and did I remember to save at all

First of all, if Matsui actually introduces aliens into the series, I’m going to storm to Japan, locate his home, pound on the door until he opens it, and then scream “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” in his face in Japanese. 

And then Matsui (from what I could pull from his notes and interviews his personality is quite playful) would probably laugh his ass off and say “I did my job.”

Secondly, I don’t actually remember Korosensei ever saying that he would actively protect his students. When Karma asked if a teacher would risk his life to save a student, he agreed. But not because he would do it himself; it was because that protecting students is a teacher’s duty. If it were somebody outside of the class, I honestly don’t know if he would bother. 

He would never harm them, and if they were put in some sort of mortal danger then he would fly to their rescue at Mach 20, but other than that he seems to be content with watching over them mature in the face of hardships. In a way he’s kind of like Reborn from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! He puts his students in dangerous situations (like the second Takaoka arc and Civil War arc) so that they can actively grow. He’s a teacher, not their guardian. 

A teacher is not there to hold a student’s hand, but to guide them from twenty paces ahead through foreign terrain. He can warn them of the upcoming dangers, or explain how to handle a particular obstacle, but he shouldn’t lend a hand until a student shows true signs of struggle. And even then he has to wait to see if the student can handle it on their own. 

Besides, Korosensei has faith in his students; he’s confident that they can overcome the adversity like they have many times before. 

A friendly reminder...

If you have a Marilyn Monroe fan page, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and think I won’t spot my edits, you are wrong!

I honestly have NO problem with you using them but please at least put the image source aka when you post it… Seeing as I did all the work and you just had to click save as and publish it 😜

It’s not fair that you get credit from 12k followers when you did nothing to really earn it so please remember that next time. You wouldn’t like it if it were you.

oh no someone sent something in as a post submission and i wrote out a long thing in addition to it and i saved it as a draft because i wasnt quite ready to publish it yet and then i went to my saved drafts and it wasnt there and i went to my inbox and the submission isnt there anymore either, and i think i permenantly lost both the submission and my response to it and i’m freaking out i dont know how to get it back what did i do how would saving it as a draft delete it

like i wrote out a really long response to it i cant even remember all that i said and i cant remember everything they said and why honestly would tumblr make it so that saving something permenantl deletes it


Years ago I animated a sequence on a King of the Hill episode called “Wings of the Dope” where Luanne notices Buckley’s angel bouncing on the trampoline in the back yard, and joins him in a touching scene. Cyndi Tang-Loveland directed the episode. As a small perk for the directors on KOTH, they each got one cel a year from an episode they directed. Cyndi got this cel from Fox that year, and remembering the work I did for her, framed the cel and gave it to me. It is one of the most touching gifts I have ever received. I saved copies of my original drawings from that episode and sequence, and here it is for comparison to the final inked and painted cel (cels are a thing of the past, it’s all digital ink and paint these days!). I apologize for the low resolution. Hope you enjoy!

  • DEAN:Listen to me. Listen, I know there's a lot of bad water under the bridge, but we were family once. I'd have died for you. I almost did a few times. So if that means anything to you... Please. I've lost Lisa, I've lost Ben, and now I've lost Sam. Don't make me lose you too.
  • FANS:He's just trying to talk Cas down by telling him what he wants to hear.
  • DEAN:If you remember, then you know you did the best you could at the time.
  • FANS:He's just trying to talk Cas into saving Sam by telling him what he wants to hear.
  • DEAN:Sorry, but I'd rather have you, cursed or not. And anyway, nut up, all right? We're all cursed. I seem like good luck to you?
  • FANS:He's just trying to talk Cas into going to SucroCorp because he's an advantage against Dick Roman. He doesn't really mean that.
  • DEAN:Where's the angel?
  • FANS:He's just looking for Cas because he needs a way out of Purgatory.
  • BENNY:Hey guess what, guys! I know a way out of Purgatory!
  • DEAN:First we find the angel.
  • FANS:Dean just feels obligated because of a guilt complex.
  • DEAN:Damn, it's good to see you
  • DEAN:I prayed to you, Cas, every night.
  • DEAN:Cas, we're getting out of here. We're going home.
  • DEAN:Cas, buddy, I need you
  • DEAN:Let me bottom-line it for you. I'm not leaving here without you. Understand?
  • DEAN:Cas... we're gonna shove your ass back through the eye of that needle if it kills all three of us.
  • FANS:Dean just needs Cas so he can get out of Purgatory...?
  • BENNY:Did I fucking stutter?

1 & 2 I didn’t save her so this is all I can remember! Hopefully I don’t get anything wrong haha:

1 Elf ears by notegain
2 Contacts by Screaming Mustard
3 Eyelashes by Kijiko
4 Eyeliner by pixelsimdreams
5 Hair by stealthic
6 Red blush by cyberryeezus
7 Lipstick by liahxsimblr (I think it’s this?)
8 Skin by heihu
9 Dress by league-of-sims

Not numbered: eyebrows (base game, photoshop recolour), eyeshadow from Luxury Party Stuff, second skin (blog deleted).

