and distance leaves a bitter taste


This was requested sometime back. I’m not too thrilled with it, but it wasn’t going to get much better than this. I had something else written, but decided to write about something I had personal experience with instead. Thank you all for your patience and for reading!

        The blaring horn sound of Shawn’s alarm echoed through the bus, letting me know that it was seven in the morning. I didn’t move, continuing to stare at the ceiling of the back room which I had been doing for the past two hours. I was exhausted, mentally and physically, yet sleep seemed content with skipping over me the last three nights. It was my first-time visiting Shawn on tour and from night one, it was a disaster.

           I had been sick before I’d even arrived. I had a cough that just wouldn’t go away and it peaked the second day I was here. Shawn took me to Urgent Care without hesitation as I was wheezing and could hardly breathe. After a chest x-ray, it was confirmed that I had a mild case of Walking Pneumonia. I was given a breathing treatment, steroids, antibiotics, an inhaler, and extremely potent cough syrup and sent on my way.

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  • Some guy: did it hurt when you fell from Heaven ;)
  • Me, staring into the distance: yes, a lot, it was one of the hardest thing in existence without a doubt, I lost everything, the one thing I regret the most though is to never have gotten any real closure with my brothers, and I do not believe it was anywhere near fair on my side, and it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth to talk about it, but if I had to do it all over again I would without any hesitation...
  • Guy: ok wtf
Saving Throw


Rating: T

Summary: Ford struggles with his mistakes, what ifs and what could have beens. But luckily he has someone to remind him that accidents happen and things work out in the end. (Set around D,D&MD)

AN: Present for @lockholmes​. It took me a while but it’s finally here ^o^ I hope you like it ♥

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hey, that’s no way to say goodbye (lucas/maya)

can i just like,, apologize in advance for this. it made me sad too. but oh well, hope you dig. also listen to this song!! lianne la havas’ version is amazing but leonard cohen is a god so do what you want! okay sorry.

summary: “so let’s not talk of love or chains and things we can’t untie. your eyes are soft with sorrow. hey, that’s no way to say goodbye.” or lucas, after maya, remembering everything that came before.

word count: 1509

The hardest thing was waking up without her, Lucas thought. Her sleepy eyes blinked open, slowly and she smiled, drowsily, wrinkled her nose at him. She laughed and made fun of him for watching him. He would lean over and kiss her, and her lips would come to life against his. It would start as lazy, little pecks and then grow deeper, so deep that he thought they might sink into each other. And then she’d pull away and fall back onto the pillow and with sleep still in them, she smiled with her eyes again, and everything would be quiet and still and perfect for a moment.

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Not Like The Others//Jackson Wang

Originally posted by jacksonscarol

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Summary: You weren’t sure what you had with Jackson was real or not.

Author’s Note: I’m so happy I’m doing requests, and getting requests for the lovely Jackson! Enjoy the read~

xoxo Sara

You had fallen for him. You had no idea how, no idea when, but you fell for him hard. But, did he feel the same for you?

You sat at the table in the coffee shop, continuously checking your watch to see if any time had gone by since you had last checked it, or if you were just checking it every second because of the fact that he was already late.

Figures, you sighed, leaning your cheek on your hand as you scrolled through your phone, even just waiting for a simple message from him would do, Late as always.

He had always made you feel special, almost as if you were the only girl in the world. There had been times where he had made you feel comfortable, even in the most awkward situations. There were times alone, where he would slightly overstep the boundary of friendship; holding your hand, pulling you by your waist, giving you soft pecks on the forehead, and all of these things never failed to make your heart flutter. But, you weren’t sure if you were the only girl he was doing this for.

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Reversal - A Chanyeol One Shot

Originally posted by scartic

A/N: I don’t know why but I feel like it isn’t one of my best works. Hope you enjoy it none the less. The beginning is similar to alternate version but it changes later on.


Type: A Chanyeol One Shot/ Exo Fanfiction

This is an Alternate version of Possessive - A Kai One Shot. It isn’t necessary to read the Kai version to understand this one.

Sypnosis: A painful act of your boyfriend leaves you in tears and you find comfort in the arms of your ex, Chanyeol.

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Word count: 2300

Genre: Angst, Fluff. 

