and deserved each and everyone of them

situations like this one with the codes reminds me of how some toxic and greedy people can ruin a feeling of community and safety so very fast. this is just awful, and i’m hurting for everyone who doesn’t have 20k something followers to offer them codes. we should be better than that, yet here we are… once again.

i’m sick and tired of seeing some people ruining the whole purpose of this code system. that’s not what the clique is about. it’s about fairness, about support and having each others’ backs.

i hope all of you who are going about this in a fair and humble way get codes. you deserve them so much. ♥


A Year in Review [2016]: Favorite Characters

1. AoY Girls - Jeong Ye Eun, Song Ji Won, Yoon Jin Myeong, Yoo Eun Jae, Kang Yi Na (Age of Youth)


Like honestly I’ve been reading a lot of batfam fics recently and I always get sad when Kate Kane and Terry aren’t in them. BB was my fave series and I just!!

I want a fic where the Justice League (or Young Justice, maybe all of them together) decide to have a cookout because they’re fun and everyone deserves a break once in a while

They meet Batman’s family, and are like “Bruce when did you have time to adopt so many kids” because like

Dick is casually walking on his hands and Jason is slowly getting more annoyed that he can’t stay up as long as Dick can, and Damian and Tim are just at each other’s throats because “for the last time Damian, I am not going to send Aquaman into the Phantom Zone because 1) I physically cannot do that and 2) just because he talks to fish doesn’t make him the harbinger of the apocalypse”

Steph and Barbara are casually filming the entire thing and Alfred just makes sure nothing gets broken

And Duke and Harper have fun pranking everyone and Cassandra makes sure everyone is having fun in that eerily quiet way of hers (”Bruce Cassandra just smashed a hotdog onto my plate” “Just eat it Diana” “Bruce i’m vegetarian” “Well that’s your own fault indulge my daughter”)

Kate Kane is there an totally strikes up a conversation with Wonder Woman and she’s just the Cool Wine Aunt who tries to help Jason pick up girls and generally helping her nieces and nephews with pranks (”Kate I thought I said you could not give Damian a grappling hook for his birthday” “Why not? He loves it!” “Because he used it to swipe food off the dinner table and Jason convinced Dick that he could use it to reenact Sia’s Chandelier” “Ooh I wish I could have seen that” “I got him to do Wrecking Ball and the chandelier fell wanna see the video?” “Not helping, Jason.”)

And the Young Justice team thinks it’s so cool that Dick and Tim have all these siblings who fight crime too and try to rope them into joining until Jason is just like “Listen I died last time we went on patrol” “Jason you ripped your pants on a fence trying to one-up Damian in parkour skills” “Shut up Dick I’ll replace you with BatCow on the next patrol”

And suddenly the pictures are being passed around and everyone is cooing over how cute Damian was or puzzled over why there’s a selfie of Stephanie and Tim when Dick is in the background trying to keep a set of curtains from completely catching fire and yelling at Jason, until suddenly, they come to a photo of Batman Beyond

Green Arrow asks who it is and Batman answers with the most serious face:

“That’s my half-clone and biological son Terry. He pops in from the future from time to time.”

And then they actually get the chance to meet Terry somehow and everyone is baffled because they all thought Damian was the only biological kid Bruce had, but here’s Terry just lounging in the living room wearing his Beyond suit and complaining about the Bachelor while eating ice cream straight out of the carton because “This is entertainment?? Come on, we all know Vanessa can do better than Sean, he’s not even cute!” and just generally being confused about this timeline and saying how everything is “So Schway” and of course the brothers retaliate with “Oh my god, Terry stop trying to make schway happen, it’s not gonna happen”

It’s all just a chaotic confusing mess and Wally couldn’t be happier because he thought his family was a mess, what with all the time paradoxes and time traveling and just being very bad at not running into your other family member with super speed

Miyuki & Koushuu

I love the stark contrast between Koushuu and Miyuki.

