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Can you please write a sportarobbie glanniþro double date?

good grief, sorry this took so long, but, uh, here it is! the numbered naming convention stolen shamelessly from @dangerouscommiesubversive‘s fics, i believe. i hope you enjoy. 


Sportacus was fidgeting. As it happened, so was Robbie.

Every once in a while they would make eye-contact and then hastily look away.

Sportacus wasn’t really sure what the problem was. The coffee shop was nice. The weather was lovely. Robbie had even dressed up, and made Sportacus dearly wish he owned something else besides his usual outfit. He really did like seeing Robbie in a suit, all prim and proper – it made something in his chest swell pleasantly.

Perhaps it was the fact that it was their second date, and while they were used to each other in the mundane, daily basis, being suddenly thrown together in an explicitly romantic setting was just a tad nerve-wracking. Perhaps it was because of their second cup of coffee and green tea, respectively.

Perhaps it was the fact that Sportacus had invited his old mentor and Robbie’s uncle on a double-date and the other couple was now nearly a half an hour late.

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Start of Something Promising (Part 1 of ?)

Author’s Note: Here is part 1 of the Prequel to More Than Enough. So I have a couple of ideas for this universe. And yes it has become a universe called Finding You. This is part 1 of I don’t know how many. After the prequel is finished, the sequel will be posted. 

Warning: I curse a lot in this story. :)

Summary: What happened before the events of More Than Enough? 

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Word Count: 2070

Dedication: @secretschuylersister thanks for sending me amazing feedback. You have no idea how much your kind words inspired this story and universe. I, someday hope to be able to be a friend of yours :)

The sticky New York city air made the light summer dress stick to her as she made her way to some place with air-conditioned.  Y/N loved New York she really did, but she did not like the humid weather that came with the summer and early fall months but when you have to hunt for air conditioning every time the heat gets unbearable, it can get old. Maybe this would be the day she could convince Maia to get air installed in the apartment.

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50 very important oc/muse questions:

Tag with your oc/muse name(s) so people know who do address them to!

1. Do they prefer sweet or savoury foods?
2. Are they the person who offers or receives the jacket on a cold day?
3. What do they smell like?
4. Rainy or sunny?/Summer or Winter?
5. Do they appreciate puns? 
6. Do they dress for the weather or are they the type of person to wear shorts in winter or a coat in summer?
7. Do they run a blog/would they if they could?
8. What are some ‘pointless’ talents they have? (i.e. knowing how much pasta is enough for one person without weighing it, learning song lyrics quickly, being able to pogo stick etc.)
9. What is their dream job?
10. What job do they currently have?
11. Where did they grow up? Was it pleasant there?
12. Do they have siblings? If so, do they like them?
13. What’s their opinion on video games?
14. How do they feel about people taking photographs of them?
15. What clothes do they go to sleep in?
16. How do they deal with illness/pain? Will they soldier on with two broken arms or can a cold put them out for days?
17. Who is someone that they look up to?
18. If they got into a fight would they stick it out or run away?
19. What is their fighting style? (martial arts, street fighting, just trying to get away etc.)
20. Do they prefer texts or phone calls?
21. Favourite flavour(s)?
22. Do they consider themselves to be a mature person? What do other people think?
23. If they had the choice to be immortal, would they take it?
24. Have they ever been prejudice in the past? If so, have they made an effort to move past that? Did they have reasoning behind their thoughts?
25. What is there opinion on kids?
26. How to they react to making mistakes? How do they react to people pointing out mistakes they’ve made?
27. What’s their opinion on musicals?
28. What kind of shoes do they wear? Would they be able to walk in heels?
29. Socks or bare feet?
30. What’s something they believe they could improve on?
31. Do they like cartoons?
32. How much do they usually tip at restaurants? 
33. They’ve suddenly won the lottery! What is the first thing they do with the money?
34. What is their end goal in life? 
35. Are they a hard worker or do they like to slack off?
36. Do they want to travel or are they content where they are?
37. If a small child offered them an empty bowl saying it was soup would they pretend to eat it?
38. Do they have little hands?
39. Are they planning on ever getting married? Will they get married in the future?
40. What was their favourite toy as a child?
41. Are they a big eater?
42. What are their main personality traits?
43. What do they look for in a partner? (Romantic or platonic)
44. Do they have any bad habits?
45. If faced with a physical exam how would they do?
46. If faced with a written exam how would they do?
47. What is their opinion on school?
48. If at a birthday party, would they wear a party hat?
49. What is their opinion on glitter?
50. How do they feel about art? Are they a creative person? If so, what kind of art do they enjoy?


