and distracted him by teasing


└ When Sho-kun pays us more than ‘lip’ service~

Cr: VS Arashi 16.03.2017

Video Games

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Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “21 - Zach Dempsey and Justin Foley”


21. “Just because I’m a girl, you think that I can’t win against you?”

Word count: 1.391

Posted: 17th of May 2017

A/N: Another imagine is up! Aja, I know that you requested it with Zach too, but I decided to put Justin as the reader’s boyfriend. I hope that you like it and enjoy!
It’s my baby Ross’ birthday today and I just realized that I’m turning 19, exactly in five months. I am so old! Anyways, I might write some imagines about Miles and Ross’ birthday, I hope that I can write them soon.
Guys, thank you for the support and the love that you are giving me. I don’t know how to thank you enough, because you have the power to make my day complete. Thank you and I love you all.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: some swearing

“C'mon, (Y/N)!” Your brother, Alex, cheered for you as he paid attention on the wide television screen in front of him, focusing to your character’s movements. Your small fingers were moving in some swift movements as you tightly held the game console in your hands.

“Lex, I am trying.” You stated as you had your eyes focused on the television too, body a little bit tensed for the fear of getting killed by someone in the game.

It was one of those lazy Friday nights that you’ve spent with your friends in Bryce’s pool house. It has been a stressing week for all of you as your final exams were about to start, so you decided to have a little bit of fun and shake everything off before the very hell week.

“Scarce!” Your boyfriend, Justin, exclaimed as he had his eyes focused on the screen, having a console in his hands too.

Video games, specifically those first person tactical shooting games, were one of your common interests with Justin and you honestly liked the idea of it, because boredom would be the last of your thoughts. Justin would always tease you too, although he would give you the chance to win every match. The victory wasn’t important to him, but seeing you happy was.

“For real!” Zach agreed with his team mate and you just rolled your eyes as you heard how they underestimated you.

“She’s doing fine, guys!” Jessica complimented you as she wrapped her arms around your brother’s neck. They were dating for a while and you supported them together.

You would always be the Cupid of the situation, whenever they would fight or discuss about everything. You just cared too much for them and you would do everything just to see your brother happy. Jessica was really making him happy and she was so nice towards you, considering you as her little sister too, she was so adorable that everybody in your house loved her.

“She is, you are even two against one,” Montgomery said as he held a pint of beer in his hand, obviously staying by your side. “and she is winning.”

“Thanks, guys!” You giggled softly, but you didn’t let yourself lose your concentration. “Last two kills and I win!”

“What?!” Justin and Zach exclaimed as they quickly fixed themselves on the couch, being more serious on winning the game. They belittled you too early, that they didn’t even notice that you were on the lead.

“Bingo!” You proudly pushed some buttons as loud gun shots were heard from the television’s speakers.

“What the fuck, (Y/N)!” The two boys complained as their characters were killed by your character, meaning that you won the match. You heard some laughter and hollers from your friends and you proudly stood on the couch, raising the controller as if it was a golden trophy.

Just because I’m a girl, you think that I can’t win against you?” You fiercely smirked at the two goofballs and they just rolled their eyes, still couldn’t accept their defeat.

“I can smell the stench of defeat here!” Bryce jokingly exclaimed as he sat on the arm rest of the couch. You happily gave your friends some high-fives and you somehow felt proud of yourself.

“Shut up, fucker!” Justin nudged his best friend and you just laughed at his actions. You then sat on Justin’s lap, slightly throwing the controller on the empty space of the couch. “Congratulations, cheater!”

“It’s not my fault if you are scarce!” You raised your hands to defend yourself and your friends just laughed because of it.

“I can’t accept this thing!” Zach threw his tantrums playfully and the group laughed even more.

“I might’ve ruined my reputation here, guys, but I am so happy to say that I am proud of my girl, right here!” Justin smiled at you as he declared what he thought during that moment. You honestly were dumbfounded and you felt loved and lucky to have Justin. “So, let’s cheers to that!”

You felt so relieved and weightless as Justin has just said you that he was proud of you. You knew that it was just a game and that it wasn’t a big deal at all, but you’ve never heard anyone saying that they were proud of you and you somehow discovered how the feeling was thanks to him.

“Cheers!” You all grabbed your drinks and raised your glasses in the air. Your friends cheered for you and let out some deafening whistles using their mouths.

“Thank you, Jus!” You whispered to him and he just raised his half-full bottle of beer. You clinked them together and you took a pull from the bottle.

“I love seeing you happy, baby.” He winked at you and you just let out some giggles. You surely loved him even more for that.

“Dude, private room is in the main house.” Zach pointed at the door and you all laughed because of the bitterness that he showed towards Justin’s actions.

“Don’t forget to use condoms.” Montgomery joked as he carefully looked at Alex’s face. He knew how it made him feel uncomfortable and vexed.

“De la Cruz, you’re such a dick!” You shook your head with a wide smile flashed on your face, finding funny what he has just said.

“Don’t worry, Alex,” Justin looked at Alex, who had his eyebrows furrowed. “you won’t be an uncle soon.” He joked and another laughter was heard.

“Idiot!” You slapped Justin’s arm and Alex shook his head as he realized how stupid his friends were and he smacked your boyfriend upside his head.

“I love you, my princess.” Justin chuckled as he planted a kiss on your cheek, alcohol-scented hot breath brushing your smooth and soft skin and it sent shivers down your spine.

“I love you too, Foley.” You confessed with a smile and you leant in to give Justin a deep kiss on his lips.

The kisses between the two of you would always be flirty and deep. His lips perfectly locking with yours would make you feel better and loved, not even being shy of the people around you. His tongue would lick your lips to tease you even more, but you broke the kiss before it led you to something else.

“I love you more, Standall!” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around your body tightly, one of his ways to thank you for being by his side.

“Stop the PDA, ew.” Your brother stated and you gave him the finger. You loved your brother, but you hated it when he would protect you as if you were still a baby.

“You are worse when it comes to PDA, so shut up!” You defended yourself and he threw you a cushion, hitting your face perfectly. You wondered how your parents would react if they heard your conversations with Alex. He was somehow your best friend and he knew everything about you and vice versa.

“Guys, I really can’t accept the defeat!” Zach blurted out once again and you laughed loudly, teasing him even more.

“Round two, Dempsey?” You challenged him with a smirk and he rolled his eyes as he readied himself, finding a comfortable position on the couch.

“Let’s get it on.” You got off Justin’s lap and you positioned yourself between Justin and Zach, handing Justin his controller.

“It seems like Zach loves the taste of defeat, am I right?” Jessica joked and Zach shot her a death glare.  

“We all love you, Dempsey.” You teasingly exclaimed and everyone in the room cheered and laughed at Zach.

“Fuck you all.” He was so miffed, but you didn’t mind his behaviour. Your friends kept on teasing him, distracting him during the whole match, leading him and Justin to lose the game once again.

Lazy Friday nights were the best, because you were with your friends. You would spend your whole night in a typical way: laughing until your stomach ached, drinking until the alcohol controlled your minds and playing video games until your fingers hurt.

Long story short: it didn’t matter what you were doing with them, but you were a hundred percent sure that your friends’ company wouldn’t fail you, mostly if your lovable and amiable boyfriend was by your side. You just loved their company and you couldn’t deny that.

one i want

A/N: here’s the follow up to good for you! the title comes from one i want by majid jordan, and i highly recommend giving it a listen. finally, please please always use condoms always PLEASE do as i say, not as i write.
warning: smutty smut smut

His voice is wrecked as he speaks. By this point, he’s nearly dying for you, his need to be buried deep inside of you itching under his skin.

