put his brother’s life in danger trusting RIKA and V were keeping him safe.

So trying to use him to justify Rika would be likable as a boy is insulting, because even if we played a gender swap RFA it would be te same in the fan’s perspective because it would be a man taking advantage of at least two women, blinding one and using the other to achieve his twisted goals.

Miracle Mistake part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Small bit of angst and some fluff?

Tags: @captainswriting@caitsymichelle13​ @animeepeeps @384-chubby-dumpling@smollittlebean

  You haven’t been getting out of the house as much anymore because of how big you’ve gotten bigger. Ned and Michelle have been helping you, along with Aunt May, with getting you what you need and soothing you when you break down into tears. Every mood swing, every craving, every little movement your children make, only serves as a reminder about how Peter isn’t here to help you. Michelle makes the midnight or three in the morning craving runs, Ned talks to you and reads the baby books with you, and Aunt may sooths you and tells you what to expect. It still isn’t the same, as much as they tried to help you.

  They refuse to let you visit Peter’s gravesite since you were 6 and a half months along, which pissed you off since you wanted to “tell” him everything that happened during the pregnancy, so you took to writing letters. You wrote letters catching you up to the current day of your pregnancy, the feelings of each day that still swirled inside of you.

  Looking up from your book, you smile at the sight of your seven-month-old twins playing on a mat together. Michael is smaller than his brother, though the doctors had assured you that was normal as the human female body couldn’t form two children the exact weight and height at the same time, so you aren’t too worried. Ben is already showing that he’s gentle with his smaller brother, even though Mike wants to start playing rough with their toys. You can’t help but giggle at them.

  Your phone rings and you check for caller ID, which makes your heart drop. Why is he calling you? You had only talked to him once, on the worst day of your life, how did he get your cellphone number?

  “Hello?” you work hard to keep your voice from shaking.

  “Hey, yeah, is this Miss Y/n L/n?” The deep voice on the other side is only all too familiar to you.

  You swallow hard. “Yes, and this is Tony Stark that I’m speaking to?”

  “It is indeed. I need to ask you to come to the Tower.”

  You frown slightly, looking at your babies. “Um, when? I’m kinda…busy at the moment.”

  “Soon. Tomorrow at most, okay? I have something here that I believe is yours.”

  “Okay, thank you.” He hangs up. “I think…”

  Moving to sit with your babies on the floor, you decide to call Ned later to see if he could watch the twins. Right now, all you want to do is spend time with your babies before you might have your heart crushed by Tony Stark again.
  Everyone watches you as you walk through the halls of the new Avengers Tower, looking around for any sign of Tony or any of the current Avengers. No one had given you any instructions of where to go or who to ask for, so you are stuck wandering the possibly endless maze of halls of the giant building. It honestly was just a pain being on your own here.

  You’re seriously thinking about calling Tony’s number until you catch a glimpse of him in one of the room’s windows. You sigh in relief and hurry into the room, only to freeze just past the doorway.

  In the room are four people; Tony Stark, Vision, Black Widow, and a man with his back to you, but you knew the type of suit he’s wearing. It’s not the same as the one you’re used to, so you know Tony must have made another one for him, but you know him.

  “Is this some kind of sick joke?” you look over to Stark with anger in your eyes. How could he ask you to come here for this?

  The man with his back to you turns to face you and you roll your lips to keep yourself quiet. You can’t make yourself look into the white eyes of his mask. You can’t even bring yourself to talk to him, to see if it’s really him under there.

  “Y/n, I can explain why you’re here. When I told you that Peter was dead, there was a reason. He went on a delicate mission-“

  Your phone ringing startles everyone, including you since you were close to telling Tony to shut up, you didn’t want to hear a word of the bull he was trying to tell you. You freak out a little inside when you see the caller is Ned. Answering quickly, you try not to seem too panicked.

  “Hey, yeah, I’m here. What’s wrong? N-ned, slow down, I-…no, no, I can hear him, what…Ned, tell me what happened to Michael! …ugh, I’ll be home soon.”

  You hang up with an angry look and rush out of the room, running down the halls and out to your car to drive home as quickly as you can while still obeying traffic laws. You pull up to your house sooner than you thought you would and run inside, stumbling inside after tripping on the first step.


  He peeks out from your living room. “I’m in here!”

  You sigh, walking quickly into the room to see Michael whimpering with a band-aid on his little knee. “Ned, what happened to him?” You ask as you crouch by your baby.

  “He and Benny were rough housing and got a little cocky and tried to stand up with the couch and ended up barely scraping his knee.”

  You give him a look. “So, why did you call me sounding so panicked?”

  He looks sheepish as he tries to shrug it off. “Um, well…I didn’t know how to calm him down, but he stopped crying after about five minutes or maybe less.”

  You sigh, but gather Michael into your arms gently as Ben crawls over to both of you. “Thank you for watching them, Ned.”

  “What were you out doing?”

  You sigh softly. “Nothing really important. I’ll see you later, okay?”

  He nods, waving goodbye as you pick up both twins and walk upstairs to lay them in bed, which are two cribs on either side of the baby room that you decorated with light blue wall paint to keep it bright, Peter’s old mask on one of the shelves, then other little superhero things you found for the boys to look at before they fall asleep. You gently kiss both their heads before turning off the light and heading to your room to read a little before you go to bed yourself. Just as you get comfortable in bed and flip to your saved page, you hear a window open and close in your house.

