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GLOOMVERSE THEORY: Wallis DOES NOT want Harold living on the streets!

I recently got this ask on my Wallis askblog ( @askwallisgloom ) and I decided that since this is something I feel… Pretty passionately about, I’d write up my thoughts on it!! As always, this is just MY theory, it may or may not be canon, only CQ can say that! So, here we go-

Wallis does not want Harold living on the streets.

Despite their differences and arguments, Wallis and Harold do love each other. Seeing his little brother out on the streets would probably hurt Wallis a lot.

Personally, I believe that Wallis HAS tried to get Harold to live with him before, but Harold… Really, really does not like accepting help. Probably because he thinks he’s a burden or something. This is shown here:


Where Harold is visibly uncomfortable at Assy offering to buy him stuff. 

So Harold has PROBABLY declined offers for help- ESPECIALLY from Wallis, someone he might feel a lot of guilt around- before.

As a more… Obvious pointer, though, please follow me through this look into the finer details~!!


We can see here that Harold stole $400. Enough money, in Wallis’ humble opinion, to need to be paid back- And how he does that is, of course, by forcing Gloom to work for him.

Now is a fantastic time to point out that Wallis has an unlimited supply of workers, it’s not like he NEEDS the extra help. He’s also a brilliant actor.

Moving on, we have this:


Assistant’s weekly paycheck is $600- $200 whole dollars more than what Harold stole. And in Wallis’ own words- “Whatevs. It’s not even that much.”

So, we can deduce two things from this.
1. If Wallis doesn’t think $600 is much, he certainly wouldn’t think $400 is a lot.
2. Harold would have completely paid off his debt by now, and yet, Wallis hasn’t made any indication that he wants Harold gone.

Those are the basics, but for a deeper look, I’d like to point you in the direction of this interaction:


Wallis hasn’t been working Harold very hard at all. In fact, the worst he’s done, is force Harold to be more HEALTHY. If he was truly upset about his money being stolen purely for the fact his money was gone, wouldn’t you think Wallis would be working him WAY harder??

If we take into consideration that for the most part, Harold MAY have some form of depressive disorder- Or at the very least, is stuck in a rut in his life- Wallis forcing him to be active and do something is probably the best thing he could do. Keep in mind that Wallis has 3 definite layers to his personality:

1. Flashy angry show persona, the main one we see throughout the comic.
Less flashy, normal, “I think I’m pretty great” persona.
The ‘real’ him, who doesn’t think he’s very good at all, and probably has a few self esteem issues.

I think it’s… Fairly safe to assume that anything Wallis does shouldn’t be taken at face value, since he’s buried his real feelings so deep down. This in mind, it’s very plausible that Wallis’ true intentions to HELP his brother are cleverly hidden by a guise of “Wanting to be repaid”- Something that fits his top, and foremost, persona.

Moving on from this, we have this exchange:


This is proof that Harold’s condition and situation has been on Wallis’ mind for longer than he lets on. Wallis always has trouble articulating how he feels, so for this interaction to even HAPPEN is a show of how much this means to him- Even if he does run away from the conversation before it can be continued.

Wallis was mad that Harold stole his money, yes- But he wasn’t mad that he was down $400.

He was upset that Harold didn’t think he could just ASK for help.

Honestly, I believe that Wallis’ anger towards Harold was just misdirected anger at HIMSELF- After all, who was it that separated himself from his brother? Who was it that made Harold’s limbs disappear? Who was it that saw, with his own innocent eyes, his brother scream for him to get away?


Here we can see that Wallis notices that Harold is upset by this on a personal level, and is probably… Projecting a bit onto Assistant. He immediately moves forward to try and remedy the situation, and ‘comfort’ his brother to the best of his ability.

…On a more speculative note, you could see this as Wallis indirectly promising Harold that he’d help him, too.

In conclusion-

Harold and Wallis love each other. They have their disagreements, and they have things that they don’t like about each other, but when it comes down to it they only want the best for the other. Neither of them is a “bad guy”- They’re just two kids that happen to be a victim of circumstance.

And Wallis absolutely would not want his brother living on the streets.

in exo’s star show 360, chankaisoo revealed they used to share a dorm room, and thanks to chanyeol’s story about jongin dropping used contacts onto his arm (ew) we can deduce two things:
1) bunk beds
2) chanyeol is on the bottom bunk and jongin is on the top bunk
this HAS to be true or the story doesn’t work, and due to the incredulous nature of that story, it’s probably true

jongin contradicts chanyeol’s story completely

in this story, chanyeol is shouting for kyungsoo to answer him, so for this story to work, kyungsoo MUST be sleeping on a different level to chanyeol, so for both stories to be true:
- kai must be on top bunk
- chanyeol must be on bottom bunk
- kyungsoo cannot be on the same bunk as chanyeol

you do the math :)

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the only question now is why did jongin lie…?

Sparknotes on the Sherlock-is-garbage-here's why video

1. The things Sherlock deduced are never shown to the audience beforehand so audience can’t try to follow along like in original stories, instead, Sherlock just seems to have magic brain powers

2. Overuses special effects to make up for weak plot (on screen text, spinning cameras, sound effects, fucking window explosion…)

3. Overarching plot is poorly resolved (cliffhangers every time but when they finally have to deliver the answer is a secret sister)

4. Overuses Moriarty by trying to make him the ultimate all powerful villain, kills him too early for no apparent reason, then keep hinting he might be alive to keep viewers watching

5. Changes Adler from the innocent bystander who taught Holmes a lesson of humility to the dominatrix who fell in love with Sherlock despite being a lesbian and needed to be saved. 

