and does this look okay

Boyfriend Draco Malfoy;

~ him smirking at you from across the class

~ *Y/N comes out out of dressing room* “Hey Draco, does this dress look okay?”

~  Draco getting all red “Ah-I-I-uh-," 

~ "Draco??”

~ “It’s nice, I like it,” (but he’s actually freaking out on the inside because of how beAUTIFUL YOU LOOK)

~ “Can I slytherin to your bed tonight” ;))))))))))))

~ You’re really the only person he trusts and tells everything to.

~ Him giving you his scarf because he forgot yours despite it being cold af

~ going to quidditch games together

~ him calling you “darling,” “sweetheart,” and “love,”

~ You sitting on his lap on your bed just talking about….well,, anything you want to, really

joe-lambs  asked:

for the excessively detailed headcanons thing, johnny, 1 & 48

1. What does his bedroom look like?

• Okay, so his bedroom used to be a closet, so it’s hella small.

•The light in it is probably very dim and yellow

• His mattress probably sits on the floor, + is always unmade

• The sheets and blanket probably have a lot of cigarette burns because that boy falls asleep smoking all the time.

• He has a little dresser that’s mostly empty but it’s all his so he loves it anyways

• There’s his initials and his first girlfriend/boyfriend’s carved into the side of it in a heart

• His jeans and shirts are all in his bottom drawer, and he hangs his jacket on his door handle when he’s not wearing it

• He’s got a picture of him and The Curtis family tucked away in his top drawer with his socks + underwear (fite me on this)

• Also has a thick stack of playboys in there courtesy of Dallas + some old condoms from Two

• Used to keep his switch in his top drawer before he got jumped but now it sits on the top of his dresser when it isn’t in his pocket.

• His room is constantly smoky

• Has an Elvis poster tacked up on his wall next to a dirty poster that Dallas gave him for Christmas

• Also has some polaroid shots of him and the gang in a large pile right next to his bed along w. a bible that Mrs. Curtis gave him

48: How does he express love?

• He’s not good with words, so probably with little actions. Remembering things.

• He expresses platonic/brotherly love through loyalty and compassion (in the tuffest way possible.)

• He stands up for people he loves.

• He expresses romantic love through sweet kisses, picking flowers for whoever he loves, and small (albeit inexpensive but sweet) nonetheless) trinkets like books you’ve wanted to read for forever or that gumball machine ring you spent eons trying to get when you were eleven.

• If he loves you in any way, he’ll bring you up when you’re gone.

• “If Two-Bit was here, he could’ve lifted the whole store.”

|| I AM SO, SO SORRY THESE TOOK SO LONG, I really struggled with number 48, tbh, which is why this took so long 😂 I hope you’re not too disappointed fam

Advice for beginners in bullet journaling!

I want to start with the fact that I am no expert in bullet journaling, I started a bit more than a year ago and I’ve learned a lot in this year!

1. It’s okay if your bullet journal does not look like the ones on tumblr. When I first started bullet journaling I always went on tumblr and tried to copy what all the other people were doing which are super incredible spreads using like 20 different kinds of pens and washi tapes and yours might not look the same which can really discourage you. Looking for inspiration on Tumblr is great, but stick to something simpler and something you would like if you’re just starting now.

2. You don’t need a moleskin/leuchtturm notebook. I know that a lot of people say those are the notebooks that are specifically made for bullet journaling and such, but ANY notebook would work, I for example have a notebook that I just randomly bought in Amsterdam last year and I still have it and it works perfectly for everything.

3. At the beginning you’re going to want to do a lot of ‘lists’ and different spreads, which is hard to keep up with. Speaking from experience here, I made lots of different kinds of spreads like ‘books I’ve read’ and ‘how many eps of this tv show I’ve watched and its just frustrating to keep up with, so my advice from this is to start lists that you know you will keep up with.

4. Make it yours. Now I know how vague this sounds, so let me explain a bit further. You do not need to do what everyone’s doing, for example the ‘index’ at the beginning doesn’t work for me at all. If something doesn’t work for you, don’t force it, because you will start to feel discouraged. If you’re a student, make it more about studying and how many hours you spent on it or a grades tracker.

5. It’s okay to have a messy bullet journal. I see all these beautiful, perfectly lined bullet journals on tumblr and I get kind of self conscious about how mine should look, but you shouldn’t do that. Bullet journaling is something that helps you be more efficient in life and helps you keep up with your own life and everyone has their own pace.

6. You can’t expect to love your bullet journal when you start. There’s a lot you have to experiment with a lot of different things and what works for you, because you’re probably reading this like ‘I don’t know what works for me’ and that’s why you have to experiment.

Extra fast tips :

1. Check ‘bujo battles’ by @studyign​ on Youtube. She shows you the bullet journals of a lot of different people and how different they can look and how differently you can use your bullet journal to the original one. (Bujo stands for bullet journal)

2. When buying a notebook make sure the papers are not thin, because your pens and markers are definitely gonna bleed through.

3. The tags #bujo #bulletjournal has a bunch of simple bullet journal setups.

Go set them up and be your best self with your brand new bullet journal! + I also post a lot of my imperfect, but efficient bujo spreads so be sure to follow me:)


Okay hold the fuck up.

Why does Kolivan look like the perfect mix of Blaytz and the servant he flirted with???

Kolivan has the bumps on top of his head like the servant, he has markings on his chin like Blaytz, and his ears/hair? looks like Blaytz’s fins of the sides of his head. Also Kolivan is a little more blue than purple like other galra.

@ Voltron I want answers.

steven discovers the internet

Steven: Aw, there’s so much cool stuff they have for us online!

Peridot: Oh yeah?

Steven: There’s some really neato artwork of us all, and some writing as well! Say, what is a ship?

 Pearl: Seriously Steven, you don’t know what that is? It is a craft designed for water travel.

Lapis: Even Peridot knew that.

Peridot: Yeah, even I knew that!

Steven: Oh, okay. 

Steven: It does not look like that, but okay.


woojin being charismatic on & off stage for anon ♡

Trini may be a badass but she’s all about consent. She’s constantly asking Kimberly if it’s okay that she holds her hand and that she kisses her. Even if Kim clearly initiates the kissing or the cuddling, Trini double checks.

Kim asks her about it one day, and Trini just shrugs it off like it’s no big deal, “Well, just because we’re dating doesn’t mean you’re always going want to kiss me. So, I mean, the least I could do is make sure you do want to kiss me.”

Kimberly is so taken aback by how sweet Trini is. (Not that she didn’t know it before) and says something along the lines of “Well, you don’t always have to ask, I’m dating you for a reason.”

Trini just smiles and goes, “Can I kiss you now?”


Elevate her legs! No, wait! I mean the head! Wait, okay, if she’s red, raise the head, if she’s pale, raise the tail. Does she look pale or red? She looks squished. 

Iridessa (voiced by Raven-Symoné) in Tinkerbell (2008)