But still, he holds off. He wants to make this good for you, to be good for you. He knows it’ll be so good, later, when you’re finally giving him what he wants, if he’s good now.

He strips. He stays on his knees at first, crossing his arms to grip the edge of his shirt with his fingers before pulling the garment up and over his head. He doesn’t milk it, doesn’t want to be too ridiculous for you, but he does go slow enough to tease you.

He drops his shirt and lets his arms fall to his sides, hands slowly curling in and out of clenched fists. He’s watching you, waiting for your approval.

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Little Bitty My Ass - Star Wars

Can I get something cute and funny with a reader and Poe Dameron?

Poe stifled a cry as he buried his face deeper in your chest. You felt his nails dig into your back as you stifled a giggle. You put your hands on his shoulders, massaging them softly.

“You really can’t numb it at all?” You looked up at the doctor. He offered you a weak smile.

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Bts reaction to you having a restless leg:

Anon requested: Bts reacting to you having restless leg? (Like you move your leg when your in bed together or cuddling and stuff? If that makes sense) love you ❤❤

A/N: I love you too


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For the most part Jin doesn’t care like everyone has their thing. But I kinda see him quietly sighing when all he wants is peaceful sleep.


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He won’t say anything at all. In fact, Yoongi will probably find it hella cute when you both are cuddling. It’s one of those things he misses when you’re not around.


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starts getting hyperactive himself, tangling both your legs in the sheets and getting all touchy. “Why don’t you put your legs to better use and come dance with me?”

Rap Monster:

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Namjoon will ask you why you do it, like are you uncomfortable? Hot? Energetic? At first he song enjoy it distracting him, but he’ll try teaching himself to adapt with your habit


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He’s Teasing you non stop, pretending he is irritated when in reality he just wants to see you struggling with controlling your legs. It won’t last long though and he would break into a feat of giggles.

V/ Taehyung:

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Tae tae is picking upon your habits quickly. Like one day he wasn’t even aware of it, but now you’re both being so energetic that the boys would find it nerve-wracking. 


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Cute but weirded out like “what are you doing? But I don’t want you to stop” type of conflict. However, days when jungkook wants to just lay peacefully in your lap he would appreciate it if you could control your legs a little.
Dating Stiles Stilinski would involve...

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- Him not believing you’re actually dating him

- You’re the one to kiss him

- Sweet dates that somehow always end at Fatburger

- Being insecure about your appearance

- But you have no reason to because Stiles thinks you’re A GODDAMN GODDESS

- Rolling your eyes at him

- Rolling eyes at others together 

- Arguments that are so sarcastic that no one even thinks about interrupting you

- Sweet texts from Stiles in class

- Dirty texts from Stiles in class

- Nose kisses

- Giving him an engraved bat for his birthday

- “Babe, how did you know…”

-  Him being jealous of other boys talking to you

- Bear hugs

- You being jealous of other girls talking to him

- “That bitch knew exactly what day it is today!”

- Teaming up against others 

- The others being really done with your shit

- Forehead kisses

- Movie marathons that turn into sleepovers

- “You two keep the doors open!”

- “Daaaaad!

- Randomly high-fiving each other to back the other up in arguments even though you have no idea what it’s about

- Star Wars marathons

- Star Wars clothes

- Star Wars jokes

- Star Wars pickup lines

- Not being able to keep your hands off Stiles’ hair

- And the rest of his body

- Awkward but sweet first time

- Alternating who the big and little spoon is during cuddle sessions

- Study dates

- Research dates all night

- Research dates that are actually make-out sessions

- Lots of junk food

- “If I had known all I had to do for you to be my girlfriend is grow out my hair I would’ve gotten a mullet in middle school.”

- “Ew.”

- Stealing his flannels

- Him buying you flannels so you’ll stop stealing his

- Not wearing your new flannels because they don’t smell like him

- Snapping at each other in stressful moments

- Not having to say sorry to make it up

- He does it anyway

- Him staring at you adoringly even though YOU DIDN’T DO A FUCKING THING

- Kissing him to shut him up

- Kissing him because he’s too cute to handle

- Making silly faces at each other in class or in the hallways

- Him seeing you without make-up and greasy hair

- “Babe, you’re so natural.”

- Judging others together

- Getting a synchron bitch face because of it

- Going shopping together

- It’s a mess

- “Buy me cute underwear and I’ll let you see me wearing it.”

- “If I buy you nothing, can I see you wearing that?”

- The pack being annoyed of you

- But also being everyone’s relationship goals

- Stiles calling you randomly 

- “Booty!”

- “What?”

- “I guess you could call it a booty call now…”

- Him getting more confident around you

- Jeep sex

- Jeep blowjobs

- Developing a kink for his hands

- “Stiles, I love your hands.”

- “Well this isn’t what I expected.”

- Him getting angry when you win a video game

- Letting him win video games

- “I’m just too good for you babe.”

- “Sure you are, Stilinski.”

- Sheriff Stilinski telling you embarrassing stories about Stiles

- Teasing Stiles about the embarrassing stories

- Him distracting you with surprisingly wild sex

- Letting him take control for once because DAMN

- Him treating you like a queen

- Because you are one

- “You’re so beautiful.”

- Scott being the only guy he’s not jealous of

- Fuck that, did he just hug you?

- Comforting him after a nightmare

- Turning your phone as loud as possible so you wake up when he sends you late night texts

- “Good morning, Ali!”

- “You guys had sex, right?”

- Counting his moles

-“Chewbacca doesn’t make any sense!”

- “Babe, what the fuck are you talking about?!”

- Netflix & Chill

- Actually watching Netflix and chilling

- Chilling turns into sex

- Sex everywhere in his house

- Getting bored of having sex in his house

- Sex at your house

- Sex at the sheriff’s station

- Sex everywhere

- Him giving you a bouquet of Chicken Nuggets on Valentine’s Day

- “Stiles, it’s beautiful.”

- Making heart-eyes at each other

- Which eventually turns into eye-fucking

- Leading to sex

- Him turning from awkward Stilinski to smooth Stilinski

- “Are you from France ‘cause madamn!”

- Cooking for him and his dad at least once a week

- Jamming to every song on the radio

- “That’s love bitch!”


Derek Hale Imagine- Love You Forever


Authors note- So it’s a bit different to my usual imagines, but I hope you enjoy it. You can find the song that inspired me here.

“Turn me” you said, coming face to face with your boyfriend. “No Y/n. I’ve told you before, you don’t want this” he exclaimed. “But I do” you remarked, folding your arms over your chest. “Somethings wrong” he said raising his eyebrows at you. “No” you said laconically, knowing he would hear your heart beat rise. “There is, isn’t there?” he sighed. You nod your head gently and bit your lip to stop it from quivering. He lifted you up and placed you on the kitchen counter top, the place you usually sat when you two were having trouble. “Recently, I’ve been starting to get sick again and my mom got worried and took me to the hospital-” you began. Derek’s heart sank. It brought him back to a similar time a few months back, the Darach had held you in an abandoned building for weeks to try and get to Derek. Unfortunately for you, the building had a high asbestos level and you ended up fighting for your life with asbestos poising. “Well I’ve now been diagnosed with Asbestosis and its why I’ve been so tired lately and why my chest is always in pain" you said, your voice cracked because you were on the brink of tears, you had your whole life ahead of you and it all seemed to come crumbling down. ”So what does that mean? Another operation? Antibiotics? Physio?” he began asking, in a sort of panic. “There’s no cure” you said, as tears began to stain your cheeks. You saw his face deflate, the sadness that clouded his eyes as he walked over and pulled you into a tight embrace. “We’ll get through this” he reassured. “I don’t want to go through this again” you sobbed into his chest. “Babe, I’m here and ill be with you every step of the way. But you’ve got to keep strong” he said, tangling his fingers in your hair. “What if I cant? What am I going to tell the pack? I don’t want them to feel sorry for me, but they’ll know somethings up” you rambled. “Y/n, look at me. Look at me!” he said gently. “We are going to get through this together, without the use of the supernatural. I’m going to be here every step of the way” he continued after you met his eyes. “Promise?” you asked with an involuntarily pout, you held your pinky finger out. “I promise babygirl” he said without hesitation, joining to pinky promise you. It was childish, but it was yours. You loved him and he adored you, you were just glad you had a boyfriend like him to support you through something like this.

