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Hey guys, I honestly can’t believe I’m in a position to make this kind of post but this is where we are.

This is an old friend of mine I knew growing up. That black and white photo is a picture of the two of us all the way back in kindergarten, happy as clams on our way to a girl scout meeting. When I knew her she was always very sweet and quiet, but also had the best sense of humor and was incredibly talented. We were good friends in grade school, and played basketball together later on in middle school. Later on, I was best friends with her neighbor as well. I haven’t seen her in years, despite attending the same college, but she is a huge part of who I was growing up.

Her name is Mary Carmen Nichols. She’s 19 years old and lives in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. She currently attends school in downtown Birmingham. Earlier this morning, her parents found her missing from her home. Both her cell phone and her car were still there. I’ve known her and her family for a very long time and they are all incredibly wonderful people. She would never just run away, not like this. If you have any information to offer, please please please call the number from the article.

Even if you don’t know her or you don’t live in the area, I’m begging you to please signal boost this. Please.


I got to meet @therealjacksepticeye Danny and Arin from the Game Grumps in Cardiff today before going to see their Ready Player 3 show. They’re all so lovely and polite. Despite being in a rush they stopped to take photos and give us hugs and handshakes.

This was such an amazing experience. I even got a hug from Jack! Thank you so much guys! This honestly meant the world to me and I will treasure this moment forever. It was an honour to meet you all.

After doing some extensive research I come forward with some alarming news regarding the percentage 2D consists of leg. 

Please direct your attention to this clarifying illustration:

2D percentage of leg throughout the phases:

in phase 1, 2D consisted of about 55% leg. This is a good amount.

Phase 2, he consisted of 57,5% leg. This was monumental. A great phase.

Then came phase 3. As we all know this phase did not receive as much attention and praise as previous phases, and I have now discovered the reason. 2D, sadly, was only 52,5% leg in this phase. 

Phase 4, newly revealed, was supposed to be the phase to bring back Gorillaz. We where all hoping for a brighter future. Sadly, according to my calculations it is not to be. Despite his attempts to conceal the problem by wearing high waisted pants, 2D is now only 51% leg. A blow to us all and a bad omen. We can only pray the future will be kind.

Ignore me asking for my deposit? That's cool, you can just pay me triple then.

A few years back I rented a duplex. I lived in it, I moved out. Nothing special. During the move-out inspection they did the standard landlord thing and looked for any excuse to deduct from the deposit.

They knew from the lease agreement that we had pets, so of course the first thing the inspector says entering the house is “I smell animals, we’ll have to charge you to cost of getting a special pet odor removing cleaning service.” We were right there to call him on his bullshit with the invoice and paperwork from the cleaning service that already did a comprehensive clean, including a pet odor package. He quickly dropped that bullshit.

Then he found a carpet stain which, despite everyone’s best efforts, never completely came out. Fair enough. We were relieved that they didn’t take much off for that at all. Then he took a little more off for having to patch some holes where we hung photos. In the end we were still owed at least 80-90% of our original deposit.

They also told us we need to keep the utilities running in our name for a week after we move out so they can do some work on the place. This wasn’t in our lease as something that’s required of us, but I was nice and extended my utilities an extra week for them. Then they told us to extend the utilities another two weeks because they weren’t done. Enough was enough so I told them no.

They gave us a statement of how much our deposit was, how much they deducted and for what, and how much was left over for us. By the books… until they didn’t actually deliver it. I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt but they had our mailing address for our next place and it never turned up. I called them, e-mailed them twice a week asking if they’ve mailed it or if I can just pick it up from their office. No answer, no reply. They were completely ghosting us.

We found out that the state law says if your deposit (minus deductions) isn’t paid within 30 days of vacating, you can take your landlord to court for up to three times the amount of the original deposit, no deductions. We read and studied this law well and concluded that there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to fight this and win, no lawyer required. A $90 filing fee later and our landlord was served notice of our intent. Then wooooah, whaddayaknow! After all that ghosting for 45-ish days, the day after we filed our petition we get an e-mail from the landlord saying he sees that we’re wanting to take legal action but has a tremendous offer for us to settle out of court: the full deposit, no deductions, plus the $90 filing fee back.

