and distance leaves

does dennis maybe Really NOT know abt macs crush??? like we use his manipulating macs attraction as evidence that he knows but? i was thinkin abt it and he? does that to everyone? like he just assumes everyones attracted to him lmao ?? i definitely think he doesnt realise (or maybe just doesnt consciously acknowledge) that there might be anything more emotional behind it on macs end?? idk


There’s a reason why this is the #5 trending video on YouTube.

Being Sebastian Stan's love interest would include... (Headcanon)


Summary: The title is pretty self-explanatory…

Word count: 478

Warnings: None

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Seb being the perfect gentleman in public
Opening doors for you/helping you up the stairs
But on the set, it’s SOOOO different
Seb constantly tripping you up
Making you laugh behind the camera
Making you laugh during the most inappropriate moments
Director: “Y/N, we are making a horror movie, not a comedy!”
Director: “Y/N, Seb, you have just witnessed your family being killed. I don’t get the joke?”
Director: “Y/N, Seb… You know what? I give up. I retire!”
Fans shipping you to the next level
Fans calling you ‘Mum’ and 'Dad’
Awkward questions being asked at ComicCon panels
Fan: “Y/N, judging  off of the sex scenes you have filmed with Seb and any personal experience, how good is he in bed?”
Y/N: “Why do you need to know that?”
Fan: “A science project for school.”
Y/N: “Oh well if it’s a matter of life and death I guess I have to answer!”
Seb: “Wait! Hold on! What do you mean by 'personal experience’?”
Star gazing in the middle of late night shoots
Seb: “A shooting star! Make a wish!”
Y/N: “What did you wish for?”
Seb: “Another increasingly explicit sex scene.”
Pranking each other on set
Slagging each other off in interviews
Interviewer: “So, Y/N what is it like working with Sebastian?”
Y/N: “Horrific! He constantly messes around, always up to no good, ruins the set. He really is a pain in the butt.”
Seb *voice faintly heard in the distance*: “I heard that!”
Leaving weird gifts in each other’s trailers
Seb leaving you a bouquet of flowers one day and a sex toy the next
The gifts getting weirder and weirder as filming progresses 
Makeup artist: “So what did he leave you today, Y/N?”
Y/N: “A pile of loose change…”
Makeup artist *desperately trying to sound optimistic*: “You never know, it might come in handy one day.”
The loose change did indeed come in handy as you spent the whole day throwing it at Sebastian and screaming at him “PEASANT!”
Having to get over the awkwardness and slight fear of being naked in front of each other
Seb having to take a break because he’d pulled a muscle flexing so much
Filming a fight scene
Accidentally punching him in the face
Sebastian dramatic falling to the floor in pain and pretending to cry, 
Y/N *while flexing and staring straight down the lens*: “Hulk 2.0, will shortly be in a cinema near you.”
Taking pictures at the premiere together
Messing around in the screening
Throwing popcorn at each other
Having to answer questions the next day about a film you didn’t even end up watching
The press tour
Sitting next to each other on plane rides
Watching movies at the exact same time so you can laugh together
Ending up sleeping on each other
The cast picking on you both for being so cute
Being the most stereotypical tourists and pissing off all the local people

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I’ve changed because I had no choice. I’m not the person I use to be, because I don’t want to get used or walked over. I don’t trust everyone and tell them my secrets because behind every fake smile there is something else. I distance myself from people because in the end they are only going to leave. I have changed yes, because I have realised the only person I can depend on is me.

I like to believe that you left because you couldn’t take it anymore and by ‘it’ I mean the distance between us.

From the beginning, we were just doomed to fail. Too much distance, lives that were just too different from each other.

Maybe we were never meant to be after all, or maybe just not back then. What I do know, is that you’ll never leave my mind.

And maybe, somewhere in the future,
we’ll meet again and make up for all the lost time, for everything we’ve missed while we were away from each other.

I like to believe.

—  L.N. | distance has torn us apart
They haven’t seen the way
you’ve looked at me.
That’s why they will never understand.
Your eyes have caressed me
in ways that
no one’s hands 
ever could.
—  hidden, bm

I’m losing you
a little more everyday.
I feel the cord around my rib
stretch and pull, fraying.

Why do the ones I love
always leave me broken.
One rib after another
snapping from the pull.

Soon all my ribs will gone.
The little protection
my heart has
will cease to be.

Then the strings will
tie around my heart itself.
ripping it apart until
the beating stops.

—  Broken Ribs//A.A.M.