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saw someone fearing yousef's interest was some kind of dare/bet between the guys....... how occ? the same guys who almost jumped their own friend for calling his sister slave woman? really? the theories this season are downright crazy and oh so negative..... last season the headcanons mostly made sense and i enjoyed reading them but this season i decided i am going to enjoy sana and yousef's journey bc they are cute af

I definitely don’t think he’s doing it because of a bet. That just isn’t logical to me. He looks genuinely enamored, and I don’t think the other guys are even aware of his crush. Also the chemistry between the two of them is so gooood, it’s better than noorhelm imo. 

That said it wouldn’t be Skam (or any deccent show for that matter) without a conflict, so I think it’s wise to be prepared for shit to go down. For example the Even/Mikael/Yousef thing is well shady. But, it’s possible to enjoy cuteness as well as being prepared :) 

About fandom and last season. That was full of shitload of bs as well, couldn’t shake that damn “Even is gonna die” headcanon all through the season and even made it to this season to some extent. So don’t really agree with that hehe. People love their doomsday prophesies. 

you: phichit is the #1 viktuuri shipper!!!

me, an intellectual: Phichit Chulanont is a Thai skater and the first Thai and South East Asian male skater to qualify for the Grand Prix Finals. He is also the first Thai/South East Asian to have ever landed a quad. It’s been stated multiple times that he has rewritten Asian history. He is also the first Thai to skate to songs from The King and the Skater, which features a Thai actor. Throughout the series it’s been shown that he is an incredibly hardworking and determined skater; he’s a well rounded, well written brown South East Asian who defies many stereotypes. It’s a big step considering Japan’s colorism and anti South East Asian racism. Phichit Chulanont is so important to Thailand, to South East Asians, and to brown Asians. Reducing him to an SNS obsessed “Captain of the Viktuuri Ship” is so incredibly harmful and disrespectful to him as a character and the people he’s representing.

Ocean Worlds Beyond Earth

We’re incredibly lucky to live on a planet drenched in water, nestled in a perfect distance from our sun and wrapped with magnetic fields keeping our atmosphere intact against harsh radiation and space weather.

We know from recent research that life can persist in the cruelest of environments here on Earth, which gives us hope to finding life thriving on other worlds. While we have yet to find life outside of Earth, we are optimistic about the possibilities, especially on other ocean worlds right here in our solar system.  

So…What’s the News?!

Two of our veteran missions are providing tantalizing new details about icy, ocean-bearing moons of Jupiter and Saturn, further enhancing the scientific interest of these and other “ocean worlds” in our solar system and beyond!

Cassini scientists announce that a form of energy for life appears to exist in Saturn’s moon Enceladus, and Hubble researchers report additional evidence of plumes erupting from Jupiter’s moon Europa.

The Two Missions: Cassini and Hubble


Our Cassini spacecraft has found that hydrothermal vents in the ocean of Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus are producing hydrogen gas, which could potentially provide a chemical energy source for life.

Cassini discovered that this little moon of Saturn was active in 2005. The discovery that Enceladus has jets of gas and icy particles coming out of its south polar region surprised the world. Later we determined that plumes of material are coming from a global ocean under the icy crust, through large cracks known as “tiger stripes.” 

We have more evidence now – this time sampled straight from the plume itself – of hydrothermal activity, and we now know the water is chemically interacting with the rock beneath the ocean and producing the kind of chemistry that could be used by microbes IF they happened to be there.

This is the culmination of 12 years of investigations by Cassini and a capstone finding for the mission. We now know Enceladus has nearly all the ingredients needed for life as we know it.

The Cassini spacecraft made its deepest dive through the plume on Oct. 28, 2015. From previous flybys, Cassini determined that nearly 98% of the gas in the plume is water and the rest is a mixture of other molecules, including carbon dioxide, methane and ammonia. 

Cassini’s other instruments provided evidence of hydrothermal activity in the ocean. What we really wanted to know was…Is there hydrogen being produced that microbes could use to make energy? And that’s exactly what we found!

To be clear…we haven’t discovered microbes at Enceladus, but vents of this type at Earth host these kinds of life. We’re cautiously excited at the prospect that there might be something like this at Enceladus too!


The Hubble Space Telescope has also been studying another ocean world in our solar system: Europa!

Europa is one of the four major moons of Jupiter, about the size of our own moon but very different in appearance. It’s a cold, icy world with a relatively smooth, bright surface crisscrossed with dark cracks and patches of reddish material.

What makes Europa interesting is that it’s believed to have a global ocean, underneath a thick crust of ice. In fact, it’s got about twice as much ocean as planet Earth!

In 2014, we detected evidence of intermittent water plumes on the surface of Europa, which is interesting because they may provide us with easier access to subsurface liquid water without having to drill through miles of ice.

And now, in 2016, we’ve found one particular plume candidate that appears to be at the same location that it was seen in 2014. 

This is exciting because if we can establish that a particular feature does repeat, then it is much more likely to be real and we can attempt to study and understand the processes that cause it to turn on or off. 