Fuck their low ball offer. I replied reminding them that I can force them to pay three times the deposit, but I will settle out of court for just twice the deposit. Did I need to settle? I don’t know, the law says up to three times, so I guess I was worried that if it actually went to court, a judge might decide that the circumstances aren’t bad enough to warrant that much more money for me, so it might not be worth the trouble. Twice was good enough for me, and making them lose money over it was what I was going for anyways.

They agreed immediately, and said I could pick up the check at their office. When I stopped by, what still confuses me to this day was that they still insisted on showing me the report of all the the things wrong with the house that they had to deduct from the original deposit, like I gave a fuck at that point. That ship had sailed. They were paying me twice the full deposit anyways. They could stick their petty, unfulfilled deductions up their ass.

Closing thoughts: Do landlords do this often? Why would they just blatantly withhold your deposit without giving a reason? Do they think people won’t fight for it back? Do the people who don’t fight it outnumber the ones that do, meaning they can make a profit by withholding everyone’s deposit by default?

170226 BTS Mihwadang Fansign

• Taehyung kept saying “My lady…” to fans who came down after getting autographs but no one looked at him…

• This fan kept telling Seokjin that he’s handsome and he replied “Am I just handsome for one or two days?” then blew hand kisses to her.

• When talking about Holly, Yoongi would stare into the air with a sentimental face. He said his dad sent photos of Holly but Holly became bald and got uglier… So fans asked him if his love with Holly has faded and Yoongi said despite of that he still misses Holly.

• Taehyung said his first nickname in Overwatch was “Taetae”, but he doesn’t use that anymore.

© _Doit__, vividblack1230

In 1989, Donald Judd wrote of 101 Spring Street, “At first I thought the building large but now I think it small; it didn’t hold much work after all. I spent a great deal of time placing the art and a great deal designing the renovation in accordance. Everything from the first was intended to be thoroughly considered and to be permanent, as, despite several, it still is. The renovation and installation was begun in 1969 and was known by some who later used permanence to hide impermanence.”-Photo Joshua White for Judd Foundation

The Way I See You

Genre: Oneshot. Fluff, getting together, friends to lovers, reality

Summary: Fiction. Dan’s shocked when he realises that Phil’s self-conscious about the way he looks. Apparently Phil doesn’t know that he isn’t allowed to be sad when Dan’s around. So Dan takes it upon himself to fix the situation - by complimenting something about Phil’s appearance every day. Trouble is, Dan isn’t very good at hiding his teensy tiny crush on Phil. (Originally written for the phanfic exchange from a prompt from comeonitsphan)

Warnings: Some swearing

Word Count: 11k

A/N: This is the fic I wrote for the phanfic exchange quite a while ago ^_^ It was a really fun experience! I wrote this before the tour happened, so the radio show was still going on. Enjoy the getting together phan schmoop <3

Edited by the lovely OvereducatedAndOverworked, thank you so much for doing this on such short notice! <3

AO3 Link

“I can’t believe you actually said that!”

Dan’s voice was indignant as they crashed through the door into their apartment. He shook his head, a fond smile playing at his lips as he turned to regard his best friend, close behind him as they made for the kitchen.

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Okay, so here’s a recollection of the best day of my fandom life? #ECCC

I’m usually just here to make short, dumb, spazzy comments, so bear with me, because this will probably be long. However, I’ll try not to be too repetitive and remember the interesting parts. ;) Apologies if the pics are effing huge. I don’t do this posting thing - ever. hahah

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Phone: What is this strange thing you speak of? Quality? Never heard of it.

So, despite this photo looking absolutely awful and ruining how much detail is in the drawing, I’m posting it here. I’m a huge fan of Thomas Sanders (@thatsthat24 ). Ever since he was on vine and now that he’s on Youtube, I’ve wanted to work on something like this to give to him (and Joan + Talyn)(@welcome-to-the-joangle + @tallykat3) as thanks for everything they’re given us all. I love the videos with the different aspects of Thomas’s personality too so they’re in there. Maybe someday I’ll upload a better picture of this cause the colored pencil is not faring well. But thank you Thomas Sanders + friends for making such wonderful videos that have managed to cheer up my day many times over.

