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it’s been years since i used a tablet but I adore this cowboy and he NEEDS a horse

based on this:

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Just finished paying my bills like…

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me: i wanna write some nice human verse things!!! like grimmjow going on dumb dates w/ his bf, or reuniting w/ his dad after YEARS of thinking he was dead, or going to a water park for the first time
also me: i wanna write some terrible human verse things!!! like grimmjow accidentally overdosing and ending up in the hospital and then rehab, or getting jumped in an alley and getting the shit kicked out of him

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Well, so this person on tt said an anon send them Bts' bith hour and Jimin happen to be 10:43 pm, hypothetically talking( because of course we don't know if is this true) if in fact that was his birth hour, would it change something in the previous analysis you make for him?

Hi anon. :) Thanks for sending this to me! Another anon talked about this before as well and I was in shock for a few days (maybe weeks but I’ll never admit it lol). I’ve talked about it here - I did some calculations, some opening of different charts of theirs to check what’s real or not and have since then checked from time to time a few predictions I did for them (by opening their Solar Returns). But. Out of all of them Taehyung’s, Yoongi’s and Jimin’s were the ones that were already pretty much what I had previously guessed for them…

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(he’s just way too expressive and dramatic to not have his moon ruling his ascendant, isn’t he?)

So to put it shortly, the reading that I did of Jimin is not far from what that birth time would imply but I can see many other things that I could explore and elaborate on. I’d be able to talk about his upbringing, about bad things that happened to him and why they did and how they’ve changed him or not, explain his fixed stars… He’d have yet another fixed star with this birth time, can you believe it? And so many things going on with his 5th. And his 9th would explain so fucking much. AND IT’D EXPLAIN HIS LOVE FOR PETS. Ugh. I’d love to have a source because then I’d be able to explore his chart like that because it’s even more interesting with said birth time. So yeah, I don’t wanna sound arrogant but everything that I guessed about him was right if said birth time is correct - but I’d have a lot more to talk about, for sure. Damn my diplomatic Libra ways. lmao I’ll probably never be able to read it without a source. :( I have to mention that with Namjoon’s, though… Although I was right about many things there were some things that I just did not see and would explain his ways even more clearly. Some parts of him that I didn’t see before would be so interesting to read. But anywho, literally me waiting for these freaking sources to come up:

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Looks like Chris without his beard in the Just Jared photos. So many possibilities. Flashback? Back as Cap? Ugh. I'm just hoping they don't kill Steve.

These photos are incredibly blurry to make out who exactly that is since the guy looks a little too small to be Chris from that angle, and the last thing I want to do is speculate before I know for sure.

…Let’s be honest, we’re doomed. My roomie’s resolve is shattering fast. Ebony’s probably getting a little brother…. XD I don’t think we stood a chance the moment he started yelling at me when I opened the door.

Still calling shelters/rescues tomorrow to see if anyone has openings as a back up, in case he & Ebony really don’t get along. Going to be getting cost estimates for initial vetting from a few places. Roommate still needs to get an idea of finances from new job. Still very tentative, but….we’ll see. If we keep him, he’ll probably be getting medium-quality food, not as good as I’d like, but hey, better than outside. Roomie will be helping more with cat costs, which is why part of this hinges on their finances. I can’t really take more on, especially given Pancake’s current status. 

Side note: I know a couple people offered to send food or donations. Please hold off on the donations for now - I’m going to message those who offered to send food. I don’t want anyone to send anything (with the intent of helping a stray) & be upset if we end keeping him instead. I don’t want to feel like I’m misleading anyone as to his status or anything. 

It’s really interesting to me that what is arguably Lance’s greatest strength is also his biggest source of insecurity. 

Like, this boy is so adaptable. You can throw him into space, into a war, into a new lion, and he’ll essentially shrug his shoulders and slot himself into place. What makes the kid a powerhouse is that you can put him in any circumstance and he’ll find out where he fits and pretty much be able to hold his own there. He can integrate himself into basically any group dynamic (see: rebel mermaids, Hunk + Lance + BoM, and Team Voltron after Shiro). What Lance brings to the table is an ability to do what’s needed, to fill roles that need filling, and to mesh with anyone. 

But, for someone who values standing out, that would be seen as a negative trait. Lance wants to carve out his own place in the group– it’s why he’s so attached to the idea of being the “sharpshooter” (though, that does appear to be a niche of his!!). To him, it seems like everyone else around him has this “thing” that makes them special and unique– and, since he doesn’t (or, at least, he thinks other people don’t think he does) he feels sort of average and unskilled by comparison. 

The creators have said before that Lance’s character is about “providing what’s needed at the time” and like. Exactly. His “thing” is that he can essentially take on any “thing” you need him to and do it at least decently. That’s what makes him unique, and I can’t wait to see him realize it.

the silliest thing about people who say that the trans peter parker headcanon is unrealistic is that they’re talking about a boy who: was bitten by a radioactive spider, got super powers from the spider bite rather than fucking dying, dresses in a red and blue spandex bodysuit, and then he uses his newfound powers to fight an old man that dresses up like a vulture

but somehow the concept of him being trans is the unrealistic thing there??? okay


he watched 4 youtube tutorials for this

(the truth behind Shiro’s s3 bad haircut)