and did i remember to save at all


I remember my very first day, I improvised a line. […] And as I turned to leave, I looked at Daniel, and I said, “Let us hope Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day.” And then Daniel, who was all of 12, stepped right up to me, looked me right in the eye, and said “Don’t worry. I will be.” A chill went down my spine. And as he did it, I thought, ‘Christ, this kid is good.’ - Jason Isaacs

go out there, love. dance terribly and sing loudly. your heart’s strong as ever, no matter the storms that have tried to ruin you for good. i promise. forget about the yesterdays that followed you here. today, you can forgive even that which has interrupted your sleep. today, all the countries you have lost are replaced in full. today you can rest your head anywhere and remember the women before you who did not die, even when the whole world willed it. listen, love. go on and feel everything if that’s what it takes. so what if the world doesn’t love you back? what does it know anyway. go and save yourself in the thousand ways you feared were impossible.  the war’s not over but for people like us, it never is. breathe deeply, love. keep waking up, even if the days you step into do not belong to you. go on, love. go and tell the river it owns nothing of yours today. tell the sky you forgive its impatience. tell the mountains you’ve survived worse. go on, love. count the ways you have chosen to not erase yourself. forget the ones who made your name a small thing. stay impossibly still or move through the whole country in a week. do what it takes, love. no one out there will make this easier for you. go on and dare to save yourself in a world that has promised to celebrate your absence. go on, love, and hold on to the thousands of ways you have not left a world that has only ever showed you the way out. 

some AUs i'll never write but definitely want to read
  • ‘we used to be in a band but you left bc you despise the music industry now we’re world-famous i wrote a song abt missing you i hope you get lonely when you hear it on the radio bc THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE ME FEEL YOU ASSHOLE’ AU
  • ‘we’re new roommates and someone told you i’m at the hospital you panic and then you remember i work at a hospital’ AU
  • 'you are a selfish, parasitic, amoral person who has done unforgivable things why did you give up your life to save mine’ AU
  • ‘you live across the hall and you’re in your underwear every time you open the door it’s so frustrating stOP SMILING OH GOD I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT YOU IN THE EYES’ AU
  • 'we were childhood best friends who meet again and have to work together we used to be v close and i actually lov– hey why don’t you remember me at all did you get amnesia or something’ AU
  • 'you’re an atheist and im a conservative gay catholic you’ve never been a jerk abt my faith and u even wait for me outside the church every sunday i really appreciate it’ AU
  • ‘we’re both travelers and i hate how you speak the native language so well where are you staying btw do u want to make out’ AU
  • ‘it’s raining hard and i only have my designer coat then you, a savage person in a truck, came along and now i’m soaking wet do you know how much this coat costs’ AU
  • who am i??? what happened?? ??? well mate, i’m just a loyal bar patron and a total stranger whom you kissed and asked if i wanted to see your butt last night’ AU
  • 'i had a terrible day and i’m on the bus stuck in heavy traffic you’re waiting for your ride outside and we have a staring contest then u blink and smile like the big dork that u are i cant believe i smiled back’ AU
Underoos’ what? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you do a oneshot where the Avengers (because everyone gets along) are in some huge battle and kind of losing then Peter’s girlfriend, who the Avengers(minus Peter, he knows and is all proud of badass girlfriend) don’t know she has any powers, and she come’s in saves all their asses and is all worried about Peter and checking him for wounds “Babe are you ok? are you sure did they hurt you at all??” she came as soon as she heard there was a battle // Can I request something? Peter is fighting alongside the avengers and calls you for backup because your fire powers could really help out and everyone like ‘who dat?!’ and Peter be like that is my girlfriend. The fight is done and before you leave you go up to him and give him a big kiss before telling him to remember to like I don’t know meet up for a study group later that day and you leave after fangirling a bit

A/N: Combined both of these because they really suited together. This is like my 10th request right now, but I just got so excited and inspired that I couldn’t write anything else. Hope you enjoy x