Warning: Language

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This lesbian shit is intense.

Adena was asleep.

Kat knows because she had kissed her slowly and softly until her eyes fluttered shut and her breath evened out.
A couple hours passed since Kat had last seen those beautiful brown eyes but it was worth it to see Adena’s face completely relaxed with a small content smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

For the first couple of minutes Kat felt like a creep but that feeling was short lived once she realized that Adena must know how irresistibly beautiful she is and Kat couldn’t be held responsible for wanting to spend hours staring at her face.

It’s more relaxing than she would have imagined it would be, lying down inches away from Adena’s face, in Adena’s bed surrounded by Adena’s things.

There is a piece of Adena in every corner of the room and Kat spent the last two hours imagining the stories behind every picture and souvenir. She couldn’t wait to learn more about this complex, incredibly amazing human being.

Kat’s eyes continue to roam the room, occasionally glancing at Adena (just to make sure the smile is still there).

She eventually comes across a picture stuck to the mirror.
In the picture, two women stand wrapped up in each other’s arms ; beaming smiles upon their faces as the sun sets in the distance.

Kat freezes.

She remembered seeing Adena and Coco in the art gallery. They smiled and kissed and looked into each other’s eyes. But not like this.

The love shared between the two women was seen as clearly as the bright red hijab that Adena wore to cover her head.

It was clear in the way Coco’s eyes gazed down at Adena’s lips as if they were all she needed to survive .

And all Kat could think was “ I ruined that. ”


Kat laid there in silence.

A weird mixture of guilt and jealousy leaves a bitter taste in her mouth that no matter how hard she tries swallow she can’t seem to get rid of.


*Phone buzzing in the background*

Kat fantically searched around for her phone to quiet it as soon as possible. She wanted to draw out this moment for as long as she could. She knew it would be difficult to admire Adena’s face while she was awake (without her blushing profusely).

She suddenly remembers that her phone was still trapped in the confines of Adena’s bag after it had been confiscated.
She quickly rushed across the room and reached into the bag pulling out the phone and hastily exiting the room.

Before she could say a sarcastic greeting to either Sutton or Jane ,the only two persons allowed to call her at any time (Kat mentally adds Adena to that list)
A voice on the other line starts talking rapidly:

“ Adena I am so so sorry, I know what I said to you was especially harsh and I know that you would never end what we had for meaningless sex. If I’m being honest with myself I was hurting. I am still hurting, I thought we were forever and when you said otherwise it broke my heart, but I love you too much to hold you back from happiness. You asked me earlier if we could be friends, I’m not sure if I can be your friend right now but with time….“

There were only three instances in recent months that Kat Edison was speechless.

1) When Adena smiles at her
2) When Adena kisses her
3) When she accidentally answered Adena’s phone only to hear Adena’s ex girlfriend with whom Adena just broke up with rant about their failed relationship but still offering well wishes for Adena in her new relationship

Kat Edison is completely stunned and is only able to form one sound.

” uhhhhhhhhhh"

Coco immediately recognizes that it isn’t Adena that she just spilt her feelings to and she too is at a lost for words


Until a thought rushes through her mind

“…you are her??…the woman that Adena has feelings for?” Coco asked tentatively

“….uhh…yeah I mean I think so…. I’m Kat” she responds nervously

“Where is Adena?”


“…I see ” Coco says sadly

“No its not what it seems like we just slept together we didn’t… you know.. have sex”

“You do not need to offer an explanation”

“I know… I just…thought you should know”



The silence is broken by Coco’s quiet sigh before she begins to talk

“ I know Adena doesn’t need anyone to look out for her, she is a very capable, strong, stubborn beautiful woman…. I just ask that you don’t break her heart and always make sure she smiles"

“ I will try my best” Kat promises.

“Good… tell Adena I said I’m sorry for what i said and I wish her all the best”

“I’ll let her know”

“Goodbye Kat”

“Bye Coco”

*they both hang up*


Kat is still staring blankly at the phone when she feels cold hands wrap around her body and warm lips press a single kiss against her neck

“ Why are you standing in the middle of the living room?”, Adena sleepily whispers

“ I thought my phone was ringing but it was yours and I accidentally answered it…”, Kat sheepishly admitted

Adena didn’t seem bothered at all

“ Was it my mother again?”, she asked “Is that why you look so confused, because you couldn’t understand her?”.

