and decided that wasn't good enough


Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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I can’t get over how poorly that was handled. Wally had been keeping Central City safe for 6 months during Barry’s absence. SIX MONTHS. Until the plot decided that one villain in six fucking months asked for the flash specifically. 

He clearly feels underappreciated and like he isn’t good enough. Why not have the group say, no, Wally, stay. We’re so thankful you were here to save the city. You gave up visiting your shitty girlfriend, and stayed when you didn’t have to because that’s what heroes do. We love you, Wally. Instead, they literally say, peace out.


“My name is Connor Lassiter. I am the Akron AWOL. I don’t have much time…”

  • "Was it worth it to you?!" She nearly screamed at him with big salty tears running down her face. She knew that this face would be etched into his mind for the rest of his life, and she was glad. "Baby.. I'm sorry.. Please." He tried finding comforting words as he took a step closer to her and opened his arms.
  • She pushed him away.
  • Tears still streaming down her face she sniffles and stared deep into those eyes that made her feel like a princess all those years before. "I'm not your baby, and I never was because only a monster would crush their baby like this. I feel bad for whoever you're calling your "baby" now!"
  • "Please just let me explain please." He was calm but one look in his eyes and you could tell that he was like a puppy getting scolded. And boy did she want to see him walk away with his tail between his legs.
  • She took a shaky breath and started with the speech that she had had planned in her head for days. "There's nothing to explain. You cheated on me. You chose another girl over the one that would've walked into ongoing traffic for you and who still would. You were a coward and couldn't just tell me you didn't want to be with me anymore so you had to show me and it kills me that you did that!"
  • Once again he tries taking another step towards her. She silently think to herself that if he gets any closer She'll either punch him or run. He reads her mind and backs up.
  • "Please it wasn't like that it was...."
  • She wouldn't let him get another word of crap out of his mouth. "When was it? Was it when you first told me you loved me? Or when you kissed me underneath the stars? Or when we stayed up until 3am telling each other our biggest secrets? Tell me. When exactly was it that you decided that I wasn't good enough for you."
  • He shoved his hands into his pockets and swayed lightly on his feet. No words left his mouth.
  • She was again fighting back tears. "I thought so. This is your loss, not mine because you lost someone who would've died for you and I lost someone who didn't even want me alive."
  • She spun on her heel and jogged away. She cried. More than She ever had in her entire Life. She ignored it when he called for her to come back and she ran faster when She heard him sprint after her. Tears smearing her mascara everywhere and one thought on her mind. "This pain will pass, but I have to feel it first" and oh my goodness did she ever

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Liam didn't tweet Niall about Slow Hands - in fact, he tweeted his Snapchat username the day Slow Hands was released but didn't tweet Niall. I didn't see a single Niall stan complain about it, and if some did then they've certainly let it go three months later. Why can't some of y'all just let it go? Niall shouldn't have to tweet about/publicly acknowledge every single thing for y'all to know that he still supports Liam. (Besides, he did acknowledge STD, y'all just decided it wasn't good enough)

I didn’t read your whole ask cause the first sentence was enough to get me to roll my eyes lmao. It was important for STD because it was hIS DEBUT SINGLE!!! liam tweeted him for This Town cause that was NIALLS DEBUT SINGLE! I don’t need a tweet for every new song but a tweet for DEBUT SINGLES is a big deal because it’s their first SOLO work after 1d 🤦🏽‍♀️ that was my point and you missed it now shoo.