Peter looked around the café -tables pushed against the walls, chairs being thrown against the windows. He didn’t know what to do. Tony had told the whole team there was a new villain in the city, and that it wouldn’t take them long to capture him, but they needed to go together because he had powers. Peter had thought he was insane, but now, looking at the mess around him, he knew Tony had been right. Tony was lying on the ground, his suit frozen. Natasha was stuck to the wall, covered by an ice shell. Steve was trying to hit the villain with his shield, trying not to get hit with the ice the man’s hands was throwing. Vision was in Europe trying to find Bruce, Wanda had been knocked out by a huge piece of ice, and Clint had been trying to hit the man with his arrows before realising that it was not working, getting then stuck to the wall as Natasha. Peter didn’t know what to do. He knew he couldn’t stop that man on his own. He was used to fighting robbers, maybe sometimes a villain, but none of them had ever controlled ice.
He took his phone out of his suit pocket and quickly dialed [Y/N], anxiously waiting for her to pick up.
‘’I’m on my way’’ he heard as soon as she picked up the phone.
‘’What?’’ Peter asked, confused.
‘’I’m a block away’’ she told him. ‘’Entertain him until I arrive.’’
She ended the call right after that, and Peter stood there for a second before realising he had to do something.
He started to throw webs at the man, knowing it was no use, but trying to get him to pay attention to him so he would leave the rest of the team alone.
‘’What do you think you are doing, Spider-kid?’’ the man asked him. ‘’Do you think you can stop me?’’
Peter looked at the door quickly and smirked, looking back at the man.
‘’I know I can’t,’’ he told him ‘’but she can.’’
The man quickly turned around, not understanding what Peter meant. Peter hadn’t realized how cold the man had turned the room, everybody from his team shivering, until [Y/N] entered the café, her hands bright red as fire surrounded them, the room instantly turning hot, the ice covering Natasha and Clint slowly melting.
‘’Nobody messes with my boyfriend’’ she softly said before lifting her hands in front of the villain, catching him by surprise, and throwing a big ball of fire towards him.
The man fell to the ground, the blue that used to cover his skin slowly disappearing. She run towards Peter, removing his mask and putting her hands on his cheeks to warm him up, his nose red. Peter removed the baseball cap she was wearing, finally seeing her face, her eyes filled with worry.
‘’Hey, babe,’’ Peter said ‘’I’m fine.’’
‘’Don’t you dare tell me you are fine, Peter Benjamin Parker’’ [Y/N] said. ‘’A few more seconds and you would have had hypothermia. What would you have done if I hadn’t come? One of these days you are gonna die and I will not know how to cope with it’’ she told him, her voice cracking at the end.
Peter instantly felt bad about not telling her where he was going, but he hadn’t wanted to worry her.  He pressed his hand against her cheek, the heat making him feel better, and looked into her eyes with a loving gaze.
‘’How did you know?’’ he asked her.
‘’I saw it on the news. I only had to walk three blocks to get here’’ she answered, smiling softly.
She turned around and saw the rest of the team and decided to go and help them, unfreezing Tony’s suit and the blocks keeping Clint and Natasha against the wall, and warming Wanda up so she would wake up earlier.
‘’Excuse me,’’ Tony said, removing his mask ‘’but who are you, may I ask?’’
‘’I’m [Y/N]’’ she said, sounding obvious. ‘’I’m Peter’s girlfriend.’’
‘’Underoos’ what?’’ he asked, looking confused.
Peter scratched his neck, [Y/N]’s hand now on his arm, still warming him up, his cheeks now red.
‘’I-uh… Surprise?’’ Peter said. Everyone looked at him and at the strange girl that had showed up with fire on her hands and saved everybody, not really understanding what was going on.
‘’I have to go’’ she told Peter. ‘’I have a History project to finish. We have a study date tomorrow at 11, don’t forget’’ she said before kissing him softly and quickly leaving the ruined café before waving goodbye at everyone.
‘’So…’’ Peter started as everybody’s gaze directed towards him, his cheeks and ears red. ‘’Are we having dinner together at the Tower tonight?’’

