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When technically you’re the chill friend but your best friend for whatever reason refuses to accept the happiness he deserves smh

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so lately i’ve been seeing posts that talk about ships… and how excited people get when their partner gets just as excited about their ships (x). or how they want their partner to be vocal about liking the ship that way they don’t feel annoying for being excited (x). and while these are posts that i can relate to, and i’m sure most people relate to….. i feel like it’s also time to mention disliking a ship. if we are in a group, 1x1, or even doing indie rping… if you don’t like a ship or even later start to dislike a ship we have, PLEASE DON’T BE AFRAID TO TELL ME. i understand and i am totally okay with our muses not being in a ship. you don’t have to ship something just because i do. i don’t ever want to force a ship on you.

i’ve had plenty of partners that i’ve been afraid to tell “well i don’t really ship this” just because i’ve been afraid that they won’t be happy with me. i had a “friend” once tell me about how upset she was with someone just dropping a ship they had with her and didn’t say anything and i was telling her how i understood. how i just wish people would tell me, cause i’m totally chill… and later when she started shipping her character with mine, i told her how i didn’t really ship it and she got upset with me. started going off, and we haven’t spoke since than…. and if you have also gone through this, i am so sorry you had to deal with this. but i want you to know, as a partner or mine, or a future partner, that if you don’t ship something i do, please don’t be afraid to tell me.

and if the role is reversed, and it’s you that ships something that your partner does not, please don’t EVER make them feel bad. please don’t force your ship on them. let them know that it’s okay because it is okay. i know it sucks when someone doesn’t ship something you do, but we’ve all been in that place of not shipping something and it should be A LOT easier to tell your partner that you don’t actually ship something. (this might fit mainly for groups since 1x1 are normally plotted out beforehand, and indie is just well indie [i’ve never done indie so it’s hard for me to word it, sorry] but is you stop shipping something or they stop shipping something––– it shouldn’t cause your nervous system to go into overdrive at the thought of bringing that up)

this post turned out to be a bit longer than i intended it to be, but in other words:




When you’re an 11 year old baby with a crush on a guy 40+ years older then you that you already dismissed as impossible but then this happens and you don’t know what to make of it and it probably doesn’t mean anything and you shouldn’t get your hopes up but???????? you?? still sorta do??????????


I love the slight hesitation in alec before he kisses magnus. you see him shift on the spot as though he almost dipped forwards but didn’t, and then the second time he gives in to himself and it’s just so important to me? he’s so scared. he’s never done anything like this before. he’s scared that magnus will treat him differently for having a lack of experience, scared that they’re too different, scared that he might not compare to a single one of magnus’ memories. but when he turns to leave, he can’t. he wants this; he wants magnus. he can’t find a good enough reason to let his fears make him walk away from what he wants, and so he turns back, and he’s still scared, but he kisses magnus and in that moment decides that he’s going to fight for this man

@the Voltron Fandom

I know everyone’s having a lot of fun mocking the Shiro and Slav moments, but can we please stop and reflect critically on those moments and that character?

Because I’m really fucking tired of seeing my mental illness turned into a joke.

As someone who actually has OCD, I felt sick to my stomach every time Slav garnered annoyed reactions from the cast, and felt even worse when the narrative did nothing to condemn them for judging a character on “quirks” that mirrored a real-life mental illness. This has only been hammered in even more since the fandom started treating it like a really ugly meme.

So yeah, if we can treat Shiro’s PTSD with something approaching respect, can we please do the same regarding what is very clearly meant to be a bastardized version of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Because I don’t feel safe anymore.

(Reblog if you can, please.)

Friendly reminder that Wash in canon was at no point referred to as the group’s rookie, that’s just fanon that was taken because he tends to act a bit childish

  • Will: Nico, stop complaining. You know, when life gives you lemons...
  • Nico: Don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these!? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give NICO DI ANGELO LEMONS! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I'm the man who's GONNA BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN! WITH THE LEMONS! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that BURNS YOUR HOUSE DOWN!

I don’t know what’s going on lately but for some reason in the last two days I’ve had a barrage of EU-splaining in my tumblr inbox and in FFN reviews.

Like. Y’all, I’m glad you like the EU. That’s cool. But I don’t need theses about it dropped in my inbox. I don’t consider it canon and, frankly, I don’t really care what the EU says.

I’m wheezing so hard rn.
My dad was looking for One Punch Man manga updates, and went to me really confused like “when do Saitama and the android kiss??”
Turns out he found a SaiGenos doujin.


“You gave him a new name,” said Cole.

Dorian glanced back at the boy, puzzled.  “Gave who?”

“The Inquisitor.  You call him amatus.”

Dorian stopped.  “How did you know about – never mind.  Likely it’s best not to ask.”

Cole’s voice was warm, but his eyes were sad.  “A word you knew but you’d never known.  You didn’t think it could be for you.  Wistful wishing back when you were small.”  Cole smiled, then, his face brightening.  “But it is for you.  Amatus, soothing, sacred, soft.  He likes the way you say it.”