This grammar point is used when talking about past experiences and can be used in three ways. 직접 경험하는 것을 이따가 이야기할 때 써요.

1. Used to explain an occasion that one saw or experienced.   It is typically followed by a command or suggestion. It can be translated as ‘I found that..’

날씨가 춥던데 옷을 따뜻하게 입으세요.

(I found that) the weather is cold so please dress warmly. 

친구가 걱정하던데 전화 한 번 해 봐. 

: 컴퓨터가 고장 났는데 어쩌죠?

: 준수가 컴퓨터를 잘 고치던데 준수에세 한 번 부탁해 보세요.

2. To contradict what another person has said. It can be translated as ‘As I recall..’

가: 유미는 키가 작아.

     Yumi is short. 

: 음~? 키가 크던데?

    Hmm? (As I remember) she is tall? 

3. Express surprise at a past situation or event.

와~ 너 수지 봤니? 리사처럼 예쁘던데?

Wow ~ Did you see Suzy? She was pretty like Lisa 

그 바닷게 정말 아름답던데 ~?

일곱 명이 다 한집에 살던데요.

Past tense can be used; 었/았/였던데. It describes a situation where the action you are observing has already occurred. 

눈이 왔던데요.

일찍 집에 갔던데요. 

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Where did you get the jacket you used for Lexa cosplay? I tried looking at second-hand ones but none of them looked much like the right type of material there was one in the man's section but was way too warm (meant for -40C weather .. so no way I am wearing it)

My Lexa coat was a light cotton dress to start off with! (first photo) I later went to my local craft store and found a heavier wool mix type fabric which I bought a few meters of and cut to the same dimensions as the dress I had found and glued over the top of the dress!

This was when it was still in progress and a lot on the costume has been changed since :)
I found it easiest to find a base preexisting to work around and modify, check out what your local Op shop and craft stores have. Magic.

Hope this helps!

[eng trans] BTS 2nd Muster VCR (+their answers)

Taehyung: Oh, you’re here? You look really pretty today. Did you dress up like this to see me? The weather’s great to go on a date. But do you know what today is? You couldn’t have forgotten, right?

Q. What’s today’s occasion?
1. Sure~ It’s our second year anniversary~
2. Oh… Um… I don’t know, are we getting any parcels…?

(MC asked Jin and he replied he would choose No.1 because he’s a serious guy. V chose No.1)

Namjoon: It feels really nice today… Right? Oh, your shoelace is undone. Let me tie it for you. (Looks at you while he ties the shoelace)

Q. How would you react to Rap Monster tying your shoelace?
1. (Feeling shy) We’ve been dating for 2 years now and you’re still tying my shoelace~
2. Thanks darling.
3. Next time I should wear shoes without shoelaces
4. You startle and hit his chin with your knee.

(Fans screamed No.4 and Suga replied “Many are raising us very toughly.” Rap Monster chose No.1)

Yoongi: I’ll have what I always order… What would you like darling?

Q. You stand in front of the counter after choosing the menu, what would be your action?
1. Today, I’ll buy the coffee.
2. I have coupons which I have collected earnestly until now.
3. I’ll buy dinner so you pay for the coffee!
4. “From the time I was young, my house was poor…” (line from g.o.d’s To Mother (어머님께)

(Fans screamed No.4, Suga chose No.3 but he said he would pay for the coffee)

Hoseok: Don’t you think I look different today? Can’t you really tell? I got a hair cut today, how do I look? It doesn’t look good? Oh, the drinks are here. What is this?? Daebak! Can I open this?