6. Disrespects the fan base, especially the hardcore fans, by implying that they’re crazy conspiracy theorists (Anderson and co) for wanting to know how Sherlock survived the fall, then never gives an actual explanation for the fall. 

7. Queerbaits shamelessly. (Vid doesn’t go into detail but mentions it)

8. Doesn’t do justice to Dr Watson, a doctor and a soldier, who could be a BAMF but instead just follows Sherlock around amazed and gets kidnapped a lot. 

9. Spends unnecessary screen time setting up Sherlock being an asshole moments (e.g. The Sherlock correcting murderer’s grammar sequence) when that sort of thing could fit into the plot of actual cases. 

10. Screws around with the Mary character arc where she’s a good guy then a bad guy then actually a good guy after all, punching a hole through viewers’ suspension of disbelief.

The absolute basics.

Let’s talk about the absolute basics in deduction. Seems like there’s a lot of people that misunderstand them, even other deductionists. This post is made to correct some of these misunderstandings.

What do we deductionists do? We gather information and make conclusions about that information. The premise is simple. Is it simple to get to the same level as Sherlock? No. Do I know of someone that is on the same level as Sherlock? No, and I know quite a few deductionists. But here’s the big reason why I don’t know of anyone at the same level as Sherlock, it’s not that Sherlock is fictional, it’s because of perfect situations that Sherlock is in. These happen, but not as often as Sherlock finds himself in them.

The way with OCC:

First of all, you should try and remember OCC. This the order in which you as a deductionist should operate.

Observation – Here you observe the place or person you are deducing. There are things to look for if you have the knowledge, some says you should observe everything, and sure, you should do that in a perfect world but you won’t be able to use everything you observe so that will only waste your time when you get into higher ranks of deduction. And if you want to know what to observe than all you need to do is practice.

Conclusion – The second step is to come to a conclusion from what you have observed. This is the deduction, we will talk more about this later on in this text. This will require both logic and knowledge. If you lack in one of these then you’ll need to train that.

Confirmation – Now this is something most deductionist don’t do because they are scared of failing. If you don’t confirm if you are right you’ll hinder your own progress extremely. If you can confirm, always try to.

The parts

Now, most break down deduction into two parts, logic and knowledge. I think that the knowledge part needs to be split into two parts. Absolute knowledge and statistical knowledge. This is important, I’ll try and explain why but first you need to know about the three kinds of deduction.

Deduction –

This reasoning is used when you have one or more statements that you combine to reach a logical conclusion.

The reasoning is that if the statements are true and clear the conclusion must be true.

An example of deductive reasoning:


  1. Pink is not a natural hair colour.
  2. Emily has pink hair.


  • Someone/something has dyed Emily’s hair pink.

This is deduction in which you use absolute knowledge to make a deduction. And if you truly use absolute knowledge then the conclusion will be correct.

Induction –

In inductive reasoning, you come to a conclusion that’s probable. The statements are viewed as strong evidence for your conclusion.

An example of inductive reasoning:


  1. There are marbles in this bag.
  2. All 8 out of 10 marbles I have seen from this bag are black.


  • All marbles from this bag are black.

This doesn’t tell you if the conclusion is true or not but thanks to the strong evidence of the statements you’re presented with, it’s probable that the conclusion is true. This is statistical knowledge and will be true most of the time.

Abduction –

In abductive reasoning, you have the statements and from that, you make an educated guess about what the conclusion might be. This reasoning is looking for the best explanation.

An example of abductive reasoning:


  1. The grass is wet.
  2. The grass is usually dry.


  • It has rained.

This is something we deductionists often do. We always look for the best explanation based on the evidence we are provided. This, if done correctly, will also most often be true. This will often be your own conducted statistical knowledge.

The reason why “knowledge” should be split into “absolute knowledge” and “statistical knowledge” is that if you have the logic you’ll never be wrong with absolute knowledge, but with statistical knowledge, you can still be wrong. Some tell you that logic is more important than knowledge and vice versa. This couldn’t be more wrong. Logic and knowledge are equally important. Those who don’t agree probably don’t know that much about the category they are dismissing. Logic and knowledge should work together alongside each other.

But if you want the “WOW effect” one of these triumphs over the other. If you do a deduction via logic people can see your train of thought quite easily, especially if you explain it. If you do deduction via knowledge then people won’t be able to follow your train of thought without that specific knowledge. And more people have a good logical mind than specific knowledge about everything. Something magicians have as a catchphrase nowadays are “People aren’t stupid” and that is true. If you, the reader of this thinks that most people are stupid then you need to come out of that bubble of yours.

Some other things.

So can you yourself measure how good you are at deduction? No, not really. You’ll always be biased towards yourself. So if you like yourself, you’ll probably think that you are better at deduction than you really are. If you think the worst of yourself then you’ll probably think you are worse than you really are. Then we have the “Dunning–Kruger effect”, most of you will probably, in the beginning, think that you are better at deduction than you really are, because of the Dunning-Kruger effect. It predicts that beginners rate themselves to be better than they really are while experts rate themselves to be worse than they really are. So no you can’t measure your skill level yourself.

