and decided to leave it bc why not

I will never understand movies where Santa Claus is real that universe. 

And its always the kids that believe in him, obviously, and the parents don’t but like…. who do they they think is leaving all the presents/????????? A friendly neighbor buys your kids all the things on the list and leaves it in your house????? Or did Santa not previously leave presents from years before and now that a random kid is saying he’s real bc he saw him that he decides to leave presents??? 

And hes always proven real when the Santa is able to tell the stubborn person who doesnt believe in Santa about their most secret Christmas present wish.. BUT WHY DID HE NOT EVER GIVE THEM THE GIFT THEYVE LITERALLY ALWAYS WANTED BEFORE?? Does he just WAIT until this person grows up into a Boring adult to present them with a doll from the 80s but never gave them their doll until they’ve become a fully grown adult????? Why didnt, when little Linda was 8, he give her the precious Susie Talks a Lot Doll she ALWAYS WANTED??? WHY DID HE WAIT UNTIL SHE’S 34 AND STILL NOT MARRIED AND HAS A DULL JOB TO GIVE HER A USELESS TOY THAT SHE’LL JUST PLACE ON A MANTEL SOMEWHERE TO COLLECT DUST. 


some straight here: hey can i request an imagine where you have a fight with jungkook and he said really hurtful things like ‘'youre the most annoying person i ever meet i dont even know why im dating you, i hope you die’ and then i cry and i leave the house and get into a car accident and the only reason of why he decided to apologize is bc i almost died ?<3 make it fluff at the end please :3′</p>

The Alpha And The Beta

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Characters: Y/n, Derek

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Mostly smut, pissed off reader at first, then just smut, fingering, pussy eating, Daddy Kink, Alpha/Beta kink(not the A/B/O kind), more smut, anal, rough sex, unprotected sex, added sickening fluff at the end, cos why the hell not?

Word count: 2300

Summary: You finally get sick of Derek’s constant need to train. But when you decide you’ve had enough, he decides he’s not about to let you leave so easily.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon-hi. could you do a derek hale smut (female y/n) where she’s a new beta in his pack+ derek and her are sparring together. y/n gets tired, tells derek that she doesn’t want to train anymore bc its frustrated how he keeps beating her, starting to shout and swear. derek gets mad at her before pinning her down by her wrists and basically telling her off which she finds sexy. he smells her arousal and he starts teasing her about it and they have rough sex where derek is being really dominant ???? Ok, so it’s basically sticking to the request, but I added some more stuff. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

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Your back slammed against the mat, your breaths coming out in pants, body covered in sweat.

Aching muscles and a pounding head had you completely tired out.

“No more”, you panted, rolling over and attempting to stand, but your legs were like jelly, buckling under your weight as you fell to your knees again.

You didn’t care how pathetic you looked, deciding to crawl over to the bottle of water in your bag, your throat dry.


You rolled your eyes at his voice, looking over to see Derek, drenched in sweat, but barely out of breath.

“Fuck you, dude! You’re like 50. You’ve had time to adjust”.

You got to your bag, rummaging through it, until your hand gripped the bottle.

You didn’t hesitate to rip the bottle cap off, drinking the water as though you’d been in the desert for weeks.

Derek watched you, shaking his head with disappointment.

“Get up, y/n. We’re not finished yet”.

You looked at him, eyes wide and nose flaring.



You crossed your arms like a petulant child.

“No. I’m doing anymore today. We’ve been training non-stop for days. I’m sick of it! You don’t go easy. You’re mean. You shout all the time. And you’re sweaty as hell”.

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Peter finding out you're leaving for UNI.. (Headcanon)

Requested By: Anonymous

Hi! I love your writing, would u consider doing a peter Parker college!au??? The reader and peter have always been friends and she’s going away to school or something? Thank u (:

Side Note: So I really wanted to write my first headcanon and I think this idea would be really cute! However, since it is my first bare with me, it might be super cringey we don’t know.

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- okay so you and Peter had been bffs since elementary school when he accidently stabbed you with a pencil

- “OWWWW!”


- peter panicking thinking you needed to go to the hospital

- it was just a scratch lmao

- however, the mark is still on your hand to this day

- therefore, you became inseparable best friends

- only bc peter said he’d never stab you again, which you thanked him for, actually believing him

- you were a dumbass to trust that boy smh

- middle school came and sure enough peter somehow stabbed you again… with sISSORS



- peter panicking once again before putting a Spider-Man Band-Aid on your finger

- ;))))))

- he couldn’t help but smile at how proud he was taking care of you

- aw aw aw CUTIES

- high school arrived and you were prepared for another random injury from peter

- “I promise I won’t stab you this year”

- “You say that every time Peter”


- you laughing at how confident he was

- he didn’t even last three days until he stabbed you with an actual ruler




- peter blushing embarrassedly as he moved all the sharp objects away

- he was a five year old child trapped in a fifteen year olds body

- you guys eventually graduate high school

- peter holding you close to him as if you’d disappear

- “Peter I promise I won’t vanish into thin air”

- “I don’t want to lose you" he’d mumble quietly, but you’d hear him

- you’d blush and look at your feet

- peter would grin, bc well he made YOU blush

- you both having many movie nights since you no longer had school

- lots of popcorn wars

- and tickle fights

- you always LOST

- declaring peter was a cheater, before throwing handfuls of popcorn at him

- eventually becoming busy with work, while peter had his stark internship 

- about a month later you found out you had gotten into Harvard

- you were filled with pure joy and excitement bc it was your dream school

- peter had his stark internship so you knew he’d be alright with you leaving

- right?

- psh, totally..

- he wouldn’t flip out or anything..

- you were WRONG



- “Peter you knew this was going to happen eventually!”

-“Y/N” he would whine, flailing his arms around crazily

- you’d just watch him in amusement as he acted like the five year old child you knew so well

- “We can always visit each other you know” trying to convince him, which never worked

- “bUT Y/N…. Harvard is SOOOO far away” peter would whine, falling onto his bed, face first into his pillows

- an actual child

- you’d sit down next to him, patting his shoulder

- how would you tell him you were leaving in three days?