Q. What could be the present inside the box?
1. Watch
2. Ring to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary
3. Wallet
4. 2 tickets for BTS concert
5. Bulletproof vest

(J Hope chose No.2 and MC asked him if it’s gold or silver and he replied silver)

Seokjin: Why did you prepare such thing~ (pats) Ah right! I recently tried the earphones you gave me.And I have a song that I recently really like!

Q. The song Jin likes to listen these days is?
1. Park Hyoshin - Wild Flower
2. Naul - Nothing Better
3. Lee Juk - I’m so fortunate
4. Sung Sikyung - In the street

(Suga started singing “In the street”, Rap Monster said he thinks Jin’s favorite song of 2015 was “Wild Flower” and Jin said his answer was No.1)

Jimin (

Jimin: Thank you always. If you’re done with your coffee, shall we go somewhere? What do you want to do?

Q. After coffee, where would you like to go with him?
1. It’s currently baseball season so let’s go see baseball!
2. Shall we go watch a movie?
3. Let’s go play League of Legends.
4. Today my family’s not at home…

(Fans screamed No.4 and Suga replied “Everyone wants to clean the house”. Rap Monster told Jimin that he should go with No.4. Members started questioning what they will do at home and MC says that they can go home and play L.O.L, he also tells them a story he had heard before- 
MC: There was a couple (woman was older than the guy) and the girlfriend told her bf “Noona gets drunk easily and I live alone.”.)
then he asked Jimin to say the line-
Jimin: Army, get drunk easily and live alone!
BTS: What are you talking about right now!!
Jimin: I’m sorry, please don’t take it seriously~
BTS: Wow, this is crazy.
MC: There may be middle school students and I asked her what did you do and she said “Jimin oppa said I should drink~”.)

Jungkook (

Jungkook: Why are you being shy~ It’s because you’re so pretty~ Do you want some cake? You eat well, is it delicious? Hold on, it’s on your lips…

Q. How would Jungkook wipe the cake that’s on your lips?
1. Hands you a tissue.
2. Wipes it off with his hand.
3. Brings the mirror to your face.
4. Gets closer to you and gently presses his lips

(Yoongi reminds the fans that this video was recorded on June 13th 2015 when Jungkook was a minor. Fans screamed No.4.
Jin: Can’t minors even give each other a peck???
MC: Sure~ They can just press their lips together as long as they go home.
Jimin said he thinks Jungkook would hand her the mirror. Jungkook chose No.1 and MC asked him what he would tell her while handing over the tissue
Jungkook: Wipe it.)

Video cr: uploaders

Take out with full credits! ✿ peachisoda

Trans cr: @peachisoda

(+) part 2 (7pm one) is here!

Morning Run

Summary: You always go for a run by yourself every morning. It’s a little boring, to say the least, until someone comes along and makes it worth while.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 2606

Warnings: Swearing.

A/N: I didn’t know if I wanted to make this about Bucky or Sebastian; Sebastian fits it better, so I did it with him instead this time! Please go easy on me I don’t know how this adorable plum would act on a run (He stopped to help a few girls with a scavenger hunt so there’s that)

Part Two Part Three

Day 27 of your morning run.

You never thought that you’d willingly get up so early to embrace the sweltering morning weather that New York City has to offer during the summer. You can’t believe how hot it is at 6am; 32° is enough to get you sweating while you’re getting dressed. Your back is damp as you tighten your laces.

You started a new training program to better your mind and body. The first three days focus on weight training, two on cardio, and two days of rest while flushing all your toxins and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. There are days where you have cheat days, just because you can. You live alone in a small apartment, so there’s no one there to stop you.

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So you all were so kind about my new glasses, that I decided to share some more pics that I took that day :) I was feeling particularly upbeat and I think it showed because random people were talking with me and striking up polite conversations. I went out for coffee with my friends Dan and Krystyna and she asked if I changed makeup or something because I was glowing. 

I think I was just feeling confident and very “me” with my new glasses and being able to enjoy the beautiful weather in this short dress.

Oh, by the way, I also got new sunglasses..

These were all from Thursday. I have a bunch of new photos from some stuff I did today to post as well, but I think I will save those to post tomorrow night. 