Weeks had gone by and things only seemed to get better. The pack didn’t suspect anything, due to Derek teaching you how to hide your chemo signals and the pain was almost non existent especially with Derek removing it any chance he got. The only thing that seemed to be an annoyance was all the check-ups at the doctors and the constant coughs you caught. Derek had stuck to his word, he hadn’t left your side once. For a time you felt like a normal teenager; you moaned about homework, left important essays to the last minute, made plans with Stiles to prevent you all from getting killed, snuck out in the middle of the night to meet your boyfriend and worried about pointless things like your favourite show ending (Because Same). You were even invited to one of the biggest parties of the year, including the rest of the pack. Maybe things were starting to look up for you after all.

“Allison, Scott, Y/n!, come on we’re leaving!” Stiles shouted from downstairs. The two of you were trying to help him after he accidently split his jeans (long story). “One second” Scott shouted, followed by a wince after Allison accidently pricked his skin. “My arm is getting tired, hurry up” you whined, you had to hold him up while Allison sewed his jeans. “Guys come on, we’ll be late if there’s traffic!” Stiles shouted up again, obviously getting restless. “Go and start the engine then” Allison shouted in frustration, finding the task more difficult than it should have been. “What’s taking so long?” Lydia asked as she swung open Scott’s bedroom door. “Forget I asked” she added, slowly backing out of the room. “I’m just sewing his jeans and Y/n is holding him up” Allison let out a giggle after realising how weird it must have looked. “You do know you could of taken the jeans off and then sewed them?” Lydia shook her head. The three of you sighed at the same time and you and Allison stood back up. “That would of been a lot easier” you confirmed with a head nod. Lydia shook her head again and laughed, before gesturing for you all to hurry up. When you all got into the jeep, Stiles was staring at you all in hopes of some sort of apology for keeping him waiting. You all simply ignored it, you ruffled his hair and Scott punched him playfully in the arm. “I’m glad you came Y/n” Stiles smiled at you through the wing mirror. “I always come to parties?” you smiled but with a questioning look. “You never come to parties without Derek” Scott agreed. “Well, sometimes you just got to live it up- any day could be your last” you mumbled the last part. Allison shot a quizzical look from next to you, but brushed it off after you began singing happily to the radio a few seconds later.

You hadn’t been at the party for more than an hour when you started getting chest pain, you tried to convince yourself it was just heartburn from the vodka shots, but you knew different. You stumbled into the bathroom and began doing the breathing exercises your doctor taught you, but they didn’t seem to be working. You reached in your pocket to call Derek but the numbers in your phone became blurred. You felt light headed until you finally passed out and hit your head on the tiled floor. It was no longer than five minutes before Lydia found you and called the others for help. Scott and Stiles carried you into the kitchen as Allison swiped everything off the counter top. They placed you down and began to panic, after all they had no idea what you were actually dealing with. “Call an ambulance and you, call Derek” Allison began to order, as her Argent medical training kicked in. “What should I do?” Lydia asked, desperate to help. “Get a wet cloth and hold it on her head where she’s bleeding” she said quickly. She checked your pulse and her eyes widened. “Scott, Scott she’s not breathing” Allison panicked. “Please hurry she isn’t breathing” Scott repeated as he ended the 911 call. “Y/n wake up” “Y/n hold on, an ambulance will be here soon” “Does anyone no CPR?” “Come on Y/n, wake up!”.

“Hey, hey” the figure spoke softly as you sat up. “Am I at the hospital?” you asked, as your eyes began to adjust to the harsh light. “Yeah, you stopped breathing” he said, not wanting to confuse you by giving you every detail. “Do they know?” you asked. “Scott overheard the doctors debriefing one another, I had to tell them. They had a feeling something was up anyway” he explained, not sure how you would react. “Oh” you simply said. “They’re speaking to Mellissa at the reception, do you want me to bring them in?” he asked, understanding that you needed your friends. “I’m going to die, aren’t I?” you sighed. “No and don’t think like that” he linked his hand with yours to soothe you. You took a deep breath, feeling a tight pain in your chest. You then saw the veins in Derek’s hand turn black as he took your pain away. “I’m scared” you admitted. “I wont let anything happen to you, none of us will. If it came to it we’d do something” he reassured. “I love you” you cupped his cheek with your hand. “I love you too” he reached over and kissed you sweetly on your forehead. It was warming to know that you were the only one to make broody Derek smile and ne the sweet person he really is. “I’m scared that you’ll get tired of having to deal with my medical issue all the time, what if you find someone that’s fit and healthy, that keeps you far away from hospitals all the time? The same ones that I drag you in to every other week” you rambled. “I’m never leaving you, don’t stress baby” he smiled gently. “I hope that’s true” you smiled weakly but genuinely in return.

A While Later

Your health only seemed to be getting better, until it wasn’t. A few weeks after your birthday you got sick again and things took a turn for the worst. You almost died, you would have died. But here you are, alive and well, happily strolling around Beacon Hills at 10am (a habit you gained recently). You heard a twig snap from behind you. You turned around, your eyes glowing gold and a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth. You ran and jumped, and they caught you. “I see someone’s wolf instincts have kicked in” he laughed. You let out a small growl, followed by your familiar laugh. You then pressed your lips to Derek’s and ruffled his hair, before you quickly pinned him to the ground. “Rule number one, never get distracted” you teased, mocking the werewolf training he had been giving you. “Rule number 2, look for their weak spot” he said, kicking you in the back of the leg, causing you to fall on top of him. “Cheat, you knew about that” you said, noticing his smug smirk. You picked yourself up and offered your hand out and Derek took it, bring himself to also stand up. You pulled him down so you could whisper in his ear, “You forgot rule number three, never trust your opponent”  and with that you pulled him back onto the floor. “Looks like you’re going to be good at this” he groaned from the floor. “I know right” you joked, causing him to trip you up so you fell beside him. “Fancy getting something to eat?” he asked, as you also groaned. “Pizza” you smiled. “Pizza it is” he replied. You gave him a quick kiss, before you both rolled over and stood up. He brushed the leaves off your bum as you linked your arm with his. Your life was finally coming back together and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Or with anyone else.

I think I’m a fan of these optimistic endings, it appears. Requests are closed Unfortunately. Until the next time, see you later loves x

You (fRyder x Reyes)


I sort of feel like I’m cheating with these prompts, because I never go where my poor prompter intended. With that said, this one is for everybody who has left kind notes for me these last few days. You know who you are! 

“You’re pretty.” Reyes says it with a wink, because Sara hates this game.

She sighs. They’re sprawled on the bed in Reyes’ apartment, walled off from Kadara Port’s glaring lights by close-drawn blinds and piled blankets. The hanging light above the bed’s emitting soft illumination, orange-tinted like Govorkam’s rays. Sara wriggles closer against Reyes’ side, pouting like she hopes it will distract him from his teasing.

