and didnt work at all haha

So anyway, I was working on a breakdown of Chirrut Imwe’s outfit, and I was trying to figure out how the weird half cape at his back works, or even what it’s purpose is:

But then I found this picture

And I realised it’s like a half cape to cover up the side of his robe that’s padded/armoured and has the gadget on it. Essentially this is a callout post for Chirrut Imwe for being super unnecessarily dramatic and extra like what an incredible disguise, ‘oooh nothing to see here i am but a poor blind man going about my own business HAHA JK YOU DIDNT NOTICE MY FIGHTING ARM HERE, I WILL KICK ALL YOUR ASSES COME GET ME BOYS’


happy anniversary to the loveliest and rowdiest bunch of boys~ i hope this year and all the years to come are wonderful and full of blessings~ ೕ(⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́ฅ) featuring yoongi and a restless night. 2013.6.13→2016.6.13~FOREVER

방탄생일✧방탄코믹스 #3yearswithbts

answering asks!

ok i answered more than i usually do this time just to clean out my inbox so lessssgo

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Mob falls asleep at the office (been a long day) and Reigen decides to give him a blanket and close the shop sooner 

(thank you @animesoundsfun for the request and the very nice comment!!! I tried the new settings for my brush in this and really hope it works haha) 

also hey Im taking requests


wooo!! some phone backgrounds!!! aint that neat-o!! my sister actually commissioned these from me :O !!! woah!! my first commission haha

i rlly liked them so im sharing it with yall!! i worked rlly hard on them all day so since yall didnt pay for em, ya get a watermark ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ srry not srry, its not that big, u can hardly see it lol

heres the bigger transparent pattern if ya wanna do smthg with that, credit much appreciated even tho i signed it lol <3

Emilie @ OUATVan 3/26/17

Some pictures: (x), (x), (x), (x), (x)

  • Emilie loves playing both sides of Belle (x)
  • Motherhood completely changed Emilie and it’s affected the way she plays a mom on OUAT (x)
  • Emilie’s favorite episode is still Skin Deep (x)
  • Emilie & Bobby have very dry and inappropriate senses of humor (x)
  • Belle likes the quieter side of Rumple as Mr. Gold but misses the flourishing/openness of Rumplestiltskin. (x)
  • If she was stranded on an island, she’d bring Snow White with her. (x)
  • It’s confusing but interesting to have a grown-up son on OUAT (x)
  • Claire (Lost) and Belle are similar in that they’re honest and transparent characters. (x)
  • Emilie was asked about kissing Bobby and laughed because they’re good friends & it’s part of the job (x), (x)
  • Emilie has to leave Vera at home when she’s working (x)
  • Rumple & Belle are honest with each other now and that’s an interesting change to their dynamic (x)
  • Emilie hates auditioning (x)
  • Hardest scenes to film are giving up Gideon and townline scene (x)
  • Emilie was NOT a fan of Golden Queen. “Was not a fan, didnt like it at all, completely betrayed, haha" (x) (x)
  • “Belle’s happy ending is not reliant on him (Rumple) or any other guy… if it involved any other human it’d be her son” (x)
  • Emilie’s not sure what Belle did in the asylum. Maybe read Harry Potter or did Pilates? (x) (VIDEO)
  • There is no chance of Belle and Will getting back together (x)
  • Emilie is a Gryffindor (x)
  • Emilie says they could not have casted Gideon better & them with Bobby is always fun! (x)
  • Emilie and Bobby work together very naturally and don’t speak much about rehearsing emotions for scenes. They just let it happen. (x)
  • Emilie is excited about watching the show after they film it. (x)
  • Emilie was touched after a fan said Rumbelle gives people hope. (x)
  • There’s funny moments between Emilie & Robert every day. They’ve got a lot of inside jokes but don’t end up on the gag reel. (VIDEO)
  • Emilie doesn’t always agree with Belle’s decisions when it comes to her relationship with Rumple. (x)
  • Emilie thinks Hook & Belle played board games when she was staying on the Jolly Roger. She won! (x)

Thank you to everyone who live-tweeted and posted photos/videos for this event!

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Do u accept triggering request? If u do will u do a thor x reader where they likes each other? But reader has a depression so has a good day n bad day. Thor is concerned n want to help so he ask loki to help fix reader's mind but it didnt work. Make it a mix between fluff n angst. Pls do this. But if you dont like it, thats fine, just ignore it. Thanks.

Pairing: Thor x Reader
Fandom: MCU

A/N: first of all, let me thank you for being my first request, you had no idea how happy you made me haha. Also, this request is such a good and angsty idea, I loved it and had so much fun writing it (despite of it being quite sad I think lol). Again, thank you so so much. (also, added Thor to my fandoms list)

“(Y/N)? Are you awake?” Thor closed the door behind him and slowly approached your bed.

