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I mean nothing bad about Sakura was stated in the interview , people need to calm tf down. She will always be a main character, the heroine of the story. He was talking about her introduction when she was like other characters but as the story progressed she became one of the most developed females in the manga. Man I'm starting to distance myself from this fandom ,it makes me cringe sometimes.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.



Edward Nygma who doesn’t know what bisexuality is

Edward Nygma who thinks you either like boys or you like girls

Edward Nygma who knows he likes girls but thinks he might like boys and is confused by that 

Edward Nygma who forms feelings for Oswald Cobblepot but has no idea what they are, what they mean

Edward Nygma who thinks Oswald has feelings for him but is still confused about his own feelings

Edward Nygma who, when he meets Isabella, projects all of his feelings for Oswald onto this girl because he knows he likes girls

Edward Nygma who, once Isabella no longer wants to be involved with him, comes to realize that his feelings for her weren’t genuine

Edward Nygma who realizes what his feelings for Oswald are, who no longer thinks you have to pick one or the other

Edward Nygma who doesn’t know what bisexuality is until he realizes and accepts what his feelings for Oswald are

Edward Nygma who shares this with Oswald

Oswald Cobblepot who only likes boys but doesn’t have a single problem with his boyfriend also liking girls so long as he likes him the most

Bisexual Edward Nygma who didn’t always know what his sexuality was but found it much easier to accept with the help of his boyfriend

Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot in a healthy and supportive queer relationship

*Yuri on Ice wins all the Crunchy Roll awards it was nominated in and leaves everyone shook*

*Yuri on Ice sells a total of 62k+ BD/DVDs and continues to makes those who thought it would flop bitter and forever salty* 

Today was a good day.

every news outlet is nutting over emma stone’s “political” and “touching” bafta speech so i looked it up and what she said was

“I don’t know if you know, but this country – and the US, and the world, seems to be going through a bit of a time. Just a bit. In a time that’s so divisive I think it’s so special we are able to come together tonight, thanks to BAFTA, to celebrate the positive gift of creativity. How it can transcend borders and how it can help people to feel a little less alone.

like…. i can’t be the only one to realize that this… literally means nothing, right? she didn’t denounce anyone or anything. she didn’t declare her support for anything. she just said things were “divisive”. and yet people are applauding her for it? white mediocrity is so amazing

Alright, it was pretty cute.

So I had my first Voltron dream last night. I don’t remember most of it, but I do remember Lance, Shiro, and Pidge floating in space. Lance and Shiro looked at each other for a a while, and then they whispered each others names and started making out in space in front of poor Pidge, and then they were back in the castle being a happy couple and the only one who was even a tiny bit surprised by it was Hunk, who spit out his food goo. That’s all I remember, but I just thought it was weird because I don’t ship Shance…whatever

I suddenly remembered what Soleil tells you when milking cows and that somehow prompted me to draw this