and do it on my phone

  • Me: *smiling and giggling at my phone*
  • Family: who has you smiling? Who are you texting? Is that a boy? Do you have a b-
  • Me: *exits out of my otp smut and closes tumblr*
  • Me: uh, no?
How You Interact: Dark-Side Friends

Since you guys liked my last “How you interact” post, I feel like I should make another. I wanted to do one for Antisepticeye and Darkiplier since I very rarely see posts for these awesome characters. 
These head-canons are what I think Dark and Anti would be like as a friend. 
Hope you guys enjoy!!

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  • My God, you’ll never live peacefully again! Not that it’s a bad thing, but Anti loves to mess with you. 
  • Small pranks that involve misplaced objects. Bookmarks placed three pages back. Occasionally he’ll make your phone screen all static-y just because you’re ignoring him. 
  • He likes making your mornings just that little more crazy
    Late for work? It appears your car-keys have disappeared
    Rough night out? He’ll be nice and make you a coffee, with two spoonfuls of salt to make sure you get your sodium intake today. 
  • Anti finds your panicked/angry rants amusing. 
  • But you get him back. He doesn’t like being called by cute nicknames. 
  • “Aww, Green-Bean, don’t be so mean. I’m only trying to help” 
    “I will destroy everything you love, (Y/N)”
  • Anti likes to be the center of attention. If you’re working or studying, Anti will try his best to distract you.
    At first, it’ll be small things. Like calling out your name in a whiny, jittering voice, balls of paper being thrown at you. Sometimes he’ll mess with your sense of perception so you have to acknowledge him to tell him off.
  • You simply try to ignore him. It became a game between the two of you to see how long you can last. 
  • The record was ten minutes; but you had to stop since Anti started messing with your electronics. Flickering the lights and making you see double of everything and a loud buzzing sound almost burst your ear-drums. 
  • It gave you a migraine for the rest of the day.
  • Although Anti isn’t the affectionate type; he does small things that brighten your day. 
  • A single flower will appear on your desk. 
  • A batch of cookies with milk. 
  • Even little notes around the house in green writing.
  • When you ask him about it, he just shrugs. 
  • “Maybe a little ghost is playing tricks on you”
  • He’ll try to distract you with video games. You absolutely refuse to let him win at Mario Cart because you don’t want to see his cocky grin. 
  • Competitions between you are dangerous.
  • Lamps are smashed and the walls shake from you two yelling at each other. It’s surprisingly relaxing to come home and yell at something.
  • On really bad days, Anti will appear and disappear on your computer screen. Flashing a smile and making weird faces at you until you give up and allow yourself to laugh. 
  • “Anti, your blocking the screen” 
  • “P-Play with me, (Y/N). I’m bor-r-ed” 
  • On rainy days, when your marathoning a series, Anti will be in the background of the show; waving or dancing ridiculously. 
  • At serious scenes; he can usually be seen making outrageous faces at the actors. You can’t help but laugh,
  • Although you try to hate him, you can’t help but adore Anti. It’s a tiring and irritating friendship but you wouldn’t want anything to be different between the two of you.  