“Yeah,” you answered in a muffled voice.

The curtains were closed and only a few rays of sunshine were finding their way into your room, so it was relatively dark in there.

He sat down by your side and tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear that had fallen into your face, then he continued to stroke your cheek with his thumb.

He was able to feel the slightest dampness on it, which made him realize that you had been crying.

“What can I do?”

You turned your head a bit to look at him properly.

“I’d appreciate a cuddle.”

He smiled and went around the bed to lie down next to you.

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[101117 ; 3/100] i didnt get to post day 2 cuz i had a lot of things to work on yesterday -,- but here’s day 3 ! these are my math notes for today and i actually finished all my hw before 9 ! im happy !! but i still have a lot to do this week, and it’s only wednesday! i honestly cant wait for friday :3 i hope y'all are doing great and if you’re not, dont worry ! im here if u need someone to talk to ♡

(o hey i actually didnt forget about the watermark haha)


Excuse the potato quality pics. She moved when I opened her cage, but we cut the lawn today so I gave some of the clippings to everyone for scent and texture enrichment :) (No worries, we don’t use any chemicals or manure on our grass). Tali LOVED it and slept on it all day, haha. She had her head sitting on it but lifted it to see what I was doing.
Also, Brett is now officially out of town for work weekly again, meaning we have had to put pause on her cage building for now, as he didnt draw any blue prints for me to follow, and I am absolutely terrible at measuring anyways so I would likely waste all the wood we have trying to cut it all right :P

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I hiiighly doubt they'll be buying cos like, my friend,, if u think rent is high in central u should see actual house prices like people don't rlly buy homes in London they just rent. Though I do wish they'd move out of London so they actually could buy a home!!

Sorry for the late reply, i was waiting for the video and didnt cook until i watched it so have been making dinner. 

I understand what you’re saying, but housing in London doesn’t really work like that. I’m from London, grew up in a house in London, will rent in London within the year, and ‘hopefully’ will buy somewhere in London in the next 7 years (if all goes well haha).

So basically, yes, rent is high in central London, or more we should really say the places in London accessible by the tube. DnP live in North London currently, and I’m assuming they’ll stay north of the river since the tube networks are better there. They won’t live properly central, so I’m thinking further out. (I’m currently assuming they live in zone 2). Flat’s out there will certainly be over £1million, but DnP have earned a lot of money recently from merch, TABINOF, TATINOF, and DAPGO. On top of that they have their YT revenue. So, buying a house/flat over 1 million I would assume is within their price range.

And anyway, they almost certainly won’t pay for the whole house, they’ll get a mortgage. And because they’ve had a large income over the past few years from the things mentioned above, getting a mortgage for a house/flat which is over 1 million, even 2 million would probably be given to them. 

And people really do buy flats and houses in London. Some friends of mine who work in city jobs only had to save for a couple of years and live with their parents and now they’re buying flats - so it’s very possible dnp are buying. And my future is dependant on the fact that I’ll one day be able to own a flat in London. I’ve checked if it’s possible if I get a good enough job - and it’s possible, hard, but possible. Luckily for dnp they’ve been raking it in, they’ve probs got awesome credit scores, they’ll be easily given a great mortgage loan with a dealable mortgage repayment system from a bank, and they’ve almost certainly got enough to put down an offer on a house/flat.

And it makes WAY more sense to buy a house/flat in london (if you can afford the deposit and get a mortgage) BECAUSE the rental prices are so high. If you rent, you never see that money again because it’s given to a landlord. If you buy a house/flat with a mortgage, then if you want to move to a different place you sell the house/flat and sell the mortgage too and get your money back (and hopefully a bit extra on top if the housing market doesn’t crash). So a house is an investment - renting is just throwing money away, and in London it’s throwing a lot of money away. This is called getting on the property ladder: the concept is you buy a flat and a mortgage, then sell it for profit when you want to go somewhere a bit bigger. This way you gain money rather than lose money renting.

DnP for sure have enough money to buy a flat with a mortgage, and this is a good idea because it’s an asset which will give them stability. By their age it’s nice to know that you have a stable investment which if all else fails you can sell. If their business crashes then they can sell the flat and mortgage and gain their money back. If their business crashes and they are still renting then they’ll lose everything. So it’s more financially stable to invest in a house.