(Also idea: What if the weirdly aloof Thomas that was shown in Accepting Anxiety Part One actually became a humanized aspect? Like the closest thing I could describe that side would be like… Apathy or something? I dunno. Food for thought.)

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I feel like giving the biggest shoutout right now to Tarjei Sandvik Moe, a fantastic actor who can not only act, but also sing, dance and play the guitar (plus rap, ahem). Right now he's filming scenes for Skam, rehearses for a play he's going to be in for four weeks while also still going to school. Beside all that he has people from all over the world coming to his school to meet him and despite his apparent discomfort, he still takes the time to take photos and talk to them.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s an angel and he’s too good for us anon!!!!!

Velma (and this movie’s creators) have no clue how photography works.

Now, I’m sure 99% of the world wouldn’t even notice, but being a professional photographer and all, this has been bugging me like crazy.

Does it actually matter at all?


Am I still going to pick on the movie for it?

Oh, yes indeedy.

So, Velma’s sniping off shots of wildlife for Daphne’s clothes-designing gig, and found this weird bird.

Then, there’s a bright light, and we realize she’s using flash… 

…on a camera with a terrible little built-in flash that would barely work… 

…while in great light that such a flash would harm

…while at a distance too far for said flash to have any real effect…

…while trying to photograph a wild animal surreptitiously to remain undetected.

Look, improper flash usage is basically the cardinal sin of photography. Wipe that grin off your face, Velma – this is not ok, young lady.

The bird isn’t mad… just disappointed in you.

“C’mon, now… I expected more. I really did.”

And then, we learn she’s climbing up a tree, and is below the bird… but somehow is taking perfect horizontal views of it?

And when taken, those photos have no background, and the bird has a different wing coloration? 

Besides, what with having only one control button, I feel like Velma’s photographical options might be just a little limited. 

It’ll be a bit hard to shoot with, too, seeing as the viewfinder we saw on the front of the camera doesn’t connect to anything on the back.

So, uh… psst, Daphne? 

Just between us, when you got hired for this gig… I don’t think Velma was the best person to entrust with your professional media needs.

But then again, according to the movie – despite you never having done fashion design before – the company immediately gave you the job and an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii with your friends.

…what am I saying. At this point, you can clearly get away with just about anything. Go nuts!

Different (Tom Holland x Reader)

Summary: You run in to Tom (literally) at San Diego Comic-Con as he’s heading to a panel, soon finding out that celebrities aren’t as different as they seem.
Requested: Nope
Word count: 2020
A/N: So I wrote this and absolutely hated it, but one of my friends read it and seeing her reaction in person made me realize it wasn’t so bad. She continued to encourage me to post it, and what better day than on Tom’s birthday? Hope y'all enjoy!

Please do not copy, repost, or take credit for any of my writing without contacting and receiving my consent beforehand. Thank you.

As you made your way through the crowd at San Diego Comic Con, looking for a familiar face, or a booth that held interesting merch, you ran into someone. It’s wasn’t a little bump into them or anything either, you full on ran into each other, your face directly into his chest, and your few papers on the ground.

“I’m so sor-” you began to say, when you realized who it was, and you stared at him, awestruck.

“No, really, I’m the one who should be sorry, I was the one who wasn’t paying attention.”

You bent down to pick up the papers you had dropped, and stood back up to face him, suddenly shy. You didn’t miss the brief moment he took to check you out, and you could feel the temperature in the already hot and humid room somehow rising even more, as a blush rose to your face.

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Ianto Jones is the greatest love of Jack Harkness’s life. And I’ve brought you some proofs

Spoilers ahead!!

1) “I want to kill you. To kill you more than anyone else on this entire planet.”  - Jack to Ianto, Outbreak

Seeing that while under the influence of the certain virus one has a strong urge to hurt/kill the one he loves/desires most, it’s safe to say that Jack admits that he loves Ianto more than anyone else.