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guys now i’m going down bandom memory lane remember when lisa did that incredibly green project because she was all about saving the environment for like 6 months and she always had alex writing IG on his fingers and holding it up to promote the project and that one girl emailed her telling her that she wanted to spread the incredibly green project to her school but didn’t know how so lisa got all excited and sent her all this info and the fan never followed through or replied back to her even though lisa messaged her several times godddd

The sheriff told Stiles about how heartbroken Lydia was without him. That she cried for three months because she knew something important was missing from her life. How she refused to give up on the one person who never gave up on her and always believed in her. How she faced being left all alone in a ghost town, but didn’t want to be safe because she needed to save Stiles. How she wanted more than anything for the sheriff to remember his son because he loved him too. And most importantly, how she proved her love for Stiles in everything she did since the night he was taken. This happened. I know it did. 

Hey my sisters and brothers of Young Justice, I’m so happy with #YoungJusticeSeason3 and just remember something, all of us made it possible, remember Greg Weisman and Christopher Jones… “Just fans can save Young Justice ” I’m so proud of all of you who never loose the hope with #RenewYoungJustice #KeepBingingYJ #YJLatinFans and so proud of be part of this fandom, isn’t easy survive the hiatus and just a big fandom can keep alive the cartoons and please forget everything of the little different opinions of characters, couples or history, our love for Young Justice is the only important

elderworm  asked:

soooo, from what I can tell, that is not another sans, its literally his own mind talking to him in a dream. so, the question is, was he forced to forget everything? or perhaps he did it to himself.......... from what I can tell, it seems to be a self inflicted thing. but, you probably cant give a straight answer tho, can you.

I caaaaaan’t.

Not yet. 

See honestly. The thing is, it’s less why he can’t remember things, and more why he can. See, he shouldn’t remember resets at all. None of the characters really should save for maybe Frisk. In all honestly he should only know what he can figure out with SCIENCE, but for some reason there are actual memories. Even if they are just showing up in wonky dreams.

All shall be explaaaaained.


Remember when we all thought Cassian died when him and Jyn were climbing to get the plans, and he fell? But then he showed up later and saved Jyn by shooting Krennic? I haven’t read the novel, but, When he woke up after he passed out down there, what was his first thought? “Where’s Jyn”? “She must be in trouble” Not to mention he was in a lot of pain because he was wounded… HOW did he manage to climb up there? He must have used every ounce of strength….

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Seventeen going to the Bank

Episode Six: Seventeen visits the bank but encountered a robber.

Jeonghan: “Finally my baby dino is old enough to open his own personal bank account”

Dino: “How many times do I have to tell you hyung, I’m 18”

Jeonghan: “Hello miss, my son here would like to register his first bank account”

Dino: “I have like 3 bank accounts hyung I do not need another one”

Jun: “Are you going to start an account too Wonwoo?”

Wonwoo: “Nope, I already have one”

Jun: “Then? are you going to put money into your account?”

Wonwoo: “I don’t have any savings, I spent it all of it last week on that haircut remember?”

Jun: “Then why did you bring your bank book with you?”

Wonwoo: “Mingyu told me not to tell you”

Jun: “Mingyu?! What did the tall thing tell you!”

Wonwoo: ….

Jun: …

Wonwoo: “Okay fine. Mingyu told me to withdraw money from my account to buy him more food”

Jun: “He did what now?”

Mingyu: “I said not to tell him Wonwoo…”

Jun: “Stop using Wonwoo’s hard earned money to buy snacks! you have like 10 boxes of chips that haven’t been opened”

Mingyu: “One can never have too many snacks Jun”

Wonwoo: “So… do I withdraw the money or not?" 

Jun: "No”

Mingyu: “YES!”

Jun: “Why can’t you use your own money?”

Wonwoo: “Cause he has no money in his account?”

Mingyu: “thanks a lot wonwoo”

Jun: “You don’t even have a single cent in your account?”

Mingyu: “It was well spent!”

