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zen accuses jumin of being an alcoholic, and points out how he keeps uploading pictures of alcohol on the messenger. cue seven’s comment, which suggests that jumin is posting a lot of pictures. seven is messing around, but just for fun, let’s do the math.

(note: this assumes pricing is the same as our universe. everything calculated on Oct 10, 2017)

seven owns a herrari, which is the mysme universe’s version of a ferrari. since we don’t know the exact details, let’s be very conservative and go with the cheapest ferrari model, which is around ₩227,331,116.59 or $200,000.

since jumin loves wine, let’s look at how much each bottle costs. jumin says the price for a single bottle of wine is ‎₩200,000 or about $175.84. we can use this as the average price of the premium, expensive wines he’s buying.

ultimately, jumin would be uploading at least 1,137 bottles of expensive wine to match the price of seven’s car. this is assuming seven has the cheapest car on the market, which he probably doesn’t. 

seven’s exaggerating to make a point about how many pictures jumin’s uploading, so the math is just for fun. but even if he hasn’t uploaded over a thousand bottles of wine in total, i think seven and zen might have a point about his drinking. jumin, are you okay?

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(Imagine a happy ending scenario): I like to think that Krul was distrustful of Yuuichirou when they first met, she would keep an eye on him all the time and Mika would be like "Mom! Stop stalking my boyfriend!", and Krul would say "I'm only taking care of you, Mika Dear! Don't you trust mama?" "DON'T YOU TRUST MY CHOICES???"... I'm sorry I just- I just love MikaKrul so much, Mika is a 100% percent her son and Yuu too. That is, if he doesn't destroy de fucking world.

I love this

Give me all the mama Krul headcanons

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Still fuming after that clip. People on tumblr saying "you're still complaining" and "I'm glad Yousef didn't come back because not everything is a happy ending." Ummmm so it looks like POC never get a happy ending? Just cause Evak got the ending they hoped for and so did Jonas x Eva shippers doesn't mean that everyone else did. Chriseva and Yousana, the highlights of this season for me were completely destroyed, and for what reason? And I really thought that there would be a happy ending :(

honestly, i always try to be positive and look at the good stuff and i think for the most part, the complaining about skam is too much. but this episode,,,,,,,was shocking. literally, shocking. i still cant believe julie did that. i dont even care that yousef didnt come back, thats not it at all. i ahd prepared myself for him not coming back BUT i hadnt prepared myself for sana not FREAKING BEING IN THE CLIP 99% OF THE TIME 

sidelining poc in shows needs to be spoken about and show writers NEED to know that its not ok, nothing is going to change if we’re silent about it. bc it does affect poc. that anon i just got saying “i should have known, that as a poc i have to take what i can get and be grateful for it” ???? NO AS A POC YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO TAKE WAHT YOU CAN GET AND BE GRATEFUL FOR IT 

anyways. poc deserve more. that’ll be all

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One bit that really gets me is in that flashback scene in ep. 58 when Barry walks in to a cave full of gerblins and "absolutely destroys" them so he can make his base there. Like, just walks in and murders the fuck out of them, doesn't even try to get them to leave or anything. Barry what the hell.

dude RIGHT? like. barry is….lowkey very chill about murdering people? barold just goes in and fuckin wrecks people? like his moral compass is kinda too chill about murder. 

i wonder how much of that is like, leftover from his stolen century mindset. like i kinda wonder how….ruthless, or detached from just you know, real people interactions, the group became. 

also it’s interesting to think about how barry probably looks from the outside — because we’re seeing him from the group’s perspective, the people who have known him since he was a fairly harmless nerd, and now he’s a lich and a murderboy and actually really fucking dangerous and not particularly shy about showing how dangerous he is. like to the starblaster crew its like “oh yeah thats barold lups husband, he only ever wears jeans and he’s a huge nerd.”

but to just normal people? jeezy creezy 



(( trust me, don’t ask us how we got Kacchan to come along! ))

Ochako - @bumbl3breeze

Deku - me!

Idk if my other friends have cosplay tumblrs but here are their instas:

Enixcosplay - Bakugou

Steviestitches - Kaminari

Galaxycyberse - Todoroki

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So I loved, these episode but at the same time I feel for Dean. I mean the poor guy has trust issues and what happened to him in one day? Cas played him so he could stole his precious colt that as a result ended destroyed, pretty symbolic by the way, Cas left just after he opened up about needing him (team free will speech) run away again with his loved baby (it was Kelly but Dean doesn't know it) and left him out the cold on the park. I mean think about how he must feel...

I know he’s suffering so bad and…maybe I’ve been hanging around @schmerzerling too much but I FUCKING LOVE IT. Give me pining, heart broken, needy Dean angry about his husband breaking his heart. GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

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*Doesn't get Frances reference*...Riiiiiiiigght

Some people have been asking me about this so I will explain the story for you sinners. It’s a good conversation starter.

Once upon a Yeezus, there were two cities called Sodom (where the word “sodomy” comes from) and Gomorrah.

In these two towns, all everyone ever did was have sex for pleasure. Like literally, everywhere you looked, BAM there was an orgy.

