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Your reasons to defend lexa are now ridiculous lmao stop trying

Think about Lexa’s position.  For as long as she has been commander she has always led with her head and not her heart.  But then all of a sudden Clarke comes along and starts changing everything Lexa has believed.  She doesn’t know what to do.  But as shown in this episode she will led by mind, by default. You also have to remember Lexa is only about 18, which means she is very young and does make mistakes.  

The grounders are also caught up in this mixed up war, allied with the sky people, who just a few months ago they were in a war with.  The grounders alliance with the sky people is very new and not set in stone.  That’s a pretty scary position to be in.  All the unknown possibilities. 

If you were in her position and could save all your people without a war what would you do?  

I’m not saying what Lexa did was right.  But she is a leader and she has to make hard decisions.  No, it is not okay to let a group of innocent people die, but try to understand her position.  

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were you raised religious or did you become religious independently? why do you believe in God? Simply out of curiosity, no judgment x

no I understand! I was raised in one. I was never forced though as some people may think. My parents went to church, both of my grandparents and really all my family members. I used to go to this summer camp thing sorta and it was like everyday you would go to church (elementary school only) and go back home at night. I remember being saved when i turned 8 and got baptized the say before my 9th birthday. since when i’ve made a relationship with God that changed my life. I question God though, just like any true believer though.

 I believe in God. I know I’ve never see him or heard him or anything but I believe because I see his works in people. I see through people. I feel Him sometimes. Jesus once said to John, His 1st of 12 Disciples, “You are blessed because you have seen me. But blessed are those who believe in Me but have not yet seen me.” 

I get so much hate for being religious and others try to bring me down and I see non-religious people bring other Christians down. God is a faithful God, and when I pray, my prayers our answered. Maybe not at the time I want it, but at the time God knows I’ll need it most. 

"If I’m wrong about God, I lost my life. But if you’re wrong about God, you lost your eternity.”

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Hi Kacie! I remember you mentioning that you were good at financing/money stuff, so I was wondering if you have any tips/advice on saving money? I'm trying to save up a lot for my year of study abroad fall 2016! Thank you <33

Hey pal! Corporate Finance is what I studied—so though I can calculate a mean cost of capital and junk like that. I’m not sure if I’m the best household finance person in existence…BUT I did save up for to study abroad as well, so I might know a thing or two: 

What I’d first do is calculate all of your essential monthly expenses—food, gas, household supplies, rent, etc. and get a total on that. Figure how much you make per month from work and then you will be able see how much left over you have to save. Put a bit aside for your fun shenanigans, but remember to save as much as you can. Cutting back on going out even one night a week or not drinking as much when you’re out can go a long way. Even things like cutting out your morning Starbucks and brewing at home can save you big in the long run. 

I think it’s helpful to visualize what you’re saving up for, so make a little plan of the countries you want to visit/activities you want to do when you’re abroad, print some pics and keep that goal in mind. That way picking up an extra shift or having a movie night in doesn’t seem AS bad :) Visualizing the goal really puts it into perspective. 

I’d also try to choose your program wisely—direct exchanges are generally more affordable, as many others have program fees which can run up to $10,000. So choosing a university that does a direct exchange with your home uni can be really helpful. Additionally, be sure to apply for scholarships, there are plenty of study abroad scholarships available, but you do have to apply early—so ask your study abroad office for some additional info on those. Lastly, you can also choose a location that may be relatively cheaper if the exchange rate is in your favor (just something to keep in mind—if you’re heart-set on a certain place don’t let an unfavorable exchange rate deter you, just plan accordingly). 

Hope that helps you a bit! Pumped for you to study abroad, you’ll have the time of your liiiife xx

please don't ever think that no one cares about you

I work in an ER and we see suicides all the time. And we get at least 3 suicidal ideations a night. We all care about you. I promise, we do. A team of complete strangers who have worked 3+ 12 hour shifts this week who are being screamed at all day and night and probably haven’t had lunch and trust me, we still love you and care about you.

We had a 16 year old patient last night who we couldn’t save. We were in that room with this patient for over an hour, we did everything we could.
And let me tell you, we all cried. The EMT’s, the nurses, the doctor. We all huddled together in the doctors dictation room and cried.

I went through the rest of my shift with smudged mascara and tracks on my cheeks.

I remember the names of all the patients that have taken their lives on my shifts.

I remember squeezing the hands, smoothing the hair, kissing the foreheads, and wiping away the blood and the vomit of every patient that has left me too soon.

I can still see every face that I have zipped into a body bag.