This point I’ll make now is kind of connected to the previous one. Don’t assume you are right. That would be really stupid. If you assume you are right, you’ll fall for confirmation bias. This is when you look for things that would prove what you believe to be true, and miss things that disprove your theory. One more reason this is bad, I know of deductionists that don’t want to accept that they’re wrong, even if it’s confirmed. They think the one that tells them they’re wrong are lying. Extremely bad.

The pattern.

Your knowledge about deduction will improve. In the beginning, before you start deduction you’ll probably not know about it at all, you’ll have an unconscious ignorance towards it. When you start reading about it, you’ll probably understand that you don’t know much about it. So you’ll have a conscious ignorance towards it. After trying it out and really learning you’ll start noticing that you can deduce some things, you’ll have and conscious knowledge towards deduction. When you’ve become an expert to master you’ll make deductions without thinking that much, you’ll have an unconscious knowledge about deduction.


  1. Unconscious ignorance
  2. Conscious ignorance
  3. Conscious knowledge
  4. Unconscious knowledge

So, how do you get better in deduction? Practice, it might sound cliché but it’s true. But however, you can shorten the time quite much, if you confirm your deductions. The second C in OCC is extremely important. If you don’t know what you are doing wrong then you can’t improve. You won’t get better just from reading this. So go out there and make deductions and most importantly confirm your deductions.

If you want me to write a post about confirming your deductions about people without the fear to fail (because if you fail they won’t know that you’ve failed) then write to me about that. A lot of people seem to be afraid of saying their deductions out loud.

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.

Gas (Jason Todd x Reader)

Requested by: anon

Summary: You always had a crush on Jason, but he was in a relationship and as you meet again you still think that.
Unfortunate event make you confess to him and things not quite end as you thought they would

Warnings: fighting, fluff?

No one had told you Jason was in town. If you had known you would have probably booked a trip across the ocean or something.
The last time you’ve met you’ve been not the nicest person to him and you’d rather never see Jason again than to explain why you acted the way you did.
You had a crush on Jason since the beginning of existence itself and finding out he had a girlfriend was a slap in the face which you, by any means, didn’t see coming.

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okay, i’ve mentioned how much i love the idea of logan having a fear of the dark/monsters hiding in the dark (kind of because he mentioned fear of the ocean and what is in it), but something i haven’t blabbed about is tiny logan being very vocal about not liking monsters under his bed or in his closet

tiny logan is a lot less…well, logical. he has kid logic, and according to kids, things like monsters under the bed are very possible without proper measures

the other three each having to separately come in logan’s room before bed, check for monsters, spritz anti-monster spray that patton most definitely wasn’t already using in logan’s room before…absolutely not…….he had that bottle for precautionary measures…………

however, the fear gets kind of bad eventually. logan starts to wonder if the monsters have clothes pins on their noses and if they hide from the other three when they inspect his room, which is when patton comes up with a game of sorts. a detective game, partially. 

the game starts out small, just when patton comes in to check logan’s room, logan joins him. logan jumps out of bed and follows patton around the room, yelling under his furniture and checking for any clumps of mysterious fur or even scales, when he decides there’s nothing there, he lets patton tuck him back in to bed and do his spritzes of monster spray

but, the game only starts to grow and actually turn fun. it starts when roman, the first to come in and dramatically “scare off” the monsters, bursts through the doors one evening. after he stomps around and exaggerates his checks, logan hops out of bed and checks behind roman, yelling to the monsters. when he’s sure they’re not around for roman, logan hops back into bed

virgil comes in next, and logan takes his hand and checks with him. virgil is more thorough than roman, so when they look under the bed and logan screeches and starts pointing at something, virgil shushes him gently and pulls the kid closer, reaching under the bed and slapping his hand around. the Thing doesn’t move, so logan tries. it doesn’t move for his hand either. they deduce that the thing under logan’s bed was, in fact, a sock. this thorough check continues throughout logan’s room and his closet (where the creepy witch turned out to be a santa hat from patton’s christmas party the year before).

patton takes longer to come in that night, but when does, he starts whistling. logan watches him go from checkpoint to checkpoint and check around. patton greets friendly fairies and asks them about their jobs and kids. he has a nice quick chat with a baby dinosaur under logan’s bed, and even meets a nice alien behind logan’s dresser. logan, quite confused, hops out of bed and toddles over to patton, pushing him out of the way to see just what the moral side was talking to. when nothing is there, he looks at patton, who just explains that a bunch of magical creatures were just checking up on logan and making sure he got to bed safely.

after that, it becomes an event for roman and logan to scare the bad stuff away together, virgil and logan to ensure they’d all gone away (they were both happy to announce they had a “0 days since last monster sighting” record), and patton and logan tell all the good things in his room nighty-night

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was just wondering if you have any ideas on """dale pike's""" Within the Narrative? I don't know what to think of it, because the writing style doesn't seem like fanfic to me and there's enough levels of meta-y things to drown me in. if mofftiss wrote us fanfiction I am going to explode

oh god ‘Within the narrative’ killed me. Oh God. Okay, deep breath. I’ll do the same as I did for ‘The One Word Test’ here, just go through and pick out the most relevant quotes for me as I go along. 