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Well, Henry isn’t feeling his legs in the morning! XD

So, this is finally done! This was done for this fanfic by @crimsiscarlet for the Toon Henry AU by @squigglydigglydoo/ @squigglydigg. The moment I read this scene I knew I had to draw it! It is really excellent and I suggest you go read it! (Of course after you check out the Toon Henry AU, otherwise you won’t undertand anything!)

This was my second digital work ever and I realize… I’m super slow doing these haha! I’ve bugged like half this fandom asking if I can write or draw something for them and now I don’t know how much time before I can deliver… oops. Despite perspective and foreshortening not being strengths of mine, I’m actually happy with how this turned out! For anyone interested, this took me 4 days. I sketched it out on paper, took a photo, and then used Medibang Paint in my cellphone to do the rest!

Also, I have a little question for Squigglydigg and Crimsiscarlet! Are any of you opposed to me uploading this on Twitter too? I know this is my art, but it’s your AU and fanfic respectively and I wanted to be sure you were okay with it.

Don’t use or repost without my permission!!!

My Birthday

An unspoken war of thoughts, embarks, as the clock ticks to 12, lonesome midnight, I silent my phone, pretending the tingling notifications are the reason for me being awake, I pull that pillow close as it soaks the tears, flowing out as if they’ve lost their way, gathering courage I call my Mom as she makes me realize the importance of existence, I seem to forget every day, my dad still doesn’t talk ever since I quit my job.

I skip past many “happy birthday"s to find the one that gave my heart that missing solace, despite years of her silence, my stupid heart somehow finds a reason for her to text and shed that screeching silence away.

My eyes wander around all the corners of the chat window, that many years ago contained, texts of love and stupid jokes that she pretended to laugh to, where we planned about getting married someday, naming our kids after our celebrity crushes.

Hours pass by and I finally give up the wait, wiping off my tears, keeping photos of us back into the closet, ready to put on that fake smile, so that my friends don’t think they failed to make the day special. I get up to wash my face and look for ice cubes to massage the bags that droop below my eyes as I forgot that the nights were meant to be asleep and not being awake.

“Da Ding” my phone rings notifying me of a text, surprisingly received at 3 am, keeping all the thoughts aside I run to check my phone.

“You’ve got one iMessage” chills run down my spine and I look at that notification as if it was the first time I was seeing one.

“I can’t help it

I still love you

Happy birthday”

A joy I’ve been dying to experience, jumping all around my apartment, I scream and shout

“Now that’s what you call a birthday.”

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Sheila I am Mexican too and I have thought about skin bleaching a lot. I know I shouldn't but sometimes I think it might be easier to be whiter. What was your experience with it?

Hey friendo. 

Let me tell you right now that I’m not going to yell at you. Or make you feel guilty. If your like me, you already feel really guilty for even THINKING about bleaching. A lot of the small, discreet forums I ran too when I first started bleaching were these tiny corners of the internet where mexican, hispanic, and black girls talked on forum about where to buy bleaches, how they got lighter. And they were always interspliced with us trying to tell each other to be strong, to stop, to not feel bad about what they were doing but also encouraging others not to start. It’s a sucky, sucky place to be, but I understand that you’re there. You know? And sometimes the act of controlling the shade of your skin can feel like overcoming the insecurity (its not.) 

Instead Imma tell you the realities of skin bleaching. 

First off, most of the brightening and bleaching products ARENT frederally regulated. I mean, they are super fucking dangerous. Just fyi. These companies are super shady and the ingrediants to even the FDA approved over-the-counter prescriptions of lighteners, have been linked to causing cancer. Over extended periods of time, it has been known to give a higher risk of, and even cause, cancer. They are still banned in a lot of countries. Yes, these are products that are used to help patients with post-sugery spotting, scarring, that are prescribed whiteners. Or even Vitilago patients, but even they are told the serious dangers and they are just using it for exactly that. SPOTTING. Not slathering it on your whole body.

Aside from being really fucking expensive, the ultimate thing that stopped me and others was this. 

You can’t actually strip your skin of melanin/pigment. 

