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Sex Game

100 Kink List: 12. Sex Game

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: Could you do a sex game one( first to come loses) and make it so there’s just a lot of dirty talk?? Just a lot of smut in general 😏 thanks! 

Warnings: nsfw, smut, dirty talk, word ‘slut’ is used a lot, masturbation

Words: 1695

Note: school sucks and writing smut is more fun, here’s a present but-deans-back-tho and ik I’m so creative with titles… xoxo and ugh i like this gif

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Devoid Of Color

Y/N was just Harry’s whore, or he thought so. His sugar baby just decided to have deeper feelings.

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dancing libra/olivia because of reasons (i absolutely love dancing couples ;____; ONE OF MY MANY WEAKNESSES)

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