Trust me, someone cares about you. You have never met them yet. You don’t ever think about them. They are never remembered when you talk about heroes and role models.

But someone loves you.


Blair gets drunk on gin and tonics. Dan’s new best friend is whiskey. Nothing happens except he looks at her too much – the heart decals stuck around her eyes, the sweep of giant false eyelashes, the dark arranged curls, the sweetheart cut of her top, the fluff of skirt. She looks like a doll, the kind that’s poseable and comes with a separate outfit.

Only Vanessa notices his noticing and says, with extreme disgust, “You’ve got a crush on the princess, don’t you?”


Dan does not kiss her that night, but for the first time he admits to himself that he wouldn’t mind it. [x]

I know Taylor hasn't been on. But I need her to know that her name will never not matter to us! She has saved so many of us and left a permanent mark on our lives and hearts. Long after she isn't doing music anymore I will still remember everything she ever did for me. She's been nothing but giving to us in a world where all people do is take. We love you Taylor. Forever and always. To the moon and back.

do you ever think about the civilization that gets left behind years after these wars the 100 and the ark and the grounders and mountain men are fighting have ended. when they start reforming and rebuilding a civilization and they start writing history books and how they’ll all be remembered. how history books will talk about the things they did and how they fought to keep their people alive. about the girl who was the first person on the ground in a hundred years. the girl who united grounders and sky people. the boy who risked his life to save the kids in mount weather. the kids in mount weather who wouldn’t give up without a fight. the ones who found the city of light. because i think about this a lot, i think a lot about how history will remember the 100 and the grounders and the people of the ark.


Aaron & Priscilla (feat. Nano!Priscilla and Nano!kids) | 2.22

"You have to wake yourself up!"

HAHA ok i had a few drinks with friends last night and naturally we were looking up places that would serve breakfast after midnight and swingers in santa monica has this in their yelp photos and i just discovered it on my desktop and now i remember seeing it and immediately taking a screenshot and announcing to the room “i love this i’m saving it to my personal file”

and now it’s the morning and i still love it and i love that i did that and i am never looking away from this picture it makes me so happy

Daily doodle #608 - some Dragon Ball ladies - Chi-Chi, Bulma, 18 and a tiny Pan. I’ve had DBZ playing while working the last few days; very nostalgic! It’s all I feel like drawing for my dds, but I’m trying to save you from too much of it.. c:

I remember when I was little being disappointed that they never did anything with Pan considering how strong she already was at the age of 4. The episode of her first tournament fight became one of my favs since. Too cute!

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How would GoM guys+Kagami+Kasamatsu+Himuro react, if they saw a guy molesting their girlfriend? And I'd like to add that I love your blog so much! I'm your fan :)

See, the thing here is that they’d ALL be super upset and immediately rush in to save her—so I’ll write something about how they’d react afterwards.

Kuroko: “If anything like that happens again when I’m not around, you need to call the police. Okay?”

Kise: “Don’t worry baby…I’ll protect you.”

Midorima: “Are you…unhurt?”

Aomine: “I will tear that fucker to shreds. Don’t worry.”

Murasakibara: “I’ll remember his face. He won’t hurt you on my watch.”

Akashi: “It’s all right. He won’t come near you ever again…I promise.”

Kagami: “Oh God…I’m so glad you’re safe.”

Kasamatsu: “Did he…do anything else to you?”

Himuro: “Is there a way I can make you feel better?”

I think Korn means hope for a lot of people who’ve been picked on for anything in our lives. Every day a fan says, “Jonathan, you saved my life with your music” or “Your lyrics did this or that.” That’s the legacy that I want to be remembered by—helping all these kids that didn’t have anywhere to turn but turn the radio on or turn a CD on and that music helped them in some way. More and more, now that we’ve gotten older and the fans have gotten older and are bringing their kids, it seems to ring universally. This music helps them vent whatever frustrations they have inside and they actually feel better from it. I’d like to be remembered for that. It’s the only reason I’m still doing this shit. I’m getting old. I’m not going to stop because it’s so fucking cool to see these people so touched by some art that we made together
—  Jonathan Davis

I was tagged by youcannotrelightdanathelaugh, mellodear, and probably more people but that’s all I can remember right now (I’m late).

1. why did you choose your url?: It’s actually a pretty long and crazy story (it’s really not). I’d gotten super into death note so my main multifandom blog was full of death note all the time. Then deathnoting made a post saying she was giving up all her saved URLs and llawlietofficial was on there, so I just said “I’ll take that one!”  And that’s the story of how the url llawlietofficial pushed me into making a dn blog.

