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Is no one else going to notice that the five wolves that show up in Nymeria’s pack each resemble her brothers and sisters? First up, we see Shaggydog and then what could be Grey Wind. Then there’s Ghost and Lady and Summer. It starts at about the 0:58 mark.
Nice touch, in all this shitshow.

I know I’ve been on a “Where’s Gendry” hype but all other shit aside, the question should be where is Ghost? Seriously it’s been two episodes into the season and we haven’t seen him. We didn’t see him much of season six either. Writers, please don’t kill off another direwolf with all the shit that will go down don’t do that to us

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#I really wish they were going somewhere with this pent up rage re: anyone who /touches his sister/#'cause it's juicy af#god i wish he left ghost there and warged him so he could keep an eye on sansa but what he sees#is lf creepin around her and sansa slowly caving in - IMAGINE THE ANGST.. YOU'RE KILLING ME DUDE

#AU where the show remembers that all the starks are wargs and actually has some budget to cgi the direwolves

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I can't believe the writers cut out a Jon/Ghost scene. It's been so long since we've seen him and it would've been great for Arya to come home for Jon and Nymeria to do the same later for Ghost. I hate how none of the Starks are wargs and the direwolves can't sense each other. And call me crazy but I had mad jonarya feels when she dropped everything for Jon and Hot Pie calls her pretty, I don't think Jon will look at her the same when they reunite.

I also had jonrya feels… but I also got jonsa feels this episode… so… idk what’s happening? Is the 3 heads of the dragon is Jon marrying both his sisters theory coming to pass??? I’m kind of into it. Don’t kinkshame. But honestly is there gonna be a starkcest love triangle???? I’m confused.

Hot Pie calling Arya pretty was everything to me!!!!! We all know Maisie Williams/Arya is a stone cold fox but it’s nice to have somebody in-universe affirm it, you know? Me and @ghost-of-bambi were discussing how Hot Pie/Arya was basically like Mulan, where Hot Pie was clearly catching feelings for Arry and was probably wondering if he was gay. Like Mulan but Shang is a really shitty warrior but really good cook????

My heart exploded when Arya dropped revenge to be home with her brother. This pretty much describes my feelings on the whole situation, lol. 

Who doesn’t hate how the direwolves/Starks get constantly shafted for the families that murdered them?? 

Heartbreaking Nymeria Fact:

When watching “Stormborn”, and seeing the heartwarming Arya and Nymeria reunion I realized something….

In Nymeria’s pack, there was a black (Shaggydog), grey (Greywind), two lighter colored ones wolves (Lady and Summer), and a white one (which represents Ghost).

So seems like Nymeria’s pack is made of wolves that resemble the Stark direwolves. She found her family.