and doesn't seem as harsh

Oh hey revolutionary idea but if you want icons for your character and don’t want to or don’t feel like you can draw them how about instead of begging for it actually pay an artist to do it

because hey, art is a service and services don’t come for free

and if you can’t or don’t want to pay for it just kind of??? suck it up??? because no-one’s going to draw a character they’re not invested in for free

Conversation that must have happened in Redcliffe

*King Alistair has arrived in Redcliffe at the request of Arl Teagan, to try to sort out this whole rebel mages mess*

Leliana [from a dark and shadowy corner]: Alistair! Psst, Alistair! Over here!
Alistair: Oh hey Lel, long time no see, ‘sup
Leliana: Nothing much, playing the Game, saving the world
Alistair: True, true
Leliana: Say Ali,  it would really be a big favor to the Inquisition if you could put some pressure on the mages to come join us.
Alistair: Pressure like how do you mean?
Leliana: Pressure like “you’ve gone too far, I hate you now, get out of my country” or something like that.
Alistair: Really? Don’t you think that’s kind of harsh? I mean these people have been through a lot. And I did give my word…
Leliana: No no, it’ll be fine, we’ll treat them good. They just need a little shove in the right direction, yes?
Alistair: I don’t know…
Leliana: Trust me. It’s for the good of the world.
Alistair: Well, if you’re sure, Lel. I trust you. *Alistair proceeds into the room and gives Fiona a thorough chewing-out*
Leliana: Ah Alistair, never change.