THIS JUST ANALYSES THE INTRODUCTION ‘CAUSE IT GOT LONG. If folk are interested, I could try and pick apart the whole fic if I don’t die from the attempt sos adhflslhgsjlf.

Hope this helps! From the beginning, then?

Okay, so first we have the weird tagging system- why is the fic tagged as both a Tragedy and a Comedy? Well, because of this opening quote from The Three Garridebs: It may have been a comedy, or it may have been a tragedy. It cost one man his reason, it cost me a blood-letting, and it cost yet another man the penalties of the law. Yet there was certainly an element of comedy. Well, you shall judge for yourselves.” See this post by @teaandqueerbaiting!

^I take this to mean we’ve got our ‘comedy’ Garridebs in The Final Problem, the cheap dangling Garridebs brothers gag. We’re still waiting for our truly emotional, true Garridebs scene between John and Sherlock.

Then, we come to the summary and opening notes to chapter 1:

Right, who on earth is Proper Dave? See this and this post by @may-shepard  @laughing-at-the-darkness and @221bloodnun. Proper Dave is a character from the Doctor Who episode Silence in the Library, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Euros Lyn, who also directed The Blind Banker.

Proper Dave is a PILOT (ooh little on the plane in TFP: ‘the driver’s asleep!’) He’s called ‘Proper Dave’ in contrast with another crew member named ‘Other Dave’ because ‘Proper Dave’ was there before him. It’s never twins, Watson. 

I’ve not watched this episode but basically for some reason Proper Dave “acquires an extra shadow”- this means the villains of the episode are attacking him. The Doctor tries to save him but fails, leaving Proper Dave’s “data ghost” to echo his last thoughts:  “Hey, who turned out the lights?”  Side-note: if this is the 4th favourite fic, I wonder where Proper Dave’s 3rd and other fave fics are… ;)

Now, what about the “A boring story” bit? I cannot for the life of me find the quote, but I remember Steven once describing The Three Garridebs as “a very boring story”- clearly tongue in cheek as it’s one of the most iconic moments of ACD canon, even saying in his own foreward to the stories that “you’ll be blinking back tears when the moment comes.” (x) Tagging @waitedforgarridebs in case she knows where the quote is, the resident Garridebs expert. ;)

“about the stuff between the lines.”- well, we’re all very good at finding that. <3

And the notes. Of course, nothing is certain, but to me these only become worthwhile and genuinely funny if you see them as written by someone who’s…well… very much an insider on the show. “Series 4 and 5 spoiler alerts”- that’s very presumptuous of you. ;) Saying they’ve deduced things correctly, including what they’re “probably” going to call the Watson baby– this is so funny if at this point they genuinely hadn’t decided what the baby was going to be called lmao.

Then we get one of the most bizarre meta introductions I’ve had the pleasure of reading:

“Most people think they know what’s going to happen. Perhaps you’ll dismiss this narrative early, thinking it is boring and banal and not worth the distance to that innermost cave. Or perhaps you’ll be too easily impressed and think this is a great story.
Perhaps you’re just looking for a cheap thrill. Well, this one has thrills, but they don’t come cheaply. The Powers-That-Be never gave me any trigger warnings, so I’ll give none to you, save this: Here there be dragons.
In any case, we’re going to follow the rules. Stories have rules, of course, just like chemistry, like biology. Like gravity. Perhaps—if you are an omnivorous reader yourself—you know that there are certain rules that a good story must never break.
It turns out that we’ve been wrong… and right… all along. That’s the beauty of it. That’s what makes this a good mystery.
Back up a bit. Ready the players. Set the stage.”

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Why, why why is this so meta. Why does it read like a set of instructions. It’s so out of place for a fic. Why is either “dismissing the narrative early” or “being too easily impressed” such an apt summary for some reactions to The Final Problem? The stage is set, the curtain rises. Here be dragons. 

We know “the rules” of this story- and we know that The Final Problem broke all of them. Steven and Mark themselves have said the episode was deliberately full of “transgressions.”

They’ve been wrong….(The Final Problem)…and right (every other episode) all along. The mixture makes it the mystery. We need to- and have solved- that mystery: why it was wrong. Because it didn’t end with John and Sherlock together. The rest of the true love story is yet to be told.

birdlovesafish  asked:

If you are still taking prompts: Hangover-esque Bughead waking up in Vegas in bed together scantily clad and trying to figure out what the fuck happened last night because they barely knew each other through their friends Veronica and Archie. Smut would be lovely of course lol

Hey love! I love this one so much omg!!! 

I hope you enjoy it ;) 

ps. sorry this was written late at night and i was too lazy to edit so sorry about any mistakes…

warning: SIN, SMUT, SIN

For anyone who can’t use the “read more link” here’s the AO3 link-

That’s What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas:

Betty awoke to the feeling of sunlight on her face and a warm body wrapped around her own. The blonde sighed contently, snuggling further into the warmth of the expensive sheets- thankyou Veronica- as her eyes fluttered open and she adjusted to her surroundings. She took a moment to take everything in, that funny feeling of disorientation seeping in as it always did when waking up in a bed that wasn’t her own…


This wasn’t her room. Not just like this wasn’t her room, in her apartment back in New York. More like this wasn’t her hotel room; the one Veronica had paid for in exchange for her bridesmaids making the trip to Vegas for her and Archie’s Bachelorette and Bachelor parties.