And just because they may be moving to a flat it doesn’t mean that it isn’t their home :)

Also, there are plenty of houses (rather than flats) which would be a great size for dnp in London. I personally don’t think they would actually move to the suburbs of London. I assume they live around zone 2 right now, and i would think they wouldn’t live past zone 4. So this idea of them moving out to the suburbs into a house isn’t really their style. And london is big and there are houses within their price range within zones 2-4. 

idk, i hope you understood all of that. i get what you’re saying, but as a Londoner in their 20s, I really do think it would be way more sensible and financially beneficial if they’re buying this next place rather than renting :)

(i’m so sorry, this is all too real for me and probably the most boring shit anyone has ever read and the scariest reality check for any fellow Londoners in their 20s hahaha)

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Imagine: mgg didnt use your screencap, you are mgg *no further questions*

i’m exposed. hi everyone it’s matthew. i bet i had you all fooled pretending to be this “taz” haha. @starbucksreid thank you for the endearing messages, @spencerdamnreid i chose not to respond to your messages. i had to get my way into this site with what i do best, shitposting. and it worked. anyway, i gotta go watch some muppets now, peace. titties for days. 

in other news, in my online class where every person is require to write their own work every week in addition to replying to at LEAST 2 other people, it’s been a week since our assignments were posted and they were due last night and other than myself only one other girl posted so we each replied to each other but literally not a single other person posted any work.

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I work at target and I see these baby clothes all the fucking time and I'm like wanting babies sooner than I can deal with them because???????? cute ass baby clothes?? and they're pretty cheap too though afaik were not getting rid of that line anytime soon so you've got some time haha

HELL YES i didnt buy that particular one bc it’s currently the tail end of the paycheck but if it’s still there next thursday i’m totally buying it

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hi! i was scrolling through your blog again, and found your drawing of your ocs, mauve and carmine!! can you tell us more about those two? :3

!!! omg HAHAHA :))) hmm well, i used to rp a whole bunch with my friends, and made over a hundred ocs (literally) because of that!! i just have the habit of starting story concepts but never finishing… T_T a lot of them have backstories and character sheets but they’re all pretty underdeveloped T_T mauve and carmine are two out of those hundred of ocs (i originally wanted mauve to be a kagepro oc, but scrapped the idea later on)!

  • mauve is stoic, calm/collected, naive, and really quiet. she’s super afraid of beetles. also, she secretly loves looking at knitting sites and tries to knit by herself when nobody’s looking but she always fails so theres this random stash of yarn in a box under her desk
  • carmine is aggressive!! short tempered, easy to read, and tries to be a serious business man guy but fails!! he really really likes mauve, but he tsundere HAHAHAHA his favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry but he pretends not to like it because its pink

carmine also has a brother who is two years younger than him named cassie (who also used to have a crush on mauve when they were kids because she was really nice when they were like, i dont know, 7) and gosh diggity darn that boy is the pain in carmine’s butt

they are second cousins of the same age, and both of them are children of super rich corporations!! they have been in an arranged marriage since they were children (which they got accustomed to, and ended up becoming totally neutral about the whole thing)! but mauve’s family get’s caught up in an accident during a vacation trip (when they were still like, 11), and she ends up parentless, virtually penniless, and starts living with another relative. carmine’s relatives ends up handling their corporation, and carmine (who has terribly unrequited feelings for mauve) just ends up really worried after the accident (because he hasn’t seen her since and because he’s not sure if his parents will invalidate the marriage and get him arranged with another girl)!!

it’s currently a really underdeveloped story (i still have to work out a lot of kinks!!) like all the other stories i make T_T. i actually have this really big fantasy project that involves like, a third of all my ocs!! but i don’t usually post about my ocs much because i’m afraid i’ll just end up flooding every one HAHAHAHA SO I’M SORRY THIS IS SUCH A LONG POST ADSFASG thank you for this question!! /)///(\ <3

to conclude (because i don’t think im gonna oc post in a long time) here are random old art concepts!!! (brace yourself for old art) (u didnt ask for this but here it is oml im sorry HAHA T_T)

(below are more recent sketches)

style imitation meme! i contemplated long and hard about posting this anywhere cuz i was just that embarrassed but well… IT’S A LAUGHABLE ATTEMPT SO HERE, have something to laugh about with me. these are 3 artists (sakimichan, kelpls & loish) whose painting style and color choice i’ve really admired for a long time, and yea there are A LOOTT of artists whom i admire for this haha but these are the ones i can rmb off the top of my head and think might be most recognizable? 

the process of doing this was challenging, a little educational, and (most of all) humbling, because each was incredibly hard to replicate, and this might sound weird but somehow i could feel the years/strain of hard work each of them went through to so effortlessly create what we are so used to seeing them post. i definitely didnt do them much justice but it was a learning experience! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑  

anw this was a fun thing to do, and i recommend it for any artist of any experience level! HAVE FUN!