And I’m sure you can guess how God feels about people having sex if not to make babies. God planned to completely destroy both towns for having way too much non-reproductive sex.

But before He did, He sent two of his angels down to Sodom, disguised as dazzlingly gorgeous men. 

There in Sodom, a man by the name of Lot, who was probably like the only guy in the whole town who didn’t have sex constantly, watched them descend from heaven.

Lot took the angels into his house, fed them, gave them a foot bath, and promised them a bed for the night so they could continue their journey in the morning.

However, every single person in the town surrounded the house and demanded that Lot bring out the angels so that the townspeople could do the nasty with them.

Lot offered the mob his two virgin daughters instead of the angels.

The mob was not amused by Lot’s offer and just as they were about to beat him up, the angels grabbed him and casted off a godly light so bright, none of the townspeople could see.

Back inside, the angels warned Lot of God’s plans to destroy his city and told him to gather up his family and run away. They instructed him to run as fast as he could, and to not look back at his town, no matter what. 

And so, he did. 

But while he and his family were running away, Lot’s wife glanced back at the burning town for a split second, and was immediately turned into a pillar of salt. Lot and his daughters kept running, until they reached Zoara, a nearby town.

Eventually Lot and his family moved into a cave for fear that Zoara would be destroyed too. Then the daughters got Lot drunk and had sex with him. 

[ Me, upon watching this scene in the S4 trailer: Oh God. Mycroft is going to be revealed to be the next villain, isn’t he? He did terrible, disgusting, immoral things, destroyed Sherlock’s sanity, sided up with the bad guys, brought the nation to a fall, revealed that his protection was but an act, broke Mrs Hudson’s favourite tea cup !!

What it really meant: He cared a little too much. ]

It just hit me how powerful the Night Terror that destroyed that one Legion in Gods of War would have been, considering WHO it was composed of and what they were capable of doing?  Like.  No WONDER it massacred an entire army of highly trained, magical warriors?  INCLUDING a kitsune demi-god?  That’s just…  That’s just abominable.

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hey, hope you have a nice day. I really like this girl. I love her now almost 3 years and it destroys me that we don't even talk to each other anymore. We were really good friends and everything was perfect till this one day where we just stopped talking. I love her so much and I miss her and I can't live without her I mean.. 3 years of love and now - over. She doesn't know that. I'm depressed and sad. What can I do? :( btw I'm a girl.

Talk to her, it’s never too late to start talking again right? Just tell her you miss her and miss talking to her, maybe she misses you too. I started talking again (after months of not talking to each other) with my old best friend too.

Happily Warm in the Streets, Unwillingly Cold in the Sheets
  • [Genos comes into the apartment at somewhere around 3AM, after having come straight back after a week's long repair from a nasty monster fight. Genos spies his sensei curled up under their blankets, both of their futons placed side-by-side. Genos's sensors are saying that he's not sleeping, but he hasn't greeted Genos either.]
  • Genos: I'm home Sen- *dodges a pillow thrown at his head*
  • Saitama: You've been gone for a week.
  • Genos: Yes, but I've been getting repairs done-
  • Saitama: I've been cold the entire time you were gone.
  • Genos: I'm sorry about that, Sensei. I'll get the apartment warmed up straight away.
  • Saitama: That has nothing to do with it!
  • [Genos's confused words are halfway out of his mouth before Saitama sits up. His eyes have deep, dark circles under them like he hasn't slept properly in days.]
  • Saitama: *looks away* I've been so warm and then you were gone.
  • Genos: Sensei, I don't understand.
  • Saitama: When we walk down the street together, you hold my hand and it's so warm. When we eat at the same restaurant, you make sure my food's warmed up all the way. When we lie together at night, I always sweat because you get so hot in your sleep.
  • Saitama: *almost so quietly that Genos couldn't hear* And then I was cold.
  • [Genos still doesn't understand what his sensei is talking about, but with a touch of his metal hand against Saitama's neck they lock eyes. Saitama's eyes are rich in emotion that Genos cannot name, has no idea what to call it. He does know that Saitama has been hurting. He does know, with all his core, he never wants to see those beautiful eyes like that again.]
  • Genos: I'm sorry.
  • Saitama: You were nearly destroyed by that monster, and I know it doesn't faze you anymore but I've never liked it. I how much until you were gone for too long. You were always nearby to warm me up, but you were gone and I was so cold.
  • Genos: Sensei, I'm-
  • [He can't get a word out when Saitama lunges at him, wrapping his impossible arms around him like cables. Saitama has tucked himself tightly into Genos's lap, his head under his chin. Genos has never seen him look so small before.]
  • Saitama: I never want to be cold like that ever again.
  • Genos: *wraps his arms around his sensei, quietly making himself warmer from his core* I promise you never will, Saitama.

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i know we should keep our minds open to the possibility that there is no manipulation, no big/secret plan killian is enacting to save emma .. a part of me is skeptical as to how killian having just found out he's the DO could possibly think of this grand plan to get rid of the darkness in such a short time span .. i hope that is not the case because i am angst lover but this is too much .. a part of me doesn't feel like it can look at CS the same way after this & i need a hopeful resolution ..

