and delight

Shinjiro would be such a patient bf. I know I’ve said it before but he would be. He would cherish listening to stories about your day, even if he didn’t show it. He would ask about the birds you always saw on your daily rounds and not belittle your excitement about them. He would sometimes turn the TV onto the shows you watched and try to figure out the plot from the various episodes. He would let you sprawl onto his lap like a relaxed ferret and talk to him about the dreams you had the night before. Good BF Material

Shinjiro with lipstick kiss marks. Shinjiro blushing all the way to his ears. Shinjiro getting facial scruff. Shinjiro with a tiny little braid in his hair. Shinjiro not noticing that his nails were painted in his sleep. Shinjiro not minding his manicure as much as he thought he would. Shinjiro crawling in bed with you to get warm. Shinjiro with piercings and tattoos. Shinjiro smoking and simultaneously scolding kids for doing the same. Shinjiro letting you swatch makeup on him. Shinjiro and you wearing matching couple rings. Shinjiro with animal socks. Shinjiro in a big blanket nest. Shinjiro.

I feel like the best thing we should take away from the latest Adventure Zone is

That you may not think you’re art is great, you may not feel like it could be the best even though it’s the best you can give and do right now. You may feel inadequate compared to everyone else around you. You may feel like you’re sort of behind everyone else skill wise.

But Regardless, when you put your content out there:

It is going to fucking delight a jellyfish somewhere.


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