3 I did, yeah. :P A few years ago there was a font deal and it was pretty, so!

Bad Habit

The beauty in my name is not lost, not even in the rain. I did a good deed for myself today.  I dreamt your face again. Though, it quickly melted away like ice in my mouth. It was then that I realized even a relationship solid as rock could break. I promise, I tried to save us. It’s just that we had two different types of love and mine was like paper, yours-scissor. I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. It must have been about twelve eclipses ago. We stood with our shoes soaking up the rain. You looked at me like you found mystery where I once found misery. Found wholeness in all the places I thought were broken. Others have tried to solve this puzzle of me. Tried to put together my masterpieces, but it was your touch that made my millions into one. Not realizing that inevitably, I would fall apart again. 

I hid my scars under your apologies. It must have been about twelve eclipses ago. That time you laid your palms on both sides of my face and told me it would never happen again. The same night God told me for the first time that the beauty in my name is never lost, not even when it rains.  I decided to forgive you anyway.

Copyright 2015 by Annabelle Emuze


Future generations will scarce remember those who perish tonight, and history will acclaim the greatness of Tutankhamun for saving the lives of so many.


Attempt at a flapjack octopus. The wifi went out and I was trying to go by what I remembered for the purple one, the pattern was on my phone, but didn’t save. I remembered most of what I did just not all then I added (wonky ears/fins). The yarn was a bit thin so you see a lot of filler but not too bad.

I need to have somebody show me how to decrease properly as the underside looks a mess.

I’m calling him Pancake anyway.

raddons asked:

did you do the forced color palette trick in indexed color mode in photoshop for your blog background or did you do that all by hand (not that it matters; i'm just curious)

it was done with photoshop trickery, like most of the dithered stuff i do, but it kind of complicated so lemme try to remember all the steps

i took the puffy cloud background and the more realistic nebula background i made for slhrpg and put one on top of the other with transparency, then i saved it as a gif with a limited palette to create that dithering effect, THEN i made another one with a different color scheme, rotated it 180 degrees, and combined the two of them with transparency. the result of these steps looks like this, as seen in slhrpg

and then i changed it all to pink and blue for my blog bg. i can’t remember exactly how i did that last part since i can’t find a psd but it was probably done by using the gradient map feature in photoshop and then saving it as a gif with a limited palette. and later i added the stars

generally when i do dithering like this it’s by fiddling with the color table in the save for web and devices window

anonymous asked:

what if Erik's really mind-controlled by Apo, and when he can't persuade Charles in joining'em he sent Erik to "talk" him in to that. Erik doesn't remember who Charles is, what's their story, and seems ready to actually hurt him, but something restrains him every time he tries to hit Charles. Then Charles understands he has to unleash his true power in order to free Erik, eventually they fight together and Charles saves Erik's life dying in his arms and the hell the human lumberjack family man!

Ok, yes, so much good stuff here!

1.) Mind-wiped Erik who can’t remember Charles but can’t bring himself to hurt him either. A++++++ GOOD SHIT

2.) Charles dying in Erik’s arms. Seriously this is all I want. Give me tears and pain and distraught Erik thinking, “What have I done?” or even better, holding a dead Charles and screaming (just like Fass did in the trailer) “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME?’ before going berserker. Hell yes. Hell yes.

3.) Charles Xavier being an epic badass. UNLEASH THE BEAST. We’ve heard so many times about how he’s the most powerful mutant in the world. Time to show us! Give me Charles in battle, dammit!

4.) No more lumberjack (He can keep the beard, though, if it’s a happy beard he grows out due to contentment that he and Charles got back together and lived happily ever after.)

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Lucy joined the Fairy Tail just because it's popular guild. All her dream is to star in erotic magazines. Keep pulling your skin and prove that she she is something more than a piece of meat for sale.

Originally posted by ughsxra

Are you and I reading the same manga or watching the same anime because

I’m not seeing it

When did she say it was her one goal in life to star in an erotic magazine because I don’t remember that ever happening.

(Sure, she wants to get into Sorcerer’s, but…but that isn’t an erotic magazine????)


Do you remember that OVA where she was saved by her future self when she was a kid.  Do you remember how that’s when her interest got sparked.

Or are we cherry picking for our whimsy now

anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you could help me find a fic, I remember some of the details but it's the one where instead of bucky falling off the train like he did, steve saves him in the nick of time and all but steve still crashed the plane but I remember one line where Peggy, and Howard are talking about politics and Howards wants bucky to go to some political meeting and Peggy is all like "howard you are sending him to the wolves" and Howard goes "no pegs I'm sicking my wolf on them"

I believe you’re thinking of the Domino Theory. Unfortunately it appears the author has taken down that particular work from ao3. Sorry anon!