  Getting up quietly, you grab the bat by your bed which Michelle had gotten you, even though both you and Peter had never been big on sports at all. Now you’re glad you have it. Padding softly down the hall, you peer into every room, freezing in place as you look into your twins’ room. There’s a person standing just barely in reach of the moonlight that’s shining into the room. Taking a deep, quiet breath, you walk up behind the person to stop again. Ben is standing up in his crib, holding the person’s hand (more like finger honestly) in his tiny hands, gurgling at them. The person pulls away to pick up the mask off the shelf and look over it carefully.

  You steady yourself, raising the bat above your head to bring it down to knock the intruder out. Just as you are about to fully bring it down on the person’s head, they flip around and grab the bat, sliding it out of your hands and behind them. You’re shocked that they can move that fast that they already have your hands pinned the hallway wall, just outside the twins’ room.

  “What the fu-let me go!” Realization finally hits you as you start to struggle.

  “Shh, one of them’s still sleeping,” Spider-Man whispers, his voice muffled, but you know the voice so well.

  You stare right at him, still not believing it’s him. After so many months, over a year, of thinking he’s dead, he’s standing right in front of you.

  “Stark was trying to tell you I was on a delicate mission. I could’ve died any time on it and it was easier to not let you have false hope if I didn’t make it back. And if you had tried to call me during the mission, it would’ve put us all in danger. It was my idea,” his voice cracks slightly. “I saw you at the grave they put up and…I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you like that.”

  He lets go of your hands so you reach up and pull up his mask slowly. “Peter…”

  You smile as you pull the mask off, seeing his fair fluffy from the mask messing it up. God, how much you missed him and how he’d look at you with such earnest and hope in his eyes.

  “Are you staying now?” You ask quietly, not wanting to talk too loud in case it’s just a dream.

  He smiles at you, leaning down to press a gentle kiss to your lips. “I have you again and I’m not letting you go again.”

  You smile into the kiss, cupping his cheeks gently as you still hold his new mask.

  “One question, though.”

  You look at him curiously.

  “What are those kids’ names and are they mine?”

  You laugh softly. This is gonna be fun to explain the whole night.

You guys have really no idea of how happy I am now….

I relate to Jughead so much in this scene, like… I hate loud and crowded places and that crazy party was just making me so mad that I was feeling bad just from the pics.

I feel like an old person sometimes, but I guess that’s really the truth behind being an introvert. We feel like we’re not making the same decisions as other people from our age do, and we even feel a bit guilty about that at first. It’s funny to think that a “"kid”“ would rather stay at home or in a quiet place, where they can really enjoy the time and pay attention to their surroundings instead of going out with a bunch of other children.

Personally, I love going to the movies. Whenever I have to go to the mall and I really have nothing important to do there, I make my way to the cinema and pray for the room to be as empty as possible. I love empty cinema rooms. They make me feel safe and they give me a good time. I don’t mind going alone- I even prefer that sometimes- and seeing this part of me being played on by my favorite characters is something that warms my heart.

He found someone who gets him. He found someone who’s willing to ditch a crazy party just so they could go catch the last session of the cinema. He found someone who understands him and who enjoys being around him.

And this is just too beautiful. They’re both so happy and I love this show even more now.

Thank you all the producers, directors, RAS, the cast and pretty much everyone involved for showing this moment. Honestly, thank you.

(Though that’s just my interpretation of the pic. I’m not even sure if that’s what they’ll be doing, but I felt like writing it. It was stuck in my throat for quite a long time already, actually…)



Nothing Gold Can Stay for Annie

‘That doesn’t seem like a sound strategy,’

'Ridiculous strategies are the only ones I seem to be able to come up with where you’re concerned.’

Today my mom asked me what I wanted to do with my money and I have to admit, it’s been making me think all day.

In eighteen days it’s my birthday.


cold and empty
held by force
no one to hear my plea

awaiting death
a certain fate –
but you have set me free

i’ll stay forever
by your side
a choice that’s made by me

—  there are no shackles here | d.l.
So Many Stars (Ch. 13)

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Chaptered, English teachers in Japan AU
Word Count: 7,045 words
Warnings: Alcohol, drunkenness, graphic descriptions of natto
Description: Things get Halloween-y!

Read Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | Ch. 11 | Ch. 12

A/N: this chapter and i had several disagreements, and i’m not sure who has won yet. stay tuned to find out! ch. 14 on wednesday (feb. 25)!


The next Thursday was their first time working at primary school on the same day. They were deep into Halloween lesson time at both primary schools, so Dan supposed it was almost inevitable that they would end up scheduled together at least one day this month. Last week, he’d been almost giddy with excitement about it, losing himself in ridiculous daydreams about him and Phil playing tag together with all the kids during the midday break. Now the only thing he was looking forward to was the fact that, with a full day of classes each, they would hardly see each other.

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Hands Entwined

Request: Monty one shot? He’s so adorable and he does not get enough love. Just something cute and fluffy. Monty and reader where they meet after the drop and both really like each other but they’re shy so they’re really adorable about it just little touches and cute flirting and there’s a storm or something and readers tent gets ruined so he says she can stay with him and they’re really awkward trying to sleep like 10 feet from each other but end up cuddling and kiss and monty is just so precious I can’t.

A/N: Sorry I was absent for so long, but notice it was shorter, I’m getting marginally better :P Thanks so much for requesting, and feedback is totally appreciated. 

Word Count: 1083

Warnings: Storm, fluff?

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