and didn't do anything stupid

in today’s news: everything sucked and I can’t do anything right.

tigressa-the-kanjian  asked:

11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

*Emerges cackling in a cloud of smoke*  Oh dear…  Well, I think it’s no surprise to anyone here at this point that I’m extremely fond of Getaway.  I didn’t really expect to like him at all truthfully.  I mean, I pretty much knew what was going to happen from the get-go, but holy hell!  Is this guy a riot!  I mean, look at him!

The guy doesn’t have a subtle circuit in his body!  It’s like he was actually trying to be as villainous as physically possible and he still got away with it!  Every single action, every word he says is just dripping with sickeningly charming, manipulative skeeze and I freaking love it!

Oh yeah.  And then there’s the spite factor.  Chances are, if you tell me not to like a certain character for whatever reason, I’m just going to like them more.  Trust me.  I know.  I get it.  We both read the same comic.  I’m aware.  But questionable methods aside, it’s nice to have someone share relatively my same views about the Lost Light captaincy. 

one more weeeeeeeeeeeeek

anonymous asked:

I'm pan and the girl I have a crush on is gay... One day I was bugging her about a question and she texted back what if I was going to ask you out and then you say no and then we ruin our friendship. After she said that I was so excited but I didn't know how to deal so I ignored it and we talked about other things and we act like it never happened. I was scared that she wasn't serious and I didn't want to do anything stupid... should I just ask her if she was being serious?

ASK HER. There’s really no harm in checking. Besides, if she was being serious there’s a shot at the two of you getting together, and that’s actually amazing and every single queer girl alive envies you. Literally every single one.

The Signs as Supernatural Quotes

Aries: Nothing says family like the whole family being dead.”

Taurus: “This is stupid. My sandwich didn't do anything.”

Gemini: “Yet here we are, negotiating like proper psychopaths.”

Cancer: “I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing.”

Leo: “I think I’m adorable.”

Virgo: “Five-eighths of a virgin?”

Libra: “I know it’s hard to believe, but I haven’t always been this cute and cuddly.”

Scorpio: “The last person who looked at me like that got laid.”

Sagittarius: “What’re you calling me a bitch for?”

Capricorn: “My ‘people skills’ are ‘rusty’”

Aquarius: “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a little hell to rise.”

Pieces: “They’re supposed to make you miserable! That’s why they’re family!”

disregard the following

I went to a writing workshop today. I had been intending to go to the local writer’s group for a while and Nano gives me a good opportunity despite the fact I’m not really toing a Nano novel..  A girl I know is involved with it. 

I had signed up for another one but I forgot the time had changed.  

the word “workshop” should have clued me in. 

it was about setting. really, about description.  they had an exercise of write part of your WIP for 8 minutes. I mean, I am baaad at writing with other people present. I need space and silence. all I could think of was a bad rewrite of the first part of the scene I posted here. 

the other exercise was we look at the person beside us and write 40 details!) about them. then write subjective judgments. Then write what we might infer about them from the first details. I did badly, I can barely think at these things and  I was still shaky from the coffee at church this morning so I probably came off as even more nervous than I was. But I can’t stop my hands from shaking if I have caffeine and my words just stumble over each other because I am sooo jittery!  it was only 1 cup of coffee. 

I guessed she was married idk, from her age? and then when I told her she was like because of the ring. well she had 4 rings but one on ring finger but I was like, yeah. (liar)- just to fit in–I do this kind of thing all the time so as not to seem even more weird than I already am. 

She guessed that I am just graduated from college and have not found a job yet. well the not found a job yet is right. and people always think I am just out of college or in college. do I look that clueless and unprofessional–I mean like someone who is looking for a job – this is perpetual.  and she guessed that like I am sort of quiet or whatever but stay strong to what I believe in and  I will do anything to get where I want in writing. .. which is lowkey true. … am I that transparent? I was trying to dress fancy and nice today for ONCE but I guess I looked still transparent and my emotions stick out like a sore thumb and I am an oddball who has bad makeup and peeling skin and  needs to re-dye her hair and for some reason put on those Tardis earrings I got online which looked good online but are lame in real life, with a white back, and half the time the white back is showing instead of the front.  what even am I? I don’t want to be in the real world.  I don’t – do it  like even at all, I am what you would call Clueless.  and I don’t want to be this. I want to be confident and radiant and mysterious and strong and tough and smart and brilliant and stunningly creative and successful but instead I am dirt on the bottom of everyone’s shoes. 

and yes I came home I (after Petco care for cats) and told mom about it and she laughed it off, barely listening to me, and like ‘no big deal, what are you making such a big deal for? and I cried . I mean, yes mom, I am being silly, but I can’t help how I feel. 

and I don’t want to do this anymore. 

Goldfish cracker war
  • Pisces: *throws goldfish snack cracker at crush *hits scorpio
  • Scorpio: wtf throws one back *hits leo scorpio starts laughing
  • Leo: heyeyy you wont be smiling Once I shove my fist in your face!!!😠throws goldfish bag *all spills
  • Capricorn: calm down leo ... But if that cracker hits me I will kill you
  • Libra: it's just a small goldfish lol *throws it at cap
  • Teacher: who started this mess ?!!! I am not cleaning this up
  • Cancer: miss I saw scorpio do it
  • Gemini: you are all so childish gosh
  • Virgo: *stares at pisces I know you started this
  • Taurus: *looks up from reading book ...Wait what happened?! Who had the crackers?
  • Aries: miss I didn't do anything this time .
  • Sagittarius: y'all so dumb this is stupid
  • Teacher: well everyone has to help clean so pick up all these goldfish crackers I don't care if your late to your next class!!
  • *Aquarius was the teacher lol