“Not again,” she groans. “I suck at compliments, Reyes.”

“I hope you don’t mean to imply that you’re running out of nice things to say.” He tries to sound put out, but his grin must give the game away. He rolls onto his side so he can lean over her. She’s wearing a flimsy sweater, but not much else, and Reyes hasn’t been fully dressed since she landed on the planet. “Because I could keep going for days.”

“You’re sweet,” she murmurs. Her fingertips travel slowly up his arm, warm like sunlight cresting the mountains; cold like fire in near-vacuum. “Sometimes.”

Reyes chuckles, ducking his head to kiss her. Her lips are soft, and she mewls quietly when he licks into her mouth. “You’re beautiful,” he breathes.

He’s not sure that she heard him, but he’s not sure that it matters, either. She must feel the way his body changes when he touches her, tight-wound movements turning languid while his heartbeat trends staccato. They’ve been doing this for months now, but she still trembles when the pads of his fingers roam her body; still gulps down shaky breaths when his lips move to the hollow of her throat.

“You’re a good kisser,” she replies. She yelps when Reyes nips gently at her collarbone. “What? Not the compliment you were looking for?”

He soothes her skin with his tongue, warmth sliding down his spine when her breathing gives way to a quiet moan. “You can do better,” he whispers. “You’re right, though. I am an excellent kisser.”

“Mmm.” She wraps her thighs around his hips, sliding one palm over his shoulder to rest lightly on the nape of his neck. “You’re a good shot, too.”

“That hurts,” he growls into her throat. “I’m much better than good.”

The sound makes her shiver in delight, and she tilts her head to the side to urge him towards a new spot below her ear. He won’t give her what she wants, though. He sticks to that same patch of skin he’s been working on already, smirking when she whines in frustration.

“You’re a bastard.” The words come out hushed and fragile; full of weak-limbed longing and breathless want.

“What else?”

He takes mercy on her reddening skin, kissing a spot just below her jaw instead. He can feel her heartbeat thrumming through the artery there. It’s hot. It’s fierce. It’s unsteady.

“You hog the blankets,” she snarls, like she’s trying to deny those tell-tale signs. “You leave the cap off the toothpaste. You’re a terrible cook.”

Reyes really does laugh at that, burying his face in the crook of her shoulder - and after a moment, Sara starts laughing too. But the laughter’s quickly silenced. When Reyes pulls back to look at her, her lips are slightly open. Her pupils are huge.

“Please don’t stop.”

Shit, Sara.” Reyes goes back to her neck, teasing the tender skin with his teeth - just gently, like he’s testing her control - and she hisses fierce approval. “You’re going to be the death of me.”

She’s trembling. “You’re everything,” she whispers - and for a moment, neither of them even breathe.

She’s clinging to him like she’ll never let him go. Reyes’ heartbeat’s no longer staccato. It’s stopped - and he can’t really blame it. He holds her tighter; pulls her closer; pushes down so hard against her they might both break down to space dust. He loves her more than should be possible. He loves her more than a heart like his has room for.

He can’t respond immediately. It’s like his brain’s running at aux-power, but Sara’s watching him with gentle eyes. She’s waiting for an answer.

Reyes kisses her. He’s buying time - and he’s sure that Sara knows it - but she hooks her elbow around his neck anyway, pulling him down until they’re flat against the mattress. Her lips fall open on a breathless sigh: quiet; needy; quavering. Reyes still can’t breathe.

Maybe he doesn’t need to. Maybe he’s just forgotten how.

“You’re all I want.”

He doesn’t say it; he exhales it. He means it, too, and maybe that’s just because Kadara Port’s already his. But he’ll never stop wanting Sara, even when she’s whispering I love you in his ear; even when she’s promising forever amidst his tangled, sweaty sheets.

“I don’t ever want to be away from you,” she murmurs, and it’s like she’s reading his god damn thoughts.

She means it, though. Reyes can tell, because her tight-wound movements turn languid. Her heartbeat trends staccato. He kisses her again, whispering a three-word promise into her lips - but it’s so much more than that. He could be with her forever, and his head would still be spinning circles. The galaxy’s turning on an inescapable truth.

“Me either,” he breathes.

Because Reyes doesn’t want to escape.


Warning: Smut

Being in a long distance relationship sucked, Joe decided.

He and Y/N had been doing long distance for the past six months, and it had been going well, but there were some days that were harder than others. Today was one of those days.
Mostly because she had been teasing him all day long, sending him pictures of different lingerie sets she was trying on, asking which one he liked best.

It was bad enough when she sent pictures to him while they were apart, but she knew that they were seeing each other tonight, for the first time in nearly a month, so it was worse, because Joe was getting a taste of what he would get later.

But he couldn’t do anything about it right now, even though he really wanted to do something about what those pictures were making him feel, because all the boys were round at his place.

“Will you stop texting your girlfriend and pay attention?” Jack threw a pillow over at Joe, who quickly locked his phone, the newest picture Y/N had just sent disappearing, before he looked up at the boys.

“Sorry,” He shrugged, “Just excited.”

“Oh right, she comes back tonight, doesn’t she?” Oli asked.

“Finally, yeah.” Joe nodded, a smile on his face.

“I didn’t know Y/N was coming back tonight!” Caspar said excitedly, “We have to all go out for dinner then! I want to see her!”

There was a loud chorus of agreement, the boys having all missed their female friend, and before Joe could get in a word of protest, it had been decided.

They were all going out as a group.

Internally, Joe groaned. Because that would mean longer before he would be able to get his hands on his girlfriend.

Externally, he smiled, telling his friends that he was sure she’d be excited to see all of them as well.

It was going to be a long night, on top of an already long day.

He knew the moment she stepped foot into the restaurant, even though he hadn’t seen her yet.

He just knew she was there, and Joe turned around in his seat, a smile growing on his lips as his eyes fell on Y/N, still searching the tables for them. As he stood, her eyes met his, and her entire face lit up.

“Hello, love.” Joe greeted her, pulling her into a hug as soon as she was close enough, her arms familiar around him.

“I missed you.” She mumbled against his neck.

“I missed you more.”

“We missed you too!” Caspar announced, forcing the couple apart as the boys stood to greet her as well.

Reluctantly, Joe stepped back, allowing them to get their hello’s and hugs in, although his eyes remained on her the entire time, eyes moving along the familiar curves, being displayed wonderfully by a tight dress. And he knew what was hidden underneath, because of the newest pictures she had sent earlier in the day.

He was ready for dinner to be done already.

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Adopted Chat

Also on AO3
Directly follows “You’re Hot

Marinette looked out at the lightning arcing across the sky and sighed.  Chat was supposed to come by for movies tonight.  His schedule was free now that the Chronologer was no longer at large and everyone was restored to their proper ages.  She’d looked forward to it, not just because she wanted to tease him for being so distracted by her during their earlier surprise visit.

She heard footfalls on the stairs and looked up to see her mother peeking into her room.  "I thought Chat was coming over tonight,“ she said holding out a bowl of popcorn.  "Is the weather too bad?”

Trying to hide her disappointment, Marinette nodded.  "I… don’t think it’s safe for him to run around on roof tops in the rain.  It’s probably slippery.“  There was another flash of lightning.  "And I don’t think I want him getting hit by lightning.”

“I suppose that’s true,” her mother agreed, crossing the room to wrap one arm around her shoulders, sliding the bowl onto the desk.  "And it’s better to have him safe at home than…"

Marinette shook her head.  