  • their hair colour
  • their facial expressions
  • their attitude toward Eijun (Miyuki is quite tolerant towards Eijun and often teases him, while Koushuu is often annoyed by Eijun’s noisiness)
  • their perception of baseball (Miyuki enjoys playing baseball from the bottom of his heart, while Koushuu can’t enjoy it anymore because of that jackass coach)
  • and then, this:

Koushuu: comes from a rich family (I bet his dad is a banker, doctor or lawyer), lives in a *big, modern house, his mom is there and prepares breakfast/lunch/dinner for him (*note: this is quite a big house if you consider the fact they live in Tokyo.)

and Miyuki: has no mom, his father owns a small factory, lives in a narrow, typically Japanese house and he used to have to cook his own food when he was a child… (ノД`)・゜・。

Ahhhhhhh, they are so different, yet I love them both so much…!! (´;ω;`)


As for the cuteness of little!Miyuki and little!Koushuu…

I’d say it’s a draw.


A Japanese fan just pointed out another contrast between them and I’m laughing so hard at it XD

Koushuu: is very direct and straight when he praises Eijun

Miyuki: uses poems to praise Eijun (lol)

I just love the idea of Sasuke and Sakura traveling together. They deserved that time together away from everyone else. Just them. No one there to distract, interrupt or bother them. Just Sasuke and Sakura. Jumping from tree to tree. Sleeping in front of a campfire. or Inn. Talking, training, protecting each other, cuddling, kissing, loving, marrying. Heading back to Konoha because Sakura is pregnant but Sarada is coming too fast so they’re having her in a hideout. traveling together with this bundle of joy in Sakura’s arms back to the village. Staying there together for a while, teaching Sarada how to walk.
This ship is gonna kill me someday.

In third grade I had this teacher who would give every student the same grade on each assignment. After the A at the top of the paper, she’d mark all the wrong answers with a red pen, and then would come by each student’s desk to talk to us about where we went wrong. Together we would fix each sentence or math problem until it was right. 
At Parent night, one of the dad’s complained that his daughter worked hard to get her A, and that some of the other kids deserved to fail. The teacher allowed him to finish talking, and then responded in the same polite tone she always used in the classroom. “I’m not teaching your children how to pass test… I’m guiding them on how to learn.”
Months later our teacher posted everyone’s final grade on the board, and at first, no one was surprised to see we all had A’s. But after looking closer at our papers, and book reports, and our final assignments, we didn’t see any red ink on them.

I don’t think we should lie to children and tell them they got it all right if they didn’t. That doesn’t help anyone. But I also know that if you keep telling a child they are a failure; they messed up; or they did a bad job, after a while they’ll start agreeing.
—  Dominic Matthew Jackson, Learning to Learn

To everyone who feels like you’re not good enough, or you don’t deserve it:

You are alive, and because you’re alive, you interact with other people. Because you’re alive, you’ve smiled at someone once, and to that person, that single smile could have been the difference between a rough day and a good one. Because you’re alive, you’ve talked to someone - whatever way you did it. Because you talked to someone, they didn’t have to think about whatever was bothering them, even for just that moment.
You’re alive, and you matter and you deserve it.
And maybe only one person shows you their love, and maybe you only give one person yours. But everyone needs it, and everyone should have it.
You included.

And even if we never meet or talk or smile at each other, I want you to know you have me.
So here’s a charm I use for people I love, to make sure I can still be with them tomorrow and the next day and the day after that - 

I love you. Have fun. Be safe.

Warning:“ To those who don’t read OP there might be some spoiler below so don’t read if you don’t want the possible spoil!”
This is my favorite part of this chapter !
This sentence :“That’s just you isn’t it?” is like the symbiosis of everything related to Sanji! He is kind AF and even to people who deserves to die! Seriously what do you want from him Oda? Everyone should be in love with sanji right now 😂
I’m happy to see that everything is slowly falling in place after a YEAR of suffering!
I really want to know what will happen to the Vinsmoke after this is over because seriously, except for Reiju, the other don’t deserve my love even though they were “modified to be evil” because as far as I can see they are just fine with each other so no excuses for them! And the father betrayed his own wife to create what he wanted! (Seriously why was that gorgeous,kind women with this man???)

Can’t wait for the 2 weeks to pass and I think that this whole “sanji’s year arc” will be the only volumes of the Manga that I will buy 😂

Tell me what you think ;)


we all know that you guys are probably one of the biggest fandom in the world (hell i was an exo-l too) so i’m making this post to ask for your precious help! monsta x really deserve to get their first win with their latest comeback, but no matter what monbebes do, we still are a growing fandom and our votes aren’t enough, so any help is appreciated! please stream ‘beautiful’ and vote for them (there are so many tutorials here! i can share some if you want) because even though we might be from different fandoms, i think we should all help each other (especially when your favs aren’t competing!)

so yeah, i’m also offering to write drabbles/make moodboards for everyone who is willing to help.

please, i’m literally begging you, help monsta x! if you don’t wanna contribute, just reblog this post and spread the word!

