and den its the boys

memes translated to norwegian
  • hello from the other side: hallo fra den andre siden
  • the rarest pepe: den sjeldneste pepe
  • oh shit its dat boi: åh skitt det er den gutten
  • brace yourselves: forbered dere
  • the skeleton war: skjelettkrigen
  • aliens: romvesen
  • not bad: ikke dårlig
  • shut up and take my money: hold kjeft og ta pengene mine
  • spongebob: svampebob
  • that feel when: den følelsen når
  • feelsbadman: følesdårligmann
  • not sure if: ikke sikker på om
  • i cant even: jeg kan ikke engang

anonymous asked:

HEY WRITE SOME MCGENJI!!!!! Even if it's headcanons in bullet-pointed lists or random sentences that form a drabble we wanna see it!!! Add to the ship!!!! It'll be amazing!!!!

HEY THERE sorry this reply is mega late, I’ve been settling in back home now that I’m done with uni!

First off thanks for sending this ask, I really appreciate it! ❤️  You’re my first overwatch ask and anon, congrats!!

I actually have an entire google doc full of mcgenji fic ideas (it’s about 8 pages? lol) and I have a mcgenji series planned that I want to start asap! It has six fic parts on the outline so far, but it’s open enough to add more parts later if readers so desire/send requests.

I’m just…lazy as hell and really need motivation to start this series, and write my other fic ideas too…

I actually wanted to get the first fic of the series done for my birthday (which is literally tomorrow, yiKES), and I’ve made…no progress. King of procrastination, right here. 👑

I’m super duper pumped to add to the mcgenji ship though; I’ve loved these guys since before I knew anything about overwatch, let alone before I started playing the game and before I became an absolute (Genji) lore fanboy.

If you guys are interested, you can send asks about the series I’m supposed to already be writing, as well as other mcgenji fic ideas I have planned. Having people interested in my ideas helps me write them, usually.