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  • I hope you like a friendship with a lot of flirting. Even though you two aren’t sexual towards each other, it doesn’t stop Dark from winking and speaking seductively towards you.
  • This makes people mistake you two as a couple. You don’t really complain, but sometimes Dark makes it difficult to make new friends. 
  • “You don’t need them, (Y/N). I’m all you need”
    “That would be true, if you could hold a decent conversation that wasn’t always about you” 
  • Dark likes to insult you. But you can see the hint of a smile whenever he says something. 
  • You throw it back at him with as much sarcasm as you can muster. He likes your sass. It challenges him to be on his game when he’s around you. 
  • You’ve witnessed his outbursts personally. But even though Dark has said some violent, horrible things about Mark; Dark is rather placid when you’re around him. 
  • He’s been pushed back and ignored for long periods of time, he likes to be around someone who acknowledges him. He doesn’t want his anger to frighten you away, but sometimes you do get caught in these outbursts. 
  • You wait patiently until he’s calmed down. Then make a little comment on the way his head jerks around. 
  • “So, do you get whiplash? Or are you like an owl under that suit?” 
    “Ask nicely and I’ll show you.”
  • Although he wouldn’t apologize, he is grateful you don’t ask about his behavior. Saves him from having to explain himself to a incompetent fool. ;) 
  • He also likes to play games. Sometimes you don’t even realise you’re part of one until you find yourself in another dimension because you took a wrong turn. 
  • “Tsk, tsk. You should have taken a left, (Y/N). Now you have to try and escape the Third Circle of Hell to return to the bathroom.”
    “If you don’t send me back right now, I’ll show you all Nine Circles of Hell!” 
  • He’s rather affectionate towards you. He’ll give your hand a squeeze as he passes.
    If you’re feeling uncomfortable in a public place, Dark will come up behind you and place his hand on the small of your back.
  • But previous mistakes have taught you that this attention has a price. 
  • He’d never ask anything big of you. Usually he’ll ask you to drive him somewhere, or accompany him to a certain location. Sometimes you “treat” him to dinner on Tuesdays.
  • But you are still very careful of what you ask of Dark. He remembers even the smallest favors. 
  • There are times, however, where he does nice things out of nowhere. 
  • You had a bad day during a work-week and you crumpled under the pressure. Dark found you in a sobbing heap on your bed and sat beside you. His hand gripped your own and he consoled you through the tears. 
  • Once your tears were dried up, he ran you a bath and almost drowned you in rose scented bubbles. 
  • It had been a shock to you. But a nice shock.
  • In the middle of the night, while you’re walking through the house to get a glass of water. You sometimes find a glass of cool water waiting for you in the hallway. 
  • You mumble a thanks to the shadows and stumble back to bed. 
  • Sometimes you feel the blankets pull up under your chin on cold nights. 
  • Other times, Dark will wake you in the early hours of the morning because he was lacking intelligent conversation.
  • Dark also likes to give you nicknames. 
  • They’re small and almost demeaning, but you don’t really mind. It’s better than fool or imbecile. (A name a certain family member is called frequently)
  • “Kitten, have you seen my tie?”
    “You’re wearing it, Dark. Are you blind as well as emotionless?” 
  • It’s a weird friendship. One people would first look at and question. But the two of you have many fond memories and the laughter you two share are contagious. It’ll be hard to tear the two of you apart. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

Tough Days

pairing: poly!hamilsquad x reader

word count: 2600 

warnings: swearing, sadness, suicidal-ish thoughts???

prompt/request: “Maybe you could make one where reader’s having a really bad day and the Hamilsquad find them and comfort them (one of them more than others)?” from an anon

a/n: this is a lot like other sad ones i and other people have written and i didnt proofread this cuz i got too sad and also this is my first time doing poly!hamilsquad stuff and its probs bad but!!! i hope you enjoy either way!!!

The second you got home, you threw your phone on the couch, stripped off all of your clothes, and climbed under the duvet on your bed, wrapping it around yourself and not even thinking about when you planned on coming out.

Things had been really… tough lately, to say the least. You felt like every day poked and prodded at your brain until, eventually, it started bleeding and, eventually, the bleeding never really stopped. You were always worrying, about work or the boys or about your weight or how much food you were or weren’t eating, and you were always thinking about what you had to do next. What you had to prepare for. What if there was a fire? Which one of the boys would be strong enough to carry one or hopefully two of you out of the burning apartment building? If you spilled on your white blouse, how would you get the stain out? When you couldn’t get a ride home, would you bus, or would you call one of the boys? Should you call one of the boys? What were the signs of a stroke – you didn’t remember, and what if someone around you was having one? What if someone came into your work with a gun? What would you do? What are you doing? With your life?

You groaned slightly as the blanket peeled back, revealing a happy but also slightly concerned John Laurens, one of your boyfriends, floating over top of you. It took a moment for you to adjust to the light – he must’ve turned on the overhead when he walked in – and, when you had, you poked out your head further into the world to see his legs on either side of you, practically pinning you down.

“Hey, baby,” John greeted when he saw you, leaning down and placing a kiss softly on your mouth. “What are you doin’ underhere? Ain’t it a bit dark?”