This plume also happens to coincide with an area where Europa is unusually warm as compared to the surrounding terrain. The plume candidates are about 30 to 60 miles (50 to 100 kilometers) in height and are well-positioned for observation, being in a relatively equatorial and well-determined location.

What Does All This Mean and What’s Next?

Hubble and Cassini are inherently different missions, but their complementary scientific discoveries, along with the synergy between our current and planned missions, will help us in finding out whether we are alone in the universe. 

Hubble will continue to observe Europa. If you’re wondering how we might be able to get more information on the Europa plume, the upcoming Europa Clipper mission will be carrying a suite of 9 instruments to investigate whether the mysterious icy moon could harbor conditions favorable for life. Europa Clipper is slated to launch in the 2020s.

This future mission will be able to study the surface of Europa in great detail and assess the habitability of this moon. Whether there’s life there or not is a question for this future mission to discover!

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Naruto Uzumaki.

- Forgave and befriended the demon that killed both of his parents and lived inside him for years, causing the villagers around him to treat him like scum even as a child, because he knew that it wasn’t Kurama’s fault to be manipulated and set free that way.
- Protected his entire village with his chakra during the fourth great ninja war. The very same village who shunned him and never apologized for it.
- Cried when he met his mom.
- Never, ever gave up on Sasuke. Even when he couldn’t quite understand him. And when he understood Sasuke’s pain, he offered to shoulder it and die with him, so his best friend (boyfriend) would never be alone again.
- Smiles so bright he can light up an entire town ok.
- Loves ramen noodles, protect him.
- His voice goes soft™ when he talks about Sasuke Uchiha (same my dude).
- “I don’t care who I have to fight! If he rips my arms out, I’ll kick him to death! If he rips my legs off, I’ll bite him to death! If he rips my head off, I’ll stare him to death! And if he gouges out my eyes, I’ll curse him from the grave! even if I’m torn to shreds, I’m taking Sasuke back from Orochimaru!”
- Literally is so passionate and determined.
- Have you seen his eyes.
- Understands people’s feelings so well.
- Loves plants.
- I love him.


170223 MCOUNTDOWN’s Tweet

#봄날 에서도 빛이나는 랩라인의 폭풍 래핑! #낫투데이 에서는 무대를 쓸어버릴 각오가 되있는 랩횽아들! 오늘 6시 #엠카운트다운 에서 최초 공개 되는 #방탄소년단 의 컴백무대! 아미 함께해요!

Even in #SpringDay, the radiant rapline’s explosive rapping! In #NotToday as well, the rap hyungs are determined to wipe out the stage! Today at 6PM, the first reveal of #BTS comeback stage! Join us ARMYs!

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What to do when you get a bad grade

1. Don’t mope around and keep beating yourself up. That will only distract you from your studying, and stop you from doing your best in other subjects.

2. Remember a bad grade is only a bad grade. It doesn’t mean you’re worthless or have failed as a person.

3. Try and find a way to let your feelings out through some kind of physical activity. For example, through running, jogging, or going to the gym.

4. Aim to do better on the next test you have. There will still be other tests where you can get a higher mark. Maybe see it as a wake-up call, and change your study habits.

5. Try and figure out why you received the bad grade. Do you need to study more, or to learn some new techniques? Did you not fully understand the course material? Did you just have a bad day, or were you tired or feeling sick?

6. Get extra help from your teachers if you need it. Most of them are happy to answer students’ questions.

7. Be determined to keep going and to persevere. It’s easier to do well with a good attitude.

collab with @polarissketches!!!! aaaaaa i kinda tried a different coloring style for this one! i had so much fun collabing with you♡!

(polaris lined and i colored//)

The Moon

Glyph ( ☽ )

Ruler of Cancer
Exalted in Taurus
Detriment in Capricorn
Fall in Scorpio

Time Spent in a Sign: 2 ½ Days

Mythology behind the Moon
Often associated with femininity, the Moon is symbolic of many things. In popular culture, the Moon is associated with emotions and it is believed that Full Moons have a strong effect over us, inspiring the folklore behind werewolves. In Roman Mythology, the Moon was represented by Luna, Goddess of the Moon (and others). In Greek Mythology, Artemis was not only Goddess of Hunt, but also Goddess of the Moon. In many ancient cultures, the Moon has always been female and was representative of fertilization, emotions and the Mother or other female figures.

The Moon in Astrology
No one knows you better than you know yourself. People see your Sun sign, but know nothing of your Moon sign. The Moon is the deepest part of us and is ruler of our emotions, our “deeper” personality, our soul. It is an extremely important luminary in our charts. How we feel, approach and react to things is determined by our Moon sign. What we need in order to feel secure is usually determined by the Moon sign as well. We all feel things differently, we take things in differently and react to them differently too. All of which is determined by your Moon sign. So how do we express our Moon sign?