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

200 year-old regret

@badromantics I did it! It’s 1:30 am but I don’t care it’s done. I’m proud of it. I’ll write the epilogue tomorrow. Hamilton belongs to Lin-Manuel Miranda, while the Are you for Shores and it’s reverse AU belong to @badromantics

Burr checked his watch tapping his foot, pinching the bridge of his nose attempting to ignore super smashed gener – Richard’ s – loud rambling on how Quebec was the worst place in the US. If he hated it so much why did he drag them all the way to Toronto and soon Montreal? Really Jonathan and Matthias should have been back by now, even with this weather, he knew the van was old but it couldn’t be that bad right?! You know what?! Screw this he’ll walk back to the car and at least get to enjoy the relative silence of the car! Once they were more or less dressed enough for the cold, Burr with Richard’s arm over his shoulders and grabbing the thick man’s waist headed out in the blizzard.

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Emerald & Weiss 

Snowflake in the Rough Part 1

When Emerald first met Weiss, she despised her. Ruby was an annoying little brat, sure, and Yang had a little too much energy for her tastes, too much goodness in her heart (what to make of Blake, she wasn’t quite certain). But Weiss was just so utterly unlikeable, so uncomprehendingly despicable that it was hard to even find the words for how much Emerald loathed that girl. 

She often remembers that first meeting when she shoved Weiss against a goddamn wall in broad daylight, risking her fucking life (Cinder wouldn’t like this) and heard her complaining about getting her dress wet in this weather. She should’ve killed her when she had the chance, but for now, snogging had to do.

@fadingemeralds did those. Expect more to come. That ship doesn’t get enough attention. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

“Yoongi~” You sang, skipping to the doorframe of the room he was busy in.

“Hm?” He grumbled, writing away on a piece of paper.

“Wasn’t today such a nice day?” You smiled, slightly jumping in excitement.

“The weather was nice, yeah.” He nodded, still not turning around.

You played with his white t-shirt you had on; it draped over your body, down to your mid thigh. “Was I pretty today?”

“Extremely pretty, jagi.” He answered, “You did your makeup differently—I noticed. Why did you dress so differently today? You know I don’t like really girly things on you unless there’s a valid reason.”

You raised your eyebrow slightly, “So you didn’t like it?”

“No, I did. I’m just saying if it’s not a special occasion, what’s the point?” He erased what he wrote.

“What would count as a special occasion?” You fixed your red lacy bra under his shirt.

“A birthday, a party, if you have to make a good impression—I don’t know.” He shrugged.

You dropped your facial expression: you thought he was just messing around with you—pushing your buttons to get a reaction from you like he always does. There was a hint of playfulness in his voice when he did this, though. The more he spoke to you now, the more you noticed his voice was as serious as when he spoke about his music. “What day is it?” You asked, clutching at the bottom hem of the shirt tightly. This is the test—the last thing you’ll ask to know for sure.

“I don’t know. Friday?” He took his snapback off and set it on the desk.

You felt tears threatening to spill over, and you bit your lip to keep them in. Two years.. “Okay.” You squeaked, running to the room you shared. You felt the warm tears begging to role down your cheeks as you ran down the hall. When you reached the room, you crawled into bed and hugged your legs after pressing your knees to your chest. Squeezing tightly, you continued your light sobbing. Two years it’s been since Yoongi asked you to a date; where it all started.


“Hey, (Y/N).” Yoongi called you.

“I’ll be back,” You looked to him, touching Jin’s shoulder lightly. “I’ll help you later, alright?”

“I wanted to know how to make that recipe for the boys for next week, you have enough time.” He smiled kindly at you, “There’s no rush.”

You smiled back, hugging him as you departed. “Yes?” You tugged on your shirt exposing your stomach.

“Let’s go out later,” He put his hands in his pockets.

“What?” You scoffed.

“Let’s go out.” He repeated, “Well, not really out. I’m gonna take you to the studio to listen to some songs I’ve been working on; is that fine?”

“I guess..” You looked at him with a puzzled face. Why you? Why so abrupt?

