and despite his immense power

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Where do I even begin???? This is going to be so long… so I’ll continue it under a cut.

Okay well, let’s start with an issue of contention (for some ungodly reason). Clark’s amazing intelligence. 

Even as a kid, Clark knows his science. So much so that even a young Lex Luthor is impressed.

And Clark, despite not being very wealthy, is eventually accepted into the Ivy League College (at least in the DC Universe) of Metropolis University solely on his grades, and not on a sports scholarship. He graduates in two years, much to everyone’s disbelief. His professors adore him, and figure (not incorrectly) that he is a genius. 

Which is why, in All-Star Superman, you have him solving some of the biggest riddles (literal and scientific) in the universe. Such as “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?”

That’s the right answer, by the way. Plus, throughout that particular comic, he pretty much discovers tons of amazing things, just using his intellect. (I mean, he’s the son of Krypton’s greatest scientist, so why wouldn’t he be a genius??). 

This sort of intelligence is crucial in his victories over many villains. 

Take this example from the Smallville comics. Hades, the villain here, is a Greek God – all powerful, and attempting to take over the world. Supes gives him the threat shown above. Whether it’s a bluff or not, the risk for Hades ends up being too great. So Hades threw up the white flag and took off – no fuss, no further destruction. Very effective. And Clark didn’t even threaten to kill him, because Hades, as an immortal, would survive in space. But he knew exactly what would get under Hades’s skin, and exploited it. 

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Despite his immense raw power, and superior skills, an outnumbered Plague of Gripes is defeated by the savage and mighty Best Friends Zaibatsu!

@realestmatt mentioned this pose from the Street Fighter Comic during the Let’s Watch of the Fatal Fury Movie, so I decided to try my hand at it! 

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