2. what is your middle name: Elizabeth!

3. if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet,what would it be?: light yagami

4. favorite color?: I love black because it goes with everything, but I’m also quite fond of blue.

5. favorite song?: I hate this question so much, but I’m going to go ahead and say Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas because it filled me with a love for classic rock after seeing my crush perform it at a middle school talent show and that love for classic rock still has not gone away. (Although current obsession with Uptown Funk and eternal love for Fall Out Boy and that song New World Man by Rush are up there rn)

6. what are your top three fandoms?: Death Note (obvi), Harry Potter, and (probably) Doctor Who. (I really love DW, SPN, and Sherlock, but I hate the SuperWhoLock dynamic/fandom, do you understand?)

7. why do you enjoy tumblr?: I started out loving it for the time wasting aspect of it, but now I’ve really grown to see it as a really neat community and I definitely feel more fandom connected on tumblr then I did when I just had a small fandom twitter. I love all the friends I’ve made, and seeing really cool art all the time and cool edits and crappy textposts. I just like it. <3

8. tag 9 tumblr crushes: (they have to do all 8 questions too): 

youcannotrelight, mellodear, lux-mea-lex, koushikibleu, neuromancys, cathalsey, deathnoting, yanderez

yes I realize that most of the people I tagged are the people that tagged me. no I do not care. 

I really wish that all the people who are making comments about saving Pacifica or wanting a character to save her would realize that Paz is a girl on a mission.

What her family did to her was terrible, I know that. I don’t think SHE’S fully come to terms with that yet, but I sure as hell know it. But she does know now that the way her family has treated other people is awful, and she wants to change that. She doesn’t want to be remembered as a liar and backstabber who used every dirty method at their disposal to get where they are. She wants to redefine what it means to be a Northwest so that she can be proud of her family name once more.

Pacifica doesn’t need someone to come charging in to be her hero. She’s gonna be her own. It’s gonna be hard, and she’s gonna have a lot of adversity to face, but she’s determined to do it and nothing’s going to stop her.

I’m so sorry I’m late with this, I can’t even remember everyone who tagged me in this ask meme, I think h-ugolloris, robinvanbangme, oldtrafford, glorymanunited95, daleyxblind………i feel like more people tagged me in this…im so sorry if i forgot anyone orz

1. Why did you choose your URL?
Because I love Fellaini, but I wanted to be cool and snag marouanefellaini BUT SOMEONE ALREADY HAS THAT SAVED (who are you omfg) so i added an s for multiple fellainis because 19238210 fellainis are better than one fellaini

2. What is your middle name?
HAHAHAH ARE YOU READY FOR A REALLY SAD STORY my middle name on all official documents is the letter ‘K’. Its literally just K that’s my middle name (letter??)
the day i was born, my dad was so excited about having a kid that he drove my mom to the hospital (i was also a c-section baby) and he was so happy that he was gonna have a kid that he got so drunk out of happiness and when the nurses were like ‘mr. caroline’s dad, your wife is still out because of the c-section, so we need you to fill out the documents’ and my dad was honestly expecting a son like all good korean dads and was taken aback that i was girl cause he only had a boy name planned out (Elvis. He was going to name me Elvis if I was a boy) so because I was born in december, he was like “Christmas Carol!!!” so he put down Caroline. and the nurse looked over the form and this god damn lady istg is like “oh you don’t want to give her a middle name???” and my dad like takes the form back and thinks about it and puts down the letter K and hands it back and responds, “It stands for Korea”

My middle name is K. It stands for Korea. do you know how much i hate myself thinking about this

3. If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet, what would it be?
Baloo from Jungle Book!!!

4. Favorite color?

5. Favorite Song?
….Digital Love by Daft Punk I want to say?? There are so many songs I like its hard to name just one…

6. Top three fandoms:
Football/soccer, Prince of Tennis I guess (i’m not sure if im actually part of that fandom tho cause i just reblog the stuff but don’t really talk to anybody), Animal Crossing probs..

7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
I have no idea to be honest. Within the past few months I’ve made a lot of friends here, so now I enjoy going onto tumblr to see their posts and talking to them and joke around, but before that i don’t know why i actually enjoyed tumblr. when i was in college it was a great way to procrastinate.

8. Tag your top ten Tumblr Crushes:
yvessaintgerrard, dizzydegea, stretfordenders, robinvanbangme, h-ugolloris, gigagigglefitz, lumierer, busbyway, red-devil7, ddegeasaves

love you guys <3