You shrugged and began to pull the blanket back over your head. “I was jus’ napping,” you answered nonchalantly.

“Can I join ya?” he asked you rather loudly, straightening up and beginning to unbutton his dress shirt. A smile was plastered on his face – as it always was, around you – but it didn’t seem… real. You could see the worry pooling in his eyes. This was because you never went to sleep alone; especially not naps. “I’m damn cold, and it’s prob’ly really warm under there…”

You shrugged and bit your lip. “Go ahead.”

He was quiet after that. You watched, a bit sadly, as he stood up and puttered around the room, taking off his jeans and changing into a pair of gym shorts he used as PJ shorts; letting his hair out of the tight ponytail it was in and combing it; folding all of his clothes and putting them away in his section of the closet, shutting it tightly behind him and leaning against the door. He breathed out slightly before he approached the bed, running the very tips of his fingers over the blanket before entering. “Do you wanna be big spoon or little spoon?” he questioned.

“Little spoon, please,” you managed to squeak out weakly, closing your eyes and tugging the blanket almost up over your face as you turned on your side. You felt the tears coming on. You were so tired. You were so sad. Your brain felt so battered and bruised. John normally helped you feel better, but… he wasn’t right now. And you didn’t know what to do.

John slipped soundlessly under the blankets and rolled over to you. You could hear him giggling to himself as he did it, but you didn’t look. You couldn’t look. You squeezed your eyes shut, wrapped your arms around yourself, and curled up into a slight ball. How could he be so happy when you were so miserable? Why were you so miserable? Why couldn’t you be as happy to see him as he was to see you? You felt his arms snake around your waist and pull you close to him, his legs curling to match the curve of yours. The sound of his heartbeat almost made you burst into tears right then and there. You could feel it quickening. You held you breath.

“You’re… not okay, are you?” John murmured hesitantly into your ear, his warm breath washing over your cold skin. “You… never go to sleep, yenno, alone…”

“I’m fine,” you told him in response. You couldn’t tell him. You couldn’t worry him. He was happy. He was so happy and had been so happy lately. You couldn’t ruin his day, you couldn’t ruin his happy state of mind, you couldn’t ruin him. He was already beginning to get quiet, and you didn’t like it. John was rarely quiet. He was only quiet when something was bothering him. Only quiet when he felt upset.

“Babe….” He pressed a kiss to the nape of your neck than ran his nose over it gently. “Please. I just… I just wanna help.”

“You… can’t,” you whispered, bringing your hands up and pressing them to your face. “You can’t. I’m fine. Please, John, don’t ask again. I’m fine.”

He released a sigh. You could feel the air rustling the hairs at the back of your head, and for a second, he didn’t say anything. You thought you were in the clear. And then, with the utmost tenderness, John tightened his grip around your waist and pulled you impossibly closer, pressing his forehead to the top of your spine. “I love you,” he mumbled against the fabric of your shirt. “And if it was any otha day, I would stop. But you… haven’t taken your work shirt off, you’re nappin’ alone, you’re… you’re cryin’, Y/N, and don’t try to tell me you’re not because I know you are. I know you. And I know somethin’ is wrong.”

Seconds ticked by. You thought about it, through the fact that your eyes were beginning to well up with ears; you thought about telling him how unhappy you were, how exhausted you felt, how much you wanted to just fall asleep in the bathtub and… maybe not wake up for two weeks. Maybe not wake up… ever. You let out a gentle sob and he reached gently with his finger to lift the hem of your shirt up, tracing hearts onto your stomach.  You opened your mouth, choked back a weep, and you were just about to tell him when….

“I’m hooo-ooooome!” Lafayette called in the other room, the door slamming shut behind him. You and John were still, almost frozen. “Is… anyone else home?”

“I’m right beside you, baby,” you managed to hear Herc say. It was only then you realized the bedroom door was open. You and John would have absolutely no privacy – sooner or later, the boys would walk in to find the two of you spooning, and one of you crying…

“John? Y/N?” Lafayette called questioningly.

“They’re normally home by now…”

“I know, Hercules, that’s why I was calling for them,” Lafayette said casually in response. “My babies? Is anyone here?”