Betty shot up in the bed, her eyes going wide. Her head pounded with the sudden movement, causing her to grimace.

Where the hell was she?

Her now more alert eyes searched the room frantically for a sign. It came in the aforementioned warm body lying next to her.

Jughead Jones.

Okay that wasn’t too bad. She knew Jughead at least… kind of. He was Archie’s best man. They had exchanged a few emails back and forth for the planning of said parties, inherent to their duties as best man and maid of honour. But they had only met officially last night.

Betty ran a hand through her hair, eyes closing as she tried to ignore the anxiety creeping into her system and recall the events of the night before.


The disorientated girl let out a frustrated groan. Flopping back on the bed, trying to decipher the best course of action for this particular scenario. Funnily enough it was not something her mother had prepared her for, despite being overtly vocal about the polite and correct way to act in every situation as she was growing up. Betty rolled her eyes, briefly allowing herself to be calmed by the ironic thought.

Jughead stirred next to her, and the panic was back.

Betty held her breath, trying desperately to work out what the hell she was supposed to say to him. Would he remember how they had ended up like this?

She could taste the remnants of vodka in her mouth; well at least that explained the lack of memory.

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4Chips - Requested

Requested by anon:  Hi!can u make a one shot with Sherlock where he finds out she self harm(he couldn’t deduce it&they’re together)&he takes her out 4chips like in the lying detective&twalk around London &shows her that she doesn’t need to do this with lots of fluff?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,120

Warnings: Cutting - mentions of blood, pain and depression.

A/N: This was such a release to write…


Originally posted by sir-mycroft

Sherlock was out on a case; (Y/N) calculated he would be away for at least three more hours. She had no idea what the case was about, or who ended up being the criminal, and she didn’t care at all. She needed to do it.

That day had been rough, and she was feeling less than nothing. Sherlock was far too focused on his case and ignored her, as usual. Not that she expected much from him, they had only been together for a month and Sherlock wasn’t precisely affective. But sometimes one just needs a little bit of attention.

He was a know-it-all. From the instant they met, Sherlock deduced everything about her… Almost everything about her. He always missed a detail and the one he missed on her was one of the most important part of her life, whether she liked it or not.

Hiding the scars wasn’t hard. London was a place so cold it wasn’t weird to wear sweaters and multiple layers of clothing; also, Sherlock hadn’t tried to get intimate with her, maybe his disgust for other humans or the fact that, for a whole month, he had gotten a case right after the other.

She locked herself in the bathroom, taking off all of her clothes and the small razor blade she carried in her makeup bag. Nobody had ever noticed it, she could’ve worn it as a necklace and everyone would’ve thought it was a fashion statement but it was more than that.

Her inner pain was far too hard to bear, and needed to be opaque against something else. Physical pain, yes, that was her only way out. When the brain is too focused on the outside, it forgets about the inside.

Her tears ran a second after her fingers grabbed the blade. She knew it was wrong, she knew she had to stop, but she lived in a world where no one noticed how much she ached; no one noticed her suffering, her fear… Not even the Great Sherlock Holmes, who everyone thought of a master mind, someone who no one could keep a secret from him.

“Ha-ha” (Y/N) whispered at the thought, she had hidden something from him and she hadn’t been discovered.

The cold blade ripped her skin as she moved it swiftly over her thighs. The burn gave her a sweet release, something no therapy could, but she was insatiable. She needed more than one cut to forget about his inner pain for the rest of the week. Hence, she made another one, and another one, and another one until the bathroom floor had small droplets of blood.

She stayed there, observing the red liquid running down her shivering skin. It was warm, and dark… When people thought of red liquids to forget, they usually think of wine, but this… This was more intoxicating than any wine.

She was too mesmerized by it, and so she didn’t hear when Sherlock arrived two and a half hours earlier. If she had only known that the criminal wore too many fluorescent colours to sneak in the darkness… It was harder to cut a cake than to trap him.

Sherlock noticed the locked door before even touching it. He knew (Y/N) was there, he had asked her to wait for him because Watson insisted that he owed her a date. But she was quiet, only a soft sob could be heard from afar, almost like a whisper and Sherlock – aware of the many death threats he and his friends received daily – couldn’t think of something else but to drop to the floor and try to see something from the little separation from the door to the floor.

He didn’t have a clear view, but he saw the droplets of blood as well as her bare feet next to them. Judging by her position, she was leaning over the toilet, like she had fainted, and so Sherlock panicked. He opened the door with a kick and revealed (Y/N), wearing only her underwear, with a blade in hand and with dry blood all over her legs, arms and belly.

“What did you do?” He whispered, falling to his knees.

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Sherlock was right, of course. She’s gone. Left us the phone because I suppose she trusted us.

He was asked to look at the body to confirm it was her. Her face wasn’t exactly… recognisable so he wasn’t able to make a positive identification. So they brought in her girlfriend (who I, apparently, met! How did I not know Kate was her girlfriend?) to visually identify her by her body, instead.

I’ve had hundreds of messages from you all asking me if I was jealous (or, rather, telling me that I am) and perhaps in some way you were right, he’s been in raptures about how exciting she is and I was worried that he -

Anyway. We can move on from this. I’m going to drag Sherlock on to the sofa now and get him to deduce things about the people in the background on the news. If he can. He’s still looking… forlorn.

