and disapproves


One of the subplots in Justice League Unlimited’s second season was that of the growing relationship between Huntress and the Question. This had its roots in the Greg Rucka storyline Cry for Blood, where Vic Sage’s Question comes to Gotham with the intention of helping Helena Bertinelli’s Huntress straighten her life out in the same way that Lady Shiva did for him in his solo Dennis O’Neil series.

Unfortunately, although the pair do grow close in the comics (Helena asks Renee Montoya about him after he eventually died of lung cancer), they never get to the stage DCAU’s Vic and Helena get to. This is due to circumstances forcing Helena to arrange for the murder of her bio-dad (who ordered the hit on her parents with the intention of having Helena, her dad and her brother killed so he’d have her mum to himself), who was attempting to blackmail her into being his assassin by outing her secret identity.

Vic, who is friends with notorious mass murderer Lady Shiva, disapproves, as the enter exercise was to try and help her be a better person… even though events meant that to Helena, that wasn’t an option any more.

Yes, hello, it’s me again and I proudly present my second contribution to @carvedwhalebones-events Dishonored Big Bang 2017!

This piece accompanies the (AU) story of Corvo and Emily traveling to the calmness of the countryside after experiencing the first shock of Jessamine’s untimely death:


@scotch-melons may disapprove of my rad Hip-Hop slang skills, but they were a blast to chat and work with.

My love for my country, my desire to witness the humiliation of her enemies, a political instinct which the recent treaty [of France with the United States] would seem to justify….are, Sire, the reasons which determined the part I took in the American cause…..When I received Your Majesty’s orders, I attributed them even more to the tender solicitude of my family than to any formula of conduct considered proper toward England. The emotions of my heart overcame my reason. I thought I could foresee that my departure would not be disapproved, just as surely as I saw the impossibility of permitting it; and, if I added to my disobedience behavior which rendered me still more guilty, it is, Sire, because every Frenchman ought to risk his fortune, his hopes, and even public esteem, rather than harm the interests of his country in compromising the government by his conduct.
—  Marquis de Lafayette to King Louis XVI, trying to explain why he went to America. This is an excellent example of how Lafayette frequently played both sides. To the Americans, he expressed his desire to fight for liberty and their cause. To the French, he spoke of national pride and his own ignorance of any wrongdoing. 
Ship and Love Whoever You Want To- Just Be Kind

I’m more than a little upset about this whole “Klance is canon” ordeal. I’m a Shaladin shipper as well as a Klance, Hunk X Paladins, and Shallura shipper. I’m not shipping these ships to piss other people off. I’m shipping these ships because they make me happy. The fanart, the fics, the cosplays– they give me light.

Klance gives me an outlet to feel happiness because I currently cannot be with my partner (LDR / disapproving, homophobic guardians), and out of all the ships I feel we most connect to Klance. I also adore Sheith and Shance because the pairings are sweet and comforting, and they bring me joy (they also bring to me to tears depending on the level of angst lmao ,, , ).

There is WAAAY too much horror and mayhem going on in the world to be concerned and harassing others and fighting over fictional characters in fictional romantic / sexual relationships. There is no reason why if you disagree with someone, you can’t just have a civil conversation. That’s one of the reasons why this world is so fucked up. I’m not saying you have to ship the ships I like or adore the characters I adore, because you don’t! You are allowed to ship and love whoever you want to.

But please, p l e a s e be kind to others. Please be civil. Please be respectful.
Boots is charging women high rates for the morning after pill because they think we might use it 'inappropriately' if it's cheap
Both Superdrug and Tesco have agreed to reduce the price of emergency contraception after a campaign by The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas).

Just to put it into context, Boots is the UK number one most accessible high street drug store and the price for the morning after pill is being sold at 5 times the price of what it is on the continent because of ‘complaints’. Some might say that if the price is an issue we could simply go and shop cheaper elsewhere. The fact is, for many of us, Boots is so dominant in the UK that there’s a chance that we don’t have a choice. There might not be an elsewhere within three, four towns.

Boots have decided to put out the moralising argument that they would not want to ‘incentivise inappropriate use’ by making it cheaper. I think the statement is more of a cover for the fact that Boots doesn’t want to risk losing customers who disapprove of its products, so the price is there as an reassurance to those who take issue with the pill, to which, when complaints arise, they can simply point out the price and say, ‘Yes, Mr Sexist Dinosaur and Mrs Well-meaning Every Egg and Sperm is Sacred, we’re making it as difficult for women who don’t want to and/or cannot afford to get pregnant to access emergency medicine as possible, so please keep buying our No 7 range of facial care products and sign up for a discounted eye check’. 

Business before female autonomy, as per usual.  (22/07/2017)

ED 13 preview

Croix was sitting on her bed, legs crossed and fingers furiously typing on the keyboard. She was so focused on her work that she didn’t notice someone sitting before her, and closing her laptop. Forcing her eyes to look up from where the screen used to be, she was met by Chariot’s disapproving expression.