John turned his head around as much as he could with his arms still wrapped around your waist and called back, “We’re in here, Laf. Me and Y/N.”

“Oh, good!” Lafayette cheered, dropping whatever he was carrying on the ground with a soft thump and running down the hallway (with a quieter set of footsteps following him), practically skidding to a halt in front of your door. You didn’t remember looking up, but your eyes were squinted as you watched two more of your boyfriends come into the light of the room. John’s head knocked quietly into yours as he swiveled it back around to face you, and you turned away while closing your eyes, not wanting to see more people you would just make as unhappy as you felt. Suck up your tears, you told yourself… “Ah… having a little cuddle, a little nap, without me and Herc, I see?” Lafayette teased.

If you were looking at him still, you know the smirk surely playing on his lips would’ve dropped the second he heard you sniffle.

Mon –

“Be quiet, Laf,” John told him. The words were angry words, but John wasn’t angry. “Just… be quiet.”

“What is wrong with ma beauté?” Lafayette whispered loudly, stripping himself of his coat and moving around to your side of the bed. You opened your eyes to see him crouched in front of you. He reached a hand upward to cup your face. “Baby, Y/N, what is wrong?”

“She was just gonna tell me,” John murmured. “Just… sit down, the two of you, okay? And then we’ll see if we can… coax somethin’ outta her.”

There was a period of a few minutes were Hercules and Lafayette did the same thing John had done when he came in. They took off their work clothes, dressed into their lounging clothes, brushed their hair (well, more accurately for Herc, he took his hat off and tucked it in his drawer), and, eventually, crawled onto your bed on the other side. John took his hands away from you, and you almost whimpered at the loss of contact.

“Sit up, baby, and tell us what’s wrong,” he urged. You took your lip in between your teeth before… You sat up, maneuvered your way around him, and finally leaned back against the pillows when you were in between all of them, wedged between John and Lafayette. If you weren’t keeping your secret any longer… why try and be secretive about it?

“I’m…” Exhale. Inhale. You squeezed your eyes shut as you felt them watering and dug your thumbnail into your hand to try and hold the tears back. Your fear, your sadness, was lessened ever so slightly when Lafayette wrapped his arm around your shoulders and brought you in close to him. “…Really unhappy.”

Everything became tense. The boys seemed… awkward. Your eyes widened when you realized what you had said and feverishly you tried to stammer through your explanation as Lafayette’s arm became stiff around you. “No, n-no, not because of you guys, please, don’t think that! I-it’s not you, I’m not… t-talking about you guys, I love you all so much, I promise. It’s just…”

You hiccupped a sob and pressed your face into your hands, wailing and moaning against your moist skin. Lafayette hugged you tightly, and it didn’t take long before you were being hoisted onto his lap. John shuffled closer. Hercules put a hand on your leg as you continued to speak against Lafayette’s shirt. “I love you guys, so much, a-and I’m so thankful, but… I’m so sad lately? And s-s-stressed? And tired? I can’t think… of a s-single moment in the past month where I haven’t wanted to sleep for… well, a r-really long time… and I hate my work, and I’ve… never been in a relationship like this b-b-b-before, and I’m worried I’ll d-disappoint you guys, and I don’t know who I am or wh-what I’m doing with my life and I want it… I want it all to stop.”


“A month?” John repeated, pushing himself up with an arm. “A whole month?”

You nodded and grabbed two fistfuls of Lafayette’s shirt in your hands, pressing them to your eyes.

“And you… didn’t think? To say anythin’?”

You shook your head.

“What the hell, Y/N?”

“J-John,” Lafayette warned as your head turned to see John. He was crying and biting his lip, now sitting cross-legged on the sheets. He looked upset. Angry, but not upset. “Please, do not upset Y/N, it’s not a good time…”

“I love you so much and I wanna help you through the bad days, Y/N,” John whispered as he moved closer to you. “That’s what me, and our boys, are here for. To help ya through the tough days. To make them… better.”

“He’s right, Y/N,” Hercules added from where he was sitting. “You should’ve told us.”

