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Fictional Places: Gravity Falls, Oregon

“If you’ve ever taken a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls. It’s not on any maps, and most people have never heard of it. Some people think it’s a myth. But if you’re curious, don’t wait. Take a trip. Find it. It’s out there somewhere in the woods, waiting.”

Me, a few minutes in Coco™: this story is abt a closeted gay

Also me: cried right after realizing bc im a closeted gay


aladdin trivia: 4/12
“in the cave of wonders, there was supposed to have been an extended version of the lamp-grabbing scene. in it, aladdin would have approached the lamp and, before he would grab it, would look up and see images of others, including gazeem from the beginning, who attempted to take the lamp and were killed. as it turned out, the lamp he was going for was a fake and, by stepping away from it, would have been granted access to the real one.”