“You haven’t slept all night, have you?” Chariot asked, crossing her arms. Despite knowing that her life in danger, Croix refused to rest and continued to work.

“I slept for two hours. That’s more than enough.” Croix answered, rubbing her tired eyes. 


harry potter meme; nine characters 4|9
» minerva mcgonagall

“Is it true that you shouted at Professor Umbridge?”
“Yes,” said Harry.
“You called her a liar?”
“You told her He Who Must Not Be Named is back?”
Professor McGonagall sat down behind her desk, frowning at Harry. Then she said, “Have a biscuit, Potter.”

Zodiac Insecurities

Let’s get introspective and hit insecurities the Rising and Moon could develop. 

Aries Rising can form insecurities around their external confidence and strength. An insecure one will want to appear “all that” by showing off, bragging, maybe acting arrogant. They find insecurity in their ability to establish direction or assertion in the public sphere and might try to dominate space.

Aries Moon insecurities are aimed toward identity and self-worth via winning or conquest. Challenges help Aries Moon develop. Battles and competitions are enticing but can reward their emotional fulfillment or can reassure a self-doubt.

Taurus Rising insecurities can exist in the physical realm with looks, material possessions, and money. Watch for a more insecure Taurus Rising putting an emphasis on weight, beauty, fashion, cars, purses, etc. They could hide their body too.

Taurus Moon has insecurities around security and stability. They cling, is possessive, and territorial over others, places, things, even ideas. They can have a fear of change and losing security that makes them stay in unhealthy relationships.

Gemini Rising insecurities lie in how they communicate, connect, how others judge their intellect and information. You’ll see emphasis on jokes, trend-following, show of intellect, caution of communication or overshare of it with a insecure Gemini Rising.

Gemini Moon insecurities are tied to their intellect, social standing and acceptance, and possible lack of depth or emotional grasp. An insecure Gemini Moon keeps things light and avoids too much self-analyzation. They avoid judgment of others but observe every nuance of others. 

Cancer Rising has insecurities revolving around emotional offenses. They can be shyer, protective of views, maybe judgmental.

Cancer Moon is insecure in their individuality sometimes clinging to family or community views with blind faith. Security is a huge doubt.  You can find an insecure Cancer Moon being possessive, clingy, controlling, and manipulative.

Leo Rising has their insecurities bundled up in ego and identity. You’ll find an insecure one boastful, opinionated, cocky, and harshly competitive. 

Leo Moon fears being forgotten, insecurity stems from lack of recognition and positive self-esteem. Common signs of low self-esteem will show.

Virgo Rising insecurities stem from a lack of perfection in the physical world or lack of usefulness. An insecure Virgo Rising may become health and beauty obsessed, judgmental about looks, and must be “important” somehow to a group or person.

Virgo Moon insecurity is embedded in not being useful or needed. An insecure one easily gets used or turns into a doormat. They practice unhealthy giving and attachments. 

Libra Rising insecurity has to do with acceptance and admiration. An insecure one can exploit their talents, focus too much on looks, or even throw others under a bus. 

Libra Moon insecurity is about being liked and connected. They attach self-worth to who they associate with, fear being alone, and fear disapproval.

Scorpio Rising’s insecurity is appearing weak or vulnerable. They might act aggressively tough or be highly reserved. An insecure Scorpio Rising doesn’t want others knowing the real them whatever it is.

Scorpio Moon insecurity revolves around lack of control and fear of betrayal. Possession, manipulation, jealousy, and abuse take form with this.

Sagittarius Rising insecurities actually revolve around appearing foolish. They avoid “being wrong”, joke about themselves to avoid mocking from others. Sagittarius Rising can have an insecurity of being labeled or pin down to something too specific, as if their impression is trapped. An insecure Sagittarius Rising has a hard time accepting negative reputations, feedback, or being categorized even if that category true and not negative.

Sagittarius Moon insecurity is fear of being trapped or held down. With immaturity this leads to avoiding responsibility and commitments. They can be insecure in how their morals line up to the rest of the world or community morals. 

Capricorn Rising: Capricorn in general has great insecurity in lack of control. Within the Rising they try to control environment with strictness, demands, or pushiness. They can be insecure in their authority. They may overcompensate and push others around to get this or lack a lot of assertion.

Capricorn Moon insecurity in lack of control shows most in their work and close relationships. They are controlling and critical. Their insecurity can focus on stability. They may get dependent, not take risk, and become rigid to safeguard their stability.

Aquarius Rising is insecure about acceptance/rejection. You will find an insecure one conforming, being opinionated, and displaying plenty of faux confidence.

Aquarius Moon fears rejection and wants approval but tends to hide their uniqueness due to this. They might be quiet observers.They can be insecure in their ability to become close with others. They fear intimacy, avoid emotional exploration, and become cold.

Pisces Rising has insecurities wrapped in guilt or shame. This could take form in wanting to please others, hating on those more carefree, being used, or attempting to escape with self-inflicted ignorance. 

Pisces Moon is insecure about feeling loved and easily gives into guilt. They manipulate or deny to soothe or take control of this.