- so you avoided the topic, packing your room up when Spider-Man himself decided to visit


- “Y/N!” he would shriek, falling through your window into your room

- “Heeeeeey Peteeee..” you’d smile innocently, as he’d whip his mask off

- yes, you knew he was Spider-Man, you found that out bc peter can’t keep secrets

- “wHY IS YOURROOMEMPTYY/NWHATISHAPPENING” peter would rush out all at once, making your eyes widen


- peter taking a deep breath, before waiting for you to explain


- “I’m leaving for Harvard tomorrow, I was going to tell you..” you’d speak calmly, waiting for another outburst

- peter staring at you blankly, before falling backwards onto the floor, letting out shrieks


- “YOU’RE LEAVING MEEEEE” he’d cry out, flopping on the floor, making you laugh

- he was the most dramatic person you knew

- which is something you’d always loved about him

- shhhhhh he doesn’t need to know

- “Like I said Pete, we can always visit each other!” you’d try to cheer him up

- peter whining as he laid on the floor

- you tried picking him up, but he was heavy

- “When did you become pure muscle Parker?” you’d groan out, dragging him across your floor

- peter dramatically gasping

- “Y/N, are you checking me out?” he’d grin, making you roll your eyes, trying to hide the blush forming on your cheeks

- “You wish Parker”

- he secretly did

- they’re sO IN LOVE AWH

- you soon leaving for Harvard

- peter being a PAIN the entire time you were packing

- “Y/N, don’t go”

- “Peter I have to”

- “NO you don’t”

- “YES I do”

- peter webbing your supplies to the door

- you would cross your arms, an amused smile on your face

- “Fingers slipped, whOOPS” he’d grin, making you sigh and shake your head

- you eventually move into Harvard, peter constantly texting you to see if you were okay

- which you found extremely adorable

- once all moved in, you felt at home, you even had a window in your dorm room

- you observe the campus, until a figure appears from above, scaring the absolute shit out of you

- “HEY Y/N!”



- you’d let him in, he’d remove his mask, you both blushing like two idiots

- eventually kissing, and cute cuddles !!!!!

- having your first college movie night

- having another popcorn war

- loosing like usual

- you both being literal dorks

- overall just super adorable

You + Peter = Dorkiest couple ever

Parents complain if I stay home all the time and tell me to go out. I take a two in a half week trip to visit bf and friends and my parents get upset that I’m gone for too long. What do you want from me– I’ve been gone for far longer why are they making a big deal now.

anonymous asked:

I NEED YOUR HELP PLSSSS. IM DYING FOR SOME FLUFF AND CAN I PLEASE HAVE RFA AND SAERAN WITH BEING LOCKED IN A CLOSE QUARTERS WITH MC? It can be like seven minutes in heaven or just locked in a closet or small room and there's so much tension;) and things happen oleaseeeeeeeeee you're amazinggggg thankssss


also im sorry if this sucks because my laptop deleted this and i had to rush a little bit to finish it before work

RFA+Saeran and MC Get Locked in


  • You two were just chillin in his dorm room for a few hours before deciding it was time to go home
  • When you make your way to the door and try to open it, it wouldn’t budge
  • So he tries to open it before realizing that you’re both locked in
  • The poor lil bean immediately starts to freak out
  • How did this happen? Is this a prank? Who did this? How long are we gonna be locked in here?
  • bby calm down pls shhh its ok
  • While he’s having a mental breakdown, you kinda just plop down on his bed and start watching a movie
  • It takes like a solid ten minutes to calm him down and convince him to join you
  • He makes his way over to you and you immediately curl up next to him
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You’re cuddling up next to him and he can’t take it
  • He’s about to go into cardiac arrest
  • Secretly thanks the universe for doing this lol


  • You stayed late with him during one of his rehearsals
  • As he finished, he met you in his dressing room and was gushing about how well the rehearsal went
  • You smile as you hand him a water bottle and towel before getting ready to leave until you hear a *click*
  • Zen heads to the door to try and open it but it was locked
  • “Uh… I guess they didn’t know we were here…” He says as he laughs awkwardly
  • You’re really tired and hungry and your phones are dead so you just sit on the floor and sigh in defeat
  • He feels really bad about the whole situation but he manages to find some chocolates that his fans gave him
  • As you’re eating them, he sits down next to you and you both just start talking about whatever comes to mind while cuddling
  • It’s actually really nice and peaceful
  • The crew finds you two sleeping on the floor next to each other the next morning lol


  • You were helping Jaehee clean up the cafe after closing time
  • It was really late and you were both exhausted from the busy day
  • As you’re cleaning the storage room with Jaehee, the door closes
  • She kinda just yawns and tries to open the door before realizing it was locked
  • When she reaches for the keys in her pocket, she starts freaking out because she left the keys outside
  • So now you’re both locked in for who knows how long
  • She starts apologizing like crazy but you tell her that everything’s fine and you don’t mind at all
  • I mean it’s baehee after all this is heaven to you lol
  • You both sit on the ground and wait and see if someone at work will notice
  • In the meantime, you both just start talking and giggling about the situation
  • It’s about an hour later when a coworker, finds you two holding hands and being all cute and smiley and awwwwwww


  • The RFA was having an after party to celebrate
  • Tbh some of them had a little too much to drink so obviously Seven needed to take advantage of this and have fun
  • He suggests playing 7 minutes in heaven
  • is that a pun lol
  • Of course this is Seven he’s got tricks up his sleeves and has rigged the game
  • When the bottle lands on you, you get nervous
  • You swear you see Seven’s glasses glint
  • The bottle lands on Jumin
  • You two are immediately shoved into a nearby closet and you’re ready to pass out bc omg Jumin
  • “YOU BETTER THANK ME WHEN THIS IS OVER MC!”- 707 the wingman, everybody
  • Jumin is confused for a second
  • “Why would you need to thank him?”
  • You start blushing and stuttering and
  • The man fucking smirks
  • Before you say anything, you takes your face in his hands and crashes his lips to yours


  • You went over to his house to hang and watch movies and look at memes
  • It was really fun for a while but you decided to leave since it was getting late and you had work the next morning
  • Seven was not having it
  • He wanted you to stay longer and give him more cuddles
  • All. The. Cuddles.
  • He’s literally clinging to your leg like a koala as you try to walk out
  • As cute and endearing as it is, you really need to go home
  • When he realizes that not even his cuteness was working on you, he kinda just
  • Locks you in his bedroom
  • And this boi has got state-of-the-art security systems so there’s literally no escape whatsoever
  • You’re about to yell but he’s giving you these puppy dog eyes and gahhhhh you are forced decide to stay with him
  • You end up staying there for the night and he’s super happy about that


  • Everyone was just hanging out and having a good time when someone mentions the game
  • You don’t know whose idea it was but you found yourself sitting at a table with everyone else
  • Unfortunately, you had to spin the bottle first
  • As you’re watching it spin, you start freaking out bc omg if it lands on Saeran you’re gonna-
  • It lands on Saeran
  • You’re shoved into a closet with him and you’re pretty much trying to put as much space between you two as possible
  • But oh man Saeran is enjoying this
  • He slowly makes his way over to you and you can feel his warm breath on your face
  • “Something tells me that seven minutes isn’t going to be enough”
  • He pushes you against the wall and starts making out with you
  • rip me oh my life what i wouldn’t give for this
too good at goodbyes

request: 73,89,98,99 bc i’m n e e d y asf tha nks
73. “You don’t have to stay.”
89. “You’re the best part of me.”
98. “Hold me back!’
99. “I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!”

