and dizzy with anger


Confusion. Nausea. Dizziness. Anger. That’s what you were feeling.
Your heart was beating loudly in your chest, the anxiety picking up inside of you as the minutes ticked away agonizingly slow.
You were worried about your health, you were confused about your relationship and you were definitely mad at him for what he was doing to you.
This wasn’t the Jungkook you knew. Sure, he liked to play pranks on you but never, never, on your health and well-being.
What was this joke about you being dead? And what did he say? That he was going to make you regret this? Was that a threat?
The thoughts were swirling inside your mind so fast you could hardly keep up, your headache not helping at all.
The urgent knock on the door startled you, making you jump on your seat. This was the moment of truth.
With sweaty and trembling hands you opened the door to find in front of you a very angry Jungkook: his lips were tight, his jaw contracted, his eyes somewhat menacing and his fist clenched to the side as he looked at you, taking you in.
“Jungkook…” you whispered, uncertain on what to do to understand exactly what was going on.
His complexion paled up, his mouth opening up as he released the breath he was holding, his eyes as big as saucer now as he kept looking at you as if you were a ghost.
“Y/N…” he whispered, one of his hand moving so he could caress your face ever so delicately, almost as if he was scared the contact would make you disappear like smoke. “It’s really you…” he whispered while his eyes kept scanning you, takin in every detail of your being.
You were about to speak again, to ask him for an explanation, when you saw the tears streaming down his face, tiny sobs escaping his mouth as he kept caressing your face.
Why was he crying? Did he really believe you were dead? What was going on? Too many questions and no answers.
“Jungkookie” you whispered again, taking his wrist to guide him inside your apartment.
“You’re alive” he whispered back, his sobs becoming louder and heartbreaking.
Before you knew it, you were inside his arms, his warm tears wetting your t-shirt as he hid his face in the crook of your neck.
Your arms were encircling him now, trying to calm down his cries; your heart was hurting so much holding him like this. This was a pain you never seen in him. Sure, he had his moments but he had always been so bright and positive, so… strong. And now he was just broken.
“I don’t understand” he said, after a while “You were dead. I saw your body… I…” his voice died down as his grip around you tightened, the fear of losing you again palpable in the air.
“Jungkook what is going on?” you whispered back, your voice soft as an attempt to keep soothing him “We talked barely two days ago… why do you think I’m dead?”
His laugh was bitter as he let you go, looking inside your eyes again, the tears still flowing down on his cheeks.
“I must have gone crazy. I’m hallucinating… you can’t be here. You’re not real… You’re…” he sobbed again, closing his eyes to try and calm down his rapid breathing, his hands trembling so much he had to clench them into fists again to suppress the quiver.
You moved your hands to his face, your thumbs removing his tears delicately, forcing him to focus on you again.
“Jungkook I’m here, I’m alive.” You kept repeating that as a mantra as you watched his breathing slow down the more your words seemed to sink in.
“How?” he asked, lost.
“Nothing happened to me. It was just a bad dream.”
“Just a bad dream?”
he asked, mirroring your words as he tried desperately to believe them.
You hummed in response still stroking his face softly, lovingly.
You weren’t prepared to feel his lips on yours but your body responded to the kiss automatically, your eyes closing right away as you lost yourself in the familiar feeling. The kiss was brief, sweet, unsure just like your very first one, but it was still enough to make your heart go wild.
“Just a bad dream” he repeated once he let go of your lips, his eyes still fixed into yours, a small smile appearing on his features now.
You hummed again, confident that now you could get some answers from him when your head started hurting again, so much so your vision turned white. It felt like it was going to crack open, to burn from the inside out. Before you knew it, you were screaming, grabbing your head in pain.
“Y/N?! Y/N what’s going on?!” his voice felt distant, muffled by the agonizing pain.
“Jungkookie” you whispered while hot tears gathered in your eyes. This was beyond unbearable. The pain was so high you felt like chocking on air, the nausea hitting you hard as your legs gave in.
You could somewhat hear his voice screaming your name but you couldn’t respond to any of it. Your body felt like pure steel and you were sure you were going to collapse soon.
But you didn’t.
The pain died down, slowly but unmistakably so and when you opened your eyes again you were welcomed by the utter darkness of your living room.
“Jungkook?” you called, your voice hoarse after all the screaming.
He was nowhere to be seen. There was only silence, darkness, and fear.

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IT’S WRONG [part 3] - it all starts with a terrible headache and he acting like he has absolutely no idea who you are. JUNGKOOK X READER { ANGST

complete series:  [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4[part 5 [part 6]

I’m not really satisfied with the written part but hell, it’s been too long and I don’t want you guys to wait for this forever >.<
I’m sure this doesn’t make much sense yet but I swear it will all be clear soon enough :3
(But if you have a theory about this, go ahead and share, I’m curious :D)

me: *sleeping*
me: *dizziness, confusion, irritability, mood swings, headache, malaise, nausea, palpitations, grief, low mood, anger, muscular aches, moderate to severe pain*