“You don’t want him safe?” her mother asked, uncertainty coloring her voice.

“Of course I want him safe,” Marinette said with a snort.  "But his home life… it’s not healthy, Maman.  And I know that if he’s home right now, he’s all alone, in a big emotionally cold house, with no one who cares about him.“

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Let me be your Wonder Woman

Y/N: So, this is a little idea I had in mind for quite some time now and I finally found the time to write it down! Hope you all enjoy!

Plot: Stiles is very busy with research for the pack but you want to have some quality time with him and decide to put on your Wonder Woman costume to distract him a bit.

Warnings: Smut!

When Stiles is determined to find something out, his dedication outgoes everything. Literally everything. He has been sitting on that sofa and studying the bestiary’s pages for hours now without so much as eating something. You have been watching the spectacle patiently but now it’s almost 10 o’clock and those kind of calm and undisturbed times are too rare anyway in this relationship. You want to haves some quality time with him. Right now.

Therefore you slowly make your way from the kitchen table and your laptop to the sofa, sitting down next to him and resting your head on his shoulder. You look up at him expectantly but Stiles’ eyes are glued to the parchment in his hands.

“Stiles, don’t you think it’s time to take a break or something?”, you try weakly, although you actually know your boyfriend too well to believe that this could work. He bites his lower lip and frowns in highest concentration, still without even looking at you

“Sorry, babe, but I really need to identify what that boy is. It’s important”, Stiles mumbles, ignoring your sigh.

“Scott is looking after him, I’m sure it can wait until tomorrow. Nothing will happen in the meantime, Stiles.”

“We don’t know that. The sooner we know what we’re dealing with the better.”

Great. That’s so typical of him, always being concerned about everything. It’s one of the traits you simultaneously love and hate about him. Tonight it’s the second option. Feeling bored and desperate alike you lean back and observe him closely. His profile is just as beautiful as ever. Actually, he looks a lot right now as he did when you met him for the first time in the library: Focused, out of reality, a little bit mysterious. A wave of affection hits you, an urge to be close to him. After all it’s been some time and this would be the perfect occasion if he wasn’t so stubborn. Maybe this calls for radical measures.

You stare at his well-formed lips, his warm brown eyes and his jawline for a moment. That suffices to convince you. In one quick movement you get up from the sofa, press a kiss onto his head and disappear up the stairs. He throws a look after you but that’s it.

It takes you some time to find it in your wardrobe. You bought it in a daring mood and always told yourself that you’d use it someday, maybe on Valentines’ Day, but you never had the courage or confidence. Tonight it seems to be the right cause, though.

You walk into your bathroom and get changed, swallowing your doubt. There’s no way Stiles won’t like this. He’ll be crazy about it. His girlfriend in a Wonder Woman costume? He even told you once that he had a dream like that. So you change into nicer panties, toss your bra away and slip into the red and blue combination of corsage and skirt. Then you look at yourself in the mirror and take a deep breath, ruffling through your hair to make it appear messier. You look nice. You wouldn’t necessarily go to a Halloween party like that but you also don’t feel totally stupid. And you are really looking forward to see Stiles’ expression when you stand in front of him dressed like that.

You walk return downstairs very slowly, reconsidering your decision with every step and not stopping nevertheless. As you carefully look around the corner you discover that he hasn’t moved. No surprise there. Alright. Show time. If you want to impress him, you have to own this costume, therefore you straighten your shoulders, put on a cheeky smile and flounce towards him with clicking heels.

You position yourself right in front of Stiles and the table, hands on your hips and staring right at him. He is so focused that he doesn’t even notice you are back.

“Stiles, stop this now”, you demand, putting as much confidence into your voice as possible.

Stiles rubs over his forehead with his thumb, sighs and looks up shortly, mumbling: “Y/N, please, this is…woah.”

You are quite satisfied as he finally let’s go of the paper in his hand and his eyes linger on you instead of those cryptic notes. His mouth forms a little o and his eyes widen while he examines you. It’s shock but the positive kind of shock. The one that flatters every girl.

“Y/N what…I mean what are you…I”, he stutters, following you with his eyes as you approach him with a little grin on your lips until he gets out a simple word: “Why?”

“Well, somehow I have to distract you, right? Thought you might like this”, you tease him before you sit down on his lap and softly press him against the back of the sofa. Stiles exhales a little too loudly which makes you chuckle. His gaze is locked with yours but his hands inconspicuously wander up to your thighs and grab them, showing you that you have his full attention now. You should be used to his touches by now but your skin still shivers where his thumbs brush over it.

“I do. God, this is the hottest thing I have ever seen”, Stiles admits weakly. His reaction is adorable. So adorable that you forgive all this ignoring beforehand.

You determinedly cup his face and kiss him. At first very soft and loving, then more passionate und heated until you open your lips with a sigh and let your tongues intertwine. His grab on your thighs becomes a little stronger. As usually when you make out with him, you forget everything around you except for the two of you. Your pulse rises and your body heats up just like his. You press yourself against him, desperate to be even closer to him, every single cell in your body drawing you to him as if your bodies belong together. By now you can also feel his erection between your legs. Well, your plan definitely worked. It makes you confident enough to grab his shirt and pull it over his head.

After a while your lips leave his and search for other parts of his torso to kiss. You trail a line from the corners of his mouth to his jawline and further down to his neck where you start to softly suck on his skin. You hear him inhaling sharply, feel how he leans his head back to give you better access and climb a little higher on his lap to reach him more comfortably. Your name drops from his lips but not in a fashion that would make you stop but in a hush that encourages you to continue. By now your heart beats against your chest and you hunger for him badly.

He seems to feel the same way. His hands that rested on your thighs up to this moment slowly leave their position, softly stroke over your butt, giving you goosebumps with this simple touch and wandering further upwards over your stomach and your rips until they reach your breasts. You stop kissing him as you feel his fingers through the thin fabric of your costume and a wave of pleasure drives through your body.

Stiles cups your breasts, massages them softly and presses a kiss onto your lips, silencing the moan that threatened to escape them. Then his thumbs rub over your nipples and you push out a long sigh while you shiver slightly. You can feel how you grow wetter while anticipation and pleasure dripple through your veins and your whole body tenses, aching back.

He continues the procedure for a moment, obviously enjoying how he makes you feel, before he softly grabs your shoulders and pulls you down on your back. You run your fingers through his already messy hair while he looks at you for a second with a bright smile on his lips. Stiles positions his elbows to your side and leans down to whisper into your ear: “I love you. I love you so much, it’s driving me crazy.”

Joy bubbles up in your stomach like warm liquid as always when he says those precious three words to you. He runs a finger over your smiling lips and presses a long kiss onto your forehead, then returns to your mouth.

You moan softly as he spreads kisses on your cheeks, jawline and your collarbone. His hot breath brushes your skin and his hair tingles your chin. You put your hands on his back and enjoy his treatment quite some time while you feel his muscles working. With every kiss you want him more until you almost can’t take it any longer. You need to be closer to him.

So you quickly grab his side and pull him over, changing positions to be on top again. Stiles breathlessly blinks up at you in astonishment and you grin back.

“Quite dominant today, huh?”, he jokes.

“I’m an Amazon after all, babe”, you remind him before you slowly, teasingly open the zipper of the costume and pull it over your head. Now you are naked except for your panties and his gaze wanders over your body adoringly and as amazed as the first time he was allowed to undress you. He heaves himself up so that you are looking right at each other. You lose yourself in his warm brown eyes for a second, at least until his fingers stroke your nipples once again and you close your own while pleasure overcomes you.