Could you write something about brokenheart Shawn like maybe Y/N is so scared to be the girl with a broken heart that she decided to break his heart instead

— word count: 2,061

— warnings: mild swearing

“Get out!” You scream at the top of your lungs.

“No! Tell me why!” He yells back, standing his ground in front of you.

“Just leave!”

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me why you want me gone all of a sudden!”

You try to push him towards the door, but he barely moves an inch. You collapse against his chest, banging your fists against him.

“Please, just go!” You beg tears, spilling down your face.

“Why do you want me gone so bad, (y/n)? What happened?”

“I just don’t love you anymore.”

Shawn stares at you, not wanting to believe the words that just came out of your mouth.

“Leave. I don’t love you anymore.” You stare at him as silent tears roll down his cheeks.

Shawn grabs his jacket and keys, walking out and slamming the door behind him. You watch as he leaves, collapsing to the floor as soon as the door closes. You didn’t mean any of the things you said. You’re just scared. Scared of being hurt so you hurt him instead. You watched your parents’ marriage fall apart right in front of you and you swore you would never go through what they did.

You spent countless nights listening to your mother’s sobs through her locked bedroom door. You were so young having to watch all of this. Only eight years old. You had to endure their endless fights and sham of a marriage for another ten years before you finally got out of there. As soon as you left they stopped putting on a show and got divorced. You knew you were the only reason they were still together. You also swore that you would never put your children through that. You still stand by that. Maybe that’s why you’re so afraid to love.

You promised yourself that as soon as you thought you might be falling in love with Shawn you would leave. The thing is, you didn’t even realize you were already in love with him. You’re so afraid to love Shawn, so afraid to get hurt, that you just push him away.

You don’t know how long you’re on the floor crying, but it feels like your lungs are on fire. You stand up, your whole body numb. You slowly make your way to the bedroom, collapsing into the bed. You curl up into yourself, wrapping your arms around you, wishing they were Shawn’s. You close your eyes, more tears rolling down your cheeks as you realize Shawn is most likely never coming back.

You hear a knock at the door and refuse to get up, not wanting to see anyone at the moment. When the knocks become more urgent you groan and reluctantly make your way to answer it. As soon as you reach the living room the door swings open to reveal Matt.

“You left the door unlocked.” He says, walking in.

“Yeah, thanks. I realized that when you burst in.” You roll your eyes, starting to walk back to your bedroom, Matt trailing right behind you.

“I assume Shawn sent you to get his things.” You say as you reach up to grab a duffel bag from the top of the closet.

“No, actually.”

You stop and stare at him, sure you heard him wrong.


“He didn’t send me to get his things.”

You blink slowly before staring at Matt, your eyebrows drawn together tightly.

When you don’t answer he continues, “Shawn showed up at my front door a little while ago. He had obviously been crying. He told me what happened and I immediately dragged him over here. He’s in the car.”

Your heart lifts slightly when you hear that Shawn is here.

“I’ve known you for quite some time now, (y/n). I know you didn’t mean any of that. You’re still madly in love with Shawn. I think he’s the only one who doesn’t know that. At least he doesn’t think you love him at this moment.” He finishes.

You stare at him, more tears threatening to spill. You didn’t even know you could cry this much.

“I still love him. So much. I’m just scared.”

“I’m not the one you should be telling.” He motions towards the front door.

You walk outside to see Shawn standing outside, his back towards your house. His head lowers when he hears the door open and close.

“See man,” he sniffles, “I told you. Can we go now?”

He turns around and freezes when he sees you.

“Shawn, I’m so sorry.” You say stepping closer to him.

He stuffs his hands in his pockets, looking down and kicking at the pavement below him.

“You don’t have to stay, but will you at least hear me out?” You continue.

He shrugs, “I guess. Go ahead and break my heart a little more if you please.” He mutters.

Your heart breaks even more hearing him say that and you swallow hard before continuing.

“You know my parents are divorced, but you don’t know that I had to deal with the fights for ten years. I had to listen to my mother’s crying through a locked door for hours on end, knowing there was nothing I could do about it. I had to live in the center of their broken marriage for ten years. I was the only reason they didn’t get divorced sooner. I felt like I was the reason they had to go through it for so much longer than they should have.”

Shawn looks at you sympathetically and you shake your head, “Don’t look at me like that.”

He looks to the ground again and you take a deep breath before continuing.

“Shawn, I told you I don’t love you anymore because I’m scared.”

His head snaps up and he looks at you, confusion evident in his expression.

“I didn’t want to get hurt, so I hurt you first.”

Shawn’s expression changed and you swear he looks angry.

“So, you were so scared to get close to me, and let me love you that you decided to break my heart? Do you know how fucked up that is?”

You close your eyes and a few tears roll down your cheeks, “I didn’t want to be the girl with the broken heart. Shawn, I messed up. I know that. It’s all I know. Every relationship I’ve been in, I’ve left before I could get hurt, but they’ve never loved me like you and I’ve never loved them.”

“You can’t just go around breaking up with people because you’re scared to fall in love!”

You take a deep breath and step back from him, his expression immediately softening.

“Sorry.” He mutters.

“No, Shawn…you’re right. I didn’t want to let you close to me even though you mean the most to me. And that’s an awful thing to do to you. You don’t deserve this.” You sigh.

Shawn just looks at you, not sure of what to say.

“Everyone was right. I don’t deserve you. You’re too good for me.” You mutter, ready to give up.

Shawn’s eyebrows pull together, “Who said that?”

“Your fans, the media, even Andrew said it once. We had gotten in a fight and he was mad because I had you distracted so don’t go off on him.” You say quietly.

