and doing my best not to cry

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This is so weird... are we supposed to forget about the old eras? In so confused those were some of the best times of my life so idk I'm not doing well with all this rn lol

i dont wanna forget about the old eras either like……im heartbroken af lmfao i was going through my dropbox and found this old screenshot and now kimari is crying because she doesnt exist anymore

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Oh, man no, you almost made me cry. I thought there would be a 2nd part. You said you don't know how to continue, I thought about something deep. Like Lance saying all the shit he thinks about himself and Keith is just there being bad with words and having no idea of what he should tell Lance. Keith doesn't know him too well because they're always fighting and now he realizes Lance actually thinks about other things besides flirting and being a pain in the ass for Keith. Idk, just tying to help.

man, you guys really like klangst/langst a lot even tho it makes you cry

it seems like a good idea tho. i’ll think about it.

i really meant for the comic to be open ended and for it to end it there, but if people really want a second part, i’ll do my best to think of something worth reading :^)

sHIT I FORGOT THAT I LITERALLY CRY EVERY TIME I WATCH THE ENTERPRISE INTRODUCTION shit fuck i’m crying right now oh no. i love space so much. we believe so much. we’re explorers and we try so hard and we put our best foot forward and we do it together. 

i don’t know if i’ve delved into it but i’m very much not a scientist because my educational disabilities make basic math incredibly difficult but i excel in conceptual science and as i’ve gotten older i’ve had less and less opportunities to allow myself to take science courses that i truly truly adore because i simply can’t keep up once it gets to the application and i’m getting too close to the end of my degree to waste unit room on things that aren’t going towards my field 

but this summer i worked with a residential educational program for my high school students and i got to TA three classes, and i begged my boss for the chance to help with environmental science because i adore botany, and getting to work hands-on with my students in experiments (get your hands dirty!! science is an experience!!) and getting them excited about ecology and the aspects of science i actually truly understand enough to get excited about and answer their questions was one of my absolute favorite parts of the best experience of my entire life 

i follow a bunch of nasa/jpl/iss twitters and i keep updated with the astronauts and the unmanned missions and when we succeed i’m so full of joy because this is who we are as a people, when we come together to push the limits of our understanding and say, look, look at this thing, look at how much bigger the universe is, let’s learn together 

everyone is allowed to have their opinion and i understand that enterprise’s theme song took a huge risk by diverting from the norm so much but in my honest opinion it’s the best theme song of them all and i literally, literally cry every single time i watch it (ESPECIALLY season 4!! oh my god!!!!!) because i believe so much in the power and potential of working together and i want nothing more with my life than to help my students grow because i know the power that each individual has and i know the magnification of it when we work together for something good and i really truly believe that that’s who we are at our core, in defiance of all of the hatred of the world, especially in times like this, i love faith of the heart because i believe so much in the power of hope and i adore humanity and we constantly push the limits of possibility because we can do anything we put our minds to and that’s the most powerful force in the universe

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Hello, I just Wanted to say how wonderful your idea is. I'm 15 and from Germany. I found your book on tuesday in our towns bookshop. My mom gave me money to buy one book because I'm going to go on a trip with my soccer club this weekend and I defenitly needed something new to read! I normally read books in one to two days so I tried really hard not to open it but I couldn't wait! Today, one day after, I opened it. The first letter made me cry. Please never stop doing this! G

Trust me, G, I’ll keep running DMB until the day I die. You guys are the best. Thanks so much for the support! 


keith is and always will be, in my entirely biased eyes, The Most Beautiful Human In The Galaxy™  

the set so far: Keith | Lance | Allura | Pidge | Shiro

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you know so much about bruce, please tell us some less know traits about him or just random facts or even headcanons please i love it when you talk about bruce!!!

oh my gosh, i love this ask. i’m glad you like it when i talk about bruce because i love talking about bruce and am always looking for the excuse to. ~just vengeance things~ include:

  • he is, actually, very sweet to civilians. he would sacrifice his identity if it meant saving a single person, and yes i can confirm his weakness is actually babies the ratio of times batman has held a baby compared to other characters is absolutely insane. and in BTAS, there’s an episode where he rescues a little girl and comes back to visit her just to make sure she’s okay. and in the BTAS tie-in comics, he rescued people’s pets, kept kids out of traffic, helped put out fires, the works. and also he went out of his way to find dick’s teddy bear
  • he has a sense of humor! i promise you! he just saves it for when no one’s looking, which is what he does with every trait someone might possibly misconstrue as cute. gotham knights made it canon that he talks to the bats in the batcave. he probably talks to them about cases when nobody else is around to bounce ideas off of
  • bruce paid for a class field trip after jason died because helping kids made the loss more bearable - he also visits troubled kids in canon and takes an active role in their life, to the point where one time he was concerned about kids he sponsored getting in a bad way and showed up literally at their house, because despite having 708983 responsibilities as batman he still makes time for that
  • this fucker has protocols in place for contacting him. the JL have to go through a goddamn system to get 5 minutes with him, and you just know it’s an excuse so bruce has to talk to people less, you just know it. also, this is in the same comic where plastic man recruits bruce to scare his wayward son straight, bruce is nervous about scaring a kid, and gives patrick an actual compliment (“of all of us, even clark, i thought you would make the best father. because i thought you would be the kind of father that would show his children that he loved them, instead of just telling them. i thought you would make them laugh all of the time.”) and encourages patrick to reconnect with his son
  • once put on enough make-up to trick people into thinking he was a guy dressed as bruce wayne who might possibly be batman, while he was actually bruce wayne who is actually batman. he disguised himself….. as himself. i fucking hate him. when oliver queen found out his identity how much do you wanna bet he was beyond pissed
  • i’m not kidding about the justice snuggle thing. he does actually do that, where he perches on something and puts his chin on his knees. he does it in front of gordon, and also the justice league. someone who refuses to show people he has 1 iota of personality is totally comfortable curling up like a small child. what even is this man
  • when tired and injured sometimes he just collapses wherever. in knightfall, he passes out by a dumpster, and a roof, and on the stairs. in the batman and robin 2011 run he makes it to a hallway and alfred finds him just like crashed on the ground. in batman: year one, he literally just sits in a chair casually bleeding all over everything until a bat crashes through his window
  • tries to tell people he cares for them in a really roundabout way filled with metaphors and lots of grand gestures. the only person who usually understands them is dick, and even then it’s like 75% of the time. if he actually says the word ‘love’, the vulnerability of the moment will cause him to keel over and die
  • master of the uncomfortable invasion of privacy. i cannot stress this enough. if you bought purple listerine instead of blue this week, he’s watching you. he has your number. he has a file on everything that breathes, and also he writes everything down. he has like 400 some files on hugo strange alone, he knows whether the man prefers coke or pepsi. also, three words: brother eye satellite 
  • whenever something emotionally traumatic happens he locks himself in the batcave for a while because he is a turtle (of justice) and the batcave is his shell
  • now, this one is mostly a headcanon i was talking with audrey about earlier (i say mostly because i’m 65% sure there’s a panel somewhere that made it canon that bruce helped train kyle, but my receipts folder is 5 miles long) but i do solidly believe bruce is one of the people who teaches inexperienced league members, along with other expertly trained league members like diana and dinah. not only because of his expertise in martial arts, but also because he’s had more experience than other heroes training individuals to be the best they possibly can. he is absolutely the tough love coach. he is the AP teacher that knocked off points for every little mistake and made you cry three times a week, but it was worth it when you got a 5 on that exam and were so far ahead of the curve in college the class was a breeze
  • summary: i love batman
  • a lot
  • like a whole lot
  • he’s trying his best

he is my very favorite

They’re saps

Harry Hook - “Flower”

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Request: “Hiii!! I was wondering if you could do one with Harry Hook and maybe Rapunzel’s daughter {she’s my favorite}? I love your blog btw, you’re an amazing writer!!! ❤️❤️”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Blood and slight use of language

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Little Things


A/N: This is my very bad attempt at something cute, but you know… Fluff isn’t my best. Also a bit different from what I’ve done in the past, so feedback would be great. I messed up the months, I’m aware. 

Word count: 3,365

Pickering, Canada
April 2024

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what i gathered ego-wise from that video:

-dr. s saved chase before (meaning he is still alive??), also knows about chases family situation

-dr. s barely, b a r e l y, B A R E L Y, saved jack on halloween, nearly lost him (‘i cant lose you again’, ‘i almost lost you before, i will not lose you again!’

-dr. s considers jack and chase (and possibly the other egos) close friends, aka why im crying in the club

-dr. s has no malicious intent, he just wants to help. before we just saw him as a crazy doctor who doesnt know what hes doing, with no real regard for human life, but in reality, hes actually quite human ('im trying my best!’, wanting to save jack, being visibly upset when jack dies, etc.)

-anti follows along w the community, knows about 'glitch bitch’, refered to who i assume is chase as 'your favorite boy’

case in point, this video has me s h o o k