and deliriously

Ok so I think the person who made the Gary’s Mod map the boys were playing on (Wildcat’s channel- Barrell Room Explosion, Fourzer0seven RAGE & Nogla Phone Call) ships H2ovanoss.


Because when Wildcat went into the bedroom closet we saw this:

And this on the other side:

Any of you wanna fess up?

What if you are on your favorite youtubers page and comment and like a few post. Nothing weird at all. Sure you find the youtuber attractive and you think they have a great personality.

But what if, they saw your pic and thought, “Hey, they are pretty cute.” And decided to follow you. Cause let’s face it most people, men and women alike do this. So why would it be weird for a youtuber too?

After a while they begin to have a small crush on you. Similar to how you would on a youtuber. It’s nothing major or stalkish. Just a normal small feeling you would get. They decide, “hey, this person likes my content. Theyre cute and They think I’m funny. So why don’t I text them and get to know them?”. In a non creepy way.

However, they are too shy. Plus they don’t want to come off as some big shot who think they are all that. So they keep contemplating whether or not to text you. And they keep​ cringing at every message they begin to write and just erase it all. Never writing the text.

Never texting you or getting ahold of you to start a Convo. So you never know the truth.

So don’t worry. The youtuber you like, they like you back but they are to shy to respond.

I got a lil bored and decided “Hey, I haven’t seen Delirious’ new mic video he did in 2013 in like a year or two, let’s rewatch it.”

So I went to watch it again.

It wasn’t a very pleasant idea. Within the first two seconds I had thrown my headphones off and shuddered to another dimension.

Vanoss: [cleaning the house because his parents are coming for a visit]

Delirious, walking around in a raccoon onesie: Why are you in such a hurry, it’s just a visit.

Vanoss: A visit? Oh hell nah! If mom saw you like this, she will freak out and will hate you for the rest of the life.

Delirious: For what? For just wearing a onesie which is comfy and warm. How will she hate this overload of cuteness?

Vanoss’ mom, walking in the house: What a disgrace! Son, go wear your chicken onesie to show this clown what real cuteness is.

Vanoss, serious: Why of course mother.

Delirious: Wait what?!

Cor actually gives pretty good massages and Titus tense shoulders Drautos wont admit that he loves getting them because he’s stubborn but how does it feel so good?

Okey dokey, I’ll try, but I’m bad at explaining things.

First of all, it’s hard to tell because Kirby is constantly bouncing, but I’m fairly certain he is slightly taller than Meta Knight in Smash 4.

Second of all, I think the cape was designed to accommodate someone with wings. The inside of it is likely a pocket dimension of some sort, which would explain Meta’s ability to disappear by pulling it over himself, and it explains how his wings are completely hidden. Anyway, it hides Meta Knight’s wings, but it can also transform into them when needed. This is a bit confusing, since that would make it both part of his body and not, at the same time, right? Nah. I think it’s like putting a blanket over your hand. You put it over it and you can’t see it anymore (I mean, you can probably see where your hand is because of a lump, but ignore that. Your hand is invisible now). But, if you were to grab something with the blanket still covering your hand, would that make the blanket your hand now? Nah, it’s still a blanket, it’s just covering your hand. Anyway, I guess that’s the whole deal with Meta Knight’s cape, when it transforms into wings, what you’re looking at is the cape, but the wings are underneath/inside it? If that made any sense. I have no idea, it’s 3:52 in the morning and my brain is functioning on another plane of reality, so… yeah.


Arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to

idek i just cant wait