“I –”

“A new name!  Meant, meaning, mirrored.  The first time was an accident.  The others aren’t.”

Dorian gazed at the boy.  “Yes,” he said, a quiet pride filling him.  “That’s quite right.”


the uni paper is doing an lgbt+ issue so i wrote them a piece about being ace/aro and apparently i might be on the front page??? my first printed piece and i’m making the cover??? is this what validation feels like

do u ever stop and think about how kiku grabbed onto konatsu instead of sukeroku because he could have tried to save sukeroku who he loves so much but instead he grabs onto konatsu who he knows shin loves more than anyone else in the universe and wow my heart bye

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K but what if Gladions S/O died?

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This… this ask destroyed me, stopped my heart, drained all the blood from my body, and stole my breath.

I mustn’t-

How about-



  • Hoo boy, if you thought!!! Silvally was bad!!!
  • You know how they say people go through like five stages of grief when someone they care about dies?
  • Well, the first step in Gladion’s grieving is and will always be…
  • S E L F B L A M E
  • And this time his s/o isn’t there to tell him it’s not his fault.
  • Gladion though probably is the type to say that he should be used to this now after his father and his mother and basically everyone except Lillie and Null.
  • You though.
  • He’s always thought he’d die first!
  • Like, he even made a pact not to let anyone ever touch you or harm you and he’s very adamant about your protection.
  • So, he’s stunned to say the least assuming you were just killed all of a sudden.
  • He’s well aware that he should feel some denial.
  • It’s hard to deny when he’s standing there in front of your dead body.
  • Someone help him.
  • Screw denial, he goes straight to anger and then depression.
  • Like, for your funeral - very kindly arranged by your family and Hala and Hau and Lillie when it’s made clear that Gladion isn’t in an emotionally stable state - he’s just… completely running on sadness and despair.
  • He’s a bit like a puppet.
  • Silvally guides him everywhere like a guide dog.
  • When Silvally comes forward!!! And places a flower!!! On your casket!!!
  • heartbreak.mp3
  • It makes everyone cry and Gladion has to leave and pull himself together get some air arceus he needs air it’s like he stopPED BREATHING WHEN YOU DID GODDAMNIT-
  • breaks the fuck down when everyone has finally left and lashes out if anyone touches him
  • he ultimately passes out on top of your grave
  • Hau carries him back to your shared apartment and the moment he wakes up he books his motel room for two months he cannot stand all this evidence of you and his life with you without wanting to throw things.
  • Your Pokémon go to Lillie for the time being.
  • Gladion can’t even take care of himself??? Let alone??? Your Pokémon???
  • This goes on… probably for a year. People eventually get tired of visiting him and it comes to a point that Lillie only checks in once a week to make sure he eats and that his rent is all paid.
  • Maybe though!!! Gladion spots a kid leaving the Lush Jungle one afternoon when he finally decides to get air.
  • And he spots this little kid crying after once again being beaten by that freaking demon Laurantis.
  • The kid just so happens to have the same starter Poké as you.
  • this kid has like absolutELY NO FILTER
  • which is cute in theory but v baaad for our poor broken edgelord
  • “How did the Champion beat that Pokémon?”
  • Gladion kind of feels… a soft pain in his chest, it’s mostly tamped down by his fondness though.
  • “Sheer stubbornness.” 
  • He realises!!!
  • Who is Champion???
  • Immediately runs over to Lillie - who is running Aether in his absence - and asks for your Poké.
  • Everyone is shocked at first to see him at the League.
  • He has to give 3 different inspiring speeches about how you loved Alola and that means he loves it too and has to beat the Elite Four like seven times before they stop feELING SAD FOR HIM TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY GDI.
  • Seriously, becomes such a great and considerate Pokémon Champ though. His sense of Justice ensures this. The only Champion to collaborate with both their region’s “evil teams”.
  • The other Champions are baffled?? But intrigued??
  • He’s also got such a backstory can you imagine??
  • Such an inspiration to everyone who has heard his story.
  • Still goes to your grave every Saturday.
  • The Elite Four realise this and turn it into a League thing.
  • The League and every Trial site (except maybe the Dragon one) are closed on Saturdays to honour their fallen Champion.
  • Kind of ironic that Gladion would become closer to everyone in Alola and vice versa because of your death…
  • But, you’re proud of him.
  • He stays in the League long enough until the kid finally beats that Laurantis and he smiles when the kid walks up into the Champion room with that very Laurantis in their team!!!
  • “I’ll take you down too! Even if it takes forever!”
  • Gladion smirks. “And how will you do that?”
  • “Sheer stubbornness!” 
  • Gladion steps down happily five years later, handing the kid the last Type: Null and retiring to become the President of Aether while Lillie becomes Head Scientist.