I am going to write more after I watch the episode later but I already have a bunch of thoughts. In short:

1) Killian has fought the Dark One for the longest of anyone on the show. He has had LITERALLY CENTURIES to think about how to possibly destroy it.

2) If Killian cannot overcome this and just has to be put down like a mad dog, true love CANNOT OVERCOME THE ULTIMATE EVIL in the OUAT universe and I just don’t believe that’s where they’re going. I just don’t. (Plus they already had Emma going after him/saying she’d kill him in the promo. They just… told you what’s going to happen? Actually? Without a twist? I don’t think so.)

3) I’m dismayed by how many people seem to be acting as if it was KILLIAN who said everything to Emma last night, instead of the DARKNESS. They took literally painstaking care to show that those are not the same things. Of COURSE you’re not supposed to like it or be like, “yes, Killian would totally say that to her.” Of COURSE you’re supposed to be in pain and think everything is hopeless. When you see an episode like this, and you decide “omg the writers don’t know what they’re doing and/or they’re destroying everything they’ve built in three years and/or they’re destroying Killian’s character for shock value,” you need to consider that maybe you’re not SUPPOSED to like it or approve of it or think that’s where the story is really going. Maybe, shockingly, there IS an ulterior motive to it. LAST NIGHT WAS THE HATER VERSION OF HOOK/CS (”lovesick puppydog” come on) AND THEY TOOK EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW IT’S NOT THE REAL MAN OR CHARACTER KILLIAN JONES, THE MAN EMMA LOVES AND SAID SO OVER AND OVER. HELLO.

4) We have the Killian flashbacks next week. Why, oh why are they going to show us the moment he became devoted to his revenge in the past, if he’s just going to do the same thing in the present? Why spend all that time exploring his past if just to say he’ll do it over again now?

5) What a character SAYS, cursed with the darkest magic, in one episode at the penultimate episode of an arc does not invalidate his actions over the past three years. Once again, I am dismayed by how quickly people are believing that.

6) Once again: I JUST DO NOT, WILL NOT, CANNOT BELIEVE IN ANY UNIVERSE THAT THEY ARE SETTING CAPTAIN SWAN UP TO FAIL THIS FINAL TEST. It goes against everything the show stands for and does. I was right that this episode was going to be a bruiser and everything would look terrible by the end and basically nothing positive would result of it. I’m not pleased about it, but I was. So as hard as it is right now, because I am invested just as much as everyone, I am choosing to believe I am right about what ultimately happens in 5x11.


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My gosh, poor Leia. Reading how much she loved Ben and her feelings about Anakin in those Bloodline spoilers destroyed me. To some extent, she must feel like her father ruined almost every aspect of her life by the end of TFA. I don't care if Kylo ends up being the most irredeemable seeming villain there ever was, he HAS to be redeemed for Leia's sake. This story would be way, way too dark otherwise. She doesn't deserve that kind of ending.

I agree - Leia easily has the rawest deal of any character in the franchise. Let’s break it down for a moment:

- Her mother dies in childbirth.

- As a political prisoner, she is tortured by her birth father (though neither of them are aware of the relationship).

- Her birth father restrains her as she is forced to watch her home planet blown up, with her parents and everyone she loves on it.

- She is captured by Jabba the Hutt and made into a slave to suit his depraved whims.

- She has her political career destroyed.

- Her only child turns to the dark side and becomes a murderer.

- Her marriage falls apart.

- She has to watch the democratic system of government she fought to establish be obliterated.

- Her adored husband is murdered by her son.

I’m incredibly intrigued to see the place that Leia is going to be in in VIII, and learn her revised stance on Kylo Ren, She believed there was still good in him in VII, but that was before he murdered his father. I’m extremely curious to discover whether that belief in his inner goodness still endures, or if even she has perhaps given up on him. To tell the truth, I wouldn’t blame her if she had.

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Could I ask your opinion on something? If somebody loves you for months and months but tries to rashly pull away to protect themselves from feeling too much and being destroyed by it, can they stop loving you? Last night they told me that they only ever loved me as a friend, then admitted that wasn't true but said that don't love me now. However they said it was 'so difficult' for them and that they 'can't handle' the conversation. Does that sound like somebody that doesn't have feelings?

It sounds like somebody’s trying to be brave but failing not because they don’t have have feelings but because, sometimes, feeling equals death (and I don’t mean that as some sort of airy pseudo-poetic talk. i mean it) and well, of course, they’ll be trying to push you away, of course because it’s too much and because they can’t handle it and because they might not be ready for this sort of inner commitment (i mean, honestly, who is? you’re never ready you’re just automatically coming to accept what has already starting to feel bigger than your other desires, bigger than your other fears, just bigger bigger bigger) yet some other part of them feels not merely scared and confused but also utterly willing to give in and well love fucking humiliates you and tears you asunder and makes you weak because you’re downright required and feel compelled to actually face up to the intensity/immensity of your own emotions & if that doesn’t feel real and essentially fucked up enough then i perhaps have no idea what feeling means at all