It’s just not scientifically possible. Bleaching doesn’t actually BLEACH your skin. It just -delays and stops the melanin from forming- thats it. And in some whiteners, like the soap bar whitener, its actually peeling off layers of your skin to the non tanned cells beneath, and delaying melanin. This leads to redness, allergies, skin infections, and itchyness like a mutherfucker. It can be really painful.

But that also means that no matter how much you whiten, because you are only stopping melanin from forming instead of stripping, you will always be as tan as you are to begin with. You can only peel back and stop your layers so much before you reach your base shade. 

So guess what that means?

Your shade will always come back. 

Unless you plan on bleaching forever (see above about cancer) you will never reach a point that you won’t be tan, or won’t be in ‘need’ of bleaching. It will always, always come back. Because as soon as you stop using it, your melanin starts producing again. Unless of course, you damage your skin so badly you start DARKENING.

Yup, skin bleaching can also cause you to darken. 

And I don’t mean, it makes you get tanner. It blackens you. It’s called exogenous ochronosis. It’s when your skin gets damaged by the use of whiteners/bleachers and starts BLACKENING. Mostly in the thinner areas of your skin. Around your eyes is the most common one. Its practically unrepairable. Unless you want to sit under lasers at the dermatogloist weeks on end.

And finally, the shades you whiten never feel like enough. We all experienced this. It’ s a paranoia from your insecurity. As white as you get, you’ll still be staring at the mirror thinking ‘im too dark, im too dark.’ Because in the end it’s in your head, not in your skin. You’ll be endlessly torturing your body to try and fix your mind. I still struggle with this, despite having used it for 4-5 years and now stopped for another 4. And I realized that even though I was actively getting lighter, I was still not happy. Still not satisfied. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t targeting the right problem. What I had been made to think. Not what I had been made AS. 

And now, because I had beat up my skin so badly, I notice how much more easily I scar, I darken, I sun spot. The exact opposite of what I wanted. But i made my skin so tender, its more prone to tanning than not. 

I hope this helps. I know that when I realized all these things it turned me off completely, and many of the other girls that helped me stopped other from using just by explaining what they might be getting into. 

I’m always, always here to talk about this! On anon or privately! 

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hii tay, can you write a fic based on the heathens music video?? thanks :)


A knock on the door snaps Tyler out of a deep sleep. He blinks twice, trying to ground himself. He was overwhelmed, disoriented.  He had a bitter taste in his mouth, and sinking feeling in his stomach, but he couldn’t pin point why.   As he rubbed his eyes, he noticed that they felt gooey, like they were being held shut by melted honey. He felt like he was under water, every motion was slowed to half the speed it should be.

Eventually the heavy feeling slowly faded, and he was able to sit up straight.  He pulled himself to an upright position and finally surveyed his surroundings.  His room was dark, lit only by the moonlight shining through the window.  He was startled by another knock, this time louder.

A wave of dizziness washed over Tyler as he hurried out of his bedroom and into the hall.  The knocking continued, growing more and more frequent until he finally was able to grip the knob and hoist open the door.  

Tyler didn’t even have a moment to react before he was being shoved up against the wall, his face connecting with the edge of the doorframe as his hands were being forced into handcuffs behind him.

A voice begins speaking in a stern tone, but Tyler’s having a hard time concentrating on what he’s actually saying.  

“What— what’s—“ Tyler gasps, “I’m— what’s going—“ He can’t seem to form a coherent sentence, even after he’d been all but thrown into the back of the police car.  

It takes everything inside of Tyler not to let out a scream when an officer splays six pictures down on the table in front of him.  They’re gruesome photos, each one worse than the last.  Tyler can’t stand it any longer and eventually squeezes his eyes shut.  

“What is this?” Tyler manages to croak out despite the bile creeping up his throat.

“You tell us, Mr. Joseph,” one of them says with a heavy sigh.

“What?” Tyler yelped, his jaw dropping. “What did I do? I don’t – I don’t understand.”

His head shoots up from the photos when an officer in the corner of the room scoffs loudly.

Tyler turned towards the woman sitting directly across from him.  She has dark hair and a look of sympathy on her face. “What’s going on? Why am I here? What did I do?”