“I didn’t want to make you sad b-b-because all of you are always so happy and I-I didn’t want to be the one to ruin it,” you sobbed weakly. “I’m sorry. I’m so, s-s-so sorry, I didn’t want to make you sad…”

“Y/N,” Lafayette began, “you… never have to apologize. And you never have to feel like… like you can’t come to us. We want you to come to us, okay? I would rather sop up your tears and hold you in my arms until you fall asleep than watch TV and be perfectly happy without knowing you’re upset. You’re more important than my happiness. Your happiness is more important than my happiness. Okay?”

“Don’t keep a secret like this from us in the future, okay?” Hercules told you.

You sniffled and wiped your nose with your wrist. “Okay.”

Lafayette pressed a kiss against your forehead, patting your bum, and lifted you off of him carefully. You watched as he untangled himself from the sheets of the bed, walk unsteadily across it, and jump onto the carpet beneath. “I’m going to make you dinner, ma beauté,” he told you. “Hercules and I are going to make you dinner.”

“What abo –“

“Stay here and keep her company while we cook, babe,” Hercules said as he cut John off. “Calm her down. Give her a massage or somethin’.”

John chuckled slightly and reached out his arms, grabbing you and pulling you towards him. “Do you want me to give ya a massage, baby?” John questioned, pressing a kiss against your temple.

“I wanna sleep,” you told John as you yawned.

“Before ya sleep, we should take off your clothes,” John whispered in your ear as Lafayette and Hercules turned off the lights and shut the door. “Can I take off your shirt, Y/N?”

“Yes please, John,” you told him. You felt small, like John could swaddle you up in his arms like a baby. But you felt happy. Safe. The boys always had a way of making you feel better – you needed to remember that next time you felt like this. They would always be around for you whenever you needed them. “And then we can sleep.”

“And then we can sleep.”


You couldn’t sleep later that night, it turned out, but for the first time in a long while, your insomnia didn’t fill you with a sense of dread. Your eyes had just closed when you heard your phone ding with Alexander’s familiar notification. He was on a work trip, and you… hadn’t realized how much you wanted to talk to him until now. You missed him so much. Your heart ached. It was a different ache than it had been before, though, and it felt somewhat refreshing. But sad, too. You slid out from bed and padded over to where your phone was plugged.

From Alexandre

Hey, sweetie, I love you and I just got Laf’s text. I’m sorry you had a tough day and that you’ve been having tough days. Call me or text me if you need to talk again, okay? Doesn’t matter the time difference. I’m here if you need me, and I’ll be home soon.



To Alexandre

Please come home soon.

From Alexandre

I will, sweetie. I love you so much. Get some sleep.

You smiled, shut your phone off, and sleepily found your way back into bed.

Yes, today was a tough day, and yes, you were going to have a lot of tough days in the future…

But at least your boys would be with you for all of them.


