and decided to post them

*deep inhales*

I was told by a friend that the spoilers are out already.

So please, PLEASE, do a favor to those who don’t want to see the spoilers (surprise, surprise, they exist! Not everyone wants to see them!) and, if you REALLY can’t keep living without posting them for whatever weird reason,


I’m tired of having to avoid the nnt tag entirely because someone decided to post them early and untagged. Don’t tag them just as #spoilers, that won’t work, some people may want to see spoilers from another thing or already saw whatever happened there and don’t need to tag them, PLEASE tag them as #nnt spoilers so people can actually blacklist them.




The Foxhole Court characters as things I've said
  • Kevin Day: (after a tough bus ride) My goal tonight is to drink so much I either get alcohol poisoning or forget why I wanted to drink at all
  • Neil Josten: So, to the surprise of no one, I was lying about all of that
  • Andrew Minyard: I care more about cake than I do about any human I've ever met
  • Aaron Minyard: (after something good happened) what the fuck is this. This is suspicious as fuck, I'm calling bullshit
  • Allison Reynolds: I just realized my top motivating factors are spite and the promise of wearing cool clothes
  • Dan Wilds: Why are men so consistently gross all the time???
  • Nicky Hemmick: I think I'm a fun driver. It's like being on a rollercoaster but better bc there's an actual chance you might die.
  • Matt Boyd: I really hope all my friends know how much I care about them. I never want anyone to question where they stand with me (turns to friend) Especially you, you're the love of my life.
  • Renee Walker: (about a badger that tried to attack me) He's so cute!! And he's talented!!
  • Jean Moreau: If the world could stop being consistently awful for like 30 seconds that'd be awesome, thanks
  • Riko Moryima: The only thing we're entitled to is to die screaming
  • Bonus, Neil Josten: How do people pick up on subtext in conversations? I've never picked up on a hint ever in my life

whenever ryan plays a horror game he’s usually unfazed by jump scares and the like which honestly just makes me think about gta ryan who is generally stoic and calm in the face of chaos

and then maybe the crew is playing a horror game and they notice that ryan’s the only one not jumping out of his skin every five minutes, so the lads, being lads and also being in the possession of a death wish, apparently, make it a goal to try to startle ryan

which just results in a straight week of ryan blinking indifferently or getting annoyed or going for a weapon every time someone jumps out at him (gavin, i’m going to end up stabbing you and i can’t promise it’ll be an accident)

and then one morning before a heist they’re all gathered in geoff’s living room/kitchen area tiredly grabbing food; ryan’s waiting for coffee to be done and jack’s got bread in the toaster and gavin’s too busy talking to the lads to realize his eggs are burning

and then from the living room everyone hears three things in quick succession:

  • jack’s toast popping up
  • ryan shrieking in alarm like a four year old
  • the sound of an expensive toaster hitting the tile floor at mach 5 and shattering

everybody appears in the kitchen to find ryan surrounded by toaster parts and looking distinctly embarrassed. he denies it ever happened every time someone brings it up (which is at least three times a week for easily the rest of their lives).

Ask Meme: Time Edition

12am: how late do you normally stay up?

7am: what’s the most memorable dream you’ve had?

12pm: how would you describe your personality?

3pm: have you been in trouble with the law? if you were to be in trouble with it, what do you think it would be for?

Dawn: what never fails to make you smile?

Dusk: do you like liminal zones? which ones?

Monday: what do you hate? Are there things you love that other people hate?

Tuesday: phrase you often use

Wednesday: what do you always laugh at?

Thursday: if you were a God, what would you be the God of?

Friday: what are you looking forward to?

Saturday: best movie you’ve seen? most helpful one?

Sunday: what event(s) in life shaped you the most?

Febuarary: what’s your ideal partner if you want one?

March: what’re your goals?

April: favorite poem or quote.

May: what’re your pets names? what would be the ideal pet name?

June: do you want kids? do you have names in mind for them?

July: favorite word, dirty, clean, and/or funny sounding

August: have you ever had a really important teacher or a crush on one?

September: what would you be famous for or make a lot of money from if you could?

October: what scares you? do you think it made you stronger?

November: favorite date or outing you can think of.

December: what’s your ideal holiday?

January: how did the last year go for you? good parts? bad?

Fancy dinner dates spent pocketing breadsticks and silverware. I give it twenty minutes tops before they either get kicked out or decide on skipping the tab.

adrien’s sad, devastated look when he’s denied snacks reblog if you agree