You push out soft sighs as he works on your breasts with both hands and sucks on the skin of your neck with his lips at the same time. Your anticipation rises into oblivion and you just want him to never stop. Then he lets one hand wander over your stomach back to your thigh and replaces it with his mouth, kissing and sucking your nipple tenderly. A loud moan escapes your lips, your heart flutters like a hummingbird and you are so very gone by now.

At one point you hunger for him so bad that you just grab his hair and cautiously pull his head further down while leaning back against the sofa. Stiles chuckles, a sound that turns you on even more.

“Someone is quite needy today”, he states hoarsely and you can hear the pride in his voice, the enthusiasm that he is the one making you feel like this. You aren’t really able to answer him anymore, at least not in full sentences.

He pulls your panties down quickly, kisses your inner thighs until you suddenly feel his finger enter you carefully. You groan and he pulls it in and out a couple of times before he grabs your hips and presses his lips onto your core.

“Oh God”, you exclaim as he starts to circle it with his tongue, slowly and teasingly, driving you into oblivion. You forget to breathe, you forget to think, you forget reality. The only thing you realize is how his tongue treats you and how you come closer to your edge with every lick. “Oh Stiles”, you sigh, encouraging him to move even faster.

As you come and the waves of satisfaction wash over you, you moan heavily and your body relaxes almost momentarily. You are breathing hard, palms and forehead sweaty and eyes flickering open as Stiles crawls back up to you with a cheeky smile on his lips. He strokes your hair out of your face and looks at you intensely. His gaze is afire.

“Just give me a sec”, you mumble, making him laugh. You catch your breath for a moment until you’re sure that you’re ready to go on. He deserves his satisfaction too, that much is clear. And you’re not done yet.

You change positions again but instead of sitting on his lap, you cover his torso in kisses and watch how he leans back and closes his eyes. You let your fingertips run over his breast and stomach until they reach his buckle. It only takes you seconds to pull his jeans from his legs, Stiles kicking it onto the floor. Afterwards you do the same with his boxers and you take in a deep breath.

You climb him carefully, sitting down on him slowly and hearing him groan as he enters you. You are immediately in the same, perfect rhythm. His hands rest on your hips and he pulls and pushes softly while you ride him. He says your name several times and you take that as motivation and approval. You hear the sofa squeak every time you push him against the back. Once again your anticipation builds up, the lust pumps through your blood and the air is pushed out of your lungs. This time you both tumble over the edge at the same time and you hear Stiles exhale sharply before your bodies become still.

A few heartbeats pass without any one of you moving. Then you roll off of him and lean back against the sofa next to him. It doesn’t take him long to put an arm around your shoulder, lie down with you and pull the blanket over both of you, wrapping you in comfortable warmth. You quite voluntarily play the part of the little spoon and smile softly as he takes your hands in his and presses a kiss onto them.

“I love you, Stiles”, you mumble.

“I love you too, my little Wonder Woman.”

Benjamin having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaaww Ben :) Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him realizing he gets shy and nervous when you’re around and understanding that it’s because he has feelings for you

-Him becoming clumsy with his training with Morgan when you would walk pass and smile at him, earning him a playful tap on the head from his teacher

-Him getting excited to go watch a movie, only to get nervous the instant he sees you in the theatre and even more when you’d invite him over to sit next to him

-Him finding himself enjoying to look at you, even during a movie, only to get caught by you as he’s slow to look away

-Him checking out what you picked out at the cafeteria, only to take the same thing and have the courage to start a conversation with you

-Him practicing some casual conversations in front of a mirror just to imagine that it’s you and to be more confident

-Him going blank when you would catch him off guard and ask him something, making you have to “wake” him up

-Him rushing to offer you help when you seem to need it and spending some time alone with you

-Him hoping that you’re looking his way when he works out, only to once again be distracted as he keeps checking if you are looking

-Him being tease by Jerry for his obvious feelings for you, only to deny it when you’re around but admit it quietly when you aren’t

sailuros  asked:

Ieyasu with Tip of Toe please, just to max out the difficulty level hehehe. If not the waist would be lovely too! Please and thank you!

Anonymous: You’re amazing! Would love to see what you can do with Ieyasu and “tip of the toe”~

  • Ieyasu + Tip of the Toe (worship/idolise)

It comes out like a snake, slithering past his lips and coiling itself around her chest. She won’t look at him for fear of giving too much away, but if he only knew what his voice did to her, chest pounding, the Archer of Tokai would not be giving her that particular look.

“Will you stop doing that?”

“Doing what?” she asks. And she really won’t be doing anything, perched as she is on the porch near his bedroom, legs swinging, his warmth close enough to set her alight.

“Do you think this is funny? Stop right this instant.”

His scowl sets her mind aflame. She doesn’t stop thinking just how delicious it would be to kiss that face of his. With no warning. To sling her arms around his neck and press herself into that chest. How irritated he would be as her fingers grope inside to feel the skin that binds his heart away.

“Kitchen wench.” His hand shoots out, and she’s betting it will land near her face, or grasp at her arms, but it flies so off course and seizes her thigh, squeezing hard, that her body will shoot fireworks out of her brain for the sudden sizzle it elicits.

“I will only tell you one more time. Stop it.”


“Milord, perchance you’re distracted?”

And she won’t be able to stop teasing him. She puts a brake on her legs, and they slowly settle into a slight swaying, the motion soft enough to set her sandal bobbing up and down. With each back and forth, her kimono slides up revealing the most tantalising bit of skin; a roadmap of sin from her ankles up and up and up into the unknown.

She knows how it must look — absurdly distracting in that orderly mind of his — and the knowledge thrills her.

How dare you.” But it comes out too soft, too choked, too breathy.

“Forgive me.” She doesn’t mean a single word, not when her sandal goes flying off, arching not too far away into the garden against a spot of sunlight. In a movement that sends her pulse careening off a cliff she lifts her foot and settles it in his lap, gazing at him through lashes at once provocative and unrestrained.

Oh, she feels the storm. It won’t be coming from the sky, but billowing at her side. Electricity sparks off him, and she sees how he fights with himself. She can’t tell if he’s furious or aroused. Or furiously aroused. Her toes will curl in anticipation either way.

He lets her have it, that’s for sure, ranting and raving like the child she’s so fond of, but it will escape him how her smile curves just a little higher, the amusement rolling into a wave before it bursts out of her in clipped tones, loud and giddy.

“You’ve gone and done it now. I will have your head.”

Her back arches in delight and she struggles for words. “You’d— Milord, you’d— You’d make a better case of it if you weren’t so— distracted!”

And he’ll look down and almost gag for how his hand has moved from her thigh to her feet, fingers clasped around the pesky appendage and sending tickles all over. He looks so much like a lost deer she doubles over, almost sending herself off the platform if not for his tight grasp around her toes.

Shut up.” 

She won’t. “Give us a kiss, milord, and I won’t mention this to Tadatsugu.” 

For all the huffing and puffing, and for all the good it does him to glare at her, he will surprise her because she means a kiss on her lips, not the one he plants on her toes, soft and achingly warm, hair tickling the space of skin between her ankle and the edge of her kimono. It shuts her up immediately, and a longing so fierce contracts in her gut. 

His look is hell itself. “If you mention this to anyone, dung beetle, I will–”

“–kill me, right?” 

And she won’t feel the pinch at her feet because her head will be rolling so far into the clouds he’ll have to reach up and bring her down himself. 


It was all of the little things he did. 

The way he smiled at you when you walked in the room.

The way he was always genuinely focused on what you were saying.