“No…no…it was Coco actually”

Adena’s arms dropped from around Kat’s waist. She turned the curly haired girl around to face her and framed her face with both of her hands.

“What did she want?” Adena asked cautiously

“To apologize…and wish you all the best”

“That’s very thoughtful of her”

“It was”

Adena slowly pressed her lips against Kat’s and felt as all the tension left her body.

“Let’s get back to bed” she yawned

Kat couldn’t contain her smile.

“Come on sleepy head, I’m gonna cuddle you until the sun comes up” Kat whispers into Adena’s hair

“Do you promise?”

“I promise”


Hii This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction Lemme know what you think!!! It is super short and mainly focuses on Kat but I’m considering continuing this to other kadena fluff scenes idkkkk

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I know there are a lot of these lol but could you do a hartwin slow dance ficlet?

(for anyone wondering, the song is called Coming Home by Leon Bridges. I recommend listening while reading.)

Baby, baby, babe, I’m coming home to your tender sweet loving. You’re my one and only.

“You want me to what?” “I want you to stop being a little brat and dance with me.” Eggsy has enough retorts in mind, but Harry has his faux-severe expression on, and he does look tempting when he’s got his sleeves rolled up. He pretends to be disgruntled when he takes Harry’s hand and lets himself get pulled to his feet.

The world leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. You’re the only one that I want. I wanna be around.

Harry dances like the old git he is, one hand placed precisely at the small of Eggsy’s back, the other, you guessed it, holding Eggsy’s palm at a ninety degree angle. Even at this respectable distance, Eggsy can smell the gunpowder and sweat on his man.

Baby, how I’d be grieving if you wanted to leave me all alone now, by myself, I don’t want nobody else.

The situation is, mildly put, overwhelming. It’s easy to forget how much larger than him Harry is when he’s sat across from him at a desk. It was impossible to ignore now, how his hand can engulf Eggsy’s, how his shoulders are at the height of Eggsy’s jaw, how he has to bend in order to lean his forehead down on Eggsy’s.

Harry’s shirt gets creased under a tight grip. Neither of them can bring up any tendency to care.

I need you, baby. I need your loving, darling. Wanna hold you close.

The music ends, and there’s but the creaking of the floorboards and Harry’s rhythmic breathing left to lead them. Eggsy feels like history’s most peaceful combustion.

With his eyes closed, he can sense the pattern of breath on his face change, and it signals Harry’s words. 

“You’re a terrible dancer.”

Eggsy doesn’t mind it, because he can hear the smile in Harry’s voice, and because there’s enough time to learn.

He Drives

((A/N: Totally different type of piece. It’s poetry mostly. I don’t hate it and I like the idea of Supernatural poetry with Dean Winchester. It’s my take on a relationship with Dean.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 500 (poem)

Warnings: None ))

He drives.

He drives and I feel myself freed.

Darkness envelopes the road and our world, this two-lane highway our temporary home. He drives and I rest my head on my hand. The window is down and the sharp wind tangles my hair with envy and desire. I feel it pull at me and claw to draw me closer, but I resist. He drives and my entire self is with him.
I can feel the cool of the night nipping gently at my skin, beckoning me into its embrace. I submit with his hand on my denim clad thigh, keeping me both present and elsewhere. He drives and my body is at peace.

His smell mixes with the asphalt, once warm, and the trees and green of the world around. The night livens up this new world and there is leather, oil, and his own unique smell dancing into my world. I’m with him and yet I’m so far away. He keeps me held close. His headlights are all that we have and the stars show us the rest of the way. He drives and I feel my senses comes to life.

In this moment there are no hunts. There are no breaks in our togetherness. In this moment driving down the highway at a speed I can imagine is unreasonably fast there are two people in the entire world. He and I dance inside a ’67 Chevrolet Impala with the creatures of the evening our only witnesses. I feel happiness creep up and cover me like a warm blanket placed on a sleeping soul. There is peace here, for the two of us. There is freedom from harm and wounds, from hurt and death. We are free to live inside this temporary asylum. He drives and we are safe.

