and doin it well

me: maaan im rly sat here doin nothn, well luckily, wen it turns midnight i’ll get hit w that spike of Panickd Vigor that accompanies heavily procrastinated projcts as th day Officially bcomes a new one

[glances @ clock nd reads 12:33a]

me, pretending i didnt see: im tellin ya, soon that manias gunna swoop me rite up n imma Do this paper it so will

what he says: im fine

what he means: well here’s- here’s my surprise. im not doin it. le- listen, i’m done. taako- that’s me, hi- i’m done with elevators. never again. last time i was in an elevator, vines tried to eat my dick, i’m never getting in an elevator again, suck it. nope. not in a million bajillion my- my dudes- you’ll have to knock me out like b.a. baracus gettin on a plane. i- no way, absolutely not, noOOO elevators for taako. go for it thugs. taako’s here. terra firma, baby. ….why can’t- why- i don’t even think im needed to do this, this is unimportant- and - the- dont do it i swear to god, you will not like how this ends. i will burn a spell slot on you i give no shits

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are you doing this to be funny, or do you actually enjoy Arthur this much?

YOU KNOW HOW you start liking something as a joke and then four years later you find yourself neck-deep in genuine enjoyment for a children’s tv show? yyyeah

*H U M A N

first, i was planning on making an art instead buuut i wanted to try making another speedpaint coz its so fun even though one hand is bothering the other hand HELP

oh and look its heavenfell papYRUS AAHK @heavenfell-au

Song- Alan Walker Faded (Sara Farell Cover)

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Harry X Reader

In which you become well acquainted with Harry’s thigh.

Request? Yes:

riding harrys leg on a balacony overlooking the aegean on a sunny july day


Author’s note: The beginning turned all mushy? Idk what that’s about (Yes I do. It’s because I’m fucking whipped for mushy Harry.) but if the transition seems sudden, whooops. :)

This vacation is an absolute blessing. A week away from the madness and noise of fans and paps and meetings. From the moment the two of you arrived to your private little getaway on the coast, Harry’s been warm and relaxed, and you couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

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medical marijuana cards didn’t come out of people wanting to help the disabled and sick in pain, it was legalized in that way …. so the rich majority white people who could actually afford to see doctors and shit, could recreationally smoke without penalty.

You know the ones with insurance, means of travel, and money–you know the shit you need to finish the process of getting a medicinal weed card–wouldn’t go to jail for doing drugs that they know damn well ain’t doin no harm.

That way they still get to fill the private prisons they invest in, and profit from, with everyone else on drug charges. mean-fucking-while they’re enjoying the recreational drugs they ruin the lives of others for.



I decided to make some wholesome memes with Crash Bandicoot!! For fun and because wholesome memes are my favorite ones pbBbBT!!!! 


sorry ive just been playing this new yugioh phone game this is all im gonna be doing for the rest of the year

It’s Hopeless - Sebastian Stan Imagine

warnings: angst, fluff, Chris!Best Friend,  

request: The reader is best friends with Chris, but in love with Sebastian. She goes to Chris for advice on how to let Seb know how she feels. - @ theimpossibleg1rl

words: 1700+


“What the fuck are you doin’ here!” You ran towards your best friend at full speed, knowing he can take your impact easily.

“Chris! I missed you!” Your voice was muffled by the neck of his Cap suit.

Chris kissed your hair, holding it flat with his large palm. His arm was wrapped around your waist, keeping you lifted off the ground, and stuck in his arms.  

“I missed you too, Honeypot.”  

You had flown down to surprise Chris while he shot Civil War in Atlanta. He’d been moaning for months about how he was so bored and homesick that you decided to shut him up. For a little bit, at least.

Setting you back on Earth, he bared a grin when whilst holding you away from his body. He was looking for any change to your appearance since he’d last saw you, which was five months ago. A lot can happen in five months, and Chris was always so diligent in knowing every detail of your face and appearance. He could spot your hair cut an inch shorter, or you wore a new outfit. It was nice to have a best friend who took notice in the effort you put into looking presentable.

“Well, what are you fuckin’ doin’ here? When’d you get in?” Chris slung one arm over your shoulder and guided you towards the crafts table, where a selection of decorous food was lying.

“Lisa ringed me the other week beggin’ me to take spring vacation to come visit you! I guess I was the only one fit to shut up your whining and begging.” Chris chuckled and nodded in acknowledgment. He knew he had been on the, rather, complaining side in his tone for the last few months. He just missed his family so much. He missed seeing Miles, Lucy, and Noah. He missed not being able to go to his parent’s house on Thursdays for spaghetti dinner.