Jun: “It was on food wasn’t it?”


Robber: “Put the money in the duffel bag now, the rest of you get down and put your hands up where I can see them!”

Seungkwan: “I’m too young and fabulous to die!”

Joshua: “In the holy name I pray, please protect us dear lord”

Hoshi: *puts hands up* “Mansae-”

Robber: “Who the hell said that?! If any of you make a sound and I’ll put a bullet through your head”

DK: “Just a clarification though Mr Scary Robber, are you going to cut open my head with a scalpel and put the bullet in or-?" 

The8: "Seokmin, now’s not a good time to be curious”

Robber: *puts gun at dk’s temple* “Do you want to find out?”

Woozi: “Well good riddance”

DK: “Honestly?" 

Robber: "Yes, strange horse-looking boy”

The8: “Are you serious right now?”

Hoshi: “Must. Fight. Temptation. To. Dance. To. Mansae. GAHHHHH”

Scoups: “Hosh. NO”

DK: “In all honesty, I actually really want to know though” *smiles*

Robber: “Okay, I’ll grant you your wish and let you find out”

DK: “I didn’t wish for it but alrighty!”

Robber: *pulls trigger* 

Scoups: "Alright! Hold up! Hold up! Sorry Mr robber-nim, please just ignore him, he’s my child and he is a little… you know” *circles finger around his head*

DK: “What does that mean?”

DK: “Are you implying that I’m crazy?!”

Scoups: “Omg Seokmin…”

Seungkwan: “Yeah Dorkyeom, he’s calling you crazy” divaboo alert

Vernon: “Not now kwan… bad timing to be sassy" 

Hoshi: "Must. Contain. The. Need. To. Swing. Arms. In. The. Air.”

Seungkwan: “What? I’m just stating a fact, we were all thinking it, I’m just saying what everyone else was thinking out loud!”

Vernon: “Divaboo tone it down will ya?”

DK: “You want to know what crazy is? I’ll show you crazy!" 

DK: *gets up from floor and starts doing his horse dance while screaming*

Seungkwan: "I can do better than that" 

Seungkwan: *takes something from the floor as a microphone and starts singing and dancing like it’s his solo debut*

Robber: "What is this situation?" 

DK: *scREAms*

Seungkwan: *starts high note battle*


Jeonghan: *screams from over the counter*

Woozi: *screams a note so high that it made the robber drop his gun*

Robber: “What in god’s name was that?!”



Jun: *hits robber in the eye as he swings his arms*


Jun: “Sorry?”

Jeonghan: *giraffe mode on*

The8: *dabbing mode on* stop Minghao 2017

Dino: *Michael chanson mode on*

Wonwoo: *gives deep stare to robber*

Robber: "AHHHHH what is this noise? What is this stare… it makes me feel somewhat emotionally detached…?? it makes me reflect about the despicable life I’m living…”

Robber: “Why are so many children dancing about?! OMG are they multiplying?!?! How many are there? 10? 20? 30?!!” *collapses*

The Po-Po: “You have the right to remain silent, whatever you say may be used against you in court” *handcuffs the robber*

Robber: *still counting*

The Po-Po: “Well done kids, I don’t know how you did it, we’ve been trying to catch this robber for a year now" 

Scoups: "Oh well, my kids just did whatever they usually do at home… and also in every public place known to man-kind, so don’t worry too much about it Mr Officer" 

The Po-Po: "You guys make a good squad, maybe after your career ends you guys can join the police force, we’ll call you squad number 17" 

Dino: "Woahhh I always wanted to be a police officer hyung! I can have guns and shoot people-” *pew pew*

Jeonghan: “No! Gun’s are too dangerous for toddlers!”

The Po-Po: “As a reward, here’s some vouchers to a buffet, please accept it and enjoy your day”

Wonwoo: “I know someone who would be very happy to accept it” *glances over at Mingyu who is currently stuffing free mints into his pockets*

Mingyu: *whispers* “Wonwoo can I borrow your pocket?”