And yet it is only temporary.

At the edge of my mind and my thoughts I am aware that those green eyes will leave the safety of this home and my embrace. Those calloused hands will leave the sanctuary of my body and the cocoon we have crafted. He will be gone and I will again be left alone to wait. He will drive and I will be left behind.
He is my sailor out to sea. I will watch the waves crash the shore with a different bitterness than this cold night air has to offer. I will resent the moment his touch is gone and I cannot taste his kiss. The sadness will creep in once more and overtake me, threatening to drown the one left behind. I will watch from a distance as he runs into the fire, the sailor on a different kind of ship. He will sail and I will swim alone.

But happiness is fleeting, is it not? This drive in this moment is what I have and I will keep this brief moment of happiness and purity. I will remember the smell of his skin mixed with the world around me. I will recall the sharpness of the wind as it grabs desperately at any part of me it can touch. I will recollect the feeling of perfection in his gaze that wanders over me when I’m paying more attention than he realizes.

He drives and I will never leave his side.

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nightmarist  asked:

I love sensory details about gods. I associate ambient background noises and white noise with Hel, as well as plain textured walls, smell of mildew, or the more pleasant smell of light mist, among plenty of other things; Do you have any sights, sounds, textures, or smells that you associate with your deities? I suppose namely Hel, Angrboda, Loki, or Sigyn, but would love to hear about others.

Hel has sounds like smoke curling, like white noise, just on the edge of our senses, but just present enough to sound like a whisper. She feels to me like the texture of the dust on moth wings, but with more gravity. The way you can enter an attic and still breathe but the air is different. The density of a black hole; the coolness of the flat of a blade in winter; the light warmth of a skull near a recently blown-out candle; the softness of a fresh rose petal between fingers. The taste of bitter iron, the smell of sweet-rot roses left out too long. When I think of sounds I think she would like, I think of cellos and violins, I hear fall leaves sliding from the wet and rot of it, I hear buds popping into hushed bloom, I hear cicadas dying down at the edge of summer like an echoing song into silence. I hear the voices of people talking gaily, but at a distance, as if stone walls are in between—muffled. I hear knocking on doors: it’s the sound of bones humming. I hear the signs of legacy and age: creaking floors, cracking wall paint, the slow crumble of stone into dust.

here comes morning

we didn’t get an ending supercorp scene so- sorry idek what this is

Considering what just happened, the city seems strangely quiet.

There’s a hush, even as people mill about the street and cars go by. Lena leans back her head, squints up at the sky and she can barely see what’s left of the useless virus, a slight orange hue when the lights catch it just right.

She doesn’t know what she’s to do back at L-Corp. Her lobby is a mess and people are scared and it’s all because of her mother.

(Sometimes the word gets stuck in her throat, lodged between her head and her heart, because she wants so badly for it to be true, but then she will tell her things like I love you, holding out her hand not for Lena to take but for her to give, always giving something for nothing but false words in return.)

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lookashiny  asked:

Babe/Roe, 9

Gene is there. He’s always there.

When Babe is unkind to him, snapping at all of his eccentricities and mocking them to others after he’s left, Gene is there with confused, slightly hurt, but unwavering dedication to his well-being.

When Babe tries to cut himself off from everyone, his light dimmed almost to nothing, his laugh silenced, his cheerful voice trapped behind a guilty frown, Gene is there - but at a respectful distance, even with concern etched all over his face.

When Babe needs to break down at last, Gene is there with something sweet and comforting for his taste buds, a reminder of childhood and freedom and innocence and joy and home, and with the silence he needs to make room in the tense air between the three of them for all his bitter confessions, and with the warmth of his body to balance out Ralph’s soft, just as soothing warmth on his other side so that Babe can finally rest.

When Babe sees Gene fading, fading, leaving them in spirit and mind before he has in body, and he thinks no, please no, because he can’t do this without Gene’s presence any more, if he ever could, so he reaches and grasps and clutches and pleads however he can, Gene is there (still, or again) just when Babe thinks he’s truly disappeared.