“I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!” He says, clearly angry.

“It does to me!”

“Why!? Why does what they say mean so much to you!?”

“I don’t know!” You shout as tears of frustration continue to blur your vision.

“You shouldn’t even care about what I say. Your opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to how you view yourself.” He says softly.

“Yeah, well my opinion is the same as theirs. You’re too good for me.” Your voice lowers.

Shawn stares at you, hurt that you would say that.

“I am not too good for you.” He shakes his head.

“You are. You know you are. You’re such a good person. All of the time. You’re talented and genuine. I just go around trying to break other people’s hearts before they can break mine. All I ever say is goodbye.”

“Why don’t you try saying hello? Say hello to me. To us. To our relationship.”

“Because I’m way too good at goodbyes.” You say quietly.

“You don’t have to say goodbye again. You haven’t fully said it to me yet.”

“Because you slipped through the cracks.”

“Heaven forbid! Matt, hold me back! I’m getting too close to (Y/n)’s heart!” He says sarcastically.

“Would you stop?” You hit his arm.

“Why should I? You’re the best part of me and you’re scared to admit that you love me.”

“Yeah, I am! I’m sorry I’m not conventional and I don’t fit into your perfect fucking plan, Shawn.”

“But, you do! You fit into it so well because it’s built around you! I know you, (Y/n), you’re a fighter. I’ve learned that through many things. You fight for what you believe in and you fight for what you want. You are one of the most stubborn people at times. What happened to that girl?”

“I guess she’s gone.” You look down.

“Don’t say that.” He says, stepping closer to you.

“How can I not?” You look back at him.

He opens his mouth to speak, but you interrupt him.

“Baby, we don’t stand a chance. It’s-it’s sad…but it’s true.” You say, wiping your eyes.

“We stand every chance.”


“Don’t…” He says, his lip trembling as tears begin to roll down his cheeks.

You open your mouth to say something, but he doesn’t let you.

“(Y/n)…stop. I’m not giving up on us this easily.”

“But, I need you to.”

“Boo fucking hoo because I’m not going to.”

“Why do you have to be so stubborn!?”

“Because I love you and I don’t want to lose you!”

“Goddammit, Shawn! Then stop loving me!”

“I can’t just stop loving you! Why are you so scared of me loving you, anyway!?”

“My parents-” You start.

“Stop. You can’t blame this on your parents anymore. That was their relationship. Just because their relationship didn’t work out, doesn’t mean none of yours can!”

You stare at him quietly, tears freely flowing down both of your faces.

“Do you even want this to work out?”

“What? Of course I do.”

“Then act like it.”

“What do you want me to do?” You ask, frustrated.

“Say you love me.”

You stare at him, your mouth open slightly as he looks at you expectantly.


You love Shawn. You really do. You don’t know why it’s so hard for you to tell him that.

Of course. Fuck this. I tried.” He says walking towards your front door, leaving you standing there as he calls for Matt.

You start to panic as you realize Shawn is actually walking away this time.


“What? What could you possibly have to say to me?” He spits.

“I love you. I really do. I’m so madly in love with you and I don’t know why that was so hard for me to say because you’re the only person I ever want to say that to. I’m sorry it took me so long, but please know that I really do love you. Please don’t go.”

“I love you too, (Y/n”. I always have.“

You smile at him.

“But it’s too late. Sometimes people need to hear things like this sooner. Ya know, before they actually begin to believe that you don’t love them.” He continues and your heart sinks.

Shawn walks past you, getting in the car as Matt walks out.

“Take care, (Y/n).”

You nod, staring at Shawn. This was exactly what you were afraid of. You watch as they drive away, your heart shattering even more with each roll of the tires. You walk back inside, closing the door behind you. You sink down and bring your knees to your chest, breaking down.

This house is where you shared so many amazing memories with Shawn. All the early mornings where you woke up and cooked breakfast together. The birthdays you spent together. The drunken nights that ended in sloppy, giggling make-out sessions. This house didn’t feel like home anymore.

It didn’t feel like home anymore because your home just left you standing out front as tears rolled down your cheeks.

i’ve just realised the absolute brilliance of what ends up happening to the doctor’s memories of clara: in the era where it was declared ‘we’re all stories in the end’, the doctor’s punishment for trying to erase clara’s story from her head is that he gets to know the plot but not the story

plots are just a cold, emotionless summary of what happens in any given story, the story is the who (heh), what, where, how and why of it happening, the emotional heart of it for the doctor is scooped right out, leaving only the summary of events 

this is also probably a factor in why he decides to get photographs of bill’s mother for her bc he empathises with bill not having a story of her and wants to help her fill in that gap

Daddy!Tom would be like

a/n: sin as always
This one is a sequel to this one
But you can totally ignore it if you want to
I tried to fuse to requests on one
The continuation of the “teasing Tom in inappropriate situations” the “Daddy!Tom” but hey anon tell me if you want one completely separate
I’d love to do it anyway

