and didnt he have a heart attack onces

can everyone just take a second with me and imagine ward’s reaction when he finds out fitz was the one who brought someone back through the portal

hydra: aparently it was someone called fitz

ward: you mean fitzsimmons

hydra: nope, dr simmons was the one brought back

ward: oh oh that makes sense

hydra: so we gotta get this gu…

ward: no

hydra: what

ward: yeah no no man. no no buddy man. sorry. dropped him on the bottom of the ocean once you, see, got out alive, simmons didnt have a scratch. also russian mafia, perfectly fine. he got this blind guy who could teleport and somehow dude ended up with a pipe through his chest. also garrett, he gave garrett a heart attack with this keychain thingy. also like he has the bluest eyes and sometimes he cries when you betray him and a man cant barely take that twice, three times is just a no go. no man. lets wait a few more years kay? maybe fitz simmons child yea? maybe just revenge on shield ya know… tryin to balance out my chackras… no one needs another inhuman… lemme tell you about chick named daisy johnson

hydra: yea she was involved too

ward: right 

ward: *backflips back through the ground hole*

Hayes Grier Imagine (Part One)

Its a Friday afternoon after school and you and your best friend , y/b/n , decide to go to Target to get some snacks for a movie night.

You enter Target with your best friend and you guys are having so much fun that it seemed like you guys were high asf.

“OH MY FUCK” y/b/n screamed next to you.

“WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED?!” You screamed to her.

“HOTTY. I SEE A HOTTY. OH MY FUCKING GOD.” She says anxiously.


“OVER THERE!” She said motioning in an aisle.

And being your blind stupid self you are hitting her asking where like a maniac.

“OVER FUCKING THERE!” she screamed at you and pushed you over there. You tripped and fell flat on you stomach.

“Oh my god!!” Youre friend said laughing so hard it seemed like she was going to have a heart attack.

All you could do is laugh at yourself and then all this sudden a guy with perfect brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes came to you.

You stopped laughing once you noticed his hand out to help you up. Your heart was racing so fast that you can hear it in your ears. You reach for his hand and get up.

“HIM!” y/b/n screamed.

“What?” He said letting a little chuckle out.

“Nothing. She was just telling me , excuse me, yelling at me, about how she saw this hot guy, and i didnt see anyone so she pushed me and thats how we ending up here” you said laughing.

“Oh. Haha. Uhm, well are you okay?” He asked you while he rubbed his neck.

“I-Im fine. Thanks”

You guys had a moment and just looked each other in the eyes deeply with silence and a smile plastered across your guy’s faces.

Your best friend left to give you guys time and so she can kill time by buying the snacks.

“Im jazzy…uhm but thanks again for your help” you said breaking the silence.

You turn yourself around and walk down the aisle, but before you leave the aisle completely , you spin yourself around and say
“I never got a name by the way”
He just stared at you.
“Okay then..” You say as you spin yourself back around about to start walking away again, then you hear a soothing voice say

-to be continued later-