When Babe feels as though nothing will ever lift his spirits to the point where he can smile and laugh again, not furious or afraid or grieving but simply too exhausted to be anything but irritable and short with everyone, Gene is there with his sweetly confused face and eccentricities, all of which are suddenly more endearing than anything Babe’s ever seen, and he smiles, and laughs, and once again feels warm inside.

When Babe returns from a patrol that wasn’t necessary, wasn’t worth the risk, and showed no respect for them as living, breathing people rather than extensions of their weapons, a patrol in which they lost one of those living, breathing people in perhaps the most bitterly meaningless way possible, Gene is there to fight for the boy’s life with all the desperate valor the men of Easy Company have come to know so well, and not a soul in the room could name him responsible when his attempts don’t succeed.

And Gene is still there when Babe thinks he’s finally found a corner of Haguenau remote enough to allow him a few moments of solitary grief, he’s there as if drawn by a silent call and Babe realizes he doesn’t want to go through any of this process alone, not once he’s wrapped up in Gene’s gentle but firm embrace.

And he doesn’t have to, because of course, Gene is there.

“I love you,” he says softly, without any real intent or expectation behind it, just stating a fact that Gene deserves to know. Gene tilts his head so that their cheeks are pressed together, clammy and dirty but still warm once they make contact; Babe can feel Gene’s cheek shift against his as he smiles.

Gene doesn’t need to say anything in return. He’s been saying it all along, maybe just waiting for Babe to catch up and happy that, at last, Babe is there.

I don't believe
the things I say
about us when I’m drunk
and distance leaves
a bitter taste
when you’re gone,
when you’re gone

viictoireweasley  asked:

Spencer/Caleb in Capitol Hill before Spencer gets Ali's letter

This was so much fun to write. I’ve completed my descent into shipping trash. 

They’re balancing boxes of Chinese takeout between them, and Spencer’s regaling Caleb with the story of some intern in some politician’s office somewhere who’s got on her last nerve, and Caleb’s trying his hardest not to drop any food because her irritation lends itself to a seriously great impression of her newfound ‘arch-enemy’ and it’s hilarious.

“Stop laughing at me!” she scolds, but it holds no heat because after weeks and weeks of caffeine fueled late nights, it’s feels so good to look up from a phone and see a friendly face. Caleb’s promise of a Game of Thrones marathon and a night where she didn’t go cross-eyed reading proposal drafts had been the light at the end of a very long tunnel and she’d forgotten what it felt like to laugh.

They manage to maneuver themselves into Spencer’s building and since Caleb is still laughing at her expense, she feels no remorse dumping her half of the takeout in his arms while she fishes through her purse for the small key to her mailbox.

“Anytime now Hastings,” he calls from behind the armful of styrofoam, and misses Spencer’s smirk as she pulls out her mail, locks the box and strides right past him.

“This is why Laurel doesn’t like you,” he mutters when he catches up to her in the elevator.

“Her name’s Lauren, and do not get me started again or I’ll be thinking of her while watching Game of Thrones and end up thinking up ways to poison her kale smoothies.”

“You wouldn’t go for the smoothie, that’s way too obvious.”

“Protein bar?”

“Much better.”

By the time they reach her door she’s gotten it out of her system and smiling widely because a night of takeout and bingewatching is the best way to destress, and if Caleb’s with her, then even better. He’s still in New York, technically, but he’s been picking up contracts in Washington pretty frequently, and Spencer gets to see him at least a few times a month. She’s never told him, but every time he visits she looks forward to seeing him more and more.

(Every time he leaves, she’s a little sadder.)

“So how long are you staying?” she asked, kicking off her heels.

“I’m in for five more days, then back to New York,” he replied, grabbing some plates from a cupboard, moving around her kitchen with familiar ease.

“And the constant flying isn’t getting on your nerves?” Her tone is light, but Caleb has known Spencer long enough to be able to tell when she’s hinting at something.

“Spence…” He trails off, eyebrow raised, and she can’t hold in her grin.

“Look, I saw you talking to my boss earlier,” she confessed, “and she seemed pretty impressed with you.”

“We were just making small-talk because some people take forever to finish phone calls.”

Spencer rolled her eyes artfully, “Don’t deflect, you looked interested!”

There’s no use denying it, she’ll only needle him for ages. “I was interested, you guys are doing good work.”