• Tom would be kissing and bitting your neck so hard
• he’d be really furious but in somehow this would let you even more wet
• his hands traveling through your body leaving the mark of his fingers in some places
• and you decide to tease him even more bc why not?
• “You have guests. Would be so disrespectful if you just dissappear at your own dinner”
• he’d smirk in the crook of your neck and would stand up letting you curious about what he’d going to do next
• “You’re totally right. So knees and hands. Now.”
• for some reason you decided to provoke Tom until his limit
• so you just sit in bed and stare at him
• oh boy, he’s completely engulfed with rage
• he’d grab your hair, pull your head back and make you look at him
• “Hear me, princess. You can do what I’m telling you to do for good or for bad. Now on your knees and hands.
• “Tom, what are you…”
• he’d grab your hair stronger making you bite your bottom lip
• you wouldn’t let him brake you so easily, you want to push him into the edge
• so he’d lead you by your hair and would make you be in the position he wanted
• before you even have time to think about something you’d feel his belt against your ass
• as you let a small cry out and would feel the leather burning on your skin but this time with more
• “If I were you, I would be in silence. You don’t want anyone to suspect about what’s really going on here right?”
• since you didn’t answer he’d slap your ass again and you’d have to bite the pillow to hold a whimper
• “Answer me, babygirl. Can you keep it quiet?”
• “Yes, daddy.”
• and with that he’d start to hit his belt against the soft skin of your ass again
• your eyes would filled with tears as you try in all the possible ways to old any kind of noise
• Tom wouldn’t stop until the area start to get purple with a few bruises
• you’d be able to see him breathing heavily as he walk to the wardrobe
• your butt would be burning so much but you’re going to be more wet than never
• “Daddy, can I please get out of this position?”
• you’d listen to his laugh but wouldn’t dare to move until he says so
• “Darling, you’re not going to move until I come back”
• and saying that he’d handcuff your hands on the bed
• you’d look at him in pure shock and he’d grab your chin passing his thumb over your bottom lip
• instinctively you’d lick it making him smirk
• he’d put one finger inside you and you’d have to hold a moan
• “You’re so fucking wet. I can’t believe. Being a bad girl turn you on?”
• since he didn’t get an answer he’d slap your ass again making your eyes tear up
• “You’re really rebel tonight. I will teach you a lesson to see if improves this behavior.”
• and you’d feel him pushing something inside you but it can not be what you thinking
• “I’m going downstairs and have fun with ours friends while you can be here thinking about what you’ve done”
• he really inserted the vibrator inside you and he’s leaving you alone incapable of moving
• “Tom… You can’t leave me like this. Please, daddy. Please.”
• “Sorry, babygirl. I have guests. I need to be polite and stay with them.”
• and then you’d look at him closing the door, your moth open in disbelief
• he really left you handcuffed on knees and hands with a vibrator inside you
• you’d sink your hands on the palm of your hand and bite your pillow trying to muffle your moans
• soon you’d feel the familiar knot on your stomach surging
• you just don’t curse Tom until his 3rd generation bc they’re would be your grandchildren
• suddenly your walls would clench around the sex toy and you’d have a long moan escape
• you could feel your ass still burning from the punishment and your face flushed
• your breathing would be heavy and your eyes tearing
• your whole body now would be relaxed but that thing inside you wouldn’t stop vibrating so soon you’d start to be tensioned again
• you have no notion of time so every second would look like an eternity
• you’d let a small cry and a series of whimpers out
• you knew it that was useless try to free your hands but you’d try
• and would fail letting you even more frustrated
• without even noticing you’d start to groan and cry Tom’s name
• your mind would flight to the that little shit and to all the stuff he still want to do with you
• and for the second time you’d feel your walls clench around the vibrator
• this time you’d feel your cunt all over your pussy and your body would be hot
• you’d feel string spasm through your body, a soft layer of sweat would cover you and your ass would still be throbbing
• you really wouldn’t be able to know how much time passed
• twenty minutes? half hour? forty minutes???? one hour?????
• you wouldn’t handle anymore, your eyes rolling up every time a little spasm run through your body
• now you’d be doing all kind of noises and at every 10 words 9 would be “Tom”
• you swear you’re close to a mental breakdown
• you’d be so lost in your own little hell that you wouldn’t notice the door open
• Tom would smirk at the scene of you sinking your head on the pillow trying to repress all your moans and the way you try to free your hands from the handcuffs
• he’d walk to your side in silence and whisper in your ear
• “Did you learn your lesson?”
• you’d quickly look at him making his dick twitch as the vision of your pretty flushed face with eyes tearing up
• “Yes, daddy. Let me move. Please.”
• he’d give you a weak laugh as he shake his head making his curly hair would fall on his face
• he’d slowly take the toy of inside you and you sight feel good your body more relaxed
• but instead of free your hands he’d pull your hair making you look at him
• “I told I would fuck until you’re not able to walk, princess”
• and you’d swallow hard for what is going to come
• as he drop your hair he’d take his t-shirt off and you’d admire his body bitting your lower lip
• doesn’t matter how times you’ve seen it you’d ever think he’s the most beautiful creature alive
• after he takes his pants he’d be gone of your field of vision
• you’d feel his climbing in bed behind you and that would make you tense again
• suddenly your feel his mouth cleaning all you juice from your pushy and you’d be a moaning mess at this point
• as his mouth move away from you, he’d start to rubb his cock on your entrance making you, instinctively, push your body to meet his
• “If you want me, beg for it.”
• he’s such a little shit
• “Tom… please.”
• he’d never stop playing with you and from fact was close to a mental breakdown
• “Please what?”
• “Please fuck until I’m not able to remember my name”
• and with that he’d push himself inside you at once making let out a throaty groan
• he’d with one on the hair in the back know of your neck and the other grabbing your hips as he thrust really strong
• you’d try to move your hands again and would cry at the failure
• “Daddy, please let me touch you. I need you, I need every inch of you. I promise will be good.”
• he’d stop and pull himself away from you
• you’d start to freak out thinking this is another part of the punishment but when he open the handscuff would almost cry in relief
• Tom would grab your throat and make you lay down being on the top of you
• you’d lace your legs around his waist and hold his hair in your hands even if they’re numb
• his other hand would be in your thigh as he push his dick inside you again without warning
• your nails are leaving a red trail in his back as he thrusts against you become more erratic
• everytime you moan or something like that Tom would be able to feel the vibrations through his hand and that would make him crazy
• you’d listen him mumble things like “so fucking tight” and “so warm and good”
• your mouth would be slightly open making him pull your bottom lips with his teeth
• you’d be a moaning mess and actually he too
• you’d feel that knot under your bellybutton and your knew that you’re close
• “Tom, can I come?”
• the hand around your throat would tighten stronger and he’d groan
• “Come for me, love. Come for daddy.”
• and with that you’d feel your walls clenching around him as you roll your eyes and crave your nails in his shoulder
• with a few more thrusts he’d finish realize inside you and lay his head on the crook of your neck
• your body would still be shaking as he pull you into a hug
• he’d kiss your forehead and you’d smile at him
• you’re feeling exhausted and all you want to do is sleep
• “Baby… I really expect you’re closing your eyes to get strength to survive through the rest of the night because I told you wouldn’t be able to walk straight tomorrow”
“Oh my god… ”


I’ll forget you if you need me too… Like nothing ever happened….