Ok we know that hiyori is the narrator of noragami and we can deduce, from the things she says, that she is telling the story from the future. So what if at the end of noragami yato cuts her ties with the far shore so she forgets about everything, but then one day she finds his shrine and remembers everything and starts writting the story so that everyone can know about this yato god?

[Meeting The Brother] The Doctor x Reader

Prompt: @heaven-bound-angelrequested: Hey any chance of a crossover? Reader is Sherlock’s beastie and John’s kid sister, but they start to get worried cause she keeps going missing. Turns out she’s been traveling with the Doctor (nine if ya can, if not ten or eleven lol) & Sherlock does the whole deduce thing and it turns out that her & the Doctor really do love each other which has John going all protective over her & she explains how the Doctor saved her & how they need each other.. fluff. If not that’s okay keep up the good work.

Word Count: 957

Warnings: none

Sorry that I posted this so late! School just dropped a bunch of work on me. Hope you like it! <3

Baker Street was quiet.

It was one of the rare days where there were no clients, no cases from the Yard, or national security threats from Mycroft. You were sitting in John’s chair in front of the fireplace, with a cup of tea, and nose deep into a book. Your brother was on his laptop typing the latest case solved by a certain raven haired consulting detective.

Both of your heads snapped towards the door when it flung open, revealing Sherlock in bloody clothes and holding a bloody harpoon. John’s eyes widened, but you just sipped at your tea, much more accustomed to this than John, and sighed at the loss of the quiet, peaceful ambience.

“Well that was tedious.” Sherlock scoffed.

“You went on the tube like that?” John said, looking at him incredulously.

“None of the cabs would take me.” Sherlock scowled, annoyed.

He strode towards the bathroom and shut the door behind him. John looked over at you, and you shrugged, expecting this kind of behaviour from Sherlock. You sunk back into the chair, when you heard your phone go off, and smile at the caller ID. You answered the phone, while putting on your jacket, and telling them you’ll be right out.

“Where you going?” John asked.

“Out, don’t wait up for me.” You said shutting the flat door.
John rolled his eyes.

Kids these days.


Sherlock had gone absolutely nuts.

Or at least that’s what John thinks. A client came in from Dartmoor claiming that some sort of mutant hellhound that killed his father had been terrorising him now. John and Sherlock agreed to go and investigate more at Dartmoor. Fastforward, Sherlock and Henry search the hollows and Sherlock, clearly, visibly shaken up, started stating that he had in fact seen the hound too! John had told you to stay back in the flat, but with a hysterical Sherlock, he was going to need your help.

That’s when you asked a friend for a ride.

You arrived at Dartmoor quickly, and called John to pick you up. When he arrived, he seemed confused.

“How’d you get here so quickly?”

“Oh, I, uh, had Mycroft give me a lift.” You said awkwardly. 

John seemed satisfied with your answer and told you everything that had happened. He told you Sherlock was currently at Henry’s house, and told you to talk to him, since he didn’t want to see at the moment, and neither could he get through to him.

When Sherlock saw you walk in, he cheered, “(Y/N)!” and continued to rummage through Henry’s cupboards.

“John said you’ve finally snapped.”

“John’s being over dramatic, it’s what he does,” he rolled his eyes, “which is why, you are the better Watson here.” He smiled and took a bit of sugar from Henry’s kitchen and decided to head outside.

You had gotten Sherlock to apologize to John, in his own Sherlock way, and you three had bumped into Lestrade at a pub. When John had gotten a lead on the mysterious hound, you decided to slip away and call a friend.

Sherlock casted a worried glance when you walked away, but ultimately decided you would be fine on your own.


When you arrived back at Baker Street, you were met with a very, very unhappy John.

“Where’d you go this time?” He asked exasperated.

“I told you, I’m just goin-”

“Yes, you’re going ‘out’.” He could feel his hair turning grey. ”Where are you going, I mean it (Y/N).”

“Oh for God’s sake! I’m not doing drugs if that’s what you’re worried about!” You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms.

“Is this a phase or something?” He asked, genuinely concerned.

“I’m 25!” You gaped at how unreasonable he was being. “I DON’T GO THROUGH PHASES AT THIS AGE!”

Sherlock had been silent the entire time, when he heard soft footsteps.

“Would this be a bad time?” A voice said, with a Northern accent.

You looked over and saw the Doctor leaning on the doorway.

“Who the bloody hell are you?!” John was even more irritated now, “And how did you get in our flat?”

“I’m friend of (Y/N), John Smith, you must be her brother, I’ve heard alot about you.” He said casually, and took John’s hand and shook it.

You walked over to the Doctor and smacked him in the chest.

“You show up at the worst times.”

“I’ll have you know my timing is impeccable.”

By now Sherlock was staring at the Doctor, you knew he was trying to deduce him.

“Why is that guy looking at me like that?”

“So how long have you been together?” Sherlock said suddenly.

“What?” John gaped.

“Oh come on John, it’s right there,” he said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, and rolled his eyes seeing as John still did not get it, “he’s clearly the ‘mysterious’ person she’s been disappearing off with, they clearly are incredibly close seeing as she gave him a key to the flat, they’re standing very close to each other, even though there’s more than enough free space around, that and the fact his arm is around her waist.”

That’s when you realized the Doctor had put his arm around your waist, and was hold you rather closely.