Woozi: “I have an idea, if you want an eternal endless supply of mints, why don’t you just take that empty cardboard box there and sit in it and stay there?” 

The Po-Po: “Thanks once again boys!”

Scoups: “No, I should be the one thanking you police officer, with this buffet vouchers I saved almost $130 on expenses for their food!”

The8: “Actually Sir can I have your number, I have something important to discuss with you about, it’s regarding a boy named Kim Mingy-“

Scoups: *covers Minghao’s mouth*

masterlist ✨

Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to the Hair Salon

a few years ago when I was a freshman in collage I met some people who did a yugioh/pokemon card game group and I joined in with my super old season 1 yugioh deck while they played zexal cards and stuff but I didn’t do too bad over all when I played

I remember this one particular match vs this guy named Mike and he pulled off a devastating combo with this one monster that destroyed  the rest of my life points and I was distraught yelling, “NOOOOOOOOOO….” while he relished in victory.  

Just then I remembered something…. I looked into my hand and THERE IT WAS… MY SALVATION… THE ONE CARD THAT WOULD SAVE ME…..

It’s ability, “During your opponents battle phase, you can discard this card to reduce the battle damage you take from one of your opponent’s attacking monsters to 0.”   


Everyone watching the match lost their shit; Mike literally fell out of his chair.  It was my shining moment of glory, yugi’s patron card saved the day and won the duel.  Grade A protagonist shit right there, heart of the cards baby



the two mischievous boys goofing around

having fun like best mates do…

what happened?

why did everything suddenly change?

remember he was your best mate once.. remember you love him as a brother.. a best friend.. family…your partner in crime

you bought a van together, scooby doo van? Mystery machine?


i’d always save you

since you’re my bro and i love you

we fight

but its only for a while.. eventually we make up

and everything is ok again

cause all bros fight…. right?

The princes tale…..

Haters: yes, but he was willing to sell James and Harrys lifes for Lily. He said it. 

Did he? In fact, he never really said that. Thats what he answered to Albus question: “I have - I have asked him-”  Looks to me he never completed that sentence at all. He asked him- …..what exactly?

Remember Severus in that situation, on that top of a hill. He risked his own life, pleading with Albus for Lilys life. He was afraid to be killed by him, as a Death Eater. He was frightened and very desperate, so much that he even stammers. He was willing to give anything to save Lily. But I dont believe he offered a deal, selling Harry and James . I believe he asked for Lily because he feared for her life, the only person he ever loved. His mind was too full of that awful fear for her, too full to think of anything or anybody else.  Yeah, you can blame him for that carelessness…. I dont. Dont forget, he had no reason to like James. But I dont think he thought of harming him in that moment. He had only his Lily in his mind. Added to that: If he had thought of it to ask the dark lord for Harry and James lifes… you think he would have survived that and tell the tale. And it was already very dangerous to ask for Lily. 

Feel free to disagree with me here, that he never meant to sell them. But it is worth to rethink that. I believe Albus tried to corner him with his disgust. 


Okay, so I won’t be having ALL of my works here because that’s so much time consuming and honestly, my old stuff was complete shit…..

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“Because I love you!”

I didn’t mean to fall in love, but I did 

“What? I have a lot of free time.”

“How long have you been watching me?”


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“Watch where you’re waving that thing!” 

“All of those people are alive right now because of her.” 


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“I might have set him on fire.” 

“If I was drunk, it doesn’t count.” 




Flirty Meeting



She’s a Killer

Silent Cry

Save Her

Imagine Bucky saving you because he remembers you from his past.

Bucky takes care of you while you’re sick.

“Did you ever stop and think that I do all of this because I’m in love with you?”

“I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.”

“I am not jealous!”

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” 

Time Doesn’t Stop for a Broken Heart

“Don’t leave.”

“You walked away! Not me.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t trust you anymore.”

“Because I love you!”

Imagine Wolverine being your dad and he meets your boyfriend, Bucky Barnes.


Abandoned: “I waited for you! You never came.”