Who you should fight: Marines Edition
  • <p> <b>Tashigi: </b> why??? Do you hate love or something??? Don't hurt this poor noble hearted woman. Please don't fight Tashigi for she is determine as anything and you know what they say about determine people. She doesn't deserve it but I will say this: bring a gun.<p/><b>Smoker:</b> Have you ever tried to punch a cloud? Its very hard. Do not fight. He will shank you or suffocate you. Either way, you are fucked.<p/><b>Momonga:</b> You couldn't probably take this guy even though he seems kinda average but like, he stood up against Boa Hancock and wasn't turned to stone. So proceed with caution if you do decide that your new life goal is to deck a marine.<p/><b>Hina:</b> hahahahaha. She will stop you with hugs. But not cute wuss hugs. She will hug you and you will find your ass in a literal prison soon after. You're probably good to go if you can stop her Devil Fruit.<p/><b>Aokiji:</b> He's not as jerky as his friends. He's a pretty chill guy. There's no need to mess with him but if you are pissed enough to try and break the ice then I say, see you at your funeral.<p/><b>Akainu:</b> The bastard killed Ace. Please fight this motherfucker but like how? Team work is advised but its useless in the end. This guy will incinerate you and your buddies. Godspeed my love. You will die a heroic death if you even try. Well, heroic from our perspective. From a Marine's? Not so much.<p/><b>Kizaru:</b> He may seem slow but its all a facade. This yellow ass motherfucker kicked all the asses of our main motherfuckers in crime easy fucken peasy. Yes! He deserves someone to kick his ass but I'm afraid that unless you are like actually God with a Capital G then No. BAD IDEA! Do not approach.<p/><b>Garp:</b> I dare you. That’s all I'm gonna say. I mean. The man is 100% done with all these bullshit Devil Fruits and pirates but is still taking names and kicking ass. Don't. Honestly. Besides, the guy could easily adopt you as his grandkid you would be thrilled to fucking bits if he did. <p/><b>Sengoku:</b> I mean the guy doesn't deserve and could easily kick yo ass. But honestly? Just fucken go for it just so you can say you faced a god, punched him, theN WALKED BACKWARDS INTO HELL.
Good Tunes

Rated: M (only for swearing)
KRISTANNA MODERN AU - ONESHOT (set in their mid-twenties)
WC: 3750 aprox
A/N: So i was looking through all my WIP’s, trying to finish some of the ones for my older multi-chap fics, but my brain was having none of it, so I finished this, because it’s been sitting in my drafts for months, and was the closest to being complete (and it was about 95% done too - my drafts are a mess)

Also, this is kind of a fic with a playlist, if that makes sense?  I included the names of the songs and the band, and it’s all classic rock.

She didn’t see his face the first time, but rather the scraggly blond hair poking out from under the hardhat as he stood on the side of the road with a bright yellow sign that read ‘slow’. 

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hey Cap--the girl I was kinda sorta seeing decided that me being ace wasn't enough for her and I just kind of feel terrible about myself and my identity at the moment--any chance for either ace!Alex or ace!Kara with Sanvers or Supercorp? it'd just be nice to see some asexuality being presented as valid, for once

Oh darling I am soooo sorry she had that terrible reaction to you and all of your amazingness! You are wonderful and perfect and worth it, and so is your aceness <3 <3 <3 

Here, have all the ace!Alex fics I can find, and a demi!Maggie fic for good measure <3 <3 <3

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I've been in love or maybe, maybe I thought I was in love. I liked this guy so much, more than anyone could imagine, after two years of not dating and just talking, though he knew I liked him. We decided to just go our separate ways, but now he's in a relationship and in love with someone - he told me how much he loves her. Sometimes I have this feeling of why wasn't I ever good enough?

It wasn’t you. It isn’t you. You aren’t the problem.
The problem is, is that sometimes no matter how much you want something and no matter how much you love someone, it just doesn’t happen. Your destinies do not cross paths and that isn’t something that should be considered a “bad” thing, I mean, for sure.. It sucks and it hurts and you’re left wondering “why wasn’t I good enough?” But the reality of it is is that it’s absolutely nothing to do with you or what you should’ve/could’ve done, somethings just don’t happen the way we want them to. Believe me your destiny has something way better in store, trust it.