I’m so sorry, Natsu.

I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t help you. It was all my fault.

I should have protected you. I’m your big brother. I promised that I would keep you safe and never hurt you.

What did I do?

I let you die.

I’m so sorry. And I know you can’t forgive me. I wish you could remember. But I’ll still be your big brother. I’ll still love you and protect you. Even if you hate me. Even if you can’t remember who I am.

It’s okay. You’re crying, and you don’t know why. It’s alright if you never remember me. If you kill me, thinking of me as the enemy. That’s what I am, right?
So, its okay. Don’t worry, Natsu. I won’t ever hate you. I’ll keep you safe. I’ll always love you. I’ll always love my little brother.

tfw I remember that I originally went into utapri with the full intention of Tokiya being my favorite bc Mamo and his theme color is PURPLE and so I saved his route for last (did Otoya’s second to last bc of this)

and just arbitrarily chose Masato first bc oh hey he looks cool ooh nice deep voice okay whatever I just need to pick someone and start

and then

it all went downhill from there…………….

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Were you arrested earlier? It's gotta be illegal to look that good.

are your parent’s a boxer? Cause you’re a knockout.

Can I borrow a quarter? “What for?” I want to call my mom and tell I just met the girl of my dreams.

I hope you know CPR, cause you just took my breath away!

If you were a tear in my eye I would not cry for fear of losing you.

oh my god the smooth anons r coming in on wheelies


30 Days of So Weird: Day 3- Episodes that Scared You

These are the four scenes I vividly remember watching for the first time, completely terrified of the possibilities that they’d occur but so enthralled in the storyline that I couldn’t turn away.

In chronological order…

Tulpa has always been one of my favorite episodes, but it was also the first (and only, as far as I can remember) So Weird episode to give me nightmares. I still remember having this awful So Weird/Baywatch mashup nightmare when I was 6 about being on a beach and there was a swingset in the middle of the ocean and the chain came out and wrapped around my ankle like it did to Fi and was dragging me into the ocean and all of the lifeguards were too busy flirting with each other and then running in slow motion to save me. It was horrifying.

Strange Geometry is a memorable episode for several reasons, but I think the scariest moment is the news reel discussing Paterson. As a kid, I found this particularly terrifying because I believed that because the interview was in black and white that it was a real news story. The possibility of a man returning from the dead was horrifying enough (the Houdini’s Great Escape ride had opened at Six Flags Great Adventure around this time and terrified me with the same premise) but the idea of a person “owning” another person, maybe even YOU pushed this episode from creepy into SCARY and I loved every moment of it.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again– Fall is still the scariest episode to me. It looks like it could have been a memory from my dad’s own childhood. Nothing is scarier than reality and the reality is children do die in horrible, preventable accidents just like Pete’s every day.

Especially notable for a Season 3 storyline, the overall plot of Gone Fishin was downright disturbing. I remember being haunted by that image of a man turned aquatic, so attached to his home that he drowned (or should have drowned) to stay in it. It also earned fear-points from me for vaguely resembling the “I’ll never let go, Jack” scene from Titanic, a movie that terrified me after my father told me ghost stories about the Captain still haunting the Atlantic.

I do not remember planting these. Where would I have even gotten seeds for yard-long beans? They’re pretty neat, though!

Further research indicates that they’re a kind of cowpea, just a subspecies difference, and I did plant cowpeas. But all my cowpea seeds are ones I saved, and I’ve never grown these before. Could it be a mutation, or a genetic variation?

outofbutterflies: I didn’t really watch this, to see if I approved of how I looked or sounded (because I wouldn’t have posted it at all probably, if I did). As personally as possible, I just wanted to let you all know how much it means to me that you expressed concern. Normally, I wouldn’t go so far as to say this but… You’ve all honestly saved a life tonight. 

You can really never understand the weather these days. One day It’s sunny and the next day you’re raping the refresh button on a weather station’s twitter page for updates. It’s crazy if you ask me–even crazier because we’re all used to this, sorta like a norm already. I remember back in the day when we all pseudo-religiously and shamelessly pray for rain to save us from a quiz(the one we knew coming but never did we care about until the class beforeor school basically, and leave us hanging in our rooms waiting for that sacred text from a friend or the resident announcer(that one classmate who still GMs) saying ‘we are spared’–or ‘walang pasok’ which is basically the same thing. 

Well enough #Throwback for now, I shot this outfit weeks back when the weather was still on a raining spree and the skies were as dark as my emo friend’s view of the world. These photos almost did not make it tbh, It was about to rain then and the weather gods surely had no interest nor idea in the importance of natural light–as we all know, bloggers thrive on good lighting. Good thing my friend and co-blogger Michael still made it work in time before the rain. If it wasn’t for him we’d all cringe at the sight of a grainy indoor #ootd

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