(read right to left btw)

6 hour/page comic jam was a mistake and i took like 8 hours bc i couldn’t think of anything for half of these pages- :’)))) i blame @captainjellyroll for dragging me into this— also hello style inconsistencies how are you doing? 

so tl;dr on the “plot”: alfie falls in love with artie, who is already dating someone, but artie dumps his bf to be with alfie. they date for a while but obviously they have a lot of ups and downs. artie pulls the same thing on alfie that he did to his previous bf(s) where he makes’em fall in love with him and then leaves them for someone else. alfie comes to that realization and decides to let artie go despite still loving him and his asshole self. <3

sorry i needed some angst and this is how it ended up- also i had to pick and choose lyrics bc i really wanted to do the final lyrics from the song for the ending so if they seem kinda out of place, that’s why. :’^)

no one asked about my soulmate au but you’re gonna get it

  • so you can pry demi shiro from my cold dead hands
  • meaning the names (yes NAMES) on his body are smudged and faint
  • he hasnt met these people, he hasnt formed a connection, but he could
  • meanwhile matt’s soulmark (just the one) is under his collarbone, easy to hide with a casual t-shirt
  • the problem is he cant read it. his soulmate has horrible handwriting
  • and allura is in a cryopod, so she cant spend much time thinking about the strange scrawl on her hip
  • shiro and matt meet at the garrison and they just click together
  • slowly, the mark under shiros collar bone starts to darken and take shape
  • and its two years after they meet that shiro looks in the mirror and realizes holy crap not only is that matt’s name but its his HANDWRITING
  • he rushes to find matt and they happy hug because they’re soulmates!!
  • but shiro decides to just tell him now
  • “i have another name.”
  • he shows matt the indistinct grey blur on his right hip, and matt shrugs
  • “as long as you don’t leave me entirely, and we all communicate with each other, we can make this work”
  • shiro’s like “but you only have the one mark”
  • matt laughs and says “the universe must have decided we wouldn’t match”
  • bc matt is hella gay. he understands why he only has the one mark when shiro later introduces him to allura. he laughs and they get along great, the bestest of platonic buds
  • so matt and shiro go on the kerberos mission (imagine going to see a moon with your soulmate!) 
  • and the galra get them
  • and they get separated and shiro is back on earth and now that he knows what having matt by him at all sides is like hes not ready to give it up
  • so hell yah he gets in that weird lion thing and hell yah he flies to that alien planet and hell yah he helps that princess (who’s really pretty and why is his hip tingling every time he speaks to her?)
  • and allura is kind and smart and strong and resourceful and beautiful and powerful and sweet and wow shiro realizes shes pretty amazing
  • and then he looks in the mirror and her name is on his hip in bold black, in a pretty cursive, as dark and as valid as matts name
  • when he tells her she looks at him with wide eyes
  • “you have awful handwriting”
  • seriously shiros poor soulmates no one can read his handwriting
  • allura understands shiro has two soulmates (“it happened all the time on altea!”) but she only has one and matt only has one and honestly its fine
  • she helps him get matt back and shiro may cry a little when they rescue him
  • “matt, this is allura, my soulmate. allura, this is matt, my soulmate”
  • he introduces them to people like that a lot
  • so basically the rest of this au is fluffy nerds being nerds
  • matt/shiro/allura is Good and Awesome they are the dorkiest adults in the world
  • coran officiates the wedding
  • they are the space parents
  • poly space parents
  • some other Thoughts:
  • allura teaching them both Altean
  • Poly!! Parents!! Getting!! Kittens!!
  • allura and matt stage an intervention. shiro really does have awful handwriting. 

So. I went to go cover my coworkers break on register the other day. She signs off and I go to sign in and the man on line goes “no, absolutely not” quite loudly. My coworker and I both look at him and I go “is something wrong” and he goes “I’m not being rung up my you. Not a chance. No way” so I ask why. He goes “I’m not being rung up by a child. I want the one with more experience. Im not doing this. She needs to ring me up.” Now, I’m not quite 18 yet. My coworker is 53. Guess what? I trained her. She’s been here for about four months. I’ve been here for almost a year. I’ve been top cashier at the store every month for the past 7 months. My coworker goes “well, im going on break so” and he responds with “then I’m not staying on this line. Im not having some child fuck up my order. Absolutely not. I pay good money here. I’m not wasting my time with some dumb bitch who probably can’t do her job.” So I said “okay so leave. You can bring your cart to customer service and they’ll have someone return your groceries or yu can wait on line at another register” and he goes “why should I have to wait on line again? I’m at the front here.” And like ya. But you don’t want to be rung up here, you absolute fucking shit stain? So I explain that its Memorial Day weekend and he can’t just cut another line bc he decided he doesn’t want a certain cashier. And he goes “well it’s not my fault they hire fucking children here. I’m not just gonna stand here like a moron while you bat your eyes at a machine you probably can’t use. Fuck no” and proceeded to pack up his full belt of groceries and go wait on a 15 min line while his icecream melted.

2P! America as your boyfriend

((I’m currently at a restaurant and the food is taking too damn long so I just decided to write this bc i kept asking myself why tf haven’t I made this ye t))

- boi
- prepare to be a regular at the hospital
- or might as well be a goddamned nurse because this piece of shit is injury central™
- shameless son of a shit will brag about how much of an amazing s/o you are
- “allen what the fuck fuck put some clothes on” “doll, this is my house, we get to free whatever we want to free” “that practically means i could free myself from you ” bABE NO ILL GET D RESS ED DONT LEAVE ME-“
- cuddle master next to zao bby
- will hecking PDA you to the d e a t h
- once got into the hospital due to a ketchup packet and a straw
- you could imagine what happened
- if someone hits on you, that persons face will be erased from existence
- just his face
- g od
- will force you to eat his vegan food
- sleeps naked
- and will cuddle you naked
- that is if you’re chill with it
- he’s a memer
- sends you the lemme smash vid on your anniversary jfc
- that’s all for now thank

((y'all if you want more bf headcanons for the bois that I’ve already done just say so cause I never run out lmao))

Dating Jung Wooseok:

-Puppy love™
-his age leads to the assumption that he lacks some experience on how to get the girl
-so he’ll probably ask Mr. Scumbag and Mr. Cheese Shinwon and Yeo One for tipps and tricks
-I have a strong, very strong, feeling that he’d try to impress you by acting extra  badass and manly on stage
-and he’d try so hard to seem cool
-and then he’d tell you about how he won a violin competition once
-Wow, that is what you call diversity
-so when he would ask you out eventually boy it’d take some nagging from his members
-and by that point you’d probably know already just bc homeboy isn’t as secretive as he thinks
-But when he approached you shyly and asked if you’d have time to talk to him in private with a flower bouquet you’d probably still die
-so and then he’d tell you he likes you and you’d be like „I like you too“ and his eyes would glow up and he’d be all smiley and he wanted to wait for a while before asking but he’d be like
-“Wanna be my girlfriend?“
-and you would agree
-and Hui is somewhere in the back trying to keep the cheers of the members to a minimum
-So y'all dating
-and Wooseok and Yuto are a ‘take one, get two’- deal
-so rather than Yuto Walking in on Wooseok and you in intimate moments it would  come to situations where you’d walk in on weird situations between them two
-like you’d visit the dorm and walk in the living room and there they sit, spicy ramen in front of them, tears and Yuto’s eyes and Wooseok holding the milk cup for him and petting his back
-and you’d all just share this awkward moment of eye contact and no movement before you’d just turn around
-“I’ll come back in 5 minutes be done by then
-Or y'all decide to watch a scary movie and sit down and you’d wanna scoot a lil closer for some of those cuddles from your boyfriend ;))))))
-and then suddenly the lights turn on bc someone came home and you’d look over at Wooseok cuddling with Yuto while you just lean your head against his shoulder looking like the third wheel
-“I don’t know why I came but this is why I’m leaving“
-So if you ever, ever show PDA in front of his members:
-“Haha slow with the young horses!“
-“Please use protection, omg y'all moving so quick“

-and all you did was like touch his hand by accident
-but that means if you’d get alone time he’d burry you in a bear hug
-with your bodies just in one mess, kind of looks painful but is very comfortable
-I also think he’d either say really cheesy, romantic, beautiful things like
-“You are the only one I need to be happy“
-or he’d say some bullish along the lines of
-“You’re like the plastic piece at the end of shoe lace that hold the lace together“
-“bc you hold my life toghether“

-which is awww so cute but also.. why Wooseok?
-Also if you ever wear his clothes
-you would look adorable
-BC he is so tol and you’d feel very fashiony and be like
-“Babe I need one of your T-Shirts“
-so you could wear it with overknees and look good
-but his shirt would end around 10 cm under your knees and you’d figure just buying an oversized shirt is not that bad after all
-also imagine you’d ever be out and suddenly it started raining and he’d take to to the dorm for a quick shower and he’d provide you with his clothes and after you’re done he walks into the bathroom and you look like a toddler in their father’s clothes.
-Like what was the point of giving you his sweatpants?
-you’d need to hold them so they don’t fall and they are longer than Rapunzels hair smh
-so you just stay in his jumper which is good too!
-so he would have different types of smooches
-type A) quick pecks, those shy stolen kisses, mostly at the beginning and he’ll smile after them awwwwwwwwwww
-type B) the kisses where he’ll hold you and be very careful like you’re made out of glass and he’ll be unsure of where his hand should go etc at first but it would all fall into place eventually
-type C) making out would get messy, likely in a seated position with you on his lap seems the comfiest as he is so tall. He’d use tongue, guys his age do. Hands on your assets bc he can
-PDA outside would be very limited
-so holding hands or having a hand on your back while he guides you
-Woahohoho when Baby gets jealous beware
-He’d scoot very close to you and just show how 'Hey that is my s/o. Hello. Bye’
-and probably gets all needy afterwards
-he would write songs about you and show you work in progress
-probably cares a lot about your opinion
-when it is time for the first 'I love you’ I think he wouldn’t be sure about when to say it and he would want it to be special and romantic but then he would end up saying it while you two watch Youtube videos and eat Happy Meals
-because you just sitting there, no makeup, in comfy clothes, your hair in a messy bun
-that’s how he loves you
-it still means a lot and is a moment between you two that you both will cherish and remember everytime you get McDonalds
-I don’t think you’d fight all that much
-he is petty
-like he is so petty it could be his name
-Jung Woo Petty
-So you know you’d be 7 minutes late or something like that
-and you’d be like
-“I’m so sorry, the bus was late“
-and he would pettily reply
-“It’s fine.“
-and then he’d be salty for like the net twenty minutes and you would ask what is wrong and if he is angry and he would decline
-and then when you almost forgot he’d bring it up like
-“I just think it is interesting how you–“
-so moving on!
-I think he’d be into calling you names like 'Babe, Baby’ it seems like him or jst calling your name cutely
-He’d joke around with you a lot
-and you two would share many inside jokes that would seem completely unexplainable to others
-like one time your mom told him about that time when you were youngger and you wore white pants when you were sick and pooped your pants and now you have a white pants trauma
-so now being sick or diarrhea is 'white pants’
-“Should we eat that Chili from that place down the street?“
-“No, white pants“

-and you two would laugh but if anyone heard it they’d just be like „what“
-you have free access to his aegyo but only if he effed up and you’d be kind of pissed but he’d be acting cute and it is so cringey  you would have to give in just so he could stop
-Overall I feel like being in a relationship with him would be full of firsts both of you experience and share with each other. In the beginning there would be many giggles and a lot of shyness but it would fade away and become comfortable closeness between you two. Again, Yuto is with you two often enough to not become a hassle or a problem in the relationship. Being with him would definitely be filled with jokes and laughter and lots of love.

ha sungwoon as your soulmate

(as requested!)

imagine having sungwoon as ur soulmate  where u can hear whatever the other person says

  • okay so u have a soulmate clue thats obviously Really Freaking Annoying
  • ever since u can remember, u would hear this guys voice like. a lot
  • it wasnt all the time, but u could hear everything he said as though it was right next to u
  • most of the time hes just saying small stuff like talking to his parents or friends and things like that
  • but its still really disorienting bc u have to get used to the fact tht u hear this guy talking but hes not actually there

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Protective Boyfriend <3


Gray x Reader - Fluff

You were at the club with AOMG and Sunghwa hadn't left your side since you got here, you smiled when he held you close and giggled when he glared at other guys. Your boyfriend wasn’t possessive just protective maybe even overprotective, he couldn’t always be by your side because he was busy so he was constantly worried about your well-being. 

You pouted as he took away your drink and substituted it with water, you came here to have fun not be babied you sighed and took a sip of your water giving in because you knew you weren’t going to get your way. Promptly, Jay arrived at the table and told Sungwha that he had to wait outside for Hyukwoo, you watched Sunghwa frown and mutter something to Jay which made him stare at you.

You drew Sunghwa towards you so he could hear you “Just go, I’ll be fine” You muttered.

Sungwha huffed then sighed in defeat, he granted you a smile and kissed your head telling you he would be back quickly before leaving. 