Seeing as John was close to exploding, you quickly started to explain how you met the Doctor and how he saved you from some really bad people that you had gotten mixed up with. John’s glare had softened, and turned into his usual concerned one.

“You, be careful, I don’t want you to get hurt,” you rolled your eyes and mouthed a “I’m 25” at him, and he turned to the Doctor, “You, hurt her, and I will hunt you down, I’ll make sure that you don’t have a future.” The Doctor, trying not to laugh at the sight of the 5 ft man try to intimidate him, nodded enthusiastically.

“Alright, anything else you’re hiding? Have a secret tattoo too?”

“Well actually, he’s an alie—” You started, but John was already going down the stairs, mumbling a “goddamned kids”, and headed out.

You turned to Sherlock.

“That went well, yeah?”

Questions that I have still:

What psychological problem did Mark have?

What powers does/did Mark have?

Did Mark kill himself?

What war was the Colonel in? (Also When did he get stuck in Jumanji?)

When did the Colonel go on the hunting trip gone wrong? (Did he die? Is that why he doesn’t understand death is permanent?)

How much did the Butler know?

What footage was deleted from the Little Buddy?

Is Dark a separate being from Celine and Damien?

When was Damien’s body taken over?

Why did no thunder sound when the gardener say murder?

Why did we get left behind in the mirror? (Is this why Dark is missing the 3rd color?)

Who was whispering in the basement? (Pretty sure it was Damien but I’m just holding out til I get more evidence)

Pretty Eyes

Summary: What if Sherlock met someone and every time he tried to deduce something from them, no matter how hard he tried, he was wrong?

Characters: Sherlock, Reader, John

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader (could easily be seen as romantic or platonic, it’s up to you)

Warnings: fluff, frustrated Sherlock

Word Count: 1,021

Fandom: Sherlock

A/N: For @sdavid09‘s What If challenge. Also, funny thing, the very last part actually happened to me in a way. This guy (that I may or may not like) was talking to me and said that he could guess what I was thinking because he’d been watching a lot of Sherlock episodes lately. I responded the exact same way the reader responded to Sherlock. XD Just thought that was funny. 

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Reader’s POV

     You were hanging out in your best friend, Greg Lestrade’s, office at Scotland Yard when a tall man with striking blue eyes and a slightly shorter man with just as blue eyes stormed in. He kept ranting about a case for about ten minutes before he noticed you weren’t Greg.

     “What’s Greg’s girlfriend doing in his office?” I cocked my head, about to speak until he began talking again. “How did I know that? You’re sitting in his office, clearly extremely comfortable which indicates you and him have a close relationship. I’m assuming your his girlfriend because you’re not wearing a ring on your finger to indicate marriage but you are playing with a promise ring which would indicate a romantic relationship. So where’s Greg?”

     “First off, I’m not Greggy’s girlfriend, I’m his best friend. The promise ring is from an ex-girlfriend of mine. I’m waiting in Greg’s office for him to get off work so he can take me to meet a friend of his who buys old promise rings and such for good money. And I have no idea where Greg is. Why don’t you join me for a cuppa tea?” The tall man who had called you Greg’s girlfriend scrunched his eyes, apparently surprised that he was wrong, while the other man looked like he was holding back laughter.

     “Um, yes, that would be fine. I’m Sherlock by the way, this is John.” You turned back to the desk, having to bend over to reach a bag of tea that had fallen to the other side. 

     “Stop staring at my ass, both of you.” You turned around, grabbing a cup of tea for John and one for Sherlock, handing each to them.

     “I wasn’t- How did you-” You laughed as John spoke while they both blushed furiously.

     “You both were and I know it because my ass looks great in these jeans and you’d have to be completely distracted or disgusted to not look at it. It was an educated guess that just happened to be right. I usually am.” 

     “You are correct in one thing, your ass does look amazing in those jeans Lefty.” You cocked your eye brow at Sherlock’s nickname for you.

     “Where did you get that nickname from?” He smiled arrogantly and damn could you think of a few ways you wanted to wipe that smug smile right off his face.

     “You favored your left hand slightly in everything you have done since we entered the room, therefore you are left-handed, hence Lefty.” You laughed, causing him to scrunch his eyes again, an adorable confused look on his face.

     “I’m ambidextrous. I favor my left hand because the nerves in my right arm got injured in a shoot out a few years back and never regained full feeling.” At that moment, Greg walked in and you were spared explaining the shoot out.

     “Hey (Y/N), you mind asking your girlfriend to go with you to sell that ring? It’s getting pretty busy here, I don’t think I can get off until really late.” You watched as his gaze never left the papers in his hand, not even realizing that Sherlock and John were sitting in his office.

     “First off, you are a horrible best friend, I told you me and her broke up two months ago. Second off, I forgive you for being a horrible best friend if you can take a night off soon so we can binge watch rom coms on Netflix. Third off, you have guests look up from the police reports.” He glanced up, giving you a small smile at your playful tone before glancing over at the men seated in the office.

     “Oh good, Sherlock, you’re here. Tell me what you think about this case.” Greg handed Sherlock the papers, only for him to pass them off to John, his gaze returning to you.

     “How am I always wrong with you? I’m never wrong.” You smiled enjoying that the mystery that exuded from your personality stumped even the great Sherlock Holmes.