“So when the hyungs leave, I’ll take you.” He nodded, “You can go back to Jin now.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, turning on your heels to Jin. “Noona, noona!” Jungkook yelled, “Watch me!” You watched as he did some weird dance with Tae: they held hands, putting their weight on either side to hold each other up as they flared their arms out gracefully. “Did I do well?” He hopped over to you, looking at you with hopefully eyes.

You giggled while nodding, “Perfect, Jungkook.”

“Argh!” Tae grunted while running to you, then lifting you over his shoulder and spinning around a couple times. He walked with you like you were a prize, “Look hyung—I caught your lover.” He told Namjoon.

“Yah! Put her down,” He ordered, sipping from a water bottle.

“Yeah, put her down.” Yoongi agreed, “She’s not his lover anyway.”

“You don’t know what happens between us when you’re off writing lyrics,” He smirked, popping a chip into his mouth.

He just rolled his eyes, sitting down next to Namjoon. “Can you take me back to Jin, please?” You tried to look at Tae’s face instead of his back.

“Okay!” He chirped happily, skipping over to Jin and setting you down.

“I actually think it’s time for us to head back to the dorm, don’t you guys think?” Jin spoke, putting his arm around you. “You can explain everything to me tomorrow.”

“She’s coming with us.” Yoongi said, “More like me.”

“Huh?” Jimin scratched his head, stopping his playful wrestling with Hoseok.

“You don’t have to know everything,” Yoongi glared at him, “Let’s just go, alright? I have music to work on,”


You wiped your moist cheeks with your wrists, dropping them as if they were deadweight on your calves. You had switched positions to sitting cross legged—like a small child. You looked up as an attempt to keep the tears from falling, you succeeded and looked back down. You noticed how the makeup you had on still smeared and began to wash away from your tears—staining your arms with black.


You watched Yoongi’s lips, waiting for his tongue to pop out and lick them as he spoke quickly—moving his hand at the pace he was going at. He was holding his notebook tightly in his hand, reading as he rapped his lyrics. Finally, when he had put the notebook back down he looked up at you. He looked at you dead in the eyes, “How was it?” He asked, quickly licking his lips.

“It was really good—I liked it.”

“I think I’ll keep this one for a better time,” He grabbed his pen, tapping it on the paper gently. “What should I call it?”

“I think you should wait to name it,”

“Maybe.” He mumbled, skimming though his words again. He sighed heavily, “I haven’t worked on this for long, but I really like it. I have a handful of songs that I’m proud of, and I wanna get them out there. I just have to wait for a good time,”

“You seem eager,” You laughed as he got slightly upset he wasn’t able to do as he wanted.

“I hate waiting—especially for something like this.” He set the pen down.

“When you wait for a longer amount of time, it’ll make whatever you’ve been waiting for even more satisfying.” You said lowly, watching his hand just lay on the desk. You sat there in silence, but it didn’t feel as awkward as it was expected. Yoongi didn’t talk much, so somewhere in your mind you knew this would happen eventually. This has been a unique date: occasional conversations on the ride here, another boy leaning his head on you, and no physical contact as you watched him work. You watched his face from the corner of your eye, slowly sliding your hand over to his. You linked your pinky fingers carefully—making sure he didn’t give a bad reaction. He looked, but immediately looked away. Taking this as a sign of consent, you rested your head on his shoulder. Yoongi glanced down at you, confused as to why you did such a thing. His shoulder raised a little, but you let go of his hand and hugged him with that arm. While you let go, you held his hand properly and brought it over to his lap.

He groaned, shifting in his chair. He cleared his throat, “Skinship isn’t mandatory on dates.”

“Do you not like it?” You lifted your head, and letting him go.

He shrugged, “Not really.” He watched as you lowered your head. “But if you want, I’ll let you hold my hand or something.”

“I don’t feel right if you’re not enjoying it,”

“Maybe I’ll like it the more you do—maybe I just have to get used to it. I’ll let you pick anything: hand holding, hugging, kissing—anything you want.” It was obvious that he felt guilty after seeing you getting embarrassed. “I’ll make an exception for you.” You shook your head, biting your nail as you looked away from him. He did an annoyed sound, then you felt his hands on your waist lifting you up. “I guess I’ll have to do it for you, since you won’t do it yourself.” He set you down on his lap, and scooted his chair in. He had his arms on either side of you, turning to a blank page in his notebook.