I may lose some followers for this, but I want to say my piece.

First thing’s first: the SNS fandom is AMAZING, and has been amazing to me. I’m so grateful to all those people who help keep SasuNaru alive, despite the path canon took. I’m one of the lucky ones to have always been treated with kindness.

But let’s all be nice to each other! To their faces and behind their backs.

This applies to the whole Naruto fandom, which yes, includes the SNS fandom.

For instance, I see people get absolutely thrashed for having an opposing viewpoint or a theory that may have some holes. Disagreeing with someone is one thing, but all the ad hominem attacks need to stop. Please don’t attack them personally. I don’t care if they’re pro-end or not (I’ll go on record saying I believe the ending is a piece of shit). Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

It’s not just over disagreements about Naruto. In general, I wish I could cool off some of the drama and the hate, because we’re here for the same reason: our love for Naruto. And it’s making the SNS fandom lose some steam.

And absolutely let’s support everyone in the SNS fandom too! If I ever say something hurtful or do something problematic, please let me know. I have good intentions and don’t want to be an ass.

A lot of really cool people on here have left the SNS fandom because of this, and even more people are considering leaving. I miss them and would hate to see even more people leave. Let’s keep this boat afloat.

Reminder that this is the kissing scene Steven Moffat wants to live up to

“The precise rating of kisses is a terribly difficult thing, often leading to great controversy, because although everyone agrees with the formula of affection times purity times intensity times duration, no one has ever been completely satisfied with how much weight each element should receive. But on any system, there are five that everyone agrees deserve full marks.

Well, this one left them all behind.”

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms 

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song 

When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful I don’t deserve this, darling you look perfect tonight”

 March 28th, 2017. 

Happy 2nd anniversary to Tyler and Jenna. They are simply perfect not only for each other, but for all of us. Both of them show us that love is not just some constructed thing. It’s what you find about the other person that’s unique and truly makes you feel wonderful and worth it. May these two have a beautiful day. Also everyone should know they can find a love like this, unique to who they truly are. ❤

Day 27

I know it seemed like I was in a bad place yesterday but TBH I’m usually like that at some point during finals. Nonetheless thanks for all the support! I seriously love you guys. I’m still a bit stressed today but I’m so so determined for this week to go well so I can relax on my well deserved vacation. Onwards and upwards!

Today I have been reveling in the fact that I love the people who consistently study in the med school library. We have a little crew and it’s so nice to see them every day. Sometimes we share snacks, sometimes we laugh at jokes, sometimes we ask each other questions. But it’s always just nice seeing everyone here grinding it out during finals together.

Castiel trys, day in and day out to protect the ones he loves. He needs the Winchesters because, without them, he wouldn’t have anyone else. Everyone he’s ever cared about has died for one reason or another. Anna, Uriel, Balthazaar, Meg, Hannah….

How dare the Winchsters sacrifice themselves for each other and leave Castiel behind! He gave EVERYTHING for them. He tries to be LIKE them! They’ve made him so dependable on them that he can’t even function when they’re not around. He doesn’t even think he belongs there.

If SPN doesn’t fix this shit right now, I just….I can’t keep watching them reduce Castiel into the Winchesters Pet. I can’t keep watching an angel of the lord be reduced to a needy, powerless mess all because “he could solve things too fast”. SO BE IT! Give me episodes where Cas just walks in and fucks shit up because he’s a force to be reckoned with! Give me an episode where the Winchesters can’t keep up!

Give me the Castiel that we all deserve! Give Castiel what HE deserves! He wasn’t created to stand by Deans side and be his pet. Castiel deserves better!

Whisper in the Night (Mortal Kombat)

Still writting sappy SubScorp. Still without spellcheck.

Title: Whisper in the Night
Fandom: Mortal Kombat
Rating: G
Word Count: 469
Characters: Hanzo Hasashi, Kuai Liang
Summary: It’s well into the midnight hours and Hanzo has a confession to make.