The way his hand gently touched your back or your palm when he walked by.

That he never made you feel less important.

Not like his brother Kahmunrah. A man who was vicious and spoiled. A man who made you feel like a intruder with a single glance. A man that treated you like his property. And a man you were betrothed to. 

When you had been told about your father decision you hadn’t thought of it that much. You had known if you would have you would have questioned your father’s will and it was not something welcomed. Besides who wouldn’t want to be a wife of future ruler of Egypt. Right?

So it all went the way it had been planed. You had met Kahmunrah once before it had been decided that you would live in the palace for three months before the wedding.

You had spent there one month and it was enough.

Enough for you to question your father’s will and enough for you to let Ahkmenrah to your heart. 

And little did you know he let you to his.


You knew how you should behave around the royal family, you realised you weren’t that important. And you definitely knew how to behave around Ahkmenrah. You knew not to react when you caught his gaze, you knew how to calm down quickly after he touched you, you knew when to bow even though he asked you to not do that. You knew what you should and shouldn’t do. Until one night you forgot.

I’m here my king’ you announced walking into the wing of the palace that contained Ahkmenrah’s rooms and immediately bowing. You looked up when you didn’t hear any response. 

The hall was empty illuminated only by golden candlesticks that painted moving shadows on the floor. Air smelled like Ahkmenrah. It was cozy and made you feel safe bringing sweet smile on your face.

 ‘My king?’ you repeated and moved forward towards one of the massive doors on the wall in front of you. They were slightly opened what made hearing footsteps from behind them easier. 

You slightly pushed them walking into what seemed to be bedroom. You clearly heard someone inside so you closed the doors behind yourself and walked further. ‘Kahmunrah? I’m h-’

Yes?’ you heard soft voice that immediately made your heart skip a beat.

My ki-’ you exclaimed but when he sent you a playful glare you smiled ‘I mean Ahkmenrah’

‘My brother is gone’ Ahkmenrah said putting down his towel. Only then you noticed that upper part of his body was completely bare ‘I believe that’s why you came here right?’ he sent you a small smile and walked closer to you.

Yes. He told me he wanted to talk with me and that he will be waiting in your apartments ’ you swallowed hard moving part of your hair behind your ear. You felt a heat wave hitting you making your palms sweat lightly.

I know. He wanted to tell me about….the wedding’ he cleared his throat looking down at his hands, a small frown appeared on his face before he pulled a fake smile and looked at you ‘He didn’t remember every single detail about ceremony so he needed your help but we managed’ he said clasping his hands behind his back. 

I’m sorry that I wasn’t here but I’d heard…’

‘Oh no no! It’s not your fault. He came earlier and left after literally a minute or two. It wasn’t anything important. He said that if you come here I should tell you to come back to your chambers’ Ahkmenrah smiled. 

So I guess I should go then’  you turned slowly but immediately looked back at Ahkmenrah when you heard his voice.

Maybe I should tell you what he told me’ he said stuttering slightly walking even closer to you ‘You know…It might be…You probably know all of it but I can summarize and…’ Ahk said swering at the end. That connected with his bashful gaze and small smile made you giggle a little bit.

You crossed your hands over your chest ‘I’m all ears then’ 

Ceremony will be in the great hall’ Ahkmenrah said ‘There will be tons of lilies’

You nodded smiling. ‘Anything else?’

‘I will be standing on your side so people, here I quote, will not be distracted by my childish manners’ he added his smile growing when he heard your soft laughter. 

So you won’t distract them from me?’ you teased walking closer to him ‘You know I’m the star of the evening’ 

No one could lose focus on you’ Ahkmenrah breathed out and just then you noticed how close he was to you. Your chests could touch if both of you took deep breaths.  ‘You simply glow’ one corner of his lips went higher as his green eyes wandered between your mouth and eyes and before you could say a word you felt his lips on yours. It shocked you but what shocked you even more was how quickly you responded. Just then the whole shock left your body replaced by sudden bliss. Your eyes fluttered closed when you deepened the kiss. 

His lips were moving softly while his hand roamed your back bringing you as close to him as possible. He tasted the way you always imagined him like. He was warm and soft under your fingertips that touched his firm shoulders. 

When you realised what was happening you pushed Ahkmenrah away, both your chest heaving and eyes wide. Your trembling hand touched your lips before it went down and turned into a fist.

I-I…I should go’ you said and quickly headed towards the door.

I know it’s wrong’ Ahk’s voice echoed in his chamber making you stop before you reached for the knob ‘I do know but…I don’t care’ 

You turned around swallowing hard. What you just had done was so wrong and could put you in literally a deadly danger but for some reason you couldn’t care more. No if it felt so right.

Gods I know that we shouldn’t’ Ahk said slowly walking closer to you like he was scared that you would run away if he moved to fast. ‘I know about our fathers’ decision but…’ he finally reached you looking down at you, his hand softly caressed your cheek ‘What you do to me’ he whispered looking at you like you were the piece of art he couldn’t stop admiring. He felt intoxicated by you, addicted. 

He doesn’t deserve you’ Ahkmenrah said ‘He doesn’t treat you the way you should be treated, he doesn’t care enough of you, he doesn’t want to spend every minute with you while it’s all I can think about’ he moved his face closer to yours. ‘All I think are your eyes’ he placed butterfly kisses on both your eyelids earning a quiet giggle from you that only caused his smile to grow ‘Your cheeks’ another two kisses ‘your lips’ his mouth hovered above your, his warm breath washing over your soft flesh ‘If you don’t want that just tell me. I won’t force you to do anything I’m not my brother’ he said waiting and giving you a chance to leave him or just move those few millimeters more in his direction. 

I love you Ahkmenrah’ your words were barely audible but were enough for the young man in front of you to hear.

And I love you’ he said, the biggest smile graced his face. The smile that was still there when you connected your lips and moved your hands to  the back of his neck as he caged you within his arms.

Stay the night’ Ahk said between kisses ‘Please’ one of his hands wandered to your hair tangling them and bringing your face even closer.

Of course’ you said and laughed a little bit when Ahk bent down and put his hands behind your thighs raising you up and carrying you to his bed.

requested by anonymous

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Count Down - Peter Parker x Reader

Soulmate AU request by anon. - I’ve never done one of these before so meh.

Originally posted by captain-pizzamaster

All the numbers were zero except the little 3. Three minutes. And now two. Two and 50 seconds.

That was all you had to wait to meet them. 

You got off the bus, starting the rest of the walk through New York until you reached home. Heart pounding in yours ears, hands warm, clenched in your pockets. Your music pattering in your ears in a pitiful attempt to calm you down. 

How long now? You daren’t look.

Peter’s said Forty. Forty seconds, Forty breaths, less with every moment. He glanced around nervously, sitting on the park bench, looking at everyone. How long until he met her - or he. You could never tell really.

There didn’t seem to be anyone anywhere. Panic rose. Then he saw them. Hands in pockets, earbuds in, not focused. Thirty seconds. 

He saw the car, boy racers, tearing around the side street corner, not caring for anyone else, barely caring for themselves.

Peter ran. 

Feet skipping, mind racing. What if he died saving this oblivious person and never met his soulmate? What if the timer on his wrist never reached zero? What if the driver of the car was somehow his soulmate?

And then he realised. 

“Oh shit.”

You glanced down at your wrist, wondering how long you had left until you met them. What they’d be like, how you’d know it was them…

A screaming horn jerked your gaze up, a car tearing down the rarely busy sideroad. You opened your lips to scream, your eyes closing in shock, knowing you’d become a tragic story. 