“What are you doing?”

“I just came up with a line,” He said, starting to write. You looked at yourself: sitting on one of Yoongi’s legs, your own legs in between the two of his, and he was leaning back which made you lay on him. You laid your head down on his shoulder, nuzzling you face into his neck. He froze, “You’re getting comfortable?”

“Should I not?” You lifted your head.

“No, just do what you want.” You reluctantly went back to his neck, hearing him clear his throat. “Thank you.” He spoke, holding your waist.

“For what?”

“That feels funny,” He lightly laughed, speaking about your breath on his neck. “For giving me another idea for a song.”

“Oh..” You bit your lip lightly. You hand went to the waistband of his pants, holding on to keep from falling. He put his pen down again, just focusing on holding you and having you on him. Your lips brushed against his neck, and gave him goosebumps as he slightly shivered. You gently planted a kiss on his neck, putting your head back down. You smiled, then glanced up to Yoongi who was smiling his gummy smile to himself—unable to keep it in.


You sniffled, throwing the towelette in the garbage as you made your way back to bed. It’s been a while since you’ve started crying, so you decided to just go to bed. You took your makeup off, but your eyes were puffy from the tears you shed. You put your hair in a bun, and sat on the bed again to check your phone. “Jagi..” Yoongi’s voice said softly, as he made his way over to you. “I’m sorry—I forgot.”

“I know..” You put your phone behind you.

“It’s all the work—I swear. I didn’t want to miss it, but I did. It’s all my fault, and I should’ve at least got you something.” You stood quiet, playing with your fingers. “Look at me, please.” He lifted your chin to him. “You cried..”

“Of course I did.” You felt the tears welling up again. “It’s been two years..”

“Come here,” He opened his arms. You stood in your spot, feeling another wave approaching. He sighed, “I always need to make your decisions on this date?” He joked, bringing you in and wrapping his arms around you.

“You remember?” You looked up.

“(Y/N),” He laughed in disbelief, “I forgot because of work then remembered—I remember what happened, okay?” He smiled, putting you on his lap like a child. “I remember taking you home afterward,” He put some loose pieces of hair behind your ear, “You kissed me, just like this..” He pecked your lips slowly, cupping your cheek. “Then you pulled away, and you left.”

“You said you didn’t like skinship,” You hugged him, “But you kissed me back, and even held me.”

“I wanted to hold your hand, but you know I can’t even do that now.”

“Why is it only me?” You questioned, changing your position to pressing your chest against his with your legs on either side of him.

“That I touch and let touch me?”


He pulled you away from him to look at your face, “You’re the only exception—for two years now. You’re the only one who can make my heartbeat increase by just holding your hand, and not want to pull away.”

“Then why do you while we walk or go shopping?” You cocked your head.

“You know I don’t like PDA,” He narrowed his eyes.

“It isn’t entirely PDA-”

“Too much for me.” He waved his hand, “You can hold my hand when a lot of people aren’t around.” He pressed his forehead against yours, holding your hips. “I love you, (Y/N). These two years were great, but now it’s time for a third.” He said, kissing your lips tenderly. “Are you in?”

You nodded your head, “Always.”

“Good, because I’ll always be in too.” He scrunched his face up to yours smiling.

Okay, so I just saw 9.03 again and it always fucks me up, so. 

Instead of Dean kicking Castiel out of the bunker and breaking all of our hearts, let’s take a moment to imagine that he did the exact opposite.

When Dean learns that Cas is human now, he immediately starts to feel more protective of him. He does everything from making sure that he gets something to eat every morning (because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, okay?) to making sure that he’s appropriately dressed for the weather in all of the states they hit during hunts (“Just wear the damn scarf, Cas!”) 

And of course Castiel can appreciate Dean’s concern but he’s still coping with losing his grace and is somewhat irritable about being treated like he’s completely helpless now and so he kindly, but firmly, insists that Dean give him a little space to breathe (“Thank you, Dean, but I’ll be okay.”) and Dean backs off because it’s been almost three months and Cas does seem okay…

Until he isn’t. 

