and debra's dancing :')


Kitty Dancing in the Kitchen

Women wanna dance.
They always wanna dance.

Red was speaking from experience when he said this to Hyde in That Disoc Episode. Kitty loves to dance and always seems to want to dance, even in the kitchen.

And the only thing cuter than Kitty dancing in her kitchen?

The way Red smiles and looks at her when she does.


Debra Paget’s snake dance from The Indian Tomb (1959)

Tonight: Dancer Carmen de Lavallade and critic Debra Levine discuss choreographer Jack Cole and the style he pioneered, which came to be known as “modern jazz dance.” MoMA Film is celebrating Cole’s contributions to the movies with screenings of works including Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Gilda, and other classics. 

[Debra Levine and Carmen de Lavallade at The Museum of Modern Art, January 25, 2016. Photograph: Sara Beth Walsh]