Then the whoosh of air, grip on your shoulder, on your chest, jerked away. Arms around you, the car screaming past you, curses yelled.

Your breath came back to you as you opened your eyes, face buried against his chest.

“Oh god.” You gasped, “Oh god, oh god, oh god. I’m such an idiot.” 

You glanced down at your wrist, wondering.



You glanced up, the boy with floppy brown hair, puppy dog grin. He held his wrist up. 


Your hand flew to your mouth, holding him tightly, shaking.

“Hi.” You whispered and he laughed slightly. A beautiful, contagious laugh.

“I’m Peter.” 

“I’m (Y/n).” You smiled.

He laughed again, looking down. “I don’t really know what to say. Except well, you are really really pretty.”

You laughed, shaking your head.

“You know you don’t exactly need to win me over.”

“Sorry I- I was just being honest.” He stammered.

“Oh! Sorry. I just-” You laughed, glancing away. “I’m sorry I was just so stressed about this and now… I don’t know what we do.”

Peter bit his lip, his hand squeezing yours. “Hey, it’s okay. I mean, I’m sorry you nearly died and everything. I guess even without knowing me I’m just that distracting.”

“Hey!” You teased, playfully hitting him. 

He chuckled, “For what it’s worth, I’m really glad you’re my soulmate.”

“You don’t even know me.” Laughing, again.

“Then let me.” He whispered.

You leaned up, kissing him gently on the cheek, just touching the corner of his lips.

“Okay then,” You whispered, “What do you want to know?”

(I actually really liked how this turned out…)

Guitars and Scarred Hearts 5/?

A CS Rockstar!Killian AU

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“Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit!”  

Emma scrambled to get herself back to rights in order to help Henry. The sundress she’d stripped off was tossed five feet away and even in the dim light, she could see it was inside out. Killian was holding up one half of her bikini sideways, clearly trying to determine whether it was the top or bottom. As another heave and telltale splatter came from the rear of the boat, he all but threw them at her, quickly doing up the three bottom buttons on his shirt and stuffing the tails down into his boxers, jostling his hand a little to try and clean himself off. 

“Swan, I’ll go see to Henry.” He was already on his feet, moving away from her. “You take a moment.” 

“Killian you don’t have to-“ Cursing under her breath, Emma found the two halves of her bikini and made quick work of tying the bottoms back on, stretching to reach the last piece of discarded clothing as she heard him speak to Henry.

“Come on. We’ll hit the head and see if there’s anything left in that stomach.” 

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Cookie Dough Proposal - Dylan Larkin imagine

So it was a rainy day when I wrote this and I thought it’d be a cute proposal idea especially for girls who don’t like anything super flashy or showy. So enjoy!


I stood in our kitchen mixing the cookie dough. Dylan was in the living room playing Xbox with our dog laying around him. It had been raining all day in Michigan and it showed no signs of stopping as the sky grey darker and the rain came heavier. There was a crack of thunder and I jumped a little.

“Dylan!” I yelled nervous.

It was my first response when I got scared. When I was little I would yelled for my mom but now I had Dylan.

“It’s just thunder, babe.” He said from the couch.

Our dog walked into the kitchen and sat next to me. He looked up at me with a type of “don’t worry” look in his blue eyes.

“Well at least one man in this house will protect me from the storm.” I said loudly, making sure Dylan heard me.

I watched him pause his game before jogging into the kitchen. He smiled at me.

“No offense to him but I think I’ll be better at protecting you.” Dylan joked.

I smiled as I put the cookie dough balls on a baking sheet.

“You want help with that?” Dylan asked.

I shrugged.

“If you want, wouldn’t want to distract you from your Xbox game.” I teased him.

“You’re not going to distract me from my Xbox game.” He laughed as he walked around the counter.

“My Xbox game distracts me from you.” He added.

I shook my head at his comment as he bumped arms with me. We stood together putting the cookie dough on the baking sheet. He had control of the spoon as I used my hands to roll the dough in balls. I watched him take a big chunks of cookie dough from the bowl and eat it. He ate more of the dough than he was putting on the pan.

“Dylan!” I laughed.

He looked at me and smiled.

“What?” He laughed as his face turned red.

“You can’t eat all the dough! We won’t have any cookies.” I told him.

He shrugged.

“I mean they’re going to get eaten either way.” He said.

I shook my head and laughed a little bit. He put the first batch of cookies in the oven for me then his favorite song came on the iPhone in the kitchen.

“Ooh, I like this song.” He smiled.

He turned up the speaker and let the music fill our house. He winked at me as he danced like someone’s dad at a barbecue and I rolled my eyes at him. He made me laugh a little which his goofy moves but I loved watching him. He swayed his hips and eventually bumped into me a couple times.

“Come on, babe.” He smiled taking one of my hands.

“We need to finish this.” I said pointing to the unbaked cookies.

“Dance with me, babe.” He pleaded.

“What about the ones in the oven?” I questioned.

“If they burn, they’ll burn.” He smiled wrapping an arm around my waist.

I gave in and started to dance with him. We danced around the kitchen to his song, twirling and getting closer. When his song ended my favorite Etta James song came on. It was a slower song, so Dylan changed the pace.

“We could dance to this song at our wedding.” He said out of the blue.

I laughed a little at the idea.

“We’re not even engaged yet.” I reminded him.

He shrugged before spinning me around. My back was against his chest now as he wrapped his arms around me and we rocked side to side.

“We could be.” He said.

I smiled and leaned my head back on his shoulder. He kissed my cheek and I intertwined my hand with his that rested on my stomach.

“You want to?” I asked.

He nodded.

This wasn’t the first time we had talked about getting married, but I felt like this time he was actually going to propose.

“Do you?” He asked me.

I turned around and holding both his hands in mine now. I smiled at the idea.

“Is that a yes?” He asked again

“Yes, of course I do.” I replied.

He smiled and knelt down on one knee, grabbing some cookie dough off the counter as a pretend ring. I started laughing.

“(Y/N), will you marry me?” He asked seriously.

“Yes.” I said still laughing at my cookie dough “ring.”

He laughed with me now as he stood up.

“You want it?” He asked holding the cookie dough between us.

I shook my head.

“I’d prefer something less perishable.” I told him.

“We can go ring shopping later.” He said.

I nodded and stood on my toes to kiss him. I still couldn’t believe that Dylan just proposed in our kitchen with cookie dough. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it.

The Contest - Chapter 3

As you and the rest of The Avengers test your willpower in an unusual challenge, your attempts to remain Master of your Domain are complicated when James “Bucky” Barnes makes you his mission.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Chapter 3 continues with the slow, slow build, Smut to come, Fluff for now, Swearing, Flirting, Sexual tension, Teasing, DirtyTalk, Touching, Groping, Fingering, Language, NSFW, Man Bun, Sweat, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 4,127

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A/N: To everyone who sent me messages, feedback and requests to be tagged after Chapters 1 & 2 - THANK YOU AND SORRY THIS ONE TOOK SO LONG!

This chapter originally had two parts but this one got out of hand. I’m a bit nervous about this one, hope you like it! I also hope I remembered to tag everyone. Apologies if I’ve forgotten you, just send me a note if you’d like to be tagged.

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Chapter 3: The One With The Mats

As the week progresses, the effects of the contest start to wear heavily on the team.

There were plenty of cold showers, long sessions in the compound gym to work out mounting frustrations and on some days, outright avoidance of the other team members – especially those watching the play from the sidelines.

Thor and Tony, still smarting from their early exits, had decided that it would be fun to form an alliance with the sole purpose of tormenting the remaining contestants.

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