Chapter 5 Part 2: A Stormy Night
It’s a Friday night and it’s raining. I’m sitting here alone looking at my phone wondering exactly what am I supposed to do. Miguel’s Crazy In Love is playing followed by the trilogy of the Weekend along with Was Good By PartyNextDoor and I’m still alone. Shit. This cup of Hennessey has me really in the mood to just feast on some pussy right now. Damn how I need it at this moment. My phone is ringing:
Hello? This Rico…. Who’s This?
Hey Rico…. It’s me…. Storm… I need to see you
You do? Why?
Listen baby, I’m missing you. I know we just fought not too long ago but I need you right now…. It’s raining and thundering outside and I hate being in the rain without you…
Wait a min? You’re outside my house?!
Yes….. Come get me…..
I’m coming…..
I felt like God had answered my prayers. I mean I was mad at Storm but let’s be real here….She is so damn sexy and I know she was going through shit with her ex but if I can have that just for a night, she will be staying here forever….
I walk downstairs after putting on my robe and go and open the door…. She’s standing there with her duffle-bag and a black coat covering her body. I welcome her inside my home.
“Beautiful place you have here Rico” she said shivering.
“Thank you. So what made you come here? I’m still mad at you…. How could you abandon me for a nigga who never loved you?”
Storm looked at me and then looked down at the floor and said “It was just for his money. I got caught up in that and lost sight of you. But I’m here. I was never going to leave you.
Storm put her tea down on the table, walked over to me and sat in my lap swinging her legs through the legs of the chair. She takes off her black coat and my eyes were in shock in what she was wearing. A white lingerie outfit with her ass just popping out of it… We start kissing… I pick her up and press her body against the wall. She digs her nails into my back and starts scratching me moaning my name.
Storm looked at me with lust in her eyes and said “Put me down…. I want suck the shit out of your dick. I put her down and she unbuttons my pants and pulls out my long black cock and slides it in her pretty mouth. Storm deep throats me I’m leaning my head back and I’m looking at her while she is sucking my dick. I got mad in the back of my mind because of the shit she did so I shoved my dick down her throat to make her choke and gag all over it. I saw her getting wet and playing with her pussy.
I picked her back up and I said to her “Let’s go to my room.” I carried her up the stairs; we kept kissing. The thunder got louder. The feelings got stronger. The urge to make love was in our reach. I threw her on the bed, ripping her panties off. I kiss her chest, feeling her rubbing my back slowly moaning in my ear “I want you to fuck me hard daddy. Fuck me like you were a virgin again. Fuck me until I cannot breathe any longer.” While I was kissing her stomach the lights went out and the candles became extinguished. The thunder and lightning was still roaring and the rain kept pouring harder and harder.
I went down on her, spreading her thighs wide I began to kiss the front of her wet pussy lips massaging them gently and easy with my tongue. Storm’s moans got louder and she screams “You are no AMATEUR. EAT THIS PUSSY LIKE YOU MISSED IT.” I did as she pleased. I stuck my tongue deeper in that juicy ass pussy making my tongue vibrate inside her walls. Storm began stroking my dick harder and faster and next thing you know, I was inside of her. I pinned her down to the bed ramming my dick deep in her tight walls. I lifted her legs in the air and put her feet over my shoulder while I kept hitting her spot. “OOOO Daddy give me that dick! I need more. Keep fucking this pussy now daddy!” Storm said.  
I kept going, giving her longer strokes and seeing her cum all over this dick. I pulled out and she sat up on the bed continuing to suck my dick. She slurped and slurped like she was sucking on a Popsicle.  Storm knew that what she did turned me on and as soon as I was going to tell her to turn over and to arch her back she goes into her duffle bag and says “Handcuff me to the bedframe daddy.” She arched her back putting her phat ass right in my peripheral. I handcuffed her and tied her feet spreading her legs wide and I was inside the eye of the Storm. Storm’s pussy soaked my dick while she kept throwing her ass back hard against it. We were going at it. I took my time whining my dick back in her pussy. “Fuck I’m going to cum” I said to her. She looked at me and said “Oh no you’re not.” Storm sits her ass on me beginning to ride my face with her pussy and I go back to eating her. Storm takes my dick and sticks it back in and begins to ride me. She rides me faster; taking her hands and told me to grip her ass while she fucks me. Storm goes even faster gasping, groaning and moaning until I was able to pull my dick out and shower her with my hot and sticky load.  We kissed passionately until daybreak and the storm went away.
Damn. What A Stormy Night ;)……

Part 3 Coming Soon….. Who’s Ready

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Something New

Synopsis: A Shitty drabble with lots of fluffy shit about staying the night with josh.

