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More fluffy headcanons this one courtesy of my cat: Tony adopts a kitten and falls in love. His kitten would have all the best toys.

Technically it’s still bitter Sunday, I know, but since I already posted a lot of mixed stuff today and am in desperate need of some fluff here we go. Also I’m sorry you had to wait so long for this response but thank you so much for this beautiful headcanon!! 

(I just noticed that one kitten became five, oops? But I hope you like it!)

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I headcanon Tony as someone who is terrified of having a pet, of the responsibilities that come with caring for a small animal. He never has a pet, not as a child because of his parents, and later because he can barely keep himself alive and in one (more or less complete) piece. Until he’s accidentally stumbles upon a cartoon of abandoned kittens.

And he knows he should give them up, they’re young, they’ll surely find another, better home but he’s just broken things off with Pepper and one of those tiny fur balls is rubbing it’s head against his hand and making a sound like it’s trying to purr but hasn’t quite figured out how yet and Tony’s in love.

He gets JARVIS to order whatever it is young kittens need. It takes him a while, but he figures they are around twelve weeks old which is good because they should be able to survive without their mother. After that JARVIS, sweet, beautiful AI that he is, projects some information sheets onto the nearest surface–which somehow leads to Tony shopping cat toys, and boy are there a lot of cat toys, online. Also food because his kitties–there are five of them–deserve the best food. And something warm, comfy to sleep in. (He orders seventeen different models and lets them try all of them until they make a decision. Their favourite is placed in Tony’s private suite, the others are evenly distributed thorough his personal floors.

It only occurs to him that he’s supposed to name the kittens after one of them breaks his Captain America mug and he wants to yell but there’s no name forthcoming.

And well, that’s how Mithril, Phrik, Scrith, Dilitihium and Adamant move into the Stark Tower.

(”You named your kittens after metals?”

Fictional metals.”)

And yes, they are possibly the most spoiled cats in the Marvel universe. Mithril and Scrith are incredibly affectionate by the way, and always rub against Tony’s legs and jump on his lap or try to clim up his body. Dilithium prefers to watch them from afar and generally stroll through her territory on her own. Adamant is incredibly wary of strangers and Phrik just keeps miraculously appearing out of thin air whenever Tony so much as reaches for the cat food.

Also, just to end this on a beautifully fluffy note: Imagine the other Avengers coming back home from a long mission, only to find a sleeping Tony on the couch, four warm, purring kittens draped all over him, and one pair of glowing eyes watching them from high up on a cat tree they are 85% certain wasn’t there when they left, and one of the kittens turns its head to look at them, yawns, stretches and buries itself further against Tony’s neck.

(Everyone takes pictures. They assure each other that it’s just for blackmail purposes but really, the sight is too cute to resist.)

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Or list ten of the best things about penguins? Their cuteness, how fluffy they look, their small cute feet,... :)


2. Have you ever SEEN a baby penguin omfg adflksajfaf

3. Nyoom!

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4. Some penguins keep the same mate for like…ever, and that’s beautiful.

5. The daddies take care of the eggs while the moms go off to gorge on fish lol

6. Did I mention baby penguins?

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8. They can’t fly so they’re unique in the bird world and should be protected at all costs :)

9. The babies hide in this little fat pouch alsidfjasf

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10. Some of them lead very hard lives, and they are so strong, and I love them

Dating Kevin would include:

this is boy x boy since Kevin is gay, also i’m sorry if it’s sterotypical I tried

  • watching horror movies with him 
  • having cute little dates at Pops
  • Kevin’s very cuddly
  • wearing each others clothes #fashion
  • watching fashion shows with him
  • singing songs to each other in a cute manor
  • you love surprising Kevin because he gets so excited and it’s so cute omg
  • I don’t think you have sex often, Kevin doesn’t seem like the type
  • sharing drama stories
  • Kevin loves telling you stories and you are all ears 
  • did I mention he’s cute
  • because you think he’s adorable

I’m sorry if this is so bad 

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u never draw any disabled characters and the one time u do he's made up to be a joke and something "creepy"


dude, these two are literally my most beloved characters, that i doodle all the time in a thousand and different ways, they’re also the protagonists of my rwby ocs story~

Callout Post


- calls me Randy
- yells “RANDY YOUR STICKS” for no reason while we are talking
- is adorable
- tells hilarious stories about her job
- makes a lot of random noises
- did I mention that she is adorable

In conclusion: she is my fren and the sweetest person ever and I love her.

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Full name: Danielle C. Ashton

Gender: Female

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Crush (and why): Nathaniel was the first person I met moving to Sweet Amoris. Of course their is the physical attraction but there is so much more to him. He’s kind, smart, caring and always helping others. We both enjoy reading in a spare time. And his cat is adorable! ((Did I mention Dani is a super corny =o=‘ ))

Favorite band/singer: He is We

Favorite Food: Shepherd’s pie

Last movie watched: Beauty and the Beast with Nathaniel~

Describes yourself in five words: friendly, mindful, caring, passionate, clumsy

First Kiss: …Ha…My first kiss was with Kenti- Sorry, Ken. We went to the same middle school together back when I first moved to France. I had a small group of girls that I talked too but I also knew Kentin very well since he was in most of my classes at the time. Anyway, I had a small crush on him so I may have tried to kiss him on the cheek…but he turned his head and we kissed. He became obsessed with me after that and when I moved to Sweet Amoris for High School…he came along with me. Ken and I are still friends to this day but we don’t really bring that up. e////e

Make a Wish just for yourself: For my friends and I to always be happy with what we do.

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Final Fantasy XIII - Hope Estheim

“The world’s full of lies. There’s no way of knowing what’s right. All we can do is believe in ourselves. From here on out, I use my eyes. Think. And act. I might not make all the right choices. But as long as I’m the one who decided what to do, there’s nothing to regret.”