That’s not exactly what she expected to hear, though Spencer can’t really pinpoint what it was she wanted to hear in the first place. She deflates, just a little, and out of the corner of his eye, Caleb notices.

“And maybe she hinted that there could be a spot for me there.”

Spencer can’t help the wide smile that breaks out on her face, and before she even knows details she’s imagining what it would be like to have Caleb in the same city as her all the time, to talk with, to laugh with, to bitch about coworkers and watch her favourite shows and-

Her mind works so fast that for just a second it crosses a line, a line she swore she would never cross. She made that promise to herself in a park on the other side of the ocean while watching a sunrise and it was hard then but it’s gotten even more difficult since. Still, she holds on.

“So when do you start?”

“Relax Spence, she didn’t even offer me an actual job,” Caleb laughs, but even he can’t hold back his excitement.

“If Rebecca said there’s a spot then trust me, she’ll give you the job,” Spencer replies, still grinning widely as she flipped through the stack of mail in her hands. Her hands stilled at a light blue envelope.

“Don’t sound too excited, I’m going to have to find a place here which means I might have to crash on your couch for a couple of weeks,” Caleb called over his shoulder as he got to the task of dividing all the food. It wouldn’t be the first time he crashed at her place, and though he gets a hotel room every time he’s in DC for a short time, he definitely wouldn’t mind imposing on her if she let him. They were easy and comfortable together, he knew to start a full pot of coffee first thing and she ate the toast he inevitably burned.

Yeah, this could work.

It could work so well that a full five minutes passes while Caleb lets his imagination run away from him. It’s only when the food is fully plated just the way they like it (he gets the extra spring roll, she gets the extra dumpling) that he realizes Spencer has been completely quiet for a while.

“Spence? Something wrong?” He turns to find her and she’s still standing there, but her hands are clutching a piece of paper, knuckles white, and she looks like she’s a million miles away.

“Spencer?” Caleb’s seriously worried now, she’s never this silent. For a wild moment he wonders if it’s her mother’s health, or her parents finally settling the divorce, and his hearts thuds in his chest the longer she remains quiet. Finally, she looks up.

“It’s from Alison.”

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Prompt 17: monster

Title: for a moment
Prompt: 17 - monster
Summary: “What are you so afraid of?”

notes: I did something like this before during last year’s SSM. This is a sort of accompaniment to this prompt.

He does it to protect her.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“I just want to—”

“I said it’s fine. It’s not as if you can do anything about it.”

His words were cold and their harshness made her retract her hand which was poised to touch him as if burned. Hurt flashed quickly in clear green eyes but it was gone as soon as it came and replaced by cold professionalism once again. Sasuke tried to turn away from the inevitable but he wasn’t fast enough. He’d seen it written clearly on her face, in the way her body stiffened and the way she took a step back from him.

He tells himself it is for the best. For her to take a step back away from him and back to the light. This is the only way he knows to keep her safe so he ignores the heavy sinking feeling inside of him and the bitter taste it leaves in his mouth each time he has to open it to spite her.

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And distance leaves a bitter taste When you’re gone, when you’re gone


Not much to talk about here, really. I…am not even really sure where this came from. I was lying in bed and right before I shut my eyes I thought up a few lines of this. Mostly the lines the Reader character said echoed in my head and I had to write it. But as I wrote out just a few lines, I knew I had to write this out fully. So it’s 12AM now ; 3; Hopefully I’ll get at least 3 hours of sleep OTL I hope you enjoy though? It’s kind of…interesting…I really like it. But as the person who wrote it, my opinion is rather biased.

[I apologize for any errors D: My brain isn’t fully working at this hour of the day. I’ll check again tomorrow when I’m more lucid. Ugh.]


He thought you looked lonely. You sat by yourself and stared out the window without saying anything.

Some days you didn’t drink anything.

You would give him your usual order and then you’d let it sit on the surface of the table. Untouched. You’d let it get cold and then you’d gather you things and leave.

Every time he’d go and clear your table. He’d glance down at the cup. Maybe it wasn’t to your liking. Maybe it was too sweet. Too bitter. Too unsuited to your tastes.

He couldn’t bring himself to ask you either.