Word Count: 872

Warnings: shitty wrighting

Just do it. just pick up the phone and call him, it’s not that big of a deal. If he says no, he says no. He’s my best friend, it’s fine. I tell myself, I take a deep breath and force myself to press the call button. I was just about to hang up when he picked up. “Josh?”
“Yeah? whats up?” I hear him say on the other side of the phone. i pause hearing the silence of the line.
“This is gonna sound so weird but, will you stay the night with me tonight?” I asked leaving a pregnant pause. “I mean I have coffee and I can cook  if you’re hungry but you don’t have to if you don’t-” I was cut off by his chuckle causing my cheeks heat up.
“I’d love to stay the night, and food sounds great.” he said trying to keep his chuckling quiet, “I’ll be over soon.”
 I quickly get to cooking and setting up my loveseat for a night of movies, decorating it with pillows and blankets, wanting everything to be perfect for Josh’s first time staying the night. “Fuck.” I whisper hearing his car pull up, “I thought I had more time.” I set our food on the coffee table, running back to my room to change into night shorts, and a tye dye t shirt I made with Josh ages ago, that is now riddled with holes, before running back down the hall. I peak my head out waving to catch his attention, I see him come around his car in his comfy garb. I stare for a little too long as he looks back at me I realize how creepy I must look, I clear my throat hoping to dismiss my inappropriate thoughts.
“uhm food is ready and the movie is queued up and ready to go whenever you are.” I called out to him.
“Oh alright cool.” He smiles at me, making his way inside, droping all his stuff by the door, to the loveseat plopping down causing me to chuckle. When I sit down, I end up unintentionally sitting as far away from him as possible, watching him play with the reclining buttons on my new couch making it go all the way back and then all the way up again, repeatedly. How fucking adorable can one boy be. “ I didn’t know they made automatic recliners.” I roll my eyes with a small smile, turning on the movie, reclining back myself.

The movie ended quickly but it didn’t really matter because we weren’t really paying much attention to it, Josh was too busy making bad puns, and I was to busy making fun of his bad puns until we both fell asleep.
When I woke up I felt a pair arms wrapped around me and I stiffened, before remembered the events from the night before. Naturally loving the feeling of the security and comfort I shut my eyes and relaxed back into his arms, pretending to still be asleep, Trying to keep my nerves and butterflies at bay. Not long after this, I feel him move bringing me closer to his chest rubbing soft circles on my arm, now holding me more than cuddling. It felt strange doing something I had only Imagined in my head, dreaming about it was one thing, but it actually happened was a whole new game. I had ‘cuddled’ with a man before, but this felt..Different. I was immensely enjoying having Josh holding me, giving me the attention I craved from him so deeply. He had never done something so bold. Meanwhile while I was lost in thought about how ‘dreamy’ Josh was, my arm was in the process of falling asleep, which meant I was gonna have to move, potentially risking him letting me go sooner than i’d like. Fuck it.
I move my arm and slowly open my eyes to look over at him, to see if he had noticed, only to see he’s looking straight back at me, giving me a soft smile filling my body with warmth and butterflies. “Hi” I let out softly, smiling back at him.
“Hey.” he whispered back grabbing my hand, “How are you feeling?”
“Sleepy, but fine. How are you?” I asked and he let out a soft hum in reply. “Do you have to do anything today?”
“I have rehearsal to go to today but you could come with me if you’d like, and afterward we can go get something to eat. Hows that sound?” It seemed as if today was going to be filled with new things. I was shocked he invited me to rehearsal, in all our time spent together he had never invited me to his practice sessions.
“Oh wow yeah, that sounds great!” I smiled, the warmth between our bodies radiating, I reached to grab hold his hand and his finger easily slid between my own. “I like this. Maybe you should stay the night more often.” I whisper, earning a chuckle from him.
“I think so too.” he whispers right back bringing my head down to his neck while he rubs his hand up and down my back slowly. I could get used to this.

Anyway I’m off to bed, heres a doodle I did of Teru in a track suit i’ll digitize tomorrow. 

Ignore my notes, haha

A few days ago, I met with a college friend I had not seen in five years. It was as if no time had passed as we updated each other on what had happened in those years between the phone calls and visits we hadn’t made. There was still a deep knowing and comfort between us. Before I left, I made a joke about how I would do those years we shared in college differently, knowing what I do now. Those years were hard; I wished I had done more, been better. I was unsure of my future and lived like it. But my friend wouldn’t let me get away with the veiled shame I was casting upon myself. “Yeah, but this is how I saw you,” he said. “I always knew who you were.”