Tyler spit fires questions without even a breath in between.  “Am I in trouble?  What happened?  Why can’t I remember anything?”

Suddenly an image pops into his head.  It’s of him and Josh.  Vaguely, it’s the last thing he remembers.  Like a foggy image, he remembers the two of them had gone for a walk in the woods.  He remembers surveying the back of Josh’s head on the way as he walked in front of him, admiring the bright yellow color.  But he couldn’t pinpoint why they were out there.  “Where’s Josh?” he asks, figuring if the police knew Tyler, they might know Josh too.

That seemed to catch everyone’s attention.

“You don’t know?” The woman asked, a hint of skepticism in her voice.

Tyler shook his head.

“Christ— he’s lying!” one of them yelled.

But the woman held up her hand harshly, shutting him up.

“Is he in trouble too?” Tyler asks, fear flooding his voice.  

The woman stares back at Tyler, and instead of answering even one of his many questions, throws one at him.  “Tyler— do you recognize any of these photos?”

Tyler doesn’t want to look at them again, they made his stomach churn.  He looks away and shakes his head harshly.  

“Look closely,” she instructs.  She places both her hands on the photos and scoots all six of them closer to him on the table.  They’re screaming up at him, even as he stares straight ahead, focusing his attention on the gun and holster hooked to one of the police officer’s belts, he can see flashes of red.

“Tyler—“ she eases.

He bites his lip, everything inside of him screaming, telling him not to look down.  

“We need you to take a look at these,” she soothes reaching her hand even further across the table and touching his arm gently.  He jumps at the contact and rips his eyes away from the gun to meet her gentle, brown ones.  

“It’s really important that you look at these photos carefully, Tyler.” She speaks with such ease and Tyler can’t help but trust her.  They were just pictures, he tells himself, they pose no threat or harm.  Just pictures.

He slowly nods before beginning to lower his gaze, trying to mentally prepare himself for what he was about to see.  But no amount of time in the world could have done that.

It couldn’t have been him.

He couldn’t have done it.

It surely wasn’t him.

It wasn’t.

He couldn’t have killed him.

But even after spending the majority of the night saying those words, somehow, as Tyler was slowly led down the hallway of the state penitentiary, he knew that he deserved to be there.

With four guards on his back, Tyler kept his head down as they led him through the hallways of the penitentiary. You’re a monster, they said, possessed, and after seeing those pictures, Tyler supposed maybe he was. He deserved every name, every scratch, every bruise.  And when he closed his eyes, all he could see was that blood.

Blood, and the golden light Josh illuminated.

He deserved to be shoved to the ground, with his arms twisted behind his back. The scratches on his face, bruises on his arms were small punishment for what they said he’d done.

God, he’d been racking his brain, but he just couldn’t remember what or who or why it happened.  But the blood caked under his fingernails and the sinking feeling inside his gut tells him that he did it.

There’s other inmates on both sides of the hallway wearing identical orange jumpsuits.  They lean against the bars yelling profanities and whistling loudly as Tyler is led down the corridor.  Tyler can’t do anything but stare straight ahead, devoid of all sensible feelings.  

Tyler’s shoved in a cell like a piece of meat, he stumbles before finding balance just as the door slams shut.  Tyler tried to close his eyes, but was blinded, choked, prodded, by that same light that never seemed to leave his mind. It leaked into his skin and covered every inch of his body with guilt.  He could see it now, Josh’s eyes fading from brown to gray.

Tyler pushed up from the hard metal bench claimed to be a bed and locked his hands around the bars of the cell. Things started to brighten as a white, cheery, light flooded through the hallway, making Tyler squint.  When he opened his eyes again, Josh was there, leaning against the prison wall. He smiled, his head tilted, and Tyler backed away from the front of the cell, shocked.  

Josh didn’t speak.  Instead, he cocked his head to the side and looking hauntingly at Tyler through the bars.  His eyes softened, as he looked at Tyler like he was a pitiful, lost child.  He’s not sure how long they stare at each other before Josh let’s out a sad sigh and walks away.  

