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otsukiokami  asked:

(off the wall question) Citro is a delightful bby boy and i love him very much. i'd love to know, what does he do for fun/what makes him happy? ALSO, i head-canon that he enjoys wearing makeup and does a mean eyeliner wing that could cut diamonds. thx man <3


When he was an inquisitor he didn’t have any opportunities to discover himself as a person. Exploring individuality to find joy in things wasn’t encouraged, so he grew up very jaded. When he finally left them and had the chance to find things he enjoyed, he found he really likes fashion! Citro spends his free time studying and designing, and when he’s older and helps train the new group of Jedi with Nat, Citro is often the one who makes everyone’s clothes 

Citro would surely be down for some rad eyeliner!