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theon-greyjoy  asked:

finnpoe, 31!

the way you said “i love you” + in awe, the first time you realized it

send me ships + numbers!

Finn finds that people expect him to be less well-adjusted than he is. Around the Resistance base they hear Stormtrooper and let their eyes grow cold, as if they sense hardness in him and want to match it. 

They learn quick enough. Finn likes to make them laugh in the mess hall, see their faces light up in surprise, see the surprise turn to something like friendliness. He heals from his wounds and starts training alongside the rebel fighters, sees every high-five he receives as a minor victory, and feels a sense of inclusion more organic and more homey than he ever found among the Stormtroopers.

The First Order took his family and his childhood, but they did not take his heart.

Sometimes it brings Finn out to the landing platform as the sun sets, steaming cups of tea in his hands that keep the evening chill away. He watches the X-wings land, smiles fondly when he sees Rey and Jessika whooping excitedly over a new maneuver they perfected, their heads close and grins wide. Rey waves at Finn as she passes, tells him she’ll see him at breakfast.

Then he hears a familiar beep, and turns quickly. Even BB-8′s warmed to him now, rolling on ahead of Poe.

“Good to see you back,” Finn says as the two of them approach. “Oh, Poe Dameron, you’re here too.”

“Ha ha,” Poe says, a real laugh hidden in the sarcasm, and BB-8 chirps a greeting before continuing inside to recharge. “That for me?”

He points to the tea, and Finn hands him one of the cups.

Poe goes to take a sip, and Finn takes him in. Poe is the only one without atrocious helmet hair, and Finn wants to blame the dark side of the Force.

Poe winces when the tea hits his lips.

“This is,” he says. “Um.”

“Disgusting, huh?” Finn says. He takes a drink himself, tastes bitter lumps. “I’m pretty sure someone mixed up Wookiee hair with the bag of leaves.”

Poe laughs, keeps drinking anyway.

“You want to go in?” Finn asks.

The trees in the distance are nearly black, reds and purples on top. There’s still light, but Finn can see the stars. 

“Not yet,” Poe says, and he smiles at Finn. “It’s nice out here.”

The First Order did not take Finn’s heart, and so he knows what’s welling up in his chest, nervous and sure and warm. Finn also knows they’re in a war. There’s no time or use for secrets, nothing to hide.

“I love you,” Finn says. It sounds like an observation, like an interesting cloud has passed in the sky, but Poe’s eyes widen, and he knows it’s more.

It’s only a few seconds before Poe responds, but it feels like more.

“I love you,” Poe says, and his smile warms his eyes. “Terrible tea and all.”

Finn snorts, gives Poe’s arm a small shove but ends up holding onto the sleeve of his pilot jacket, drawing closer as inconspicuously as possible. Poe puts an arm around his shoulders and Finn relaxes against his side. They stay there as the sky grows dark, cups of terrible tea cooling in their hands.

Day 3 Prompt: Broken Wings

[for @rocketangelweek]

Summary: Fareeha loses her wings, her career, and her mother all in the span of a month. In the midst of the chaos that is the Overwatch UN inquiry, Angela is the only one to notice.

Notes: Hey remember that time that Blizzard told us that all of Fareeha’s limbs were real and not artificial? Yeah, me neither. Let’s get to it. (Written with this track on repeat, pretty much)

Everything that happened after the explosion was a blur.

As textbook as it may have sounded, Fareeha couldn’t distinguish one moment from the next for what seemed like ages. She remembered throwing herself across the transport vehicle as soon as the word “explosives” had been shouted, shoulder braced to ram open the rear door. She remembered barking orders, taking hold of any man near her as best she could before she careened into the wall of the swerving truck instead. She remembered seeing fire erupt from the front of the vehicle.

The world went dark immediately after, only coming to light once more when her body made a jarring impact with the sand. Hell itself soon followed.

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Same for me

TITLE: Same for me


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: AU TOM. Architect Tom / Nerdy Tom

GENRE: fluff / romance /

FIC SUMMARY: Tom misses his opportunity of asking Marie out.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: i wrote this really quickly and i think there are a lot of mistakes which i will correct later. Also, this is for all the requests wanting dorky /nerdy tom. tell me what you think!

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