I realized that all of my good friends, the ones who’d been in the trenches with me across my life had this in common: an unwavering belief in me, even when I did not believe in myself. They saw past the me affected by external circumstances into the eternal me, radiating from within. They’d never been confused about who I was, even when I didn’t live like I was remarkable. As I left, full to the brim with the kind of comfort that only comes from spending time with a good friend, I realized this is what God is like. He doesn’t call me sinner or servant; He calls me friend. He doesn’t point to the past in condemnation as a method of behavior modification. He sees me with the eyes of an old friend, full of knowing, and compassion. He made me, after all. When He sent Jesus to the cross, they both knew what they were getting when they sacrificed His life for me. All wrath, satisfied; all shame, wiped away. Whenever I feel ashamed, I am able to sit with my oldest Friend and let Him remind me of how remarkable (how worth sacrifice, how worth knitting painstakingly with a purpose) I am. Our external circumstances will try to convince us out of our eternal identity – but our closest Friend rushes in to point us back to who we really are.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”
-John 15:13 (NIV)

—  by Alaina Stratton

smoebii  asked:

Do you have favorite Haikyuu opening/ending?

ahhhh mmmm idk i love all of them uhhh

and are we talking about animation-wise or the music??? 

Well so far the opening for Season 3 is my fav! It’s the only one I didnt mind watching haha I hardly skipped it. I have “Hikari Are” in my phone too cuz it’s so pumpy and motivational ahh it makes me wanna climb a mountain

That moment when I'm trying to free up space on my phones but have so many 1st person pov sex videos i made with all the hot women i've been with since I got divorced last year that I decide to go buy a bigger memory card instead.

Seriously, my 3 phones are Methed-up-samurai porn gold mines, there’s probably over 40 women showing me a great time on them… i love the single life. I really shouldve left that bitch a long fuckin time ago Lol.


As per request, 2.05

You guys have been so freaking sweet and kind  to me with your feedback since I started making these ridiculous posts, it’s insane but I love it!❣️ I literally started these as a joke because my one friend who watches call the midwife didn’t pick up the phone (and bc I was under the influence whoops hahaha it happens) but now I have so much fun posting every week! I’m sure I won’t stop these any time soon (what will I do when this series is over until Christmas? Yikes lets not talk about it yet)  Anyways @marialujan22 requested I rewatch and post for 2x5 & shit it’s been a while since I’ve watched series 2 but I couldn’t say no! Besides Im in a good mood because I have 10 days till spring break & only like 8 weeks left in the semester so here we go ..

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My beautiful angel  @highhpriestess tagged me and I’ve never done one of these but I will do it for her

relationship status: single

favorite color(s): hunter green, peach, tangerine, ballet pink

pets: My baby dog Draco Malfoy, 2 cats named after bewitched characters

wake up: i take my meds and reset the air-raid siren I used as an alarm clock and eventually get out of bed 5 minutes before class and put eyeliner on

cats or dogs: i love them all

coke or pepsi: i don’t drink those pleb beverages

day or night: night all the way. i don’t sleep ever i watch the sunrise every morning.

text or call: i like talking on the phone with someone I like, but other than that texting. I’m a horrible texter tho.

chapstick or lipstick: both?? you need both???

city or country: i like being in the middle of nowhere because i live in a city. but I’m a scaredy cat and I can’t handle the quiet for long.

last book i read: Mr. Palomar 

last song i listened to: kirby - yung lean

five facts about me

I look at pictures from Birds of America when I’m having panic attacks and it calms me down.
I have a kiki’s delivery service tattoo.
I study math.
I don’t even like Harry Potter, I was in love with Tom Felton and my dog is white and stubborn.
I’m fake.

I tag @pupsnout @higgzorz and @nicejewishguy again because i like to annoy mike and anyone else who wants to do this idk 

absitplague submitted:

>when I finally get on a phone call with you

All you’re going to get is terribly mispronounced english and frustrated grunts as I slowly stop talking due to sheer embarrassment over my terrible, terrible accent. 

Either that, or I break into a spanish rant of why Adventure Time is shit, why Steven Universe is horribly overrated, and why only Europe seems to be able to do cartoons right. 

But regardless, that day is going to be fun!

anonymous asked:

I love SBIB so fucking much I am all for healthy BDSM writings (I'm looking at FSoG with the worst stink eye) I just want you to know I love you. Unrelated but I hate writing, like so much, but reading such great fics (like yours or bully's or taco's) makes me wanna write, so I have notes on my phone of summaries that I'll never build on lol. So even though I won't do it, you still inspire me.

Even if you don’t want to write, I’m glad my self-indulgent fanfiction inspires you!