“Like always, she was right. You are the only human being beside her that could make me feel like I’m home with just your presence.”

You felt so much love for your best friend, and now you felt even more. He was so sweet and benevolent in nature. He’d been that way since the day you met him, 26 years ago. He was just a scrawny 9 years old, terrified to go down the slide on the playground. You were an adventurous 8-year-old and told Chris he could hold your hand while going down the slide together. He agreed and ever since then you two have held each other’s hands through the worst of times and the best of times.

“It can’t be! No way!” Booming from across the lot, you saw Mackie waving his hands frantically at you while jogging over. There had been a companion with him, a brunette you had only heard about before. The brunette didn’t join Mackie when he ran over to you, though. He just set foot in a slow pace walk, almost looking uneager to meet the mysterious best friend of Chris’.

Anthony pulled you into a big hug when he finally reached you and Chris, both pigging out at the table of goodies. “Big Mack! How goes it?”

He shrugged nonchalantly, “Not too bad. Livin’ good down in A.T.L., aren’t we Evans?”

“You are, Mr. Life of The Party.” Anthony gawked at Chris and slapped his shoulder. “Don’t try and pretend that you ain’t out at the clubs, talkin’ to the ladies, now. We don’t wanna be tellin’ lies to our friends now do we?” You giggled at shook your head, turning back towards the donuts.

You held a chocolate glazed one to your mouth when you heard an unfamiliar voice from behind.

“I wouldn’t if I were you. Those have been baking in the sun for a good fifteen hours.”

Sebastian had his blue eyes cast towards you, with a warm smile upon his lips. Chuckling nervously, you agreed and laid the donut back on the tray.

“Thank you. Wouldn’t have wanted to catch food poisoning my first day here.” Sebastian just broadened his grin that, swear to god, was twinkling in the sunlight. He stuck out his hand and you met him halfway.


“Y/N. Chris’ best friend.”

Ever since that moment, you had been hooked to Sebastian Stan. Hopelessly, carelessly devoted to a man who didn’t even know you felt so much towards.

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Seokjin: He himself would be exhausted as well because of staying up making countless sleep inducing teas to see if that would help. His hands would ache from massage after massage. Nothing would work. He doesn’t admit how frustrated he is though as it would just worry you.

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Yoongi: He would try not to get frustrated as this goes onto your third night of not sleeping. He would almost try to convince you to go to sleep, as if that would work. You’ve been trying to convince yourself to sleep for nights on nights. “Why don’t you just try? Maybe?” He sighs and covers his face with his hand.

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Hoseok: You would assure him that you are fine and that sooner or later you would fall asleep. It would be hard for him to believe considering it’s your 3rd night lacking sleep. He would look up into your eyes and give you a slight smile. “I really hope so.” He would sadly say.

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Namjoon: I honestly feel like he would take you out for a midnight walk out on the town. He would tell you random facts and get you ice cream, hoping that after the long night you would finally fall asleep. “You know, I’m really having fun but I’m getting tired. Are you?” He would ask, tightening the grip on your hand into a squeeze.

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Jimin: He sees you laying on the tile floor of the kitchen so he would slide over to you. “Whatcha doin?” He giggles. “Trying to freaking sleep.” You would groan. “Well you should get on a bed, it would be comfier than the floor.” You laugh and you both go to bed and cuddle. 

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Taehyung: He would invite Jin over to help since he has motherly instincts. He tries to support you into sleeping as Jin comes in with sleeping tea. “Hyung will always support you, okay?” Jin would assure. You smile and take the tea, sipping it. “Thank you guys, I’m glad to have friends like you.” You thank. “Well, I’m a little more than your friend.” Taehyung would smirk as you slapped his arm playfully. 

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Jungkook: He would wake up on the third night of you not sleeping only to see you staring at the wall. “You should try to sleep, I’m worried about you.” He would softly ask through the darkness. “I have been, for three nights.” You would firmly say in irritation. You’re not irritated at Jungkook per say, well you are irritated at how well he is sleeping, but your more irritated at yourself for not being able to sleep. He wouldn’t know what else to say so he just lightly traces shapes onto your bare back with his fingertips hoping that would relax you enough to at least doze off. 

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If you guys are going through anything, please, do not hesitate to message us or send us a ask if you want to go anonymous. I will talk to you about anything. I may not understand what you are going through, but I am here to talk. Both Admin S and I are. We love you guys and only want you guys to be happy. 

- Admin Kale