Until he starts having night terrors and can’t sleep and then Dean kicks right back into mother hen mode and sits up with him or brews him some sleepy-time tea (because he read in one of Sammy’s stupid health magazines that it’s supposed to be soothing) and he tries not to blush when Cas gives him this gentle, adoring look when he does it like he knows 

Basically, just imagine Dean being very attentive and caring for human!Cas 

Art Gal-lery


Dan wasn’t really nervous, he didn’t get nervous anymore, he had already done all the work, made the art, hung it strategically around and left. He would get to the gallery later, about two hours after the opening, hoping to go unnoticed and hear what people said about the pieces. Since that rainy day, the whole exhibit had changed in his mind, it had become a collection of sunny-to-torrential images, each a different feeling, a different weather, a different everything. The final piece, torrential rain, mud, puddles and a tree with a pretty girl and her camera shielding herself from the water.

He was on his way to the gallery, dressed up, looking different than he always did, his goal, after all, was to go unnoticed. He entered the room and it was full of people, pointing, discussing, staring and reading the names and descriptions. 

“ i got the book, i got the biscuits, i did all the things on the list. “ clara announces proudly, taking off her backpack and setting it upon a bench, taking out the ( wrong ) book, the ( copious amounts and brands of ) biscuits and other assorted items that weren’t on the list but she’d stretched the money he’d given her to purchase them anyway !! what a good assistant was she. pale knees are grazed and bloody, peeking out from beneath her summer dress - she didn’t seem to notice the bitter weather - but she pays them no mind and instead holds out her arms in a ta-daaaa!! sort of pose.


Save Me - Chapter 92

“Well, baby, it looks like the weather is clearing up.” Jared shouted from the living room.

Typical man, he was cleaned up and dressed in five minutes. I, on the other hand was still in my robe. I did fix my hair and put a little make-up on though. I guess that’s better than nothing!

“Really?” I asked, it was supposed to be stormy all day.

“Yeah, the sun is even shinning. It might be a nice sunset. We should walk to the lake again.” Jared suggested as I walked out into the living room to see the clouds making way for blue skies again.

“I love that idea…” I said. He turned and smiled…god, I love when he smiles at me.

“Good. You finish getting ready and I’ll wrap up these few things. It won’t take me long and then we can head out when your done.” Jared said, his laptop open on the table and his phone already in his hand.

Bending down, I kissed his cheek, “Okay…don’t work too hard!”

Jared stopped what he was doing and tilted his eyes to meet mine, “Kiss me.” he said and of course, I happily obliged.

I got myself ready in record time, anxious to get some fresh air. Being outside after a cleansing rain is one of my favorite things to do. As soon as Jared saw me walking out of our bedroom ready to go, he closed his laptop, grabbed his phone off the table and met me at the door. Looks like he was just as anxious.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Absolutely! Fresh air and a walk sound good..” I told him, smiling.

Stepping out of hotel, it felt almost like a spring day rather than a summer one. The clouds were still billowing in the sky and the sun was out but there was a coolness to the air. We strolled casually down the street, holding hands. Coming around the corner a stiff breeze blew and I caught a chill.

“You warm enough, baby?” Jared asked, letting my hand go as he wrapped it instead around my shoulders.

“Yeah, I’m okay…but feel free to leave your arm right where it is!” I laughed, as I wrapped my arm around his waist.

“Anything you want.” he said smiling as he pulled me closer to him and kissing my temple.

We took our time walking to the lakefront, stopping along the way to pick up some dark chocolate at Godiva. Dark chocolate was my weakness and Godiva was one of my favorites.

“It’s not Mast Brothers but it’ll do..” Jared said.

“Mast Brothers? I’ve never had it.” I told him.

“Well, we’ll have to rectify that as soon as possible because you won’t find any better, in my humble opinion.” he joked.

“I look forward to it..” I giggled.

The scent of yummy chocolate hit us as soon as we stepped inside Godiva. I wanted a piece of everything but knew better. Jared has seriously interrupted my workout schedule so I don’t need the extra calories. Jared, on the other hand, was just fine with it.