The club was humid and it was becoming hard to bear. You glanced around and watched bodies crash into each other sloppily and observed people became intoxicated, you shook your head and looked towards the door you came through. It wasn't far away, you could probably leave the club in seconds. The AOMG crew weren’t anywhere to be seen, plus, Sungwha wasn’t back yet, you groaned, stood up and clutched your jacket along with your boyfriends, and made a break for the door.

The fresh air hit you and made you feel at ease, there were various people standing outside, however, none of them was your boyfriend. You took your phone out of your jacket pocket and tried calling him but he didn’t answer, feeling the cool air cause goosebumps to appear on your exposed skin, you put your jacket on and held Sunghwas tightly as you were beginning to grow concerned and a little bit scared. It had been 30 minutes and there was still no indication of him, your phone had died 10 minutes ago and you were starting to freeze, your eyes became watery as you yearned to be in your boyfriend’s arms. 

You directed your head towards the club entrance and noticed a familiar figure, a sigh of relief left your lips, you wiped away your tears

“Sungwha!” You called out for him, through the crowd of people.

The boy swung towards your direction and ran to you, he drew you into an embrace and kissed your head “Y/n, I was so worried! Why did you leave?!” He asked question after question with concern all over his face.

You encircled your arms around his torso “I’m sorry I didn't mean to worry you, it was getting too hot in the club and then I couldn’t find any of the crew and you didn’t come back and I was worried and I -” You muttered, feeling upset.

Sungwha soothed you and wiped the tears that had slipped down your cheeks.

“It’s okay, I’m here now" 

a/n I decided to make having an overprotective bf a good thing bc it’s Sungwha and he’s adorable and I love him! anyways, thank you for reading and excuse any mistakes. 

Noodle dragons headcanons

Just a collection of Noodle Dragon headcanons that pop into my head immediately and I gotta have to share If ya want to add something just do it!

(Also LI means “Love interest” . Gonna make ship specific posts separately)

  • They can change from small noodles to big dragons in like 2seconds
  • both Shimada were told, that the dragons are powerful, proud and mythical creatures, they should be treated with respect
    -> It was Genji who found out that the dragons are like cats and enjoy playing with lasers or with little toys
  • personally I also believe that the Shimadas named them Soba/Udon + Ramen. Or something after food, bc training was tiring and the whole dragon-process had been tiring and they just wanted to go and eat and not think abt a name for hours.
    (I also love Mochi/Gyoza + Ichigo for the three)
  • They got their own feelings and personality but they also low-key reflect the mood of their owners. Means:
    -> If they see their LI coming back from a long mission and feel their owner is happy/relieved to see that they are okay, they kind of make it a bit extreme and fly to the LI and hug and purr and chirp to show their happiness about the return
    -> same goes if the LI is injured. They curl up and protect the injured person. 
    -> Sometimes if they are not stopped, they reveal too much about how their owner feels and if someone knows it, they can easily read Hanzo/Genji and how they feel about a person
  • Dragons stealing food
  • Dragons getting food and candies from the other OVW members
    (making Hanzo slightly surprised bc ‘You are spirits why do you eat?!’)
  • Dragon Kisses are small, tender and leave a really strange feeling on your skin
  • Dragon Kisses from big dragons are sloppy and it feels like you are crushed by an oversized dog. But you feel all the love. (You decide if they leave a wet trail on someone’s cheek )
  • imagine them sneaking out from training and when Hanzo/Genji want to summon them just…nothing happens. Just…No dragons. The sword is not glowing, the arrow just goes into a wall without a spectacle, making a fool out of themselves bc they screamed without any effect
    And they have to search them.
    Finding them either sunbathing or playing with one of the younger members. 
  • Dragons love scratches. They follow the person that gives the best scratches. 
  • LI is important. LI has to be protected. Often finding the dragons there instead of their masters who can call them at any time.

If I remember more I will add more. 
I can talk the whole day abt noodles.


I woke up in my neighbor’s bed with a head wound, yesterday’s paper, and an empty bottle of sleeping pills, and my nightmare in that putrid shithole of a bar, Paddy’s Pub, finally, mercifully came to an end. The owners all deserve to rot in jail, though having to spend every day with each other in that vile establishment is a decidedly greater punishment. That is why I decided to not press charges, leaving them to live in the hell on earth that they’ve created for themselves for the rest of their pathetic and miserable lives.

Topp Dogg: Reactions to s/o moaning their name in their sleep

P-Goon: won’t be able to comprehend what’s happening but if he was awake enough, he’d just smile and shake his head. He’ll snuggle closer to you and bury his face in your neck, lightly kissing it before falling back asleep.

 Hojoon: “mm wass wrong…” would be his first response. Then when he sees you’re still sleeping he’ll sigh, then chuckle. He might stay awake and listen a little longer to hearing you saying his name like that.

 Sangdo: would awaken with a start and look around wildly. Once he realizes there’s no threat and it’s just you talking in your sleep, he’d clutch his heart and steady himself after the near heart attack. “You’re gonna be the death of me, y/n” He’ll whisper. Won’t admit that he actually loves it when you talk in your sleep. 

Nakta: if you get this giant to wake up and hear you, he’ll just smile and go back to sleeping. But if he heard while he wasn’t sleeping himself, he wouldn’t be able to contain his smile and blush. Thinks you’re so adorable and kisses your forehead many times before leaving you be. 

 Hansol: tbh he’ll just giggle and try to wake you up even if he was also sleeping. He just wants to know what you’re dreaming about. “Jagiyaaa wake up! I wanna know what you’re dreaming about!”

 B-Joo: will try to shush you before he even hears what you’re really saying. Hearing his name said like that by you makes him feel some type of way. He’ll resist the urge to wake you up and just sit there listening to you, failing to fall back asleep. 

 Xero: oh my gosh he’ll be blushing so hard. Will mumble some cute stuff to you even though you can’t hear him like “y/n, why are you like this?” Thinks you’re actually teasing him bc you’re sleeping and can’t show him any love. Will leave you alone eventually. Just has to take a couple hundred pictures. 

 A-Tom: there’s no way in heck he’s actually gonna wake up. But if you’re just napping and randomly saying it, he’ll blush as well and kiss your cheek. Once you wake up, he’ll keep teasing you about it and asking you what it was all about. 

Yano: he’d just clear his throat and think of what to do. Will decide on letting you sleep, but he’s too awake now to sleep next to you. He’d be kinda like Hojoon and just enjoy you saying his name while asleep. 

 This gif has nothing to do with anything but Sangdo dabbing lmfao I died and came back to life

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