The Church for You
  • Mom: "If the youth group does [x] while I'm a chaperone, I am definitely going to have to present an alternative perspective. And they might kick us out."
  • Me: "Yeah, well, it wouldn't be the first time."
  • Luke: [age 12] "Wait. You've been kicked out of a church?!"
  • Me: "Well, sort of."
  • Mom: "More than 'sort of'. They told us, 'We don't think this is the church for you anymore.'"
  • Beth: [age 8] "What did you do?!"
  • Mom: "We disagreed with one specific point on their doctrine."
  • Me: "Just one point."
  • Luke: "What was it?"
  • Mom: "In the Bible, in the book of Acts, there's something called 'speaking in tongues'. After Jesus comes back from the dead, the Holy Spirit shows up to fill all the believers in one place. And they all start speaking languages they don't know. People around town started hearing the gospel in their own languages, even though the Christians didn't themselves know the languages."
  • Me: "'Tongues' here just means 'other real languages'."
  • Mom: "Right, not made-up languages. So, in this church we were attending, one of their beliefs was that speaking in tongues was proof that a Christian had really received the Holy Spirit. And to be specific, they believed speaking in tongues was the /only/ proof of it."
  • Me: "Now, the church had an extra classroom, and I had gotten a local bank to donate some old computers so we could set up a computer lab. We were going to offer free classes on computers to the community. But the church leaders decided that we had to become members of the church first, and that we had to sign a piece of paper saying we believed exactly the same things they did, or we couldn't run the classes."
  • Mom: "It really came down to one single word. We were willing to agree with everything on the paper except the statement that 'Speaking in tongues is the sign of the Holy Spirit.' We said, if we cross out 'the' and replace it with 'a' -- then we'd sign it. They said that wasn't good enough. So we didn't sign it."
  • Me: "And that's when they asked us to leave. We never finished setting up the computer lab or did those classes. It all went to waste."
  • Luke: "Why would you go to a church where you didn't agree with what they believed?"
  • Mom: "A lot of the people there were really good people, and we agreed with most of it. But there is never a church where everybody believes the same things, or to the same degree. There aren't even any two Christians who totally agree on the same beliefs."
  • Me: "Hey, sometimes I don't even agree with myself."
  • Beth: "It's really weird that they asked you to leave just over one word."
  • Mom: [shrugging] "It was very important to them."
  • Me: "That church denomination was Assemblies of God. But check this out: the Southern Baptist denomination believes that you should /never/ speak in tongues. In fact, you should never even be friends with people who speak in tongues. They could ask you to leave the church over this. So you have one group of Christians who say you must speak in tongues, and another who says you must never speak in tongues."
  • Mom: "It's a great example of how the beliefs of people have caused division among Christians."
  • Me: "And the Bible actually says that speaking in tongues is just one of many signs of the Holy Spirit, and that you should never forbid it."
  • Luke: "Wait a second. Both groups are ignoring the Bible?"
  • Me: "On this point, yes."
  • Luke: "It's like they are both missing a page from their Bibles and pretending that they don't realize it."
  • Me: [making scissor motions in the air] "Or they've just cut out those verses, leaving a hole in their Bible."
  • Mom: "So don't ever believe something about religion just because somebody says it. Study it yourself."
  • Me: "And if they get mad at you for studying it, then maybe they've got something to hide. It might not be the church for you!"
Maybe she was perfect for you. Maybe she was sugar for your coffee, but you decided you loved your coffee black.
Bitter just like you.
—  K.M. “A collection of poems that I will never truly publish”

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Can you write a smut with Taehyung where he sees you texted Namjoom on your phone saying Taehyung wasn't rough enough in bed so he decides to change your viewpoint on that?

Feel So Good – V (M)

Characters: Taehyung X Reader
Rated: O for Oooooooooh kinky 

Originally posted by kths

Not even two minutes after he walks into the door, limbs sluggish and lazy, eyes a bit red around the edges from exhaustion; Taehyung brings his strong hand up to the back of your neck and lets his lips mold their way against yours. It’s amazing how you two fit, perfectly, like you were made for one another. His hands fit into the slots of your body, the crevices of your waist, the space behind your knee so he can grab your leg and wrap it around his hips, easily gaining the control to push your back up against the wall in his foyer so every part of his body is pressing into your anatomy. 

It’s foreign, though very familiar all at once. The way his hands wraps around your waist isn’t a feeling you’re not used to, his lips attached to your neck isn’t something you never felt before – but his moves are harsh, impatient with the way his fingers are digging into the freshly washed skin on your thighs. And it’s burning hot, the way his tongue travels down your throat, his breath tickling your flesh in a heated kiss. But something’s not quite right, not quite in its place, as if a whole other person was responsible of Taehyung’s actions. “Wait, Tae–” 

“Missed this,” he pants, breath harsh and heavy as his fingers dip their way below the waistband of your – his – sweatpants. “Missed you.“ His tongue is feverish and red against yours, hot and slick and pressing into your teeth and your own flesh. He tastes like candy, a self-reward after a long day in the practice room. His fingers are rough and blunt, and they dig into your ass, hoist you up higher on the wall. You let out a noise of surprise when he flicks two fingers against your clit, insistent and hot and impatient. "You’re driving me mad,” he says. His mouth leaves a trail of (searing, scorching) heat against your throat and jaw, his teeth eventually nipping at your collarbone. 