It’s creeping up on early morning by the time Hanzo makes his way into the room, quitely and with permission from the Lin Kuei guards at the gate (not that they were capable of stopping him but it allowed them to get word to their higher ups that the Shirai Ryu grandmaster was there so they wouldn’t get a shock). Ambient light from outside spills into the room, a sliver of it cast over the bed and framing Kuai Liang, bare chested and half tangled in the sheets. Hanzo undresses and carefully straightens the bedding as best he can, coaxing a corner out from under a leg, gently prying open a fist, hands lingering as he lays the sheet across broad shoulders.

Hanzo slips in bed next to the younger man, propped on an elbow to study him, the scar on his face, the disheveled mess of his hair, the way his cheek presses on the pillow. Hanzo shimmies a little closer, brushing his lips on Kuai Liang’s shoulder. The contact makes Kuai Liang turn over, eyelashes fluttering slightly as he mumbles out Hanzo’s name and something that might have been a greeting as he seeks the older man out, nuzzling against his chest. It’s such a sweet moment, so purely Kuai Liang that Hanzo can’t help the emotion that feels like it’s going to burst his heart. He’d been psyching himself up for this confession for weeks, telling himself that Kuai Liang deserves to hear it and that his family would have been happy for him and for a moment upon entering the Lin Kuei temple, Hanzo had lost his resolve for it. But there, now, with the weight of Kuai Liang’s head on his shoulder, breath against his collarbone, fingers twitching low on Hanzo’s belly, it seems like the easiest thing in the world to say it, breathing in the subtle scent of his mussed up hair, “I love you.”

Kuai Liang’s head lifts up suddenly, face scrunched like he’s squinting though his eyes are still closed. “Did you just say you love me?” His words run together, barely intelligible.

“I thought you were asleep.”

“Did you?”


A smile crosses Kuai Liang’s lips, lethargy making it slow and sweet. He rests his head back on Hanzo’s chest, hand coming up to run through the dark hair there. “Making sure I didn’t dream it.” When he exhales it’s a little chilly but Hanzo’s heart is thudding hard enough to negate the temperature difference. “Shouldn’t say it when I’m asleep,” Kuai Liang’s words slur even more, “can’t say I love you back.”

Hanzo can feel him fall back asleep and he turns his head so he can hide his smile against Kuai Liang’s hair. He holds him close all night.

but you know what I want in season 7? I want some little moments that make us all giggly and smiley. I want to see the gang having fun, I want to see Caroline planning some party and dragging their asses into it, and Stefan to stare at her as she gets things done. I want Damon to tease Stefan and Caroline because they’re “waiting”. I want Damon and Stefan to grow closer, I want them to make fun of each other and be kids af! I want Caroline to be jealous of Damon because Bonnie spends lots of time with him. I want to see everyone trying to cheer Alaric up, I want to see Caroline and Bonnie dragging him into the dance floor. I want every single one of the gang to be there for Ric. I want Matt, Caroline and Bonnie to hang around at the grill just like they used to! I want Caroline and Bonnie to REALLY care about Matt because Matty blue blue deserves the world! I even want the Salvatores to notice the existence of Matt Donavan. I want simple moments after a fight or a party or whatever, and all of them are just sitting in Caroline’s house, either buzzed from alcohol or tired from a fight. I want to see Bonnie resting her head on Damon’s shoulder because why on earth would that be weird?! I want everyone to share glances because of how close they become! I want Stefan and Caroline to stare at each other as they sit at the opposite side of the couch because GOD they just want to be that close like Damon and Bonnie! I want Damon to be there for Alaric! I want Stefan and Bonnie to be the new bff in Mystic Falls. I want them to get so close, I want them to talk about Damon and Caroline. I want them to share memories about Shila. I want them to share secrets! I want them to protect each other. I want Stefan to notice the whole Bamon thing but says nothing about it, he can tease Bonnie sometimes! I want pure fluff moments! I want friendship and brotherhood! I want them all to be a real family! I want them to appreciate being together!

anonymous asked:

Who do you ship in throne of glass? Just curious!

i literally hate everyone in that damn series rn? i was trash for chaorian in the first two books, but after that everything went downhill obvs. my tragic sons deserves a better series than tog…. also manon and elide were low key so gay for each other but i don’t like any of them any more so idc abt them rlly