and dean is humming it in cas's ear

Have a short dumb drabble inspired by an actual truck I saw on my commute.

“Hey,” Dean says, nudging Cas’s arm as they drive down the highway. He points to a truck with the name Quality Erectors emblazoned across the back, and waggles his eyebrows at his boyfriend.

Sam groans from the back seat as Cas stares at Dean, unimpressed. “Pull over,” he says, finally.

“What? Cas we’re in the middle of—“

“Pull over so I can kick you out of your own car.”

Sam cackles from the back seat as Dean scowls. “You can try, Castiel.”

Later that night, back at their room in the bunker, Cas and Dean curl together, spent and sated. Cas cuddles close, his ear pressed to Dean’s chest, Dean’s hand lazily carding through his hair.

Dean sighs contentedly. “Well, Cas…”

Cas hums lightly in encouragement.

“I guess you really are a quality erector.”

Cas groans and shoves him out of the bed. Dean lays on the floor and guffaws for a long time.

Sympathy for the Devil - Part 1

Word Count: 2863

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN-type violence, mentions of suicide 

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“We gotta go.” You tugged on Dean, who was trying to pull Sam away from sigil in the floor.

“Come on!” Dean yelled at Sam, finally able to pull him away. The three of you ran to the doors and they slammed shut in front of you. You banged on them, rattling them to no avail. The same high-pitched squealing you heard when you first met Cas started to emanate through the room and the three of you looked at each other then back at the light, squeezing your eyes shut and covering your ears, dropping to your knees.

“What the hell?” Dean’s voice was the next thing you heard, the squealing replaced by the sound of cartoons and the hum of an airplane engine. You opened your eyes, relaxing when you realized you were in the middle seat of a plane, between Dean and Sam, Looney Tunes playing as the in flight movie.

“I don’t know.” Sam looked around just as confused as Dean.

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I've got you.

“I’ve got you.” Dean said, after Castiel had fallen and scraped his knee.

“I’ve got you.” Dean announced proudly, when he was worried about starting school.

“I’ve got you.” Dean assured him when he felt alone in middle school.

“I’ve got you.” Dean laughed, catching Cas as he swayed after his first drink.

“I’ve got you.” Dean muttered, after his first heartbreak.

“I’ve got you.” Dean whispered, when he cried.

“I’ve got you.” Dean promised, when they had their first kiss.

“I’ve got you.” Dean grinned, pulling him close after their first night together.

“I’ve got you.” Dean laughed, hugging Castiel from behind when they bought their first apartment.

“I’ve got you.” Dean hummed in his ear on their wedding night.

“I’ve got you.” Dean purred, holding him from behind as they put their baby girl to sleep.

“And I you.” Castiel promised.


-Anon request

“Who’s a beautiful little bump?” Sam cooed, leaning over your belly while you sat on the couch with an iced tea in your hand and Friends playing on the TV. “Yes, you’re a beautiful little bump.”

You chuckled and the movement rocked Sam a little as he placed his ear against your baby bump.

“And when you pop out of mummy’s tummy, we’re gonna love you and cuddle you and play with you,” he continued, turning his head to blow a raspberry on your belly, making you giggle and twitch. “And you, Mummy, Dean, Cas and I are all gonna be one big family.”

A heart-felt smile pulled at your lips and you felt hormonal tears prick your eyes. Leaning your head down, you pressed a loving kiss to Sam’s head and nuzzled into his musky hair. “Hmm,” you hummed. “That sounds awesome.”

Dean gives his boyfriend a surprise. Or, that time when Cas has the best time of his life.
T | colorblind!Cas | 1.6k
Inspired by this video. Also, this is a little gift for psychecas​ because Emma and I haven’t talked in a while and I’m in a fluffy mode lately.

Cas is making apple pie when Dean surprises him by snaking his arms around Cas’ waist and kisses his nape. Cas almost drops the knife he’s using to cut the apples. Dean nuzzles against Cas’ cheek, his chin resting on Cas’ shoulder.

“Don’t scare me like that,” Cas says, but he smiles and puts his hand over Dean’s.

The only answer he gets is a hum. Dean pecks Cas’ jaw, making his way up to Cas’ earlobe. His breath is warm on Cas’ skin, and the blue-eyed man shiver. “I’ve got something for you,” Dean murmurs against Cas’ ear.

Cas smiles, feeling happy and a bit bewildered. “What’s with today? Do I forget our anniversary?”

“No. Well, technically, today is exactly four months after I take you to Central Park for our second date, but it’s not that,” Dean answers.

“You remember that?” Cas seems surprised.

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Castiel hummed softly to himself as he rolled out the piecrust. It had taken him ages to perfect, but he thought of it as effort (and ingredients) well spent.

Dean’s enthusiasm and smile every time Cas served him a slice of pie with perfectly golden, perfectly flaky crust were more than worth the weeks spent covered in flour and hands so greasy from the shortening he couldn’t touch anything without leaving obvious fingerprints behind.

Arms suddenly slid around his waist from behind.

“Aerosmith, huh?” Dean asked in his ear, hooking his chin over Cas’s shoulder to watch his hands neatly fold the crust to move it into the pie pan. Cas smiled.

“’I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’,” Cas confirmed. He set the crust in the prepared pan and gently pressed it down into the corners.

Dean huffed a laugh.

“Sap,” he said affectionately, pressing a kiss to the curve of Cas’s jaw.

Okay Dean and Cas kissing is amazing and all but what about Dean and Cas:

  • nudging their noses against the other
  • lightly hovering over each other’s mouths and sensing the tickle of the other’s heated breath
  • teasing each other’s ear lobes with their teeth
  • grazing their lips along a hard jawline and day-old stubble
  • touching foreheads
  • cupping the square of each other’s jaw and gently thumbing the skin there
  • slipping a hand into the other’s like lock and key and rubbing circles into the palm
  • resting their head in the crook of each other’s necks and listening to the low, soothing hum of each other’s voice
  • feeling the vibrations from the moaning deep in their throats
  • simply indulging in each other’s existence

Dean dozing in Cas’ lap, made sleepy by the afternoon sun, the humid air and the slow rocking of the canopy swing, but especially by the soft, random rhythm with which Cas presses kisses to his neck and hair and ears and hums along to the buzzing of the bees.