     “How about, I give you three tries to get something right, and if you get one of them right, we’ll assume that it was just a fluke and you can go back to being an arrogant asshole? Sound good cutie?” He simply nodded, before closing his eyes, a look of thought shadowing his face.

     “You’re gay. Lestrade said you had a girlfriend.”

     “Wrong. I’m bi. Next guess.” He narrowed his eyes, apparently the thought having never crossed his mind.

     “The shoot out that injured your right arm was the result of a wrong-time wrong-place thing. You’re an innocent girl.”

     “Wrong again. My ex-boyfriend was abusive and I got tired of it one day so I pulled a gun on him. He just happened to also have a gun on him. And I’m far from innocent, Lestrade can attest to that. Last try.” You glanced out of the corner of your eye to see Greg nodding furiously in agreement. Both him and John seemed to be slightly awestruck at the situation unfolding in front of them.

     “You are trying to impress someone here at the station, hence the mascara and smudge-proof lipstick.” You smiled, almost feeling bad for him since he probably was right most of the time.

     “Wrong again. I like wearing makeup because I think I look even sexier with it than without.” He looked shell-shocked at the idea that he was wrong, and had been wrong every time he tried to deduce something about you.

     “Can I have one more try?” You smirked seeing the laughter dancing behind his eyes. He was having just as much fun as you were with this.

     “Tell me what I’m thinking about, I promise it has to do with something in the immediate vicinity.” 

     “You’re wondering how in the world I can solve Scotland Yard’s most difficult cases yet not be able to deduce a single thing about you.”

     “Nope. I was thinking about how pretty your eyes are.” He groaned and you laughed, reveling in the fact that you could stump the World’s Greatest Detective just by existing.

maple-maypole  asked:

(1) So! A new kid moves to Salt Middle School. This is one of those kids that will analyze the shit outta everyone. "8:35am, day 13. today ___ was very quiet and looked kinda sad. Maybe he just overslept and got yelled at bc of it (evidence: coffee and yawning) If it gets worse I'll talk to him." & "2:07pm, day 8: Today ___ asked ___ out during math class. Dude's got some balls and no chill whatsoever." kinda thing.

How dare you, now I have yet another OC that I’ll never be able to use for anything else ever again! T-T

Also shut up your English is perfect and this prompt is amazing, I loved it so much and I love you, thank you!

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Going Native

Kenshin can’t help but stare.

Which, okay, is not exactly news. He stares a lot, all the time, at people and things he finds interesting. It usually doesn’t feel particularly rude - but in this instance, there is the unfamiliar thought nudging at the back of his mind to look away and leave it be. He’s not sure what to make of it.

The math lesson drowns on around him while he flips through his notes, the ones that concern themselves with anything but the actual subject matter of the class, and searches for any previous mention of that particular student.

Kageyama, is it? He honestly isn’t even sure about the name. Kenshin has been in this class for a month now and apparently there has not been a single noteworthy thing about this guy before today.

(And Kenshin wrote it down when Hiroki brought a cucumber sandwich instead of his customary tomato one. So Kageyama has literally been less interesting than a cucumber sandwich this whole time.)

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The Way to get Observant

I think the first thing and the hardest in deduction is observation. As Sherlock says: “You see but do not observe”, and this is a pretty big quote if you think of it. Think of it like this you walk through the city of your home town and you see lots of lots of people. But here is the point you “see” but when did you actually observed the people. Whats with the woman on the right side walking by with her black summer dress and the little blue flip-flops she is wearing. And this is something important I don’t speak here from deduction, I mean clean observant seeing. As I mentioned in a early post, you first need too get all the data you need and then, only then, you can make deduction. If only the people would be observant they could deduce easily things, but they aren’t observant. They walk through they lives and dream to themselves all the time. But observant seeing isn’t just seeing the things that are there, it’s also about the things that aren’t there. For example you know a woman and you know she has a baby. The first thing I ask to myself is, where is the father. It sounds simply and it is. But need to get this mindset and this is the hard part. So what can you do to get this mindset in you brain to kept it everywhere and anytime. The first thing when I started to observe keenly to get this in my head was to write a little note on my hand. I know that sounds a little bit silly but, it had its meaning. Because I am a person that significantly often onto his own hand, I saw this at any time and everywhere. This is the key, every time I started to lose it in my brain, it got kicked up again to consciousness. This leads me to the second point that I want to mention. Don’t be selfish. I know most people aren’t selfish but I don’t mean the selfish in this way. I mean with selfish don’t think about you. Stop thinking about you cloth and start observing. You now know some of the basic tricks so we can get to the intermediate tricks. So think of this if you are next time in the bus, school or I don’t know , it doesn’t really matter except that there must be people. This could even be your friends. So the first thing I do is to look for the cloth. What are they wearing? A dress? A T-shirt? I think you can get it. The I look for the colors and the pattern of it. Next are the shoes. Dirty or not ? Sporty or business ? Then the jewelry. And so on and on. One thing after the other. If you got some data from the day before then you can ask questions like “What is changed” or “What isn’t changed?”. But you can’t this only for people you can do this with everything. Like a room. What color has the floor, roof and the walls. What shape they are and of what material are they made. I think you slowly get the way how this “game” works. And so for the sake of deduction. Go out and observe and learn. So you are getting a step closure to the good deductionist.

And as always have a nice day and thank you for reading