Placing Differences Aside: “I make bad decisions? You got stabbed in the stomach and I make bad decisions?”

Amend (sequel to Abandoned)

Y/N and Cassian comforts Y/N and they begin to form a more emotional relationship.

Y/N is Cassian’s daughter and sneaks onto the Imperial ship heading for Scarif to steal the Death Star plans.


“There’s nothing left for me here.”



Harley trying to set you up with Chato.

Chato teaches you Spanish.

Family Friend

Chato is reunited with an old friend who was thought to be dead.

Power Couple

Office Romance


Flaming with Jealousy


Young in Love

Y/N has done some terrible things and relates to Chato.


From Enemies to Family



Clark asks what Y/N thinks of Superman.


“You’ve earned the right to get hit by a minivan.”

“I’m coming in and you better be wearing clothes.” 


In the Night

“She’s missing, not dead.”

“I was high!”

I didn’t mean to fall in love, but I did.

“I don’t want your pity.”


Here to Stay

Imagine Erik showing up to the X-Mansion just to say happy birthday to you.


Protective From the Start


“She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”

Good Guy

“Hey!…Shut up.”

“C’mon, if you don’t laugh then it’s just mean.”

“I’m not jealous!”

“Did you ever stop and think that I do all of this because I’m in love with you?”

“You walked away! Not me.”

“Who am I to say no to a little murder?”


Imagine trying to help Harley realize what a monster the Joker, but she lashes out at you. Later, she realizes you were right and apologizes. 

Best Friends


“Who am I to say no to a little murder?”


“I’m coming in and you better be wearing clothes.”


Imagine giving Kurt a tour with Jubilee.

Imagine being Kurt’s girlfriend and Kurt getting jealous when Peter starts to flirt with you.

Kurt realizes Y/N understands and speaks perfect German.


Logan wakes up to a world he doesn’t remember and Y/N tries to help him. 



Star-Crossed Lovers


Helping Hand


“I’m not jealous!”


Lost Your Voice?

Imagine Matt becoming extremely nervous when you enter the room. 

Imagine being Foggy’s sister and falling in love with Matt.

“Honestly? Every time I look at you, I’m ready to rip your shirt off and pound you.”

“You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”

“I’d rather caress my asshole with a chainsaw.”


“I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.”

Imagine Natasha being your girlfriend but you side with Steve. 


In the Night

In the Night pt.2


Imagine bumping into Peter Parker

Dating Peter would include…


Beginning of Something Special

I’ve Gotta Go

Kids Being Kids

Sorta Date

“What the hell is plan b then?!” + “I might have set him on fire.” 

“Don’t use me as an example. I wasn’t a good kid.”

Peter missing Y/N’s concert and faces the consequences.


Boredom and Revenge

“Promise me you’ll stay.”

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re afraid.”

“Yeah…we’re fucked.”


Shopping and Flirting

Jealousy Isn’t Pretty

Karaoke Night


Hidden Affection




“Don’t leave.” 


Robbie comes home after a night of chasing down thugs and criminals and finds Y/N on the couch, half asleep.

Crossing Paths

Tough as Nails

Robbie and Gabe go stargazing with the reader.


A teacher calls you Mrs. Reyes during a conference.


“The best I can give you is a fake smile and dead eyes.”

Emotional Support


“There’s nothing left for me here.”

“The walls are thin.”  

Imagine helping Scott around the school because he still has his bandages.

Imagine having the power of enchanted allure and Charles comes to recruit you for the X-Men. 


“If I was drunk, it doesn’t count.” 

“Because I love you!”

“You walked away! Not me.”

Imagine Steve being your boyfriend but you side with Tony.

Imagine annoying Steve because you’re always so willing to put yourself in danger for the safety of others.

“Two things I wanna make clear to everyone in this room. Never betray me, and it’s time to go.”

“What the hell is plan b then?!”

Imagine flirting with Steve during Tony’s many parties.

Y/N want nothing to do with Steve, but he wants her back.