“You aren’t getting that big box, are you? That has to be like two pounds!” I said as soon as I saw the box in his hand.

“Yes, I am. I’m sure we’ll polish this off in no time..” he said, winking at me then going back to picking out the chocolates he wanted. I just laughed and shook my head as he side-eyed me. “You won’t be laughing when you’re dyin’ for a piece and I say no!” he teased.

“You wouldn’t do that, would you?” I giggled, punching his arm.

“Actually, I would.” he said turning to look around to make sure no one was listening, “unless you want to trade…maybe a spanking for a piece?” he joked.

Leaning into him, “Forget the chocolate, I’ll let you spank me anytime…” I whispered in his ear.

Jared handed his credit card to the salesperson then as she turned her attention to the register, he slowly wrapped his fingers around the back of my neck. Squeezing enough to get my attention, he leaned in so no one but me could hear.

“I’m very much looking forward to laying you across my lap and spanking your ass for pleasure not punishment.” he replied, “Although, the results will still be the same.”

I stood there with my mouth open…..and wet panties, remembering my time on the spanking bench. He does it to me every single time, damn.

After our chocolate fix, we continued walking to the shore, stopping when we found a bench to sit on that had us aimed towards the sunset.

“I think we’re going to see a pretty sunset…this was a great idea.” I told him as I snuggled against him.

Jared slipped his arm around me, pulling me against his side. We sat in silence, listening to the waves, both of us in our own heads. I promised myself I wouldn’t think about the inevitable parting but I couldn’t help it. It was becoming harder and harder to push away the closer we got to Thursday.

Turning my head, I inhaled Jared’s scent as we sat there. I could already feel myself breaking every time I thought about how this was temporary. In reality, I couldn’t help but wonder how much things would change when we got off the plane Friday morning. So many questions that I didn’t even want to have the answers to out of fear of what those answers might be.

Jared said something in the tub that surprised me. When I told him he could let go of his restraint, that I was ready, he said he couldn’t because he’d hurt me.. I knew he had experience being a Dominant, that much was very obvious. But I feel like there was more to it. At least, I do the more I think about it. I was curious but I wasn’t sure how to bring it up.

That lead me to wonder how much of what I see in him is what he is in reality….


Eadlyn had always been around boys. Her three rambunctious brothers were there to tease her about dresses and shoes with silly stilts on the heels.

Yet there was one boy that didn’t make fun of her like they did: Kile Woodwork.

Kile was that family friend that was so close you almost thought you were cousins. And still they knew they weren’t related. They hoped not.

Eadlyn didn’t want unknown suitors. She didn’t want strangers living in her home. She wanted someone she knew, not someone as unpredictable as the weather. She wanted his familiar scent of pine and wind and something that was just so Kile.

She wanted him.


> A note is slipped into Junpei’s room that day…


We need to have a serious talk about how you deal with Aigis henceforth. If you wish to avoid public embarassment by this discussing taking place at the lounge, you will meet me in an hour at the Control Room.

~ Mitsuru Kirijo

> Another note is nestling next to that one…

Come dressed for cold weather.

~ Akihiko Sanada

In Bloom (Part 2) (An MCU RP)


Leana was a nervous wreck as she worked through the morning rush. Her only worker, Sam had noticed it and he watched with mild bemusement as she fumbled around. “Don’t think I’ve ever seen you this nervous, Boss. Should I call Sophia over?”

“No.” Leana’s voice cracked, and she cleared her throat. “No thank you, Sam. She will be over for her own thing soon. That I’m sure.” She mumbled, making coffee right and left to distract herself. She was wearing a cute dress with warm leggings for the cooler weather, certainly more dressed up than she ever did. Sam was rather entertained by it as he helped with the coffees.

Loki walked with his brother down the atreet, feeling strange in civilian clothes. He was wearing black jeans with a warm looking black sweater, a green and gold scarf wrapped around his neck to keep him warm against this colder day. He had certainly tried his best to talk Thor out of coming today, but his brother wouldn’t hear of it and was beaming brighter than the goddamn sun; much to Loki’s annoyance.