Moon in Aries
People with their Moon in Aries can’t help but feel their emotions aggressively. It is harder for the Moon in Aries to hold things back because of the impulsive and direct nature of Aries itself.

Moon in Taurus
The Moon is exalted in Taurus. People with their Moon in Taurus usually have a leash on their emotions. They aim for stability and they are not ones to react quickly to their emotions, but they do so with good reason.

Moon in Gemini
People with their Moon in Gemini can fluctuate constantly with their emotions. They would much rather verbalize how they’re feeling and they do so in a humorous or rather dramatic way.

Moon in Cancer
The Moon is domicile in Cancer. People with their Moon in Cancer are emotionally self aware. They don’t hold their emotions back much and because of this they do rather well in being able to empathize with people.

Moon in Leo
People with their Moon in Leo feel their emotions dramatically. They can’t help but to feel things on a grand scale that it can be overwhelming for them, but because of this they are self aware people.

Moon in Virgo
People with their Moon in Virgo can be pessimistic towards things. They are usually highly aware of what’s happening around them and it can cause them to be a little high strung, but they are helpful with others because of the reality they always face.

Moon in Libra
People with their Moon in Libra find the beauty in things and other people easier compared to other Moon signs. They are romantics at heart, compassionate towards others and know how to keep their cool in a crisis.

Moon in Scorpio
The Moon is in fall in Scorpio. People with their Moon in Scorpio feel things intensely. They can’t help but to be strongly tied to their emotions, but they do a rather good job of hiding them.

Moon in Sagittarius
People with their Moon in Sagittarius feel things strongly. They are good hearted, generally optimists and they look for a good time no matter the situation presented.

Moon in Capricorn
The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn. People with their Moon in Capricorn are masters at hiding their emotions. They are tough and cool in a crisis, but may not be so good at emotionally comforting others.

Moon in Aquarius
People with their Moon in Aquarius can be detached with their emotions. They have to really process and internalize their emotions before expressing them because the last thing they want to do is make a fool out of themselves.

Moon in Pisces
People with their Moon in Pisces feel the deepest of them all. They have to be cautious about who they hang around with because of quickly they absorb the energy around them. Too much negative energy can consume and overwhelm them to a breaking point.

The Bronze

Summary: You and the team decide to trick Bucky and Steve into watched The Bronze for your movie night. Bucky teases you about your crush on Lance Tucker after noting your reaction to the sex scene.

Warningsteasing, masturbation, smut (reader receiving oral sex)

A/N: Wanted to write a Bucky smut. What’s new? Totes not my best work but I wanted to write a short fic for you guys because I haven’t in a while.

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(Request) Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: @babyblues915

Could you write a one shot of Negan and Rick’s daughter playing pool and then Rick shows up wondering what the hell is going on? 😂 I love the negan x Rick’s daughter dynamic

Warnings: NSFW, swearing as usual lol


Note: Such a fun story to write! Keep ‘em requests coming! Hope y’all enjoy reading this, especially you babyblues915! xoxo

You were in Judith’s room playing with her when you heard the sound of Alexandria’s main gate being pulled open. Frowning, you went over to the window to check out what was going on. As expected, the Saviors had paid your community another surprise visit on the day that your father, Rick, and the rest were out.

When you headed downstairs with Judith, you saw Carl about to leave the house and immediately called for him.

“Stay in the house, Carl. I’ll deal with them.” You told him as you carefully handed him your youngest sister.

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Honestly can we just have a moment of appreciation for season 4 Clarke??? My girl is healin and cleanin and tryin her best and letting Love back in and tryna take a nap?? She’s well-rounded and relatable but also still so determined and ruthless? She’s learned to let in her friends, her mother- she’s learned to lean on Bellamy, to find hope in the darkness. S4 Clarke is cleansing my pores and tending my crops s3 Clarke is shook

Can You Guess Which Football Signals Robonaut Is Doing?

Meet Robonaut, our humanoid robot (which means it’s built to look like a person). This makes it easier for Robonaut to do the same jobs as a person. 

Robonaut could help with anything from working on the International Space Station to exploring other worlds…and now he might even take up a job as a referee!

We had Robonaut act out a few football signals. Can you guess what they are?!

Signal #1

Signal #2

Signal #3

Signal #4

Signal #5

Signal #6

Signal #7

Signal #8

Signal #9

Get the answers:

But it’s not all fun and games for Robonaut…from performing movements like a referee to helping astronauts on the space station, it’s important to have a robot that can perform the same tasks as humans. Why?  

Robonaut could someday be tested outside the space station. This testing would determine how well Robonaut could work with, or instead of, spacewalking astronauts. Designers even have ideas for sending a robot like Robonaut to another world someday. If testing goes well, who knows where Robonaut - or a better robot based on Robonaut - could end up?

To learn more about connections between space and football, visit:   

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I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.


Red; the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Long story short I wanted to make a playlist based on the color red.



The Flash characters + Values - Earth-2 Harrison Wells [4/?]

Everyone loses someone they care about. The real test of character is what you do once they’re gone.