Y/N decides to give Steve a piece of her mind.

Somewhere in Paradise


Imagine T’Challa being your boyfriend but you side with Steve.


Imagine breaking up with Thor because he’s always gone and him begging you to take him back.

Imagine Thor wanting to contact you but having no way to get in touch. 


Sleepless Nights

Imagine being Tony’s best friend but not speaking for a few years, and when he finds out you died, he goes to visit your grave.

Imagine Tony being your boyfriend but you side with Steve.

“Promise me you’ll stay.”

Y/N and Tony are children when drunk.

Y/N decides to give Steve a piece of her mind.

Here’s a new rarepair I did not ask for:

Not convinced? Well, there’s all the antagonistic posturing and banter at the beginning, but you really see their feelings shine through after this moment-

Ahsoka and Steela’s reactions:

Lux “I Must Save My Boyfriend” Bonteri’s reaction:

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I can’t anymore, I…I want the season to end already to know if I’ll be sticking around anymore. 

It kills me to see Alex slowly being pushed out of the main arcs of the episodes. All she has is her romance with Maggie, and when they remember that Cadmus exists she has a little bit of that.

Her relationship with Kara is almost non-existent. And the worse part is we are seeing her be replaced in Kara’s life, first by Mon-*l and pretty soon L*na as the bff (remember how tptb think a sister can’t be a friend apparently). 

Did I imagine it or was the climax of this episode basically a repeat of 2x15? Kara having to stop the ship (save Mon El) before it leaves Earth. Yeah, once again they blatantly steal a Kara/Alex moment.

“You came for me?” “Everytime” hmmm where have I heard this be…oh yeah “You found us?” “Always” 2x09

“I guess we save each other now” wait isn…oh look “what about us taking care of each other?” 2x02

They are literally replacing Alex with Mon-el. 

I am so done. I cannot wait for the ending of this season. 

Tonight During our D&D Session

They left off the last session walking through a Gate spell with their horses and into the unknown. The unknown happened to be at the bottom of a lake. I had hinted it would not be wise to take their horses with them, but they did it anyway. I’d planned for a half hour of ‘oh god we are at the bottom of a lake with six feet of ice between us and freedom’ shenanagins. I did not expect the horses to survive.

  • They spent an hour and a half cycling through turns in a complex display of teamwork, strategy, and creativity so they could escape the lake with their horses alive. 
  • I couldn’t bring myself to be mad.
  • The dragonborn was called ‘lizard’ fourteen (14) times. Most of them telapathically by the Sorcerer while trying to coordinate The Great Horse Rescue.
  • That’s honestly all I can remember from the session. 
  • I know more things happened but it’s all completely overshadowed by how determined they were to save those goddamn horses.
  • What in the hell.

I don’t wanna give up. I don’t wanna loose hope. I wanna go back to the days where we were so excited when we got the trailer for 6a. I wanna go back to the night that random cheek scene was leaked. I wanna go back to the joy we felt when Dylan was back on set. I wanna go back to watching a leaked Russian version of 6x02 and not understanding a word. I wanna go back to “remember I love you” , “I think I loved him” , the whole jeep scene before he was taken. REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER. I wanna go back to the red string bed scene, it brings me so much joy. I wanna go back to the time we died with Lydia then came back to life when she did as she felt the warmth of her true love begging her to open her eyes. I wanna go back to “Stiles saved me”. I wanna go back to analyzing every scene. I wanna go back to all the wonderful memories tw created. I want to always remember my reactions, how stydia can make me cry when they share a simple look in the eyes. Take me back to the start. I’m going to look for a brighter side to this Dylan situation. I don’t want my dreams to end. I don’t wanna think about the possibility of stydia never sharing kisses in the hallway when no one is looking, or having a make out session in their room that escalates to something else. I don’t wanna think about their banter that I’ll miss or them holding hands. I wanna see them date. I just wanna feel complete because after all of this speculation I don’t feel like the story is over. Here’s to hoping this is all a lie and Dylan is actually in 6b.