“Wait!” Tyler yells out desperately, flinging himself forward.  He looks out to the hallway, hoping Josh heard him and turned around, but all he sees is emptiness, with no evidence that there was ever any light at all.  

Late at night when the shadows danced and whispered Tyler would lie awake on his uncomfortable bed.

Sometimes if it was late enough, Tyler would hear Josh speaking in the hallway.  His faded hair was more of a dull yellow nowadays, roots a dark brown, that Tyler would observe when he’d pay visit to his cell.  Usually he’d just stand there, looking at Tyler with that same sympathetic look in his eye.  Tyler tried to talk to him at first, but had given up hope now.  

It had begun to end differently though. Instead of just quietly walking away, Josh would melt into a pile of blood and Tyler would scream until the guards ran in to stop him.

He wasn’t sure how much longer he’d last in this prison.

Tyler was falling apart.

In the middle of the night, Tyler woke up to a glowing gold light.

“No!!!” he screamed, curling his body into a ball, trying to hide from Josh. He couldn’t face him anymore. It hurt too bad, was too much for him to deal with. His soul was in pieces now, never to be revived because you couldn’t resurrect something that was never alive, never fully intact, in the first place.

“Come with me,” Josh whispered, as he wrapped his arm around the bars. Tyler’s face jolted up at the sound of Josh’s voice.  “I’ll get you out of here.” his honey mocha eyes crinkled at the corners when Tyler peeked over his shoulder. “Let’s go back home.”

Tyler shook his head harshly.  “I can’t go home-“ he sobbed.

“Let me play for you, Tyler.”

Tyler blinked back the influx of tears and looked at the image of his tortured soul in front of him.  “Common—“ Josh says.  He grips his hand around the handle of Tyler’s cell and opens the door smoothly.  

Tyler inhaled sharply in surprise. But as he hesitated, Josh began to walk away. As painful as it was to see Josh, it was even more painful to watch him walk away.

Tyler hurried off his bed and sprinted out of his cell, following the illuminated light in front of him as he walked down the corridor like he’d done so a hundred times.  He wove around a corner and didn’t stop until he was in the large room where group counseling sessions were sometimes held.  

Tyler stopped at the door and marveled at the stage in place that wasn’t normally there.  Josh took his seat at the drum set before motioning for Tyler to step closer.  Tyler does.  Because of course he’ll do anything for Josh.  He picks up the bass that’s leaning against the stage and slings it around himself in a smooth motion.  He hesitates only slightly before taking his place on stage beside Josh.  He looks to his right and bites his lip, a sudden wave of anxiety had washed over him.  But Josh returns the smile, and this time, there’s no sympathy behind it.  It’s just a genuine smile from his best friend.  It warms his insides and Tyler begins to play.  And Tyler felt at ease for the first time in a long time.

When Tyler opened his eyes, he was sitting on the floor, four guns pointed at his head. A man talked into a walkie-talkie, saying that they had found him.

They wanted to know how he had escaped his cell. “You assaulted six guards,” they told him as Tyler was hoisted onto his feet and shoved down the hall. Tyler didn’t do it.  He was with Josh.  He didn’t know he did it. It wasn’t him.

Then why were his hands covered with bruises?

His hands.    

His awful, murdering hands.

Tyler is led to maximum security.  Complete isolation.  On the walk there, they pass by a window and Tyler catches a glimpse of the outdoors for the first time in months.

It’s gray, complete overcast.  Clouds cover overhead, creating a desolate, dreary day.  

“I killed the sun,” Tyler says, his voice catching in his throat. “I killed my sun.”

Best Friend confesses Series: DK/ Seokmin

This is part nine of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

Seokmin has been pretty busy lately, but he never fails to text and snapchat and otherwise communicate with you no matter his schedule. Nothing cheers you up more than the little notifications accompanied by his name, which in your phone is set as “Sunshine”. But still, you miss him. You miss him even more because you can tell he’s getting very stressed lately and you feel helpless to make it better. 

He doesn’t say anything to worry you, of course, but it’s noticeable in the little things: the small sad comments he makes, the slight edge to his smile on video calls, and how he barely uses capital letters in texts anymore despite usually using a lot.

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