Though, licking your lips, your hand comes to find his chest, pushing hard so he his locks onto yours, a confused gaze growing in the middle of his orbs. “Taehyung, what’s going on?”

Isn’t Taehyung kinky himself? Exposed in front of him, shirt halfway off and pants nearly almost there too, he grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you closer to him, leveling his lips to your ear while fumbling his fingers into your hair. “You think I’m not rough enough.” His voice is husky, deep in the octaves, and the explanation sends a weird feeling in your guts. “You told that to Namjoon-hyung,” there is an accusing tone in his voice, just as your breath catches in your throat.

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So I keep wondering why Cassie ever thought it was a good idea to summon a demon to help her with MATH of all things. And then I started imagining that she heard/found/read some old rumors from just before Dipper decided to put on a more scary persona for deals, about how he had a soft spot for kids and wasn't really that powerful or something (according to the rumors at least). And she had never heard of a demon/supernatural being being good at math and she was desperate enough so "why not??"

Yeah, I kind of personally imagine that for a couple of reasons, she just didn’t quite grasp the severity of summoning a demon - or such a powerful one at that.

Better yet, as she gets older, she slowly realizes how horrifically wrong that scenario could have been.

Only fitting that my first post of the year be These Two, even if it’s actually a carryover from December! Actually, none of the excessive doodles I’ve done of them are large enough for a print, so I decided to fix that.

Preference 24: The other boys hear you guys
  • Ashton: As the routine goes, he's usually the first out of bed in the morning, leaving you to yourself until you find the will power to leave the warm embrace of the mattress. You roll out from under the covers, and shuffle downstairs to the kitchen. As you're in the hallway, still out of sight, you hear Calum and Ashton having a quiet conversation, your presence unknown to them. "Y/N sounded like she enjoyed herself last night." Calum chuckled. You stopped to listen to the rest, a bright blush rising into your cheeks. "Shut up, mate." Ashton laughed, "We didn't know you were home," Calum laughed again, this time he mimicked your voice, "Oooh, Ashton, fuck. Yes!" You stepped into the kitchen, shooting Calum a sharp glare, "Good morning to you too, boys."
  • Calum: You were all sitting down for dinner, and you could tell that something wasn't right with Luke, he was being much too quiet, with a strange smirk plastered across his face. You played it off, but when you asked him to pass you the basket of bread, and he handed it to you with a, "here you go, princess", you knew right away that he heard you and Calum last night. Your eyes shot wide, and you shot a scrutinizing stare across the table at Calum, who was in a fit of laughter. You shook your head, throwing a piece of bread at your boyfriend, "I told you to shut your loud fucking mouth last night. I knew someone would hear you."
  • Luke: Luke was a heavy sleeper, and you decided to take a spontaneous step that day, and wake him up with a morning blow job. He gently stirred awake, a few low growls and moans slipping from his chest as you took him deeper into your mouth. As he came into full consciousness, he howled, "Fuck your mouth feels so good." You quickly told him to shut up, and he pulled the duvet into his mouth to quiet himself. A mere twenty minutes later, Luke was sitting at the counter eating a bowl of cereal, and Michael came into the kitchen. "Y/N, next time you decide to wake Luke up with a little surprise, please don't. His loud ass woke the entire house up at the ass crack of dawn."
  • Michael: It was Michael's last night at home for a while, so naturally, things were heated between the two of you. Michael was always one who enjoyed dirty talk, but he was extremely into making you beg that night, telling you that whatever you came up with wasn't good enough. Finally, you were pleading at the top of your lungs for him to fuck you "harder," and "faster, Michael, please!" He'd smirk and give you what you asked for, finally, satisfied that you've found your words. At the airport, you were saying your goodbyes, and you gave Ashton a hug, he turned over his shoulder, and winked, "I'll be sure Michael gets some sleep on the plane, seeing he didn't get any last night." Michael had you under his arm, and you slapped his chest before hiding your face, "You bastard. Look what you made me